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Yv , Jack – A Lust Story Ch. 01

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January, 1981

She turned eighteen the day before New Year’s Eve, an event she had hoped and yearned for over the past several months. Eddie was next to her in the backseat of his dad’s car, a Ford LTD, big and dark blue, with huge bench seats. The keys were still in the ignition, keeping the heater going, although she felt plenty warmed up without it. Their heavy winter clothing protected them from the winter blasts, as they had since they were kids, but concealed what she wanted to see, to touch, and she knew he felt the same. Her skinny frame, lean and muscular, had been perfect for excelling at dance and gymnastics. Her cold-weather clothes almost doubled her size, and the sweater sometimes made her feel like a fuzzy blue pipe cleaner.

Yvette had been waiting for just this moment, this night, and so had Eddie. The Wisconsin night air was chilly, frigid, and they had slid one at a time over the back of the front seat rather than brave the biting winds and snow to use the rear doors. She felt Eddie’s crotch experimentally, marveling at the swelling there. Her heart skipped a beat, then one more for good measure. “Show me, Eddie…” She licked her lips

He obeyed, shimmying his slacks and briefs down past his thighs, and she reached tentatively for her prize. It’s so warm and hard. Eddie gulped in a breath when she ran her fingers over the length of it, stopping at the velvety flare of his glans. He moaned when she started to rub it, then she stopped suddenly. Should I make him cum? It wasn’t an idle concern. Some of her older classmates had jacked guys off in the back of a car, or secretly in one of their bedrooms, and it almost always led to sex, which she wasn’t sure she was quite ready for.

“God, Yv, you are such a tease!” Exasperation and the horniness of a young man wanting to get into her pants filled his voice. Eddie’s cock quivered in her palm, and she knew, at least intellectually, that he wanted, even expected, her to get him off.

Her voice was gentle, placating. “Not teasing, Eddie. Just…waiting a moment.” Their heavy parkas were adequate armor against the icy winds and snow flurries, but too thick to feel much through. Worrying her lower lip between her teeth, she considered matters. After a moment, she pulled her long woolen skirt up to her waist, then slid her panties and stockings almost all the way down to her heavy boots.

She leaned over and kissed him, long and slow. His kisses always made her hot, giving her heart palpitations of love, or at least lust. “I want you to feel down there.” She couldn’t bring herself to say finger my pussy; it was just too odd, too forward, but she knew she had communicated her desires sufficiently.

Eddie’s hand slipped down to her bush, a brilliant kinky forest of light red that nearly matched the cap of hair on her head. She’d heard lines like ‘beaten like a red-headed stepchild’ before, and was glad her mother had never remarried.

His hand was warm, delicate on her labia, and he squeezed her crotch lightly. Yvette whispered, “That’s it, Eddie.” She closed her eyes and let his hands wander all over her skin, even under her thick sweater, where his palm glided over the soft black bra she was wearing. Another moan overtook her, and she reached again for his hard dick, began rubbing it.

His fingers glided easily over her pussy, and she could feel it was wet. When he slid one bashful finger between her pussy lips, moving it back and forth, not quite all the way in, just teasing at the entry to her cunt, she pulled him into her, frantically kissing him, tongues diving into each other’s mouths and mimicking the act she now wanted more than anything.

“Eddie… Put your finger all the way in…” He had hardly needed an invitation, but respectfully waited until her go-ahead, and she moaned louder when it went all the way in, all three knuckles. His finger started to drift in and out, and she heard the soft squelching sound as it entered the wet hole there, smelled her own musky, needful scent. “Yes, sweetheart! Keep going, keep going…”

Suddenly, warmth and sheer delight spread all over her body. She felt a delicious, seductive loss of control as her body shook in time to a major temblor from head to toe, but especially at her crotch, with echoes at her nipples. Her back arched from the sensation, driving her head back, where it thudded against the pillar between the front and back windows of the LTD, and she barely noticed the minor thump. “God, Eddie, keep doing that!” She lay back, scooted her hips towards him, then put her left leg up against the seat back, widening the way for him.

