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Working Late Ch. 01

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Note: This series of Working Late was published a few years ago from my original account of Tallulah82. On my return, I’ve edited to republish now. I hope you enjoy it.


It had taken just two weeks for Amelie to make her mark. It wasn’t her first job as a PA, but it was one of the most challenging to date. The reputation of her new boss, Mr Wallis, had preceded him and she knew she’d been lucky to land the position. In truth, she’d been a bit surprised. She’d been even more surprised to learn that her predecessor hadn’t been as organised as anticipated, especially working for someone who was regarded as determined by his peers. Within ten days, Amelie had dragged the administration up to par. But as professional as Mr Wallis was, he also remained detached. Nine weeks had now passed, and she’d become firmly established in her role and it frustrated her that he still hadn’t acknowledged the improvement in the running of his office. But likewise, she was also professional and so their calm, aloof interactions continued.


With corrugated cups from the local coffee shop in each hand, Amelie pushed open the large glass door with her hip. The Monday morning buzz in the lobby greeted her as suits clustered at all three lift doors. The security guards laughed with the receptionists but kept a careful watch. One by one, the lifts arrived, and the noise dropped. Pleased at her timing, she waited patiently for the lift to return.

Only a handful of people were gathered by the time the doors slid open again. Smiling at the suited man closest to the operating panel, she asked him to press the button for the sixteenth floor.

As they rode, Amelie lost herself in mentally preparing for the day. She didn’t notice the man’s sweeping glance. She dressed only for professionalism. From her functional ponytail, to the skirt suit, to her black heels. She’d never been a slim girl, with her generous arse and full breasts, but as long it balanced out, it rarely bothered her.

She didn’t, however, realise how much the fitted skirt suit accentuated her curves. With growing greed, the man drank in her apparently nude legs. He took an educated guess to nylons. As she shifted her weight, he watched the hem of her skirt move just above her knees.

As Amelie continued in her own thoughts, he followed his own. He considered whether she would be wearing tights or stockings. The thought of seeing her bare skin between the top of a stocking and the line of her panties had him stirring. He tried hard not to act like a pervert with his fellow colleagues and for the most part, he succeeded. But now and again, the combination of curves and nylon took control. It was the delicate covering that teased; that both revealed and concealed. The silkiness that clung to the curves, begging to be peeled away. Fantasies were already clouding his mind and he wondered if he should initiate a conversation, make a connection. The lift stopped. Amelie threw him an absent smile and stepped out. The doors closed behind her and took the disappointed man away.

She made her way along the wide corridor to the office. Her workspace lay in front of Mr Wallis’ office, as if its protector. Normally, the door to his office was kept closed but this morning it stood ajar. The baritone voice carried through the gap. The pauses between his words indicated that it was a telephone conversation. Despite Amelie often being present during calls, his tone warned her against any type of interruption. Instead, she took the opportunity to unload her belongings at her desk and asserted that his coffee could wait.

She sighed as she considered the gift bag she’d placed on her desk. She’d heard on the office grapevine that it was his birthday today and that his mother appeared at his office on this day to lunch with him. Amelie had bought previous her bosses’ gifts, and so this purchase had felt almost a natural reaction yet looking at the bag now, she wondered if she should bother. Their working relationship had been the most formal she’d ever experienced so far and now the gift felt out of place. She slipped the bag into her top drawer.

Minutes ticked by, and the telephone conversation continued. She couldn’t keep waiting for Mr Wallis to finish. She had to start her day, and that included collecting the usual pile of paperwork that would be sat in a tray on his desk.

Amelie seized the coffee she’d bought for him. She’d begun buying their coffees on a whim in the first week. A good impression. He hadn’t objected to it, so she’d continued to start their working day with the delicious option rather than the office version.

Keeping her eyes diverted, Amelie entered his office. As she placed the coffee on his desk, Mr Wallis fell silent. Reaching to collect the work, she couldn’t resist the temptation to look at him. His eyes were fixed on her hands as she gathered the papers. Her heart thumped, firing a rush of nervousness, while her fingers fumbled against the edges of each demetevler escort sheet until, eventually, she managed to seize them into a single wad. A flush heated Amelie’s cheeks as his eyes continued to watch her fingers clench the papers. A voice in her head spurred her on to exit smoothly and silently.

