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You Owe Me One!

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This story contains scenes of male-to-make sex. If that’s not your thing, please explore other works on this fine website. All characters are over 18.

While I have now come to relish the feeling of a man cumming in my ass (and I would recommend that every man experience it for himself at least once in his life), the truth is, that for the first many decades of my life I really had only had one guy actually breed me, and that was years ago, just after college, in the days before HIV was an issue.

A buddy of mine and I, pretty high and a little drunk, were watching a porn movie while crashing after a party in the back wing of somebody else’s house. (I think it was a Beta max tape, that’s how long ago it was!) Anyway, we were both lying naked in a big bed, a couple of feet apart, jacking off discreetly. We were kinda worried about making a mess, because we were in some girl’s bed who was away for the weekend. When it got to the part where the blonde was sucking this huge cock on the little TV screen, my buddy Pete told me he always wanted to try that. I asked him if he meant getting a blowjob, or sucking a cock. He told me, “Sucking a cock – I think I could do better than most of the half-hearted BJ’s I have gotten from women!”

I told him to go for it, figuring any blow job was better than my hand. He leaned down toward my junk, and went right for it, no licking or tasting. He was damn good for a first-timer (if it really WAS his first time), getting most my 6.5 inches into his mouth, sucking hard on the top half and stroking the bottom half with his left hand, and my balls tightened up pretty quickly, after all the porn we had just watched. When the blonde on TV stuck her fingers up the guy’s ass, so did Pete, working two fingers from his right hand into my back door – and wow, I was ready to blast off! I warned him, but told him he had to swallow, so we wouldn’t make any mess. Well, he sucked even harder then, and was moaning and really finger-fucking me, and after maybe only another minute, I blasted a huge load right into his mouth, squirt after squirt after squirt – and he did swallow it all!

Pete kept my cock in his mouth as I was coming down and catching my breath, but I really didn’t even get soft – that’s how turned on this whole scene was… When he looked up at me and asked how he did, I told him, “Pete, that was the best BJ I ever had!” – and it was the truth. Especially that last action on his part – I never knew how hot it felt to get finger-fucked while being sucked to orgasm. He said, “Good, now you owe me one! Where do you want it, in your mouth or your ass?” I was a little shocked, but then I noticed that the blonde on TV was getting it in her ass, and really begging to get it harder, so I knew where he got the idea.

Now, by this time Eryaman Escort in my young life, I had had two girls who both liked getting it in the ass even better than pussy-fucking (one got into how dirty it was to be doing it that way, the other loved fingering her pussy while being buttfucked), and had my own ass lightly explored by them, fingers and tongues, as a warm-up to the main event of me fucking them. Not being particularly excited by the idea of him coming in my mouth, and my ass still buzzing from the finger-fucking he had just given me, I pretended to be reluctant, and told him, “Fine, do my ass, but go easy!” I didn’t let on that I was really getting horned up thinking about being the one getting fucked instead of the one doing the fucking. I was just itching to feel his big cock inside me, like the girl in the porno on the TV screen. (By big, I mean that Pete’s cock was a little fatter and a little longer than my own cock, not some monster cock…)

To his credit, Pete did take his time, slower than I would have gone on him, I think. He started out by tonguing my ass like it was a pussy, and it was all I could do not to moan and squirm – I was still pretending that he was “forcing” me into it… He grabbed some of the girl’s Jurgen’s Lotion off her nightstand (the almond scent of that stuff still makes me think about getting fucked!), lubed up his cock, rolled me on my stomach, and laid down on me, his slippery cock sliding up and down between my cheeks. I told him to go on and get it over with, but go easy on my virgin ass (even though at that moment, the feel of the tip of his cock passing over my horny hole was making it hard not to beg for him to stop teasing and give it to me!). Laying flat on my body, he raised his hips off me and placed his cockhead straight at my waiting hole.

Now, Pete took his time getting inside, barely opening my ass lips with the head for a few pumps and then withdrawing – I almost yelled at him to give it to me, dammit! When he finally pushed the first few inches inside my tight inner ring, there was no pain at all, just some discomfort, but I still told him in a gruff voice to take it easy! After he worked it all in, an inch at a time, four or five more pushes, he stopped for a moment and I savored the feeling of being filled with hot man meat for the first time. No discomfort at all, it just felt great, and it felt right, and I eased up on the reluctance act. “It’s okay Pete, just fuck me the way you would a girl. I owe it to you to let you get off. “

At that point, I was really feeling the girl role, something I still enjoy every now and then! I found out why he had the reputation as a good fuck amongst the girls we knew – didn’t rush, sped up and slowed down, Sincan Escort long strokes alternating with short hard strokes, kept asking me how it was, and used his hands and mouth on my back and shoulder and sides. I had never felt the urge to kiss a guy (and still generally don’t), but if at that moment he had turned my mouth toward his, I would have given my mouth to Pete the same way I was willingly giving him my ass.