She looked between her thighs at the fiery forest, and saw he had two fingers inside her now, moving quickly in and out. The sight was as sexy as the sensation in her twat. Another wave built, an irresistible flood of ecstasy. She tried to tell him not to stop, but no words came, just a hoarse, inchoate Göztepe Escort scream of satisfaction. Yvette didn’t know how long it lasted, but when he stopped she grabbed at his hand, pinning it there between her thighs and inside her pussy, unwilling to set it free. She felt like her skin was radiating heat into the air, and wanted to be naked all the way, the winter cold be damned.

“Don’t stop, baby, don’t stop.” She looked up at him, and saw the lust in his eyes, the need that mirrored her own. Her fingers had slipped away from his hard-on, and she reached for it now, stroking it in time to her own amplified heartbeat.

That was…wonderful… Unzipping her parka and pulling it off, she slipped her bra upwards, letting her sweater move to her armpits, exposing her petite breasts to him. “Kiss my tits, Eddie. Suck on them…” He did, leaning forward to place his lips on the sensitive nipples, driving another groan from her. The attention he lavished on them didn’t give her the same overwhelming physical joy she’d had moments earlier, but it was a catalyst, drawing her in, making her even hornier.

His cock was too far away from her fingers now, since his lips and mouth were at her chest, his teeth scraping on the delicate nipples, tongue swirling around each little pink tower in turn. She felt like a pot left simmering too long, not hitting the rolling boil she’d had earlier, and felt desperately in need of being filled. I want more…

Yvette pulled his face up to hers, thrilling to his kisses, and knew he was perfectly placed now. Gasping with need, she looked up into his eyes, and whispered. “Eddie, do you have a rubber?” He hadn’t expected her to ask, and gave her a slow, almost perplexed nod.

“Good. Put it on. I want it inside me.”

He reached awkwardly into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, slipping the thin donut shape in its foil pouch between his fingers. “Yv, I’ve never…,” he started, before she grabbed it out of his hand and tore it open, not impatiently, just in need. Leaning forward, she put it on the tip of his cock, and unrolled it slowly down his shaft, stopping only when it reached the swell of his ball sack.

“Now,” she groaned, and she felt him at the threshold. It’s like a battering ram at my castle gates… She reached for it again, and, instead of jacking him off, she maneuvered it to the opening, felt the head breach her labia for the first time, her first time.

“If you like I’ll only put it in a little ways…” Eddie was as horny as she was, and still trying to be respectful, polite.

That would never do, she decided. “No, Eddie, push it all the way in. I want to feel it, all of it.”

Eddie nodded, pushed forward through her bush…all the way inside, and started to move.

It’s like his fingers, but so much better… His cock was thick, rigid, and went way further into her pussy. Another moan erupted, this time from his lips, and he started to speed up, instinct taking over for his momentary chivalrous reluctance. She gripped his bare buttocks as he thrust inside her, then pulled back for another push, over and over. Yvette felt full, deliciously filled, and started to pull his ass into her as he kept going, quickening, the thick shaft rubbing between her pussy lips feeling divine, otherworldly, and for the first time she understood the attraction of sex completely.

Their breathing synchronized, both exhaling each time their groins met, and she felt the same sensation rising inside her, but stronger now, mightier. If her first two sensual explosions had been forest fires, what was building now was an atom bomb. “Oh, Eddie, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… You feel so fucking good inside me. Don’t stop…” She felt like pleading with him to go all night. Again, intellectually, she was aware that probably wouldn’t happen, but it didn’t keep her from emotionally wanting it.

“Yv…oh Jeez, Yv! I’m going to cum…” At that moment, Eddie let out a piercing yell, and she felt the thick rod pulse and surge. It pushed her over the top again, and she clutched him to her, letting their orgasms subside into the night.

They took several minutes to recover, holding each other in the backseat while he still lay atop her, between her legs, windows fogged and all but impenetrable to outside vision, even if they hadn’t been parked by an abandoned barn. It doesn’t hurt that we’re miles away from my house. After the last gasping remnants of their passion, he pulled slowly out of her and pulled the condom off his dick, then they started self-consciously putting clothes back on, each one trading nervous smiles as if they were about to do what they’d already done.

