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With Best Friends Like This…. Pt. 02

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Please give me some constructive comments on how I can improve, I’ve got many more stories to add, also, editors, if you like my stories and think you could help, please message me!


Like typical, I was up late. Thinking about Bill’s previous adventures. I was trying to figure out who his ‘old friend’ could have been, why was he being so secretive about her name? WAS it Leah? Who does he know that has her own apartment? Does Leah have her own place?

So, about 2 am, all tv stations start showing the ‘racier’ versions, so I prepared for some good tv, and some quality alone time with my tub of Vaseline. (There was no Internet, and all my magazines were old news, so, yeah, TV movies.)

Fortunately, before I got started, my phone rings. Who’s calling me at 2 am?!

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi Bryan, it’s Christine”

Christine was a unique character. She was a cheerleader through all of highschool, she dated a lot of the jocks before Bill, but she never had sex with any of them. She went to the parties, but like me, usually just hung around outside, avoiding most of the crowd. And, like most cheerleaders, she was a incredibly hot blonde, big 80’s hair, her tits were slightly smaller than softballs, and an occasional ‘accidental’ bump told me they were very soft. She usually wore extra tight stone washed skirts, and half shirts exposing her toned stomach and making her tits appear even bigger. She was tan, about 5’0, and such a nice, round ass! She was way above “our league”, but WAY too intelligent to play the ‘dumb hoe’ role most of the cheerleaders pretended to be. She was real.

“Hey baby, what’s up?” (Christine was Bill’s girlfriend, but she was my friend before she started dating him, as a matter of fact, I introduced them. Christine and I had always been really close, and always flirted A LOT! But, just flirting. I was ‘HER BEST MALE FRIEND!’ damnit.)

“Bill’s been messing with my friend!!” she said as she burst into tears.

Time to flip on bro mode.

“He was with me yesterday, and today he had his baseball game. You know he wouldn’t do anything on baseball day”, I said, trying to cover him.

“She told me it happened last night at the mall after ‘his asshole friend’ left, asshole” she said trying to giggle, with no success.

“Well, he told me he ran into an old friend, who was having problems with an ex, so he followed her to her place to make sure he wasn’t there. He went in and checked the place out…” (omitting unnecessary details so as not to lie or tell anything she doesn’t know that would get him in trouble) “… he stayed around for a bit to make sure her ex didn’t show up, then he left.”

“YOU KNEW?!” she screamed.

“I knew he went back to her place, but only to make sure she was safe! I figured you’d get mad, and it was innocent, so I figured it best not to tell you escort izmit and make you mad.”

“Oh, is that what he told you? I was told he fucked every hole in Leah’s body!”

“WHAT?! That cock! I told him I loved (translation- heavily infatuated with) her! No wonder he said I was going to kill him! I didn’t believe him, I thought, like usual, he was just making up stories, cause I told him I liked her. I guess that’s why he wouldn’t say her name. You telling me it was true?!”

“Uhm, yeah, she said she really liked you”

“Oh, yeah, sure seems like it, if she went home and fucked Bill that night!”

“She said you thought she was ugly and a bitch, and Bill was the one that wanted to get with her!”

“I never said any such thing! But, she sure didn’t need a lot of convincing to forget me and move to his cock! Bill must have said those things to get her mad at me, so he could fuck her. Seems like it worked out pretty good. I’m gunna kick his ass the next time I see him! That dick! I’ve set him up with so many of my friends, you included! And covered his ass on so many of his ‘adventures’! Uhm, none when he was with you though. And he wants to pull this shit time and time again?!”

Christine got an evil smile on her face. Now I was a scared! “You really liked Leah, didn’t you? You know Leah WAS my best friend. Here’s the way I see things. He let MY best friend take HIS virginity, so I think the right thing to do would be to let HIS best friend take MY virginity!”

“You and he never??”


“Wow, you think he was a virgin too? Nope, sorry, he’s far from it” (bro mode was over. I was done with him and his lies. I didn’t like covering for him in the past, and well, at this point, I was just done.)

With that, she totally took me off guard, and jumped me, knocking me back on the couch. “I’m a virgin, I’ve never done any of this, I haven’t even HELD a cock…” In the same moment she said that, she reached in my sweats and grabbed my cock, slowly stroking, she slid off me, pulling my sweats down with her.

“Ohh my God! Your dick is so pretty!” she quickly kisses the tip and giggles.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you regretting this tomorrow!”

“MMMHMMM” she said sliding her mouth around the expanded corona of my cock, then pulling it back out.

“Hmmm, your cock tastes so good!” she said before sucking it back in. Her tongue danced around the tip as her hand caressed my shaft. Her stroke had the nice gentle twist most experienced girls don’t even think about adding. She had unbelievable skill for a virgin, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain!

“Ohhh poor Bill! Christine, baby, you’re so much hotter than Leah, Bill blew it big time! Your lips are pure heaven around my cock!”

“heh, looks like I’m blowing it too!” she said removing me from her mouth, so she could lick down my shaft izmit escort and suck my balls. She let some of her oral juices slide down my balls and down my asshole, she was getting everything covered and wet! Back up my cock, kissing the tip, with a fast, hard stroke “cum baby, cum for me, shoot your hot load all across my face!”