Back at her desk, Amelie heard her boss continue talking. Releasing her caught breath, she wondered if she’d made a mistake and if she was going to be berated for entering. But the door had been open. But he’d stared at her. Well, at her hands. Concern gave way to something new. An intrigue. Something stirred within her as she replayed the scene over and over. But each scene had her hands moving elsewhere. Releasing the papers, skimming over her skirt, cupping her…

Amelie laughed to herself, shaking her head. Ignoring the warmth between her thighs, she teased herself for indulging in such cliché fantasies. It wasn’t the first time she’d placed a boss in her fantasies, who hadn’t. But those daydreams were firmly kept to her bedroom at night with her toys. She’d always been able to compartmentalize reality and daydreams until now, and she wasn’t about to mess up her life now.

Mr Wallis’ telephone call lasted a further ten minutes after which Amelie was summoned. Grabbing her notebook, Amelie returned to the main office and took her usual place in the empty chair in front of his desk. She prepared herself to be scolded for invading his office earlier.

“Good morning, what’s on the agenda for today?”

Amelie smiled politely, regardless that he’d not looked away from his computer screen yet. Mr Wallis snapped his attention from the screen to her. His intense stare met her determination to not break the contact. She could have sworn that his eyes narrowed a fraction, but he’d already returned to his screen. Heart pounding, she kept her chin held high and continued to wait for the backlash.

“We have a problem. One of our major backers has been taken over and they’re now re-evaluating their commitment and level of contributions. We need to pull together a completely new report, effectively a new bid. We need concrete evidence including targets achieved, financial reports and future projections. We must submit the report by next Monday morning but that’s not all,” Mr Wallis ran his fingers through his hair and leaned back in his leather chair, returning his gaze to her, “a couple of years ago one of our old rival businesses collapsed when this happened to them. Their other backers heard, some panicked that the change could mean that they were going to be targeted for heavier commitments, and when it appeared that the company was looking unstable some pulled their funding altogether. It was a mess for them. What started as a ripple created a wave for them that drowned them. I will not let that happen here. We need to be in contact with all of our backers, reassure them and create contingency plans to protect them.”

Amelie was too busy scribbling furiously that she didn’t notice the silence until she caught up. Looking up from her pad, she found Mr Wallis staring at her again.

“I need to ask you to stay late this week, possibly two weeks. You’ll be paid overtime of course…” Mr Wallis paused, and Amelie guessed that he was unused to being in a position to ask for something, “I know this is a big ask on such little notice, and you’ll have commitments…”

“No, no,” Amelie shook her head, “I’m fine. No commitments, at least none that can’t wait. I can work as late as you need me to, for whatever you need.”

As she spoke, his eyes fixated on her lips. Amelie’s throat dried. The moment froze. Subconsciously, the tip of her tongue wet her lips. Blood roared in her ears, making her unsure if she’d heard him gasp or if she’d imagined it. A faint noise from behind the door snapped him back into focus. Clearing his throat, he turned back to the computer.

“Thank you, it will be appreciated, that’s all for now,” he dismissed.


The morning flew by and it wasn’t until Mr Wallis’ mother flounced into the office that Amelie realised how many hours she’d been buried in work. After a polite introduction, Mrs Wallis disappeared into her son’s office. Settling for a working lunch, Amelie alternated between typing and taking a mouthful of her limp ham sandwich. Fifteen minutes later, Mrs Wallis re-emerged, followed closely by her son.

“Again, I’m sorry I can’t join you today,” Mr Wallis kissed his mother’s cheek goodbye.

“I understand, darling,” Mrs Wallis patted his cheek and smiled, “you can make it up to me when this nightmare is over. I won’t say don’t work too hard, but I will say take care of yourself and try to get some rest.”

He smiled at his mother as she left. Amelie had been keeping her head down, deliberately withdrawing herself as much as possible. Following his mother’s departure, Mr Wallis had continued to remain. Amelie looked up to otele gelen escort see him watching her.

“Is there anything you need?” she smiled.

“Need?” He almost growled before clearing his throat and tearing his eyes from her face to look at her lunch instead. “What is that?”

“My lunch.”

“It looks disgusting.”

“It’s fine.”

