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Hello I am Anand Jaiswal here. I live at Delhi in India. The house in which I am residing is rental one and occupied by three families besides me. I am staying alone and studying in a college at Delhi. The story, which I am going to tell is about my involvement with Abha aged 19, daughter of one of the tenant. She is about 5 feet tall having nice figure with big breasts and buttocks. But these parts of her body are well proportioned and she looks slim when dressed in jeans and T – shirt. Her face is very sexy and when I saw her first time, I had instant hard on seeing her face only. You can imagine my condition when I saw her breasts and hips. She used to wear clothes in such a way that I was able to see her nude (from my mind) even when she was fully clothed. Her breasts cleavage was visible from law cut kurta or T-shirt all the time. As her family was residing in the room next to me, we were sharing the western style toilet cum bathroom. So I had enough opportunities to come in her contact.

Once I was taking bath. I heard a knock on bathroom door. I replied by saying to wait as I just started taking bath. To my surprise, demetevler escort it was Abha saying me to come out as she wants to go for urinal very urgently, ” jaldi se bahar aao, mujhe bahut jor se su su lagi hai “. I said that why don’t you come in as I have just soaped and can not come out. Then I wrapped towel around my waist and unbolted the door. To my surprise she came in, bolted the door and said me to see in the other direction. I obeyed her order. From the sound, I got the idea that she had taken down her jeans and panty and sat on the toilet to pee. As she was about to pee, I turned around and saw her sitting on the toilet sheet with parted legs. I could see her sexy milky thighs and triangle of pubic hairs in between, as her T-shirt was a short one. She was feeling very shy and put palms on her closed eyes. But her shyness could not prevent her peeing. A stream of pee came out from her cunt moistening her pubic hair.

She kept on peeing for about 2 -3 minutes. I got very excited. I took off my towel and came near to her. My penis was rock hard by that otele gelen escort time and was in its full glory with 7 inch length. I took both her palms in my hand and went further close to her. Now tip of my penis was striking on her lips. She opened her eyes and saw towards me. I hold her head with both my hands and shoved the tip of my penis in her mouth. She parted her lips. Once the tip of my penis was inside her mouth, she started caressing it with her tongue. I was in haven. I then shoved the remaining penis in her mouth in one go.

She gagged for a while. I took my penis out of her sexy mouth for a moment and then started fucking her mouth with ease. I was very surprised when I saw that she was fingering her vagina with her mouth getting fucked by me. I increased the speed and came in her mouth. From her facial expression I could know that she had also came with me. She tried to drink all of my cum but it was in such a large amount that coming out of her mouth and after flowing over her chin it was falling on her thighs. Not wasting even a single drop balgat escort of it she took her finger out of her vagina and ate my overflowing cum on her chin and thigh with her finger.

Now this slut was enjoying the taste of my cum with her cum and piss. Seeing this I became hard, again. Then I started masturbating in front of her and ejaculated on her face. My cum hit on her open eyes. She started feeling pain in her eyes and ran to wash basin for washing her eyes. In hurry she forgot to wear her panty and jeans. Now she was standing with her naked buttocks towards me.

When she further bent to put water in her eyes, I could see her beautiful sexy ass hole. Below her ass hole, her cunt glistening with her cum and piss was also visible. I was hard again. I went behind her and started fingering her cunt with one hand and my other hand was busy in kneading her breasts. I took my finger out of her well – lubricated cunt and inserted in her tight ass hole. Then I started finger fucking her ass hole. She started moaning in enjoyment. I took my finger out and started fucking her tight anus with my rock hard cock. Initially she was having pain but slowly she started enjoying the ass fucking. I came third time in that morning in her ass and sat exhausted on the edge of bath tub. She wore her panty and jeans and went out of the bathroom.

On the other day she wanted to go for shit very urgently when I was taking bath. But it is a different story and I will post it later on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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