God! She’s so hot! And her sultry voice and dirty talk got me on the verge of coming! OHHHHH! She slid a finger in my ass, and started probing my prostate! That was something I had never felt before! So incredibly intense, I shot my load fast and hard, so hard when it hit her face, she jumped back as her arms would let her, but she refused to break her grip!

“Your cum feels so good on my face” she screamed, rubbing it in her skin, and in her mouth. After showing me her tongue coated in come, she closes her mouth, quickly opening again and show me she had swallowed everything.

The a pout comes across her face, as she climbs up and straddles my legs, putting her face right in my face! “See what you’ve done to my beautiful face? Your hot sticky cum has covered every inch. I’m all messy! Can you please clean me up baby, I want to be pretty for you again!”

I’ve never tasted my own cum, what a nasty thought! But the way she asked, so sweet, so sexy, how could I say no? I began licking the cum from her face. Hmmm, my cum’s not really that bad. She thrust her tongue in my mouth, wrapping her lips on my, trying to steal back all the cum I had cleaned from her face.

“I hope you’re ready for round 2!” she exclaimed. She jumped up, and pulled me to a stand, grabbed both my hands, as she twisted back and forth slightly, “would you please eat my pussy, Mister Bryan?”

Ohh my God! Everything she does is so fucking adorable, and incredibly hot and seductive! Without a word, I pushed her back, and as I looked up her skirt, I could see her panties were already missing. I spread her legs to expose her pasty white bikini line surrounding her smooth pussy.

Her skin was so soft, and her tan lines formed an arrow pointing right to the prize! I buried my head in-between her legs, gently licking her clit, as I slid a finger in her wet, silky pussy. She began to moan, “Ohh Bryan, you’re making my pussy feel so good! I’ve never felt like this before!” I sped up, adding another finger. She was going wild, “Ohhh God, yes! That feels so good!” With a long, loud final moan, she squirted her juices all over my face! Shocked, I held my ground, and kept going till her shaking stopped. By this point my cock was rock hard again. I slid up to her and planted my tongue right in her waiting mouth.

I slid up a little further, and my cock slid right in her slick pussy, “EEEAAAA!” she screamed “Your cock is so big! It’s so tight in my pussy! But it feels so good! Please go slow… Be gentle with my virgin pussy, Mister!”

Her izmit kendi evi olan escort pussy felt so nice, so slick, I gently and slowly slid my cock deeper and deeper with each pump.

“OHHH! Ohhh! Ohhh! Slow… slow… ohhh yeah, yeah yeah! Please don’t stop, your cock feels so good deep in my virgin pussy!”

Her dirty talk, her moans, her tight smooth, soft, slick, wet pussy, it all took it’s toll. My cock began to swell in her pussy, stretching it even further. “You’re cocks feels like it’s getting even bigger! I can’t take it! You’re gunna rip me in half! But you feel so good in my pussy! Fill me with your cum! I need your cum! Please?! Please shoot your hot cum in my pussy!”

I couldn’t take it anymore! UHHHHHHHHHFFF! I burst in her pussy. The cum felt like it kept flowing forever! It start to sneak out around my cock, everything under us was covered in our love! She glowed as the sweat covering her glistened. Her hair was a mess, she looked exhausted. She looked so heavenly, so beautiful!

“Christine, you were incredible. That was the greatest!” I gave her a kiss, and collapsed.

“hold on a minute, Bryan! You’re not quite done.”


“He fucked every hole, right? Well, I got one left! YOU need to fuck my ass! Think you can handle it, Mister? Push that big cock of yours in my tight little asshole!” She rolled over, and stuck her ass out tempting me.

Thats all it took for me to get hard again! Still covered in fresh love juices, everything was still super slick. I got in position behind her, I rubbed my cock around over her asshole, then slowly forced my large cock in her tight little ass. She screamed and howled!

“You ok? You want me to stop?”

“Ohh it hurts! NO! Don’t stop! It feels so good!”

I pushed, and pushed a little more, then POP, the tip was fully in her ass, her asshole shrunk down to my shaft, and pain was gone. “MMMMM, yeah, that feels so good! Ohh yeah, fuck my ass Mister! I want the cum! Make me cum!” she screamed.

I slid my cock in and out, and further in, her ass was so tight, and she was loving this even more than getting fucked in her pussy!

She arched her back with every push, and let out a heavy breath. Sucking in as I pulled out, I reached around up her shirt and began playing with her huge tits, how could I have missed this for this long?! I popped the front clasp on her bra, allowing her tits to fall freely into my waiting hands, they were so soft, and so round, and holding them gave me extra control over to stop her upper body from shifting forward as I shoved my cock deep in her ass.

“MOOOOOOHHHHHH!” She moaned every time I pushed deep “Ohh Mister Bryan! I love your dick in my ass! I love your dick in my pussy! I love your dick in my mouth! You’re so big, and make me feel so good!”

I couldn’t hold back, I shot another load in her ass, I thought she was having convulsions! “Ohhhh Mister! You made me cum again! Your hot cum in my ass feels so incredible!”

Totally exhausted, we both collapsed, me still in her ass, we both fell asleep.

How ’bout THAT, Bill?

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