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By TotallyNakedTom


Part 2 Dark Nights and Neon Lights



They dressed and walked outside. It was late, around two am on a Friday. They walked for a long time, just casually. They crossed Magnolia Blvd. by the Ralph”s, across the bike trail, and through the streets that let off onto small studios and prop rentals. They crossed Burbank Blvd and started down darkened streets.

There were no street lamps here but there were drive way lights that went off now and then as they passed. Conner glanced around. “What do you think?” he asked Devlin.

“This looks good to me.”

“All right. Get naked, Jason.”

“Right here?”

“Yeah,” Conner took off his back pack and unzipped it, holding it open for Jason to put his clothes in. Jason glanced around. The street was empty. It was dark. Jason”s cock was fully boned. He wanted to take off his clothes right now. He listened to his cock and took his shirt off and stuffed it in Conner”s bag.

“All right,” said Devlin, teasing Jason”s nipple.

Jason took another look around. This is crazy, he thought. Eh, why not? He took his shorts and underwear down in a single go and stuffed them in the bag. Jason looked down at his feet and untied his shoes and socks and put them in the bag as well.

“Are you sure?” Conner asked. “There could be broken glass or…”

“I”ll be careful,” said Jason, smiling. He was naked outside, and his friends had encouraged it. This was awesome.

Jason”s cock was fully hard as his bare feet touched the ground. Devlin reached out mezitli escort and started squeezing his butt cheeks. Jason giggled softly. Conner reached out for Jason”s dick and stroked it slowly.

“How does this feel?” Conner asked. “Being so exposed, outside. Anyone could see us.” He stroked Jason”s cock as punctuation.

“It feels good,” said Jason, his toes curling on the broken cement. It was amazing feeling his two friends playing with him. It felt amazing being naked outside.

“Let”s walk,” said Conner. He pulled Jason along by the penis. They walked a hundred feet before a drive way light went off, illuminating Jason”s naked body. Jason gasped. Conner stroked his dick a few times. His hand fell to Jason”s balls and he started massaging them.

Dick bouncing as they walked, Conner”s hand going back and forth between Jason”s cock and balls, Devlin spanking his butt now and again, naked outside, Jason was in heaven. Every other house it seemed, a light would flash upon the three of them, illuminating their naughtiness to the night. Conner slid his finger in among Jason”s foreskin, teasing the tip of Jason”s penis. His finger traced Jason”s piss slit and he gasped aloud, jumping on to tippy toes. Conner grinned. “Let”s keep going.”

They reached a corner where a street light poured light down. They would be very exposed. Jason was excited. This was like a dream come true, a very kinky dream. As they passed beneath the street lamp, Devlin reached out and slid his finger up Jason”s butt crack, teasing Jason”s hole. That got a gasp and a tippy toe rise. pozcu escort Devlin kissed the back of Jason”s neck and whispered, “you like that?”

“Uh-huh,” Jason nodded.

Devlin kept teasing Jason”s hole and Conner played with Jason”s cock, stroking it slowly as they walked, inch by inch beneath the yellow glow of the street light. A car drove by on the cross street. It was gone in a flash and there was barely a chance that they could have been seen but Jason still moaned, falling against his friends as they teased him.

They passed the corner and out of the light and followed the tilted half block towards Whitnall Highway. Power lines ran along the wild grassy area across the street. Another street lamp lit the area before it. The light of the two street lamps met and so Jason was exposed for most of the block. They walked towards the grassy area.

There was a small apartment building on their side of the street. A young man sat on the stairs watching them. He had been invisible before but now that they were closer they saw him clearly. They could tell he was interested so Conner pulled Jason towards the fence and they stopped. The guy rose and approached, looking over at Jason”s nudity. This was incredible.

Conner stroked him a few more times and then released Jason”s cock. The young guy reached over the fence and took hold of Jason”s dick, slowly stroking him at first. Then he went faster and faster, stroking and stroking. Conner and Devlin held Jason up as the stranger stroked his dick. They cupped their hands over his butt cheeks, teased his hole and escort bayan his nipples as they ran their hands over his chest.

Three clothed guys played with Jason as they stood near the corner to Whitnall Highway. They were right under the street lights. Anyone could see this. Jason didn”t care, or rather this added to his excitement, this was too awesome. “Oh, my God,” he whispered. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh, God.” The stranger played with Jason”s cock, stroking faster and faster. It felt amazing, Jason was consumed in pleasure. He was getting closer and closer, and then he came all over the fence. Cum splattered the stranger”s jeans. Jason moaned as he orgasmed. Then it was over and he hung in the afterglow, his friends supporting him or else he”d be on the ground.

They allowed Jason to recover, all three of them watching him. Finally Jason”s breathing returned to normal and he stood back up, his cock slowly deflating. “Wow,” he whispered.

“How about it?” said Devlin grinning.

The stranger smiled. He was a twenty something Mexican man. “I”ll take my dog for a walk at that park tomorrow night, around now,” he told them. “Maybe you could walk your dog too.” He grinned and went back inside.

Conner turned to Jason. “How was that?”


“You want to come back tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” Jason gasped.

“Great. Let”s go home.” And Conner turned away and started back.

“Wait,” said Jason. “My clothes…”

Conner glanced back grinning. “What clothes?” he asked. And he took off running. Devlin took a second to realize what was going on and then the raced after Conner. Jason”s heart beat faster, oh shit. He started running after the other two, his dick swaying back and forth. They were going to leave him naked outside!


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