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Writer’s Block

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Writer’s Block

Dawn Harrison was a best-selling author; or at least she had been some 15 years ago in her mid-30’s. Her first (and so far, only) novel had been on the New York Times Best Seller’s list for more than four weeks. Rave reviews, a weeks-long book tour, royalties, special appearances and some small degree of fame followed. She enjoyed it all. Of course, she was always asked when she expected to publish her next book, and her response was always the same “I’m working on some ideas, and I expect to publish my next book soon.”

But eventually, there were no more interviews and the reading public moved on. It’s not that she hadn’t tried. She lost count of the many times she sat down in front of her laptop, typed a few words and then spent the next hour staring at the blinking cursor on the screen. Ideas, characters, and scenarios spun around in her head like snow in a snow globe, but never seemed to settle into a comprehensible pattern. Traffic noise outside her 5th story condo never ceased and her mind raced with disconnected thoughts that never seemed to coalesce into a story line. Her savings nearly exhausted and her ego at a low ebb, she decided a change of scenery might help to trigger her inspiration once again. There were simply too many distractions in the city.

So, she rented a cabin on a small lake in Northern Wisconsin. It was more than a six-hour drive from her condo in Chicago, and totally isolated. She hoped that it would help her finally settle her thoughts and focus sufficiently to write seriously again. She rented the cabin over the phone, sight-unseen, as she wasn’t really interested in its amenities as much as its total seclusion.

She arrived at dusk. There was a slight chill in the mid-September air, and the trees were ablaze with their fall colors in promise of the winter to come. The cabin was well off the main road, reachable by a winding gravel drive that terminated at the lake-front cabin. Towering trees surrounded the two-story log structure, leaning in and swaying in the wind. A storm was apparently building, so Dawn hastened to unload her luggage and the groceries she had brought with her. She fumbled for the light switch as she entered, found it and flicked it on. The main room was filled with large pieces of furniture, constructed mostly of twisted oak. In the upstairs bedroom, the four-poster queen size bed, on a raised platform, dominated the room. It more or less what she expected.

Dawn was tired from her long drive. So, she put away her groceries and headed up the steps to the main bedroom to turn in for the night. She quickly unpacked. One of the last items to be tucked away was her favorite vibrator, which she placed in the drawer of the night stand next to the bed. She often used it to “relax” herself before sleeping, but not tonight, as she was eager to get a start her new novel. On the drive up, a new story had emerged from the word salad that had been tumbling around in her head and she wanted to get a start on it while it was still fresh. She undressed and slipped under the covers, wearing her usual night-time sleepwear consisting of a tee shirt and panties. She took out her laptop and opened it up. It was going to be an erotic love story. She started to type and, unlike before, the words came easily and soon she realized she had finished the first chapter.

Her story began with an erotic scene of a young woman losing her virginity to an older man. Unlike the young boys she had been with previously, this man took his time kissing and caressing her, he knew just where and how to touch her in such a way that her desire for him rose as rapidly as her fears of the unknown fell away. When he finally entered her ever so slowly and gently, she felt only a moment’s discomfort followed by wave after wave of bliss. Dawn felt a familiar stirring in her own body upon reflecting on what she had written, and briefly contemplated reaching for her vibrator to pleasure herself to sleep, but weariness overtook her as she placed the laptop to one side and slipped into a deep sleep.

The light coming through the open window woke her in the morning. She felt more refreshed and rested than she had been in a long time. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to slip back into the wonderful dream she had been having just before she awoke. It was a marvelous sex dream – something she had not experienced in many years. In her dream, a strange man had slipped into her bed late at night, kissed her lightly on her neck and shoulders until she was suspended between a dream state and being awake. He removed her panties, parted her thighs and proceeded to lick and suckle on her clit until she exploded in an orgasm. Then he entered her with his massive cock. She was so wet that he easily pushed into her. As they made love, she drew her knees up to her chest and begged him to cum in her.

