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I wasn’t expecting anything exciting to come of my interactions with the new hire from Marketing but life has a funny way with things sometimes. It started with a mundane interaction over teleconference…

“Hey Trevor, what do you think of this approach that Jason’s suggesting? I think that would bump up the SEO performance if we use these keywords for our coffee product line?” Asked Christina, the bright-eyed, eccentric new Marketing Manager for our appliance company, Classia. Christina had a special vibe to her and it made her immediately approachable and disarming in the most casual way. Like she could be your best friend at work and you’ve just met her.

Taken aback by her question, I stuttered a response: “Oh erm. Yeah I’ll talk to my team about implementation. Hey, you should definitely talk to Max about paid marketing since we’re expanding to new regions.”

A few days later after that meeting, I bumped into Christina making a coffee at our coffee station. “Hey, can I give you a hand with that? The steam wand on that machine can be a bit tricky since the pressure from that is about the same as a commercial machine.” I offered.

“Seems like you can definitely handle the pressure on that wand. Don’t forget to wipe it clean. Awesome latte art too, bud.” Christina winked and pointed at my effortless rosetta. “So you used to be a barista or something?”

“Yeah, it kinda paid for my bills when I was in college and it’s always fun to learn a new skill since you never know when it’ll come in handy. Pretty sure Max only hired me because I got on his good side during the interview and taught him how to improve his morning brew.”

“How about you teach me a little bit about how to make a good cup of joe and I’ll find a way to repay you eventually?” Christina tested the waters. “I don’t mind at all. Plus I’ll be making coffee anyway so it’ll be a good way to get to know you better.” I have no idea how I came up with an answer that chill since I was nervous as heck around this casual yet stunning lady. I kept the conversation short at this point since I didn’t want to drop the ball.

Christina seemed really interested and we hit it off over coffee making straightaway and our mornings basically turned into mini tutorial sessions as I slowly introduced her to the finer points of Third Wave specialty coffee such as bean freshness, extraction time, grind size, water temperature, milk steaming and latte art technique.

“Trevor. You’re actually perfect for this role! Not only do you have industry experience and passion for the role. You’re a genius on the marketing implementation and SEO insight side of the things as well.”

“That’s honestly the best compliment I’ve received in my 3 years at this organisation and they’re pretty generous with compliments.” I honestly must have been blushing like a tomato at this point.

“I bet you’d be much better at this presentation than I am. I don’t know why Max picked me to present to our new retail clients considering I told that I am a terrible public speaker.” Christina lamented softly at her predicament.

It was at this point that I noticed two things, the second got me a bit excited since I have a bit of an affinity (you’ll see). One, that Christina was nervously rubbing her thigh from the corner of my eye (she was sat diagonally across from me as we drank our coffee). Two, she appeared to be wearing nude pantyhose. Nude pantyhose that matched her skin tone so well that I had not noticed until that moment… Maybe I was just that unobservant. Now I’m unobservant and semi-hard…

“Sorry, nervous habit. It used to calm me down when I did cheer. Maybe you could read over my slides and help me prepare?”

“Oh, yeah, erm, of course.” Still not sure how to react to my recent observations and realisations. “Send your slides over and I’ll give them a review after work tonight and discuss with you over our coffee break in the morning tomorrow?”

I got Christina’s email in the afternoon along with a couple of recommendations on what songs to listen to that week (turns out we have pretty similar taste in music as well) and her note at the end made my day: “You’re a lifesaver you know that? I really appreciate having you as a work buddy.”

I took a scalpel to her slides and took my role in being her proofreader and “work buddy” very seriously. Going through everything, I made sure that she didn’t make any factual errors and that her slides were relevant. I also read over her prepared speech out loud to ensure that it sounded informative and entertaining without too much waffle (pun intended).

“Morning Christina! Did you get a chance to check the slides I sent back to you and the amendments I made to your speech yet?” I asked casually whilst making my latte.

I did a double take as I noticed that she had dressed up for the presentation and was sporting a fun yet sensible pleated skirt that finished just above her knees and a soft grey cardigan with a white blouse Ofise Gelen Escort underneath. She completed the outfit with cute black ballet flats.

