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Youthful Exuberance

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It was a hot summer’s day, the sun beating down relentlessly on the suburbs, heat waves shimmering from the pavement. The faint sound of music carried through the air mixing with soft chatter and the splashing of water. In the backyard of a typical family residence three teenagers fooled around in the cool waters of a swimming pool.

It would have been just like any other idle summer day, except today was Jeff’s eighteenth birthday. He watched poolside as his two female friends frolicked playfully, only stopping to laugh about whatever gossip they were talking about. Jeff had totally tuned out, relaxing, all the while anticipating the huge party that was being thrown in his honor that night.

There was nothing special about Jeff, he was the kind of person you could walk past and never notice, he found it easy to disappear back into the woodwork. Yet in a strange contradiction he was also a very popular and much liked guy. As he lay there on his beach towel he realized just how good life was at the moment, not a care in the world.

One of the girls in the pool called out his name, begging him to watch her do something. Jeff turned and cast his eyes upon the two energetic brunettes who splashed around his parent’s pool. He felt a certain attraction to both girls, and an arousal as he watched their young bodies bound through the waters.

The girls continued their idle conversation, taunting and teasing each other, it crossed Jeff’s mind that the two of them were trying to impress him by trumping each other. With the last mouthful of his beer he gradually lifted himself off his towel looking to the girls for some comment.

“Hey you girls want a beer?” asked Jeff as he straightened up. Both girls declined his invitation, one cheekily suggesting he should watch how much he drank, because he’d get plenty at his party tonight. With a wry smile Jeff strode across the pavement, through the open glass door into the kitchen.

The heat outside was sweltering, even for the half dressed Jeff. He only wore a pair of blue Hawaiian board shorts, which hung limply from his narrow hips. He looked through the kitchen window towards his next door neighbor’s house, noticing something move in the backyard but not catching quite what it was. With a shrug to no one but himself he opened the fridge, the cool breeze hitting him as he dug through his father’s beer, fetching another bottle.

He ran the ice cold bottle over his brow in a vain attempt to cool himself down, the condensation from the bottle mixed with the light sheen of sweat on his skin, trickling down his angular face.

A loud shout grabbed Jeff’s attention and he turned to see one of the girls clambering on the back of the other, struggling to dunk her, both of them laughing hysterically. Jeff shook his head at their immature antics as he took a slow draw on his beer.

As he stepped out of the kitchen Jeff again caught a glimpse of something moving just over the fence. While Jeff meandered back to his spot next to the pool he stopped, curious at what he had seen, he stepped a bit closer to the six foot tall wooden fence. He couldn’t see over it without something to step up on, and nothing appeared in the immediate vicinity which would allow him to do so.

The perceived effort on such a hot day sapped his will to take a look over the fence and he relinquished the urge. After a few more mouthfuls of beer and the girls constant shouts and laughter Jeff again found himself wondering what was going on next door.

Next door lived his mother’s best friend, Mrs. Sanderson. He had known her since he was a kid. She lived next door with her teacher husband. Mrs. Sanderson was a regular visitor and spent a lot of her free time with Jeff’s mother. She was a very sociable outgoing person; she always seemed to take an interest in everyone’s lives.

Jeff smiled to himself as he recalled one of the many afternoons he had come home and found Mrs. Sanderson at the kitchen table talking with her mother. His mum telling Mrs. Sanderson how wonderful he was and what he had managed to accomplish at school or in sport. Mrs. Sanderson was always congratulatory beyond words; she would often hug him and give him a pat on the back, right up to his mid-teens when Jeff decided to avoid her attention.

It wasn’t that he was scared of Mrs. Sanderson, or that she was some kind of crazy woman, it just had become uncomfortable. He had to admit to himself, it must have been around his fifteenth birthday that he had observed for the first time how attractive Mrs. Sanderson was.

At the time he dismissed it as nothing more than puberty, his raging hormones getting the better of him. Inwardly he was a little disgusted with himself for thinking about his mother’s friend in such a sexual way, as a precocious teen he thus decided to avoid the stimulus by avoiding Mrs. Sanderson.

Of course he saw Mrs. Sanderson from time to time, and she remained very friendly often waving to him büyükesat escort and having a brief chat as their paths crossed, but he hadn’t seen her on a daily basis, like when he was a kid.