Unable to summon up the dream, Dawn opened her eyes to the realization Ankara Rus Escort that she was, indeed lying in a large wet spot. Perhaps she had a wet dream she thought. That hadn’t happened in a long time either, but she remembered having fallen asleep feeling aroused and thought that it was definitely possible. Tentatively, and a bit fearful of what she might find, she reached between her legs with two fingers to feel herself. She was wet – very wet, but was it just her wetness? She raised her fingers to her face, first smelling and then tasting with the tip of her tongue. She tasted her own musky sweetness, but detected nothing more. She decided that no matter how vivid, it must have been a dream.

She was sure she had locked the door the previous night. She swung her legs off the bed and scanned the room for any sign of another person. Her clothes were neatly folded where she had placed them, but her panties were nowhere to be found. Was it all just a dream, or had she been taken in her sleep? Once she was totally awake, it occurred to her that perhaps it wasn’t a dream after all. Maybe he had used a condom. Maybe what she felt was a real cock in her. Maybe he just pulled out before coming in her. She considered reporting it, but really, what was there to report to the police – that she had a wet-dream? She decided she needed more than that.

Instead, she contacted the vacation rental company to inquire as to who might have access to her cabin; for example, maintenance personnel. She also decided it would be wise to have someone check the locks. Dawn obtained the name and number of the maintenance man, Nathan. She dialed and a man answered. “Nathan’s Mechanical Service” the man said. Dawn introduced herself and informed Nathan that she would be staying at the cabin for the next few weeks and wanted to make sure that she would be safe. Nathan assured her that he would stop by the next day to make sure that everything was secure. He sounded nice on the phone and Dawn wondered what Nathan looked like; how old he was, if he was fit, etc. Relaxed from her good night’s sleep, she stretched to release any remaining tension from her muscles.

Nathan arrived around 11:00 the next morning and knocked on the cabin door. Dawn, dressed in a light summer dress, answered. Nathan was, for a moment, speechless. He had only spoken to Dawn yesterday, but boy was she beautiful, in a girl next door kind of way. He smiled with a smile that went all the way up to his eyes, and introduced himself to Dawn. Her smile, the summer dress cut low in the front to reveal the tops of her breasts and a waft of Dawn’s light perfume was more than enough to create a stiffened reaction farther down his body. He repositioned his tool box in front of him so as not to give himself away.

Dawn was surprised by Nathan’s age, at least 10 years younger than she. He was fit, reasonably attractive and standing there smiling from ear to ear. She smiled at the thought of how she could appreciate the vigor of a younger man, and soon, was lost in a fantasy involving Nathan that was vivid enough to cause a wetness between her legs. She felt herself blushing like a little girl

The weeks at the cabin were going to be a great time for her creative juices to flow, perhaps along with other juices, if she had her way. Dawn invited Nathan into the cabin. Nathan checked the locks on all the windows and doors and proclaimed the cabin safe and secure. He was attracted to Dawn and stood there talking with her for quite a long while. When he turned to leave, Dawn fought the urge to ask him to stay. Before she could say anything however Nathan turned around and said, “I’m going on a hike tomorrow. Would you like to go with me? It’s a hike that I’ve done many times before and takes about two hours. What do you say?” Dawn’s heart skipped a beat. “Of course, I’d love to go on a hike, she said as matter of factly as she could manage. It’ll be great to get some exercise and a bit of fresh air.

The two of them met at the trail head the next morning and started the hike down the main mountain trail. Dawn enjoyed the hike, as much for the fresh air as watching Nathan’s muscular legs navigate the trail in front of her. She found herself fantasizing about doing bad girl things to him. About an hour into the hike, Dawn took Nathan’s hand and said, “let’s check out the scenery on this path.” It was a path that branched off the main trail and quickly disappeared into the dense foliage. They walked down the path a hundred yards or so to a small clearing where Dawn pulled Nathan aside, stepped close to him and began kissing him. She caught Nathan a bit by surprise, but he didn’t resist. He’d been attracted to Dawn from the first moment they met at the cabin. He pulled her close enough to him that their hips were pressed together. He had no interest in hiding his erection this time. He wanted to make sure that she could Yenimahalle Escort feel it. She clearly did, as she moved her hips against him in response.

