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You Got a Friend Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Evaluating Mary

Mary did well on her tests. So much so that I promoted her from long shot to possible in the girlfriend stakes.

Cruising down the M1 I evaluated her sleep test.

“You don’t want me in a tent,” she had said discarding her sexless nightie. She slept naked. So did I after she put my clothes in the washer so that I would have something clean for the morning. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes then she turned over onto her side, her back towards me. I snuggled into her back below her, her bottom against my belly, her big, soft breast tucked firmly into my hand and her fragrant hair in my nostrils.

Her bed was comfortable with plenty of pillows which are essential for me because of my chest injury. The temperature was just right and she slept peacefully without disturbing me. Delicious and refreshingly different from the over demanding wannabe WAGS with their trendy but uncomfortable beds that I am used to.

Her morning test performance was less successful. I gathered that years of shift work had made her a habitual early riser. So am I when I am alone. But that morning we reached for each other instinctively when we woke and kissed gently. I wanted more. I get harder and last longer when I am fresh in the morning. But Mary didn’t seem to think it was a suitable time for nooky and was matter of fact about showering and dressing. Clearly there are still some inhibitions to break down there.

I stopped for a break at Rothersthorpe Services. The slap dash service contrasted sharply with Mary’s results from the breakfast test. I continued my policy of not asking for anything or telling her what I wanted. I needed to know how she lived when being herself to see if we could be compatible. She did ask me but I just told her, “I’ll have whatever you’re having.” I got coffee and toast and marmalade; just what I would have made for myself at home. We chatted freely as she prepared it and she didn’t make a big fuss or waste time. But the food was perfect. We ate on stools in the kitchen and listened to Radio 2. I already knew that we both like 60s and 70s music but I was impressed that she also let me listen to the news without interruption.

Afterwards we discussed some of the current topics. She hadn’t had the opportunity of the grammar school and York University education that I had. She left school at 16 and knows little about politics, business or motor racing; my main interests. But she showed that she can çankaya escort think outside of her own needs, has plenty of common sense and a refreshing dose of compassion and tolerance in her attitudes.

I offered to wash up and she gladly let me. Excessive politeness pisses me off. I like informality and sharing in relationships including chores so that is another plus point.

She had promised to give me peace to work on my MBA project and she was as good as her word. She doesn’t have a study but she helped me connect my laptop to her modem, and cleared space on her computer desk in the living room. Then she got ready to go out. She didn’t spend an hour faffing around with make up and her handbag as my ex wife used to do. Nor did she ask for money. She just quietly got out of my way and went to the supermarket. Great!

I got a lot done. Last night had cleared my mind and some statistical analysis problems that have been bugging me for weeks suddenly clicked. When Mary came back at lunchtime she asked about what I had been doing. At first I told her that she wouldn’t understand and not to worry about it. That was probably true, but insulting. She was only trying to show that she cared about my work. I apologised when she looked crestfallen. She could accept a genuine apology and tried again. In fact I discovered that simplifying things so that she could understand helped me clarify my ideas and improve the logic of my presentation. I even made some changes which pleased her even though it meant delaying lunch.

Lunch at her instigation was sandwiches and drinks in the back garden. She had green fingers which I must admit is not high on my list of priorities in a woman. But it was a lovely Indian summer’s afternoon and the sunlight showed her off to advantage. I discovered that she didn’t have to dress for sex to look attractive. In fact she was wearing black jogging bottoms and a sky blue T-shirt. But her face was radiant, her big breasts bounced rather than flopped as she moved and when the breeze caught her hair I caught my breath. She was never going to be someone I could show off at a cocktail party to help my career and that has to be a consideration. But I now knew that she wouldn’t embarrass me in everyday situations either.

I had planned to go home straight after lunch. I had to prepare my Lancia for the Historic Sports Car race at Silverstone the next day. But she was looking at keçiören escort me with unashamed interest the same as I was her. Our eyes met and our desires coincided. There was no need to discuss anything. We both wanted to say our farewells in the bedroom.

