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I opened one eye and observed my surroundings. Whenever I wake up, you see, I only open one eye. This way I’ll know in advance if I should bother opening the other eye or just go back to sleep.

Anyhow, I saw what I usually saw; my somewhat bland bedroom, adorned with nothing entertaining, just holding a bed and a desk. Before I decided to doze back off, I made a chance glance at the clock adjacent to my bed. It was 11:00. In a half hour from now, I needed to be at work.

Mumbling obscenities I don’t remember, my naked body fell clumsily forward into the shower, and all that offered me a laugh was the manner in which my penis flopped accordingly with my legs. Stumbling inside, I closed the curtain and turned the water on. The warm spray was more than invited this cold Winter morning, it was almost lusted after.

Grabbing the shampoo my mind suddenly landed on Holly. That new girl that had been the object of everyone’s fancy, well, probably all of her life. Those greenish blue eyes and flowing blonde hair were just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. She had those perfect sized breasts fitted just above a tight stomach, complimented only further by her hips and ass. When she walked, the sweet sway of her hips had every man in the building with his tongue down around his knees. Not to mention those legs; when she wore a skirt, those finely tanned legs went on for days. Soon i found myself rubbing my crotch with my soapy hand. Laughing, I stopped and resumed my shower.

After toweling off and clothing myself in my black dockers and a matching jacket with a dark red shirt, I grabbed my keys and left the house fortunately without waking my roommate up. He could be such a little bitch sometimes, especially when it came to being awaken. I mean, big deal, go back to sleep, you know? Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

I walked in to the office knowing full well who the first person I’d see was. Scott. Dear god, this man was a putz. Why I’d been assigned to train him was obvious, but plenty to grip about nonetheless. He and Holly were hired the same day, and I couldn’t help but envy Lauren, who’d been given the much desired task of training Holly. It was a good decision, though. No man could teach this girl anything; he’d be reduced to a drooling imbecile and babble about how boobs are good.

“Hey, Scott,” I greeted him.

“Mike, I don’t understand this.”

Immediately Scott had me wanting to kill him. That was when Lauren came to my rescue. “Hey, Mike,” she whispered, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the elevator. “What’s up,” I asked, confused. She sighed heavily. “I can’t work with Holly,” she began. Then, with a self scolding look, she said, “I think she’s kind of distracted.”

I rolled my eyes. “What does this have to do with -” She nodded.

I struggled to keep the grin off of my face, but to no avail. She hit me on the shoulder. “So,” Lauren continued, “do you want to trade?”

I was taken aback. “How will that help her?”

“Well, she’s paying all her attention to you as it is.”

“And you want to train Scott?”

“He is better looking than Holly.”

I laughed, not about to fight her proposition by any means. “Sure,” I told her. “You want to trade now?”

She rolled her hazel eyes in that typical Lauren fashion. “What did I just say?”

Laughing at her sarcastic impatience, I walked over to her cubicle where Holly was şişli escort sitting. Of course, she was in a silk black skirt with a tight red top. Her hair was up in a bun and she looked back at me, hearing my footsteps.

“Hi,” I said, waving weakly. She smiled. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I swear my knees trembled. Not that I’m trying to be cool at this point, a Twenty one year old virgin is definitely not cool. Holly pointed to a chair next to her and I sat down, trying not to look too excited. I cleared my throat and wondered what I was supposed to say. Then I remembered what I would ask if Holly wasn’t gorgeous. “So, what as Lauren showed you?”

“Everything,” she said, looking into my greyish eyes. “She has a thing for Scott, so she offered to let me do whatever I wanted.”

‘Fucking Lauren’, I thought. “She’ll be at a loss when she sees what a nimrod he is.”

Holly laughed. “I know. When we were oriented, he asked question after question. Questions like ‘Why are we using computers’ and ‘Where’s the bathroom again?'”

I couldn’t help but chuckle back. However I was still debating if she actually wanted me here or not. She answered that for me right there. “You know,” she started, crossing her legs, “Seeing as how neither of us have anything to do, why don’t we just sneak a day off?” That comment made way too much sense. I stood up, looking for Gailord, my boss, and seeing nothing I gestured for her to sneak with me towards the back.

Our boss’ name was Sinclair Gailord, pronounced “Gye Lord”, but everyone called him gaylord and despite it’s juvenile quality, his constant reaction is always funny as hell.

Passing the bathrooms, we found the glass doors. Figuring since Lauren had set this whole scenario up, she’d cover for us and we’d be just fine. Outside, I lead her to my car and chivalrously opened her door. Smiling back at me, she got in and I closed the door, feverishly running around to my side. I sat inside and closed my door. “So where do you want to go?”

“You want to cook for me?” she asked, a coy look spreading across her face. “I could,” I responded nervously, “but why couldn’t we just go to a restaurant?”

Holly looked into my eyes with a look I’ll never forget. “You know a restaurant where we can fuck on the tables?”

Suddenly she had all superiority. “My place it is.”