Dawn was hungry for him. The episode that occurred in her sleep 2 nights ago was still fresh in her mind, only this time she was determined to be fully present in the moment. She smiled and whispered into Nathan’s ear. “Relax Nathan” she breathed into his ear; I want you. I want to feel you inside of me.”

The heat rose off of them like a distant mirage in the desert sun. She kissed Nathan, first tracing the tip of her tongue along his lips, then pushing her tongue deep into his mouth. Nathan responded by passionately sucking her tongue, devouring her lips, and pulling her close to him. They both wanted more, but Dawn was insatiable and continued to set the pace. She did what she had been thinking about all morning and pushed Nathan hard against a tree. She lowered her hand, found his swollen hardness, and traced her fingers along its length. Then, she dropped to her knees in front of him, exposed his cock, looked up and said, “I’ve wanted to do this since we met at the door of the cabin.”

She licked the length of his cock, trailing her tongue around the head, wetting it, and then began sucking him, taking in the full length of his cock. Nathan held the back of her head as she sucked, in and out, slurping. Soon, he stiffened, groaned, pulled her head all the way to his balls and came hard in the back of her throat. As he jerked and spasmed, she held him in her mouth and continued sucking as his knees trembled. Dawn settled for nothing less than every last hot, thick, salty drop. She showed no mercy.

The taste of his semen lingered in her mouth. She rose and kissed him deeply to share the remnants. He pulled her close to return her kiss as his hand lifted the hem of her summer dress and traveled up her inner thigh to her growing wetness. She moaned as his fingers found her damp panties, pushed them aside and began to play with her slippery clit. The downy hair of her pussy opened to his probing and soon his finger was inside of her, darting in and out while his thumb caressed her clit. She felt her legs weaken. Her knees buckled and he eased her down to the mossy earth.

He pushed her dress up to her waist and pulled her panties down below her knees. She opened her legs, grabbed his hips and pulled him toward her velvety wetness. He was hard again and so ready for her. She drew her knees up and looked into his dark eyes and commanded “Fuck me; fuck me hard; I want to feel your cock deep inside of me.” He smiled and moved his cock ever closer to her wetness. Just as he is about to enter her, they heard a loud snap – the unmistakable sound of someone stepping on a dry twig. He pulled back from her as she pulled her dress down and sat up. “Who’s there,” she shouted reflexively.

Nathan rose to his feet, and scanned the brush for any signs of movement. “Someone is watching us” she whispered. “I know”, he replied. They pulled themselves together, straightened their clothing and continued to scan the woods for any sign of their watcher as they made their way back to the main trail. “Was it you who came to my room two nights ago”, she asked Nathan as they made their way back to the cabin. The shocked look in his eyes was answer enough, but it was quickly reinforced with his emphatic “of course not, I would never take a woman without her consent.” They walked back to the cabin in silence, the sexual heat still simmering below the surface. When they reached the door, she turned to him and kissed him deeply again, pressing the full length of her body against his.

She could feel his erection as he pulled her even closer. “I want you,” she breathed into his ear. “I want you too, he replied, but there are some things I have to do first. I can come back later today though.” “Please come back, she said. I don’t want to be alone tonight.” “Of course,” he said, as he took a step back, turned and then was gone.

Dawn spent the afternoon at her writing desk. The anticipation of Nathan’s return continued to fuel her writing. The words came easily as the simmering passion in her own body seemed to flow into her fingertips. Her novel was writing itself. She was lost in the tale she was spinning on the keyboard before her and time passed quickly.

When she finally looked up at the mantle clock, it was 6:35 pm and she realized she had yet to make any preparations for Nathan’s return. She turned on the shower. The water was abundant and hot. She poured a generous portion of body wash into the palm of one hand and began to run it over her body, which quickly became slick to the touch. Her fingers lingered on her breasts, massaging them and feeling her nipples getting hard. She poured more body wash onto her palm and reached between her legs, covering her silky pubic hair in lather. As she caressed herself, her mind returned to Nathan and his hard cock and the thought of how it would feel when he entered her.