Climbing over the seat first, Eddie helped Yvette climb back over. He dropped her off at home just before her curfew, and they kissed very chastely, in case her mother was watching. Almost bursting, she felt an exultation and a certainty İstanbul Escort she’d never experienced. I want to do that again…

March, 1981

Yv was happy she could finally talk with her girlfriends about sex from actual experience. They had told her they all loved the feel of fingers and cocks against them, inside or between their breasts, loved the feel of a hard-on inside their twats, even, for the wilder ones, in that other hole down there. A couple of them shyly admitted to letting their guy put his dick in her mouth, then sucking on it until he came, either spattering their cheeks or tits with hot, creamy semen. None of them liked the taste, but they all loved the gratitude.

She and Eddie kept having sex most Friday and Saturday nights, in the back of the LTD, then graduating to a small motel on the opposite end of town, by the highway. Her girlfriends had to know she was sleeping with Eddie, she knew, but all of them had the same complaint about their boyfriends, singly or in series. “He shoots his wad, rolls over and starts snoring.” That was followed occasionally by, “I have to go into the bathroom to get myself off after.” This was worlds away from what Yv felt.

On reflection, It didn’t seem fair they didn’t have the same intensity every time they had sex, not the way Yv did. After their first night, she took it upon herself to get educated on more than just the mechanics of sex. She confirmed, needlessly, that what she’d felt was an orgasm, three of them, and gathered from her friends it wasn’t commonplace for a lot of them, which also struck her as unfair. Yvette kept the awful secret to herself that she had so far had an orgasm every time she and Eddie fucked.

Every time.

Within a few days of their first time, Yvette had visited a gynecologist in the next town. She was eighteen, but still didn’t want word getting back to her mom that she was having sex. The doctor was older than her, of course, solidly built, her black hair shot through with strands of iron grey. She listened sympathetically, and at the end of the appointment gave Yvette a prescription for the birth control pills she wanted. Yvette had even filled it a couple of blocks away from the doctor’s office every three months, choosing the inconvenience of taking the bus back to the town over having the drugstore clerk let slip that Meredith’s little girl was a slut having intercourse with a boy.

A month later, she told Eddie she was on the Pill now, and he didn’t have to wear a rubber if he didn’t want to. They celebrated in his parent’s house all weekend while they were out of town on a trip. Yv loved it whenever his unsheathed fleshy sword penetrated her, all night and on into the morning. They both came every time, and she decided sex was the most wonderful invention of all time.

Her mother would have called it sinful and wrong. Her warnings had started with Yv’s first period, tales of the awful fate awaiting women and girls of “loose morals” who, tempting the odds one too many times, became pregnant and had their dreams abruptly ended, their lives effectively shackled forever to a child and housekeeping. It wasn’t lost on Yvette that her mother had learned that lesson herself, marrying just out of the same high school she now attended. The disastrous loss of Neil, Yv’s father, in a drunk driving accident four years ago simply put a little coda on the cautionary tale.

Their second weekend at the motel, she tried something new. In bed, while he was sleeping, she slid the covers down, and started kissing his still quiescent penis. Even while he was asleep, the fleshy rod thickened, and she slipped the head of it inside her mouth. They had made love only hours before, and Yv tasted her own juices on him for the first time. It was heavenly.

Eddie awoke, stunned to see his girl giving him his first blowjob. The first signal she had he was awake was his hand stroking her hair. The second was the sudden eruption of hot cum into her mouth, followed by his appreciative moans. She hadn’t really thought about what she would do after, and let the thick fluid wash down her throat, swallowing with each fresh spurt. It tasted odd, almost chemical, but the consistency was wonderful, and she knew she enjoyed doing it almost as much as Eddie did.

They spent the next few months plumbing the depths of their horny little hobby. She made sure her schoolwork didn’t suffer, nor did her gymnastics or dance. The soreness had abated a great deal in a couple of weeks, and she was back to excellent form soon after, pleading a pulled muscle during that time, and looking forward to working out with a particular muscle of Eddie’s every weekend.

August, 1981

Prom night and graduation night, and every other night they could be together, was magical, overwhelming. Her string of orgasms when he made love to her was nearly unbroken, and sometimes she found herself wondering Anadolu Yakası Escort whether she enjoyed sex more than anyone else on Earth. They tried new things, and the first time he went down on her she knew she loved that as much as Eddie loved when she sucked his cock. She came hard several times, slick juices dribbling down onto the motel sheets, coating his face.