She took a bite out of it to prove a point. A ghost of a grin pulled at his lips and Amelie almost choked. To her relief, her boss returned to his office and closed the door firmly behind him.


Darkness had fallen when Amelie leaned back in her chair and stretched her arms above her head to feel it pull at her spine. A glance at the clock told her it was 7pm. The afternoon had disappeared surprisingly quickly, but her throat and eyes felt the load.

She’d not been given a definite finishing time when he had mentioned working late but now felt like a natural finishing point in her work. Standing up, Amelie smoothed her skirt down. She’d removed her suit jacket at 5pm when the day was technically finished. She considered putting it back on before seeking Mr Wallis out, but dismissed it over comfort.

“Excuse me, I was just wondering what time we are working until tonight?”

Amelie began talking as soon as she stepped into his office. She froze when she saw the phone to his ear. Cursing herself for not paying better attention, she stepped back to exit. Mr Wallis held up his finger, indicating for her to wait. Nodding, their eyes locked while he finished the call.

“Thank you for your work today, Amelie, it’s appreciated,” he spoke quietly as he returned the handset.

“You’re welcome.”

“Sit down a moment.”

Amelie complied, and waited for her boss to begin talking again.

“You’ve been here for, what, eight weeks now?”


“Nine weeks,” he conceded, “are you enjoying it?”

“Oh yes, I love it.”

“You work well, I’ve been very impressed by what you’ve achieved so far.”

“Thank you, Mr Wallis,” Amelie smiled.

“You don’t need to call me Mr Wallis. Karl will do. Or Sir.”

The lilt of tease in his voice made her chuckle.

“Yes, Karl,” she replied, “Sir.”

The twinkle in his eye darkened. His gaze shifted from her eyes, to her lips again, and back. He shifted in his seat as if to refocus.

“Have you managed to clear the rest of your evenings this week?”

“Yes, all clear for whatever you need from me.”

It was only as the words left her mouth that her mind converted them into an inappropriate sentence. Combined with the silence of the building, and the couple of tense moments they’d shared today, she struggled to ignore the suggestiveness. But it wasn’t as though she’d winked or anything. She scolded herself for overthinking. He’d probably laugh his socks off if he could see her thoughts right now. In a strained effort to break away from her own mind, Amelie jumped up. Karl looked surprised.

“One moment,” she rushed, “I have something for you.”

Even as she collected the gift and returned, she still debated if this was a good idea. But the invitation to call him by his first name gave her confidence that they’d just broken through a formality barrier. First name basis allowed for gift giving.

“Happy birthday, if that’s all then I’ll head off now and see you in the morning.”

She handed over the gift bag and without waiting for him to open the bag, she hurried to collect her things and leave. It was only a tie, nothing designer, but she didn’t want to witness if he didn’t like it.


The next day felt like Groundhog Day, minus the mother at lunch time and tension-filled moments. Amelie had noticed that Karl was wearing the tie, but the avalanche of work hadn’t allowed any appropriate moments to mention it. This time, Karl had ordered sandwiches for them both to be delivered from a local deli, and they’d sat at their respective desks until the building was shrouded in silence again.

Looking up from her screen, she saw the clock reach 7:20pm. With a long sigh, she saved her work and shut down the computer. Once her desk was in order, she knocked and entered Karl’s office. Setting some papers on his desk, Amelie rolled her shoulders to relieve the ache.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Oh yes, I’m just not used to sitting in the same position for so long. Maybe tomorrow I need to move around a bit more.”

Karl nodded, but didn’t speak and Amelie took this as her cue to leave. Her farewell hung on the tip of her tongue when he spoke.

“Did you enjoy the sandwich I bought today?”

“Oh, yes, it was delicious, thank you, Karl.”

“You’re welcome,” Karl smiled with his nod this time, “of course, you need to let me know if you’d prefer other fillings.”

“I like lots of fillings,” Amelie started, mortified at her own internal innuendos, “but yes, it was lovely, thank you, Sir.”

As she balgat escort practically drawled the last word, Karl stood and adjusted his tie. This spurred Amelie’s imagination further. She grabbed at the opportunity to change the subject with overcompensated enthusiasm.

“I see you like the tie.”

“I like the tie.”