It struck Jeff that he was daydreaming; he backtracked through his thoughts and found it was that momentary glimpse of motion over the fence which had sent him on a trail of reminiscence. With one final swig he finished his beer, and again offered the girls something to drink, again they politely refused.

As Jeff stood tall he felt his head spin slightly, he was definitely buzzed having had a few beers in quick succession. After a moment to settle his balance without looking like he was drunk he strolled past the girls and back into the house.

He stood in the dark kitchen having fetched another cold beer. He walked up to the kitchen window and tried to see out over the fence and around the corner of the neighboring house, but couldn’t see anymore than the tall trees and shrubs in Mrs. Sanderson’s backyard.

“Hey Jeff!”

Jeff turned to see both girls wrapped in towels standing at the rear step to the kitchen. He looked up at the clock, noticing that he had been daydreaming again and had been standing in the kitchen for around five minutes. The girls shook themselves dry, collecting their bags from the back patio.

“We’re going to head off to my place for a bit, but we’ll be back to pick you up for the party this afternoon,” one of the girls said. “Don’t get too drunk,” offered the other one. Jeff watched as they both disappeared around the side of the house and past the kitchen window, still giggling and enjoying whatever it was they were talking about.

By now the alcohol had taking hold, and so had Jeff’s curiosity. With no one else in the house he walked around the side and along the fence. The fence dipped down to be only four foot high in the front yard, Jeff slinked to where the fence gradually decreased in height.

With a quick sip of beer to buck up his confidence Jeff peered over the fence where it just came under eye level. He couldn’t see much of Mrs. Sanderson’s backyard from where he was, the fence and his neighbor’s house obstructed his view. With a moment of contemplation he gazed up and down the fence line seeing if there was any other way to see into Mrs. Sanderson’s yard.

Frustrated with no apparent means of getting a better view, Jeff stepped away from the wooden palings and decided to go take a dip in the pool to cool off. Just as Jeff had given up his endeavor a flicker of bright color flew up over the fence. He stopped looking at the bottle of beer in his hand, like it was somehow causing him to see things. He looked again at the same spot he had seen the flash. Seconds later he saw what appeared to be a bright beach towel flapping in the wind, as if someone was shaking it out and laying it back down.

Someone was next door Jeff surmised. With a cheeky grin he hoped it was Mrs. Sanderson. Jeff walked back to the patio and put his beer down before turning his attention to finding something he could stand on to look over the fence. He found an old wooden crate which would serve his purpose.

Jeff placed the crate up against the fence right next to the kitchen window and slowly stepped up although remaining crouched over. He tried in vain to peer through the cracks of light appearing between the palings, but had no luck.

With a degree of hesitation he raised his head, stopping and hovering when he got his eyes above the fence. It didn’t strike Jeff that his attempts to conceal his presence were totally ineffectual, in his mind he thought he could get away without being noticed.

His short curly blonde hair caught the high afternoon sun and immediately made him more visible. Jeff didn’t realize any of this; he was too busy taking in Mrs. Sanderson’s backyard, and in particular Mrs. Sanderson.

Mrs. Sanderson lay on her outdoor bed letting the glorious sun tan her already deep brown skin. Mrs. Sanderson had fiery shoulder length red hair with subtle waves. Her forty five year old body didn’t belie her age, she was fit and toned, her radiant skin reflecting the lengths she went to live a healthy lifestyle.

Jeff found himself staying longer than his intended peek; he was now caught in a full stare as he examined Mrs. Sanderson’s gorgeous body. The silence of the afternoon was only tempered by his own heart beat, pounding in his ears.

What a woman Mrs. Sanderson was thought Jeff. He could feel a physical attraction to the older woman as he ogled her revealing purple polka dot bikini. It was a very conservative cut, not like those worn by the teenage girls which Jeff socialized, more dignified and classy, or as far as swimwear could be.

Mrs. Sanderson appeared to be sleeping alone in the yard and Jeff admired her body in fine detail, his body aroused by her sexy form.

Unbeknownst to Jeff, Mrs. cebeci escort Sanderson was awake, merely shielding her eyes from the bright sun. She noticed his head bob up in the corner of her eye, his blonde curls glistening in the light. With no acknowledgement of his presence she let him go on staring at her, it was exhilarating to think a strapping young man was taking notice of her hard fought figure.