“I did! It reads so much better now and you even corrected a couple of key facts that I missed” She kissed me on the cheek. Her scent was a mix of sweet florals and delicate woody notes.

Hoping that she didn’t notice the sudden bulging in my pants I managed to say: “You can thank me after the presentation!”

“Don’t worry. I would never forget your effort on this, Trev.”

As she was walking away, I tried to check if she was wearing nylons subtly but she turned around suddenly, catching me off-guard. “I’ll see you after the presentation.” I desperately hoped that she didn’t notice that I was gawking at her legs thought it was probably too obvious to ignore… Yes to nylons by the way, pretty sure those were the same ones as yesterday. The only thing giving them away was the subtle lustre when the light hit just right.

I tried to get on with my day but I definitely couldn’t get Christina out of my head. Her carefree demeanour and her candour. The fact that she seems seemingly unaware of her charm and effect on me (or maybe just hides it very well) just makes her so much more attractive! Gosh, she flirts so effortlessly and even wears nylons in this day and age where most girls under 40 are going barelegged or wearing suit pants!

All of a sudden my phone rang. I knew it had to be an emergency since Christina never calls me; usually preferring little playful messages or random memes. I answered the call: “Christina? What’s up? Aren’t you meant to be presenting soon?”

A nervous and frantic voice answered on the other end; this isn’t the usual bubbly Christina I know. “Trev, shit! The projector won’t turn on and I think I’ve got all the cables connected properly! The light on the projector is blinking but it’s green so I am thinking maybe I did something wrong. Could you come to the conference room and check it out for me?”

“I’m on my way.”

“Thanks! Please hurry…”

I was pretty glad that I wore my casual outfit that day as I got up from my desk and dashed straight for the main presentation hall, narrowly avoiding a collision with a group of ladies from HR. THAT would have been the HR disaster that no organisation ever needs. I knocked and Christina pulled open the heavy door to the large presentation room by herself. Is there anything this girl can’t do?!

“What seems to be the issue here?” I enquired.

“That’s what I am trying to find out. I am pretty sure I have all the cables connected correctly from my laptop to the media station but the projector isn’t outputting the slides.” Christina answered. Her face a nervous, perplexed mess. She’s doing that thing with her hands again. Her nervous habit also happens to be one of the biggest turn-ons ever… I could barely hear the hiss of the gossamer nylon within earshot as she rubbed her hands against her thighs.

“Here let me try to suss it out…” I examined the connections she made to the media station and confirmed that she did indeed plug the HDMI cable in and that there wasn’t anything wrong with the projector. “Yep, everything seemed to be in the right place and the indicator still had a green light.” I looked up at the projector next to check the connections on the projector and my worst concerns were realised. The HDMI cable seems to have come loose at the projector end and wasn’t making a proper connection.

“Oh shit. Christina. I think I know what your problem is. I think the cleaners must have been dusting or something and knocked the connection to the HDMI connection loose.” Coming up with the most plausible scenario.

“I see… Shit we don’t actually have much time to fetch a ladder from upstairs and bring it back down with us and then set it up to connect everything back together… What should we do?!” Truly panicking now, her nylon fidgeting was getting more intense… I tried standing on a chair to reach the cable but it was out of reach by about 3 feet. So close yet so far!

“How about you give me a ride on your shoulders since you’re bigger than me and I think with our combined height, we should be able to reach the cable?” Christina blurted out the most hare-brained suggestion. But since we’re fast running out of time and I didn’t have a better idea, I was keen on going with her idea.

“Are you sure about this? You’re not exactly in gymnastics gear here and plus you’re wearing a skirt. Plus it’s been a while since you’ve done any cheer.” I questioned her cheerleader experience.

“Hey, don’t worry. It’s a basic manoeuvre, I just need you to hold on to my shins. Just hold my shins against your chest once I am up behind your neck and interweave your fingers so you have a secure lock on my legs. Then when I tell you that I am ready, you just stand up. By the way, I am not naked under this skirt, silly. I am wearing pantyhose, you Otele Gelen Escort won’t be seeing much anyway.” She reassured me. I gulped at the sentence whilst trying to think of the most mundane, boring thing in the world to prevent my bulge from growing…

“Alright… I trust you but I can’t guarantee anything. I’ll try to keep a firm grip on you whilst you’re up there. I think the best way to do this would be to have me get on a chair and you stand on another chair and I’ll crouch down so you can wrap your legs around my neck and I’ll slowly get you up.” Improvising a plan, I started gathering chairs and clearing everything else away from the area under the projector. In truth, what I am actually more nervous about is actually making contact with Christina’s gorgeous, toned legs in smooth pantyhose.