Karl moved around his desk and sat on the edge, facing her. The quiet movement added to the building tension in Amelie’s head. Panic at saying or doing the wrong thing seized her, and she fumbled for an escape.

“So, if that’s all for this evening, I’ll be heading home now, goodnight!”

“Good night, Amelie, rest well.”

She was already halfway out of the door when his words reached her. She thought she could hear a smile in his voice but didn’t dare look back. It wasn’t until the lift doors closed behind her and the carriage began to descend that a nervous laughter escaped her lips as she mocked herself for being idiotic.


Fortunately, Wednesday brought Amelie relief. Karl’s diary had been crammed with meetings and so she’d spent most of the day on her own in the office. She’d been grateful for the space as she’d not had to waste energy on worrying about being inappropriate.

Last night when she’d returned home, it’d taken every ounce of her self-control not to strip off and spend the night masturbating with her fantasies of Karl. She hadn’t dared relieve herself at all from the sexual frustration because she didn’t trust her mind not to sneak him in there no matter what she thought about. She needed to get this out of her mind full stop before it really did impact on her work, and ultimately, her career.

Today had been perfect for that. By the time 5pm came around, Amelie had successfully put Karl in a box, and had been the most efficient PA anyone could want. Now, she just needed to keep him in that box when he was actually present.

Not knowing if or when Karl would be back, Amelie set herself to stay until 7pm again. Not that she had anywhere else to be anyway. When Karl had first mentioned it, Amelie had only one plan with a friend, which was easily rearranged. She had friends, she had family. But she wasn’t a party-girl, or even particularly sociable. Whether it was right or not, she’d always put her work as priority and that meant no hangovers or excessive tiredness. Whenever there was a boyfriend on the scene, and there had been some, he’d had to understand these boundaries from the start. But for the last year or so, she’d found that casual dating had suited her much better. Less commitment with much fun if the vibes were right.

At 6pm, Amelie kicked off her heels and padded around her workspace to loosen her limbs. Karl walked in as she reached her arms high above her head, leaning back to stretch her spine.

“Is office yoga a thing?”

“Mr Wallis!” Amelie spluttered, fussing to straighten up her appearance.

“It’s okay, Amelie, I hope you’re not aching as much today.”

“Yes, I mean no, I mean…” she took a breath and slipped back behind her desk, “it’s been a productive day here, I hope yours has too.”

“It has,” he nodded, “there’s a couple of things I need to go over with you for tomorrow, if you can give me five minutes before you come in.”

Karl disappeared into his office, closing the door. Amelie grabbed her bag for her compact mirror. Aside from the embarrassed flush, she still looked presentable, thank goodness. Shifting back into professional mode, she slipped back into her heels and virtually tidied up all files open on her screen.

After five minutes, she entered his office. Karl stopped working as she headed for her usual chair.

“I haven’t had time to send you this yet, but I want to show you the projections from today’s meetings.”

Karl pointed to his screen so instead of sitting, Amelie moved to stand behind his chair, slightly leaning over his shoulder. She thought he stiffened, but his voice sounded usual. Aware of how close she stood, she took care not to touch him or his chair as she forced herself to focus. He seemed to take forever. Eventually he stopped talking, and she escaped back to her seat.

“I have a couple of key meetings tomorrow again, but I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made so far,” Karl said as he leaned back in his chair.

“I’m happy it’s working,” Amelie smiled, “do you need me to do anything else before I go, Sir?”

Karl stilled. Drawing a deep breath, he moved to stand beside the large windows. Amelie’s skin prickled. Something had just shifted, but she wasn’t sure what. Without answering, his gaze flitted from the view to her. Assuming his silence meant no, Amelie stood. She automatically pulled at the hem of her skirt. She knew it was slightly shorter than most of her others but hadn’t ever felt self-conscious in it until this moment. Now, it felt like a belt. And Karl’s attention focussed on her hands again. She began to dismiss herself.


Karl’s voice was quiet but firm and Amelie complied immediately. She stood, half facing the door, not daring to move.

“Sit down.”

Amelie resumed her seat. Again, she pulled at the hem as it rode up.

“Stop,” he repeated, “do not touch your skirt.”

Amelie’s stomach flipped. Her hand fell away from the material. Heat prickled her skin as her heart thundered.

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