Jeff leaned his head over the fence, safe in his belief that Mrs. Sanderson wasn’t awake. He held the fence with one hand whilst he looked on, his other hand shuffling his swelling cock into a comfortable position. Mrs. Sanderson was hotter than all the girls his age; she just seemed to have that aura which made him gravitate towards her.

Jeff slid his burgeoning manhood again so it wouldn’t but up against the fence, he noticed Mrs. Sanderson begin to move. He hesitated for a moment, that moment enough to catch him out as Mrs. Sanderson turned and faced him. He stumbled back off the wooden crate.

“Hi Jeff,” greeted Mrs. Sanderson as he disappeared behind the tall fence. “How are you doing?”

Jeff knew he had been caught, he just hoped Mrs. Sanderson didn’t know what he was doing. He realized that he had better reply and hope that he could explain away anything that she had seen.

“Hi Mrs. Sanderson. I’m fine, how about you?” Jeff had clambered back on to the wooden crate and was now standing a head taller than the fence. Mrs. Sanderson had got off her bed and stepped towards the fence, and Jeff. Again he was mesmerized by the even tone of her tanned skin, her breasts firmly held by her tight bikini, almost begging Jeff to touch them.

“I’m doing alright. I hear it’s your birthday today, eighteen isn’t it?”

Jeff nodded in approval, his hand hidden by the fence reaching down to adjust his manhood for a third time, the bulge threatening to slip out of his board shorts. Mrs. Sanderson was now standing a couple feet away from the fence looking up at Jeff. He could see her sparkling green eyes and make out the glint of her largish wedding ring as she put her hands on her hips accentuating her profile.

Jeff could see down the front of Mrs. Sanderson’s bikini, her bust a provocative sight, not to big yet not to small. “Yeah, my friends are throwing a party for me tonight, so I’m just kicking back and relaxing before I go out.” The simple answers seemed to be as far as Jeff’s brain would go, his eyes still overloaded by the feast of sights before him.

“Well who would have thought you’d grow up to be such a handsome young man. I remember when you were a little kid, like it was only yesterday.” Jeff felt embarrassed by what he was hearing, but dare not interrupt the object of his affections. “You know what? I hate to ask you for a favor on your birthday, but …”

“No that’s okay,” blurted out Jeff enthusiastically. He made no effort to moderate his response which was clear from Mrs. Sanderson’s point of view.

“I was just going to ask if you wouldn’t mind coming over and moving a piece of furniture for me. It’s not that big or that heavy, it’s just Gary isn’t here at the moment,” she explained, Gary being her husband.

It was like music to Jeff’s aroused ears, an invitation into Mrs. Sanderson’s backyard with no one around. “I’ll just come around the side,” replied Jeff with a finger pointed at the side gate which ran between the fence and Mrs. Sanderson’s house.

He climbed down from the crate and took stock of the situation, noticing his obvious arousal. The more he tried to shift his erect cock the more it stirred leaving him to somehow mentally placate his sexual energy and lower his level of arousal. Jeff leapt over the shorter front fence and unlatched the side gate letting himself into Mrs. Sanderson’s yard. She had disappeared from his view; probably back at her bed or at the rear of the house.

Jeff reached the corner of the wall. He stopped and took a deep breath, his heart beat racing, the adrenalin pumping and his recalcitrant manhood again sliding inside his shorts and making a clear impression through the thin fabric. With another quick adjustment he turned the corner to find Mrs. Sanderson standing next to her outdoor bed.

“Wow, you really have grown up. Look at those muscles and that body,” she commented in a gratifying manner. Jeff felt his confidence perk up even more, already on a high from the beers he had drunk, and the attentions of his two female friends. Jeff knew that the girls at school admired his sleek figure; it wasn’t a particularly muscular frame, more a wiry strong physique.

“So what exactly do you want me to move, Mrs. Sanderson?”

“Oh you don’t have to call me that, you’re a grown man now. You can call me Shelly.” It didn’t matter how many times before he had heard that very same voice; he had never expected it to sound so seductive.

With a little bashful smile Jeff responded, kolej escort “Okay Shelly, what do you want me to move?”

“That’s better,” she winked. “It’s just over here.” Shelly led him over to an old trunk that sat next to the rear door. “If you wouldn’t mind moving that over,” she disappeared into the house and pointed to a wall just inside the rear living room, “just in here next to this seat. That would be great.”