By the time I had pulled the curtains she had already shed her T-shirt and jogging bottoms and lay on the bed, the yellow sheet and pillow cases emphasising the rich, dark sheen of her hair. As for her underwear I could only stand and savour it with stunned, silent delight.

She had chosen a bra and thong set, black chiffon with gold flowers. The bra shaped her beautifully and the panties were tiny, hugging her vulva between her half open thighs and allowing her slit just a peep from behind its floral screen.

When she popped her big, creamy breasts out of the bra I practically tore my clothes off. Her tits were so incredibly inviting; the aureoles huge and darker than usual with excitement.

“You’re like my dads old stallion,” she said laughing at my urgency.

“I don’t think so,” I told her. “Mares don’t have tits like those,” I added with my eyes on stalks.

“Nobody’s ever loved them before. Suck me, Steve, hard, please. Oh God, now, please darling.”

“You don’t have to beg, Mary,” I replied gently and knelt beside the bed. I’m left handed so I leaned across her body and took the left one first, cupping it firmly from the outside and pushing its hot, soft, fleshy sweetness into my mouth. The taste of the natural oils from the pores of her skin was unbelievable and the scent of woman kindled my new born instinct to suck nipple. I was like a baby for a minute, pulling gently, bonding and erasing my deep insecurities. She responded to my feelings, caressing the back of my neck and spine ever so gently and making little soothing sounds.

I was left wondering how much she really wanted a baby in spite of her expressed fears of pregnancy. At the time I dismissed the idea and got on with making love to her. But now…………. Well it is a doubt we have to resolve.

Her right breast was pushing up under my chest demanding its turn. But I made it wait. I kissed every inch of her cleavage on the way across, drinking in her fresh, aroused sweat and enjoying those huge, soft, smooth breast walls rubbing my cheeks. I knew I was bristly because I hadn’t brought a razor and hadn’t been able to shave that morning. But she didn’t etimesgut escort seem to care, gently closing her breasts against me and rubbing.

I had been gentle with her left breast but the right one got the he man treatment. I squeezed it hard and nibbled the tit between my teeth instead of sucking. It drove her wild. She pulled her knees up and began to buck and thrash trying to get away from the pressure. But I knew she was really loving it and held her down until she had the most erect tit I have ever experienced.

She had the wettest panties as well. When I finally moved down and ran my hands and lips over them they literally squelched! When I peeled them slowly down her front and looked inside I realised they were not just damp, they were thick with buckets of creamy, sweet smelling cum. She turned and I lifted her legs bodily and pulled them off with a triumphant flourish.

Mary put her hand under her bum as still more cum oozed from her slit as she got up to find a condom. I handed her a luminous pink one this time. That made her giggle but her fingers knew me by now and I thrust between them getting ever harder as she unrolled the protection.

To my surprise she didn’t lie down again. Then I realised that she was afraid to stain the sheet. She knelt on the side of the bed, legs wide apart but didn’t seem to know what to do next or what I would do. What I did was smack her big, soft and inviting bum, playfully, twice, once on each buttock. “Naughty, naughty, Mary” I said laughing.

She giggled as another inhibition fell away, buried her face in the quilt and thrust her bum up. Her cunt filled the gap between her thighs, dark red, smooth and slippery with juice. So horny was she that her clit was actually hanging out. I knelt and touched it with the tip of my tongue once, twice, three times. The last time I got in return a shiver that ran right through her being. I stood up and drove for home, in till my balls were grinding against her, then out until only my tip was left to tease her clit, round and round that little pink ball of pleasure then another thrust with all the force of my pelvis. The bed creaked and groaned and she had to bite on the quilt to stop herself screaming.

Six rounds of this were all we could take before I blasted my load into pink latex.

So 100% on the sex test. She is fantastic and I know we can get better when she gets more experience and confidence. There are so many things I want to do with her. For a start I will be blasting my next load into her cervix instead of into pink latex. I have vowed it.

I don’t see myself getting bored with her, at least in bed, for some time. Out of bed it is up to her to see if she can keep me interested. Will she try and does she believe in our future enough to go on the pill? I don’t know.

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