She sat on the small wooden bench built into the wall of the shower, leaned back and spread her legs. She luxuriated in the feel of the hot water cascading over her and the silkiness of the lather between her legs mixed with the natural wetness of her pussy. Her fingers moved more rapidly now and she began to moan. Her climax began to build deep within her and when it arrived, she cried loudly out in pure pleasure as it arrived in wave after wave of a convulsive thrusting of her hips. She sat there panting; her eyes squeezed shut and her legs quivering with what seemed like countless aftershocks of her orgasm.

It was only when she opened her eyes that she saw Nathan standing there, holding the shower curtain to one side. He smiled sheepishly and said, “I was at your door and heard you. I thought you might be in distress so I came in, but I can see that you’re perfectly fine. Actually, you’re better than fine, he said, as his eyes took in her nakedness – you’re exquisite.” She smiled back at him, grabbed him by his belt buckle and pulled him into the shower. She rose from the bench and began to pull at his wet clothes. Soon, he too was naked. She covered him in lather, loving the feel of his hard body as she ran her hands over every contour. She reached between his legs. His cock was standing straight up, rock hard and ready for her. She alternated between massaging his balls and stroking his cock as they kissed deeply. “Sit on the bench” she panted. She stepped between his legs and he suckled each nipple in turn. The feeling was electric and she felt pulses of pleasure that ran from her nipples directly to her pussy. The hot water continued to cascade down over them both as she lowered herself onto him.

His cock slid easily past her pussy lips into the depths of her cunt. She gripped him with her pelvic muscles as her hips rose and fell on him. His cock was long and thick; he filled her completely. She looked into his eyes as they fucked each other. “Oh baby, that feels so good” she said. “Your cock is incredible. I want you to come deep inside of me.” Now, he began to thrust upward; hard and fast. Her breasts bounced with each thrust and she cried out in ecstasy as he buried himself deep inside her. She could feel another orgasm building within her as Nathan held her by the hips and continued to thrust, the full length of him driving in and out of her pussy.

“Now” she screamed as she started to come. She could feel her juices squirting out of her as she came, running down his cock and balls. He was not far behind and soon he was thrusting even harder. She felt his hot cum shoot into the depths of her pussy as he cried out in pleasure. They sat intertwined on the bench, catching their breath and enjoying the wonderful sensations of being joined as one. She could feel his cock softening a bit and it began to slide out of her pussy, followed by a warm stream of his cum. She reached down and wet her fingers with his cum, spread it on her lips and gave him a long deep kiss. She leaned back on his knees, smiled at him and said “I’m afraid I lost track of time and didn’t make anything for dinner Nathan.”

He smiled back. “No worries, I brought something for us.” Later, as they sat at the table; she wearing an old flannel shirt she found in the cabin, and he wearing her too-small cotton robe, neither noticed the looming shadow of a figure peering through the cabin’s window, obscured by the murkiness of the twilight’s coming darkness.

Dawn was looking forward to Nathan spending the night, but he surprised her by rising from the table and announcing that he had to go. “You can’t stay?” she asked – more a plea than a question. “No, there is something I have to do before it gets too late” he responded. He offered no details and she didn’t press him. He quickly dressed, gathered up his things and paused briefly to kiss her lightly before he opened the door. “Will I get to see you again” she asked. “Yes, he said, I can see you tomorrow if you are free. Can I come over and fix you breakfast?” “I would like that very much,” she said, as he walked through the door into the night; his silhouette quickly dissolving into the darkness.

She closed the door quickly and locked it. Then she checked all the other doors and windows in the cabin as well. She found one window unlocked. She was fairly sure that she had locked it earlier and it made her uneasy to find it unsecured. It was still early enough for her to work on her novel. She climbed into bed, arranged her pillows behind her back, opened up her laptop and resumed her writing. Unlike many times before, she found it relatively easy to pick up the thread of the story that she had begun earlier. It was after 1:00 am before she became aware of the time. The lights blinked on an off quickly and the digital alarm on the nightstand began to flash “12:00” over and over again, signaling a brief power outage and the need to reset it. Annoyed, she checked the time on her laptop and reset the alarm clock. Realizing the lateness of the hour, and proud of the progress she had made on her novel, Dawn decided to reward herself with a good-night’s sleep.

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