Now that school was over, Yvette didn’t so much break up with Eddie as leave town. Her scholarship to UC Berkeley was hard-won, the culmination of years of ballet and dance, and her ticket to a bright future, though she suspected it wouldn’t be in dance or other performing arts. Her grades were straight A’s, which didn’t hurt one bit, but leaving Eddie did. She wished she could have him accompany her to the West Coast, but knew he’d never leave home for more than a little while.

They spent their last night, holding each other in between frenzied lovemaking, exhausting her so much she nearly missed getting to the airport in time for her flight. At the gate, Yv kissed him goodbye, aware that no matter how much he loved her, he would never visit her in California, and she had no plans to return for a long time.

April, 1983

The seminar was dull, dull, dull. Her guidance counselor had urged her to take more core, which means more history and social psychology and crap I don’t need to know. Her sour mood impinged on everything, and she sullenly took notes, not eager at all to repeat a course she didn’t like taking in the first place. This one covered European history in medieval times, boring and all that had been left when it came time to register.

Today, though, her foul temper was intensified because it had been two months since she’d been laid. She missed having Joe in bed by her, whether he was an asshole or not. And he is, she reminded herself with a good portion of her remaining rancor. She knew it wasn’t love that drew them together, just the need to get naked and busy in bed. Two days after Valentine’s Day, he had broken things off, and moved in with someone else in the Performing Arts department that weekend. Nadia was a dancer like her, probably as flexible and eager to please. Fuck him…

She felt her gorge rise, and fought back bitter tears again. I hope she fucking chokes on his cock! Yv realized that wishing Nadia would actually choke on his hard-on meant that she’d have it in her mouth, but she probably already did.

“And that will be all for the day.” The professor was ancient, at least forty, balding, and she hoped she was never desperate enough to need someone like him inside her pussy. He reminded them of the assignment due on Tuesday, fifty pages of reading and an essay. She gathered up her things, noticing she had mentally missed about half the class, and the notes. She had already read all of her textbooks, cover to cover in the first two weeks of the quarter, but hadn’t done the essay. Grumbling, she stood to leave the seminar hall.

“Hi!” She looked up at the intruder. He was taller than her—not a stretch since I’m so short—and lean, muscular. She’d noticed him scribbling furiously in his binder, and he had asked a couple of well-placed, if not entirely knowledgeable, questions that told her he hadn’t read ahead as she had. He was broad-shouldered, compact but not wiry. His skin was tan, with a natural olive tone and dark eyes, and she guessed his parents were Italian, maybe Greek. He probably spent a lot of time outdoors, since his hair was lighter than she would have guessed the first time seeing him. He seemed confident, but not arrogant, and genuinely friendly.

“Hi, yourself. Can I help you?” Horny as she was, midterms were next week, and she wanted to deflect his interest.

He thrust out his hand, and she reflexively took it, letting him shake it once before releasing it. “I saw you not quite taking notes.” His smile seemed real, not at all trying to get into her pants. Have to admit I really want someone to do that…

“Yeah. Stuff on my mind.”

“I really understand. I’m Jack, by the way.”

“Okay, what can I do for you, Jack?”

“I thought you might like to see my notes, maybe copy them. You don’t look like you like being here, and you’re probably here for the same reason I am.”

“To pick up girls?” Fuck! I’m not picking up girls! Fuck! She scowled more at herself than him, but he took a step back, apprehension on his features.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought…”

“No! No, it’s okay…Jack. I’d appreciate it, actually. A lot. And I’m not picking up girls,” she finished lamely. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Look, I’m free right now, we could head to the library and you could copy them, or use the copier, about six pages altogether.” He handed her his spiral notebook, which was the same dark blue, nearly, as Eddie’s dad’s LTD.

She looked over his notes for a moment, and decided they were legible. “Yeah, I’ll spring the dime a page. Look, I’m in a pretty bad mood, but not your doing, Jack.” She didn’t usually explain herself to anyone, and was a little shocked she’d done so with him.

His chuckle was warm and inviting. “I’m glad I’m not the one pissing you off.”

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