Just feeling that warm meat sliding in and out of me was amazing – my ass was both wet and on fire! I was rock hard, and about to come on the bed underneath me, just from the good fucking he was giving me from above, since I wasn’t really fucking back at him (still somewhat trying to convey the impression that I was only doing this as a favor for him). So it was both a relief and disappointment when like after twenty minutes of GREAT ass-fucking, he announced he was about to cum, and asked me where I wanted him to do it. “You HAVE to cum inside me, Pete – we can’t make a mess!” Of course, by now I was eagerly looking forward to feeling his cum, and boy did he Cum! He started jamming deep up my ass, slower, and I could feel the hot wet squirts spreading the warmth deep inside me, one after another after another. Now I knew what a girl felt like when she had been really well-fucked, and it was an amazing feeling. There was so much cum, in fact, it starting oozing out my ass alongside his cock on his final strokes, which did NOT seem to be getting any softer! (We were still young and horny after all.)

I told him to keep it inside me and roll over on our left sides, so we wouldn’t drip on the bed. Really though, I just didn’t want that cock to leave my ass-pussy just yet. After we spooned for a while, his cock still inside me and still mostly hard, I could tell he was going to sleep – just like a guy, right? After he was sound asleep, I decided to enjoy myself a little, and started squeezing that warm meat with my ass muscles. Sure enough, it returned to full mast almost instantly, even though he was obviously asleep – thinking with its own brain, right? I started rocking my increasingly confident ass gently back into him, and pulling forward while tightening my anal muscles until he was almost out, all the while squeezing and unsqueezing my new toy. My own cock was hard as a rock again too, and this time I started stroking myself in time with my ass strokes on his cock. I was determined to get HIM off this time, instead of him getting himself off using my ass. (I think in my mind I wanted to be the best fuck he ever had, in my newfound state of cock lust.)

After few minutes of this, I couldn’t keep from getting more and more physical with his cock. As he slowly awoke, he said, “Man, your Etlik Escort ass is doing amazing things to my cock!” and started to push himself into my cheeks. I told Pete to just hold still and enjoy the ride. Now, I started slamming my ass/pussy back onto him, wet with lotion and his first load, my wet ass cheeks slapping his wet balls. Earlier, I had been grabbing my own cock as hard as my ass was grabbing his cock, but now I had to stop stroking myself, because with the angle we were doing it, his cockhead was punching my p-spot (or rather, I was punching my p-spot with his cock) to the point where the slightest touch on my cockhead would make me explode. And I really wanted hold off cumming until I was sure he was going to cum, too. By now, I forgot to care about making a mess on the bed – I just wanted to get him off and get myself off.

When I felt his balls get tight and heard him grunting with an impending orgasm (just the way I usually did!), I just stopped holding back and gave my throbbing cock a couple of light strokes with my right hand and exploded one of my biggest loads ever, catching most of it in the other hand, and bringing it to my mouth, and licking and swallowing it all – the first but not last load of man juice I would ever swallow. As I was savoring the taste of cum, my ass – with a mind of its own, too, it seemed like – kept grinding into my almost motionless buddy. Now he too went over the edge – did his cock feel my ass cumming while being fucked? – and just let loose, grabbing my hips and pulling me back at him, as I felt another huge load of hot wet man heat shooting up inside my guts. What a feeling!

I’m not sure he consciously noticed how much I got off on it, how much I was feeling slutty with my own cum in my belly and two of Pete’s loads in my ass, he was so wasted from cumming so hard so soon after the first one. I felt proud of the way I was able to get him off as good as any girl had ever gotten me off with her ass or pussy – I was a Good Lay! This time, he actually did go soft and slipped out, a nice little gush of cum following his cock out of my man-pussy. I squeezed my hole closed, determined to keep most his juice inside me, not to keep the bed clean, more to savor the feeling of being well-bred. I scooted my butt back toward him, getting his softening cock between my wet ass-cheeks. I reached back behind him, squeezed his butt a little, and told him that since he got off twice to my once – he owed ME! I teased him with that for months… and never let on that I far more enjoyed getting fucked by him than he suspected. Sadly, the stars never aligned again for us to exchange sexual favors.

I had to savor the memory of getting bareback fucked back-to-back by Pete for many years, with the rise soon after of AIDS and HIV. Decades later, I did explore the joys of bottoming again, but now always safely. And I learned to enjoy the feeling of getting a man off using my mouth, and being rewarded with a belly full of man juice. But now, with the ready availability of HIV tests, I am ready to be bareback bred again, preferably back to back! Where is my next Pete…

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