I made my way over to the chair I positioned underneath the project and stood on it and started to crouch. “Okay I am in position. Ready when you are!” I shouted. Before I knew it, Christina had her left leg draped over my left shoulder. Her pantyhosed calves were toned and unbelievably silky smooth. These must have been expensive nylons! Stunned but still trying to focus on the mission at hand, I wrap my left forearm around her shin and awaited her other leg. I turned my head slightly a caught a glimpse of the inside of her thigh. “STW!” I thought to myself, honestly not believing in the surreal turn of events of today. “Alright, I am gonna put my weight on your neck and move my right leg into position now.” Christina uttered confidently. Maybe she’s rising to the occasion – it’s not just her that’s rising – and crushing her nerves but she definitely sounds confident and focused.

With her right leg firmly in place, I locked my hands as suggested to help secure the position. The overwhelming feeling of holding on to her gossamer, soft nylon legs whilst having her crouch on the nape of my neck is definitely not making this any easier! Noticing the warmth and slight moistness on the nape of my neck, I wonder if Christina is feeling a bit “excited” by all of this intimacy as well…

“Ready for you to lift me up as soon as you stop daydreaming.” Christina exclaimed; snapping me out of my thoughts. Every motion and twitch of her legs causes her nylons to rub against my bare skin. The sensation is unbearably sensual and distracting. I tried to keep my mind on the task at hand and slowly rose up whilst stabilising her and ensuring that she was still positioned steadily on my neck and that I don’t bang her head on the projector.

“Alright that’s high enough, I can reach the HDMI cable and plug it back in now.” Christina signalled from above.

“Great, it should be the HDMI slot at the back port, look for the label ‘HDMI 1’ and just make sure it’s fully plugged in!” I responded.

After the HDMI cable was plugged in, we waited the longest 5 seconds of our lives for the moment of truth, fortunately the title slide from her presentation ‘European Marketing Expansion for Classia Coffee Products’ appeared on the wall screen. “Woot! Can’t believe it was that easy.”

“Not so fast, I still have to get you down before I drop you.” Things were getting shaky as she got excited about the projector finally displaying her slides and the tone of her voice indicated that her anxiety was quickly fading. I slowly lowered her back down once she gave me the go-ahead. “You can let go of my legs now.” So I did and with an elegant swish she slid her right leg off and with an agile spin the other leg followed and she hopped off the chair and used the momentum to do a series of chaine turns. “I didn’t know you did ballet as well. Show-off!”

“You’re just jealous. Thanks so so much for helping me with this crazy task though! Honestly couldn’t have done this without you. I am a bit short on time now so I’ll catch up with you after the presentation?” Christina seemed genuinely appreciative and relieved. She quickly ran towards me as I was leave, turned me around and gave me a firm kiss on the cheek.

“All… All the best with the presentation! Let’s catch up for drinks to celebrate when you’re done.” With that, I left her to do a final run-through of her presentation (not that she needs it) and showed her two thumbs up, almost backing into the door. She giggled with her hands to her face and went back to her laptop. I felt the back of my neck after exiting the presentation hall and it was noticeably damp. Was Christina as turned-on as I was about the whole situation?

Knock, knock. There were two knocks at the door. “The room’s taken, Andy! Shoo.” I shouted at the top of my voice, trying to focus on some work in one of the private meeting rooms. It so hard to concentrate in an open-plan office sometimes now that everyone’s back at the office.

“It’s me, Christina!” The recognisable voice carried through the door. I jumped up at once, unlocked the door and let her in.

“So how did the presentation Polatlı Escort go? Did you get to talk about the complimentary coffee beans and pitch the subscription program to them?” I was honestly more hyped about her presentation than she was after spending so much time getting the projector fixed.