Shelly emerged from the darkness of the house with a smile and stood over Jeff’s shoulder as he sized up the trunk. After a cursory effort Jeff figured it was too heavy to lift as is, he needed to empty out the couple of items still inside.

“Do you want all these things put back in the trunk?”

“Yes please, and when you’re done maybe I can give you a little reward, think of it as a birthday present.” Shelly’s tone and body language were so seductive Jeff found himself fumbling as he stacked the items and prepared to heave the empty trunk. Just as he was about to lift the trunk he noticed Mrs. Sanderson crawling back onto the outdoor bed, its back inclined in a relaxed sitting position.

With that tantalizing sight Jeff heaved the box trying to mimic a strong man as he proudly strutted into the house, hoping his display had some effect on Shelly. He placed the box exactly where she had pointed too and turned to retrieve the rest of the items when he caught a glimpse of what she was doing.

Mrs. Sanderson was holding a bottle of tanning lotion in one hand, squirting it out in a long jet into her other, rubbing it lovingly into her toned legs. Jeff watched as her hands tenderly rubbed every contour leaving a glistening trail in their wake. Not wanting to draw any attention to himself he shuffled partially behind the living room wall hoping to see where the next squirt of lotion went.

It wasn’t long until Jeff was rewarded by Shelly, spraying a generous amount of lotion into her hand and rubbing it down her taut stomach, softly fingering her navel with a naughty smile. Jeff realized he’d better make an appearance before he was caught glaring at her a second time.

It only took a couple more trips to tidy up the trunk and finish the job, Jeff coming out to find Mrs. Sanderson leisurely sun baking, her body glazed in an oily sheen. He stepped to her side, his shadow just casting itself onto her chest and garnering her attention.

“Thanks for that Jeff. It’s good to know that there’s a strong man around whenever you need one,” Shelly’s voice was strong and seductive she softly pronounced the words as if she was a damsel in distress, looking for her savior. Jeff didn’t know if he was reading too much into things, but he felt a familiar stirring in his loins, his shorts weren’t going to save him now.

“Now I promised you a reward and a birthday present! Let’s see what … can … I give you …”

Shelly pivoted in her seat and threw her legs off the bed facing the standing Jeff. A nervous moment greeted Jeff as he stood no more than three feet away from her, his manhood clearly protruding against his board shorts, right on her eye level.

It may have been the sweltering heat, the relaxed afternoon by the pool, or the few beers, but Jeff didn’t now exactly when things became sexual. He just looked longingly into Mrs. Sanderson’s eyes, a look which was surprisingly returned and as if by levitation he found himself floating closer and closer to the bed where she sat.

“I think I know exactly what a young man needs early in his life, and I think I should be the one to show you,” Shelly said in a low almost hushed voice. Jeff watched in awe as her eyes burned a path down his torso, past his waist and focused in on his bulging crotch.

Mrs. Sanderson’s hand reached out and tenderly cupped the swollen snake from outside his shorts, gently nudging it into a comfortable position and then stroking up its length till her hand ran across his stomach. Jeff took a deep breath feeling the sudden rush as his bottled up desires were finally set free.

“You’ve definitely grown up haven’t you?”

Jeff didn’t know what to say as she gazed up into her eyes, her hand still sitting on his crotch.

“How about you show me just how big you’ve got.”

Before Jeff could get a proper grasp on his shorts, Shelly had whipped the drawstring undone and let the fly fall open, his loose shorts falling to his ankles revealing his hard cock.

“Oh my, that certainly is a nice one,” purred Shelly. “You don’t mind if I play with it?” Shelly’s face was adorned by a cheeky grin as her hand wrapped around his shaft.

“It’s all yours,” relinquished Jeff in an anxious voice.

Shelly delicately stroked his manhood teasing him and building his sexual lust. Her second hand reached under him and cupped his tight sack gently caressing his balls. Jeff shuddered as he felt Mrs. Sanderson’s warm breath on his erect phallus.

“Now hold on Jeff, I don’t want you finishing too soon.”

With that Jeff felt her moist lips make contact with the head of his cock, then midway down his shaft before pressing against his scrotum. Without a moments break Shelly pulled his cock down horizontally letting it nuzzle against her cheek. Her tongue made its way over the ridges of his hardness, longingly lavishing saliva on his alert skin.

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