“Of course, Trev!” She punched my arm softly, the wide grin on soft face said it all. SUCCESS. “They were really into the idea and Denise (our Head of GTM) said she’ll leave it to me to start making the calls to execute the project.” She paused for a moment and looked intensely at me, “You really came in clutch during the set-up there. I honestly wouldn’t have known what to do without your quick thinking. Like I said before, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Honestly, it was my pleasure, Christina. You know how much I love coffee.” I chuckled casually.

She turned around and locked the door and used the electronic switch next to the door to draw the privacy blinds. My cock was already jumping to conclusions about what’s to come. “I DO know how much you love coffee, but I have a feeling that you love something else just as much, if not more… Now, let’s talk about repayment.” With a heavily racing heart, I tried to prepare in anticipation of what’s to come.

“Trevor, would I be correct if I guessed you had some sort of fetish? A leg or nylon fetish maybe?” With that Christina positioned herself on the edge of the table and lifted herself up, extending her legs, to expose the entirety of her toned legs adorned in sheer-to-waist nude nylons.

“I guess I haven’t been discrete huh?” I answered sheepishly.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I happen to think nylons are deliciously sexy as well. Why do you think I wear them so often? They give me confidence and cover up any blemishes I might have accumulated since I am always out. How about giving them a little massage so you can feel how nice they are?” Christina then took off her flats and exposed her sheer, delicate feet. I wasted no time in taking in the aroma of her feet; a mixture of sweat, leather and the subtle fragrance of whatever she spritzed onto her hosiery to keep them smelling pleasant. It was entrancing and intoxicating! I started massaging her feet and the feeling of the soft material was hypnotic. I started with her left feet and started from the ankle and slowly kneaded up her sole and then focused on each toe with care and attention. “Am I doing okay? I don’t think I’ve ever done this to anyone before.” I repeated the same motions on her right foot and her prolonged, satisfied moan was the answer I longed for.

Whilst I was busy massaging and worshipping her feet, she moved my laptop and cleared the table of its contents and motioned for me to get on the table as well. I was more than happy to oblige. “We don’t have much time, Trev, the guys are still here. Hop on.”

Christina and I looked at each other, and without either of us saying another word, we kissed. A shallow kiss at first, but it grew into a deeper and more passionate kiss as we turned tension to passion. Our tongues eventually intertwined and my free hand found its way to her soft thighs and I got to caress that sensual material once more. “I think I got my answer to my earlier question. I am glad they turn you on so much.” Christina giggled mischievously.

I got off the table and put my hand on Christina’s back and felt for the clasp to her bra and to my surprise was able to deftly undo it. “Oh those barista hands are really coming handy now aren’t they? One thing at a time, sparky.” She winked and pointed at her blouse. I hastily unbuttoned her blouse and subtly took her bra off since it was already undone and started sucking on her exposed left nipple and licked her areola with the passion and hunger of new lust. Christina put a hand up to her mouth to muffle her loud moans of ecstasy and with the other she encouraged me to massage her other boob with my right hand as I caressed her silky, pantyhosed thighs; the friction sent jolts of excitement up my spine. I continued to massage her breasts and draw circles with my tongue over her nipples as she seemed to enjoy that.

“Let’s free that poor cock of yours, it’s probably aching from being trapped under your underwear for so long! Probably since our little choreography during the setup huh?” She handled my belt like a pro and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Christina then freed my member from its brief prison. You could tell that Christina understands this fetish from the way she teased my cock with her silken knees; briefly trapping them between her knees to give me a taste of things to come. She then started bouncing the balls of her feet up and down caused her knees to gently rub up and down my cock whilst it was being held in place. She continued to tease me like this and her consistency in rhythm was sensuous and made it hard to keep me quiet and keep my cum in. I gasped and moaned loudly in pure pleasure from the softness and the electricity; hoping no one heard the loud exclamation. I was amazed at the proficiency of this ballet queen.

Using her sharp fingernails, she poked a tiny hole in the gusset of her pantyhose and stretched the fabric of the gusset to grow the size of the hole. “I don’t get why ladies wear panties with their pantyhose. They’re called PANTYhose for a reason…”

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