As I backed out of the parking lot, her hand found it’s way into my pants. She rested her head on my shoulder and slowly started jerking me off as I drove. Always the equal opportunist, I freed a hand from the steering wheel and slid a hand up her skirt. I gingerly rubbed my fingers against her panties and was rewarded with a soft gasp. I peeled her panties back a tad and rubbed her lips as they got slicker. Meanwhile her cool hand was massaging the base of my now nearly fully erect cock and my balls. Once we hit a red light, I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her lips as hard as I knew how. Running my tongue along her lips, I felt her free hand running through my black hair. When I started getting close to cumming, I heard a couple honks. I unclasped our lips and looked at the bright green light. We shared a laugh at this and drove off as it turned yellow. Still playing with her damp pussy, I finally stuck my fingers in and rummaged for that special little place behind her clit, which I kept a rolling thumb on. Holly pulled my manhood out of my pants and dropped her head onto it, swallowing me fully as shocked by this as I was, I managed to avoid cumming or crashing into anything. “Oh, Holly,” I uttered. Right there my fingers went limp in her cunt and she sucked away, swirling her hot little tongue up and down my shaft and bobbing her head up and down at just the right acceleration to keep me from exploding inside her mouth. I turned onto a street and we were near my house. It was noon, Roger (my roommate) was at school by now. Finally we arrived in my driveway as as I hit the brake she finished me off. “Holly,” I stammered. “If you don’t swallow, you’d better move your head.”

She responded by licking up and down either side of my dick with startling expertise until I blew my load. Even I could feel it as it splashed about in her greenhouse-like mouth and I could also feel her swallowing every drop.

She looked up at me hungrily. “Now it’s your turn,” she smiled. I gently pushed her head back against the passenger window and lowered my face between her fleshy thighs. I dragged my tongue up into her crotch and kissed it just as I had kissed her lips before. I heard her moan and I reached up her shirt to find her tits gingerly kneading them as I licked and sucked on her clit. Making erratic circles around her twat, I eventually forced my tongue inside her and explored her further. I felt her hands pulling at my hair, her legs tightening around my head, her nipples hardening, and all I could hear was her sensuous moaning and sighing. Holly began grinding her hips into my face and a pinkish fluid began leaking out. I lapped it up slowly as I fondled her breasts and she seemed to drip more and more into my encouraging mouth. Pulling my head out of her skirt, she grabbed my chin and we shared a long kiss, the first tender moment we’d had since we got in the car. Breaking away, I got out of the car. “I’ve got a big, comfortable bed inside, you know,” I told her. She smiled and got out, following me to the door.

I let us in and she immediately lept on me, wrapping her arms and legs around my torso and I fell back into the side of the doorway. I returned her passionate kiss as I closed the door, carrying her to my couch. I dropped her on her back and let myself fall on her, between her legs with her between my arms. I reached down to slip off her panties and got them to her shins until I decided not to bother with them and I pulled my rigid pikestaff out, slowly leading the head against her by now dripping and puffy vaginal lips. “God, you’re so hot,” I cooed into her ear. “I want you inside me now,” she whispered back. I kissed her once more as I slowly invaded her hot velvet cavity, losing control with each thrust. My hands found her ass and I squeezed her buttocks, pulling her into me moreso. She arched her back and threw back her head, screaming in pleasure, feeling me pump into her tight little snatch. I could feel her buck back against me and I lowered my head to lick around her pink nipples. Dragging my tongue across, I ever so gently raked my teeth over her nipple and kissed her flat sexy stomach.

“God Mike, you’re so good..”

She tossed her head back up and kissed me tongue first, digging her nails into my back and looking into me with insane desire in her what seemed before as innocent green eyes. Once I felt her juices trickling down my balls, I lost it. I exploded into her quim and she clasped onto me with her legs so tightly it took what little was left of my breath away. As my balls drained into her, I pulled back and rested on my back. She did the same for a moment, leaving my now flaccid cock inside her. I had never thought it could be like that, ever. Especially when she popped back up and started grinding her hips against mine, kissing and nibbling on my neck. I was astounded to feel a twitch in my limp penis. I knew it would be another minute or so, so I picked her up and ravaged her mouth with my tongue as I carried her into my bedroom. I roughly tossed her onto my still unmade bed and knelt down on her. In a suprising show of strength, she spun us around so that she was on top and sat on my hardening pole, bouncing away. “Mmm, Holly,” I managed out.

Sitting up, her lips met mine and even our sweaty hair matting to the other’s faces couldn’t divert our attention. One hand reached down to grab her perfectly sculpted ass while the other tended to her well cleft breast. I massaged both as she slammed down on my dick repeatedly.

“Oh, shit, Mike..”

Once more I felt that familiar liquid dousing my manhood, and once again I lost it at that. My load was a lot smaller this time, but it still felt every bit as amazing. Holly fell against my muscular upper body and I collapsed onto the bed with her on me. I think we were both nearly passed out at that point. Then I looked at the clock.

1:28. “Shit,” I muttered. “Holly, we’ve got to get back.”

She smiled and looked at me dreamily. “What times is it?”


The look didn’t disappear but she clearly took it seriously. “Yeah, we’d better get ourselves cleanedup.”

She let me up as I led her to my shower. I figured we were too burned out to fuck again, and two people showering simultaneously was faster than on at a time.

I turned the water on and turned to find her handing me a bar of soap. “My pussy’s so dirty,” she murmured. “Clean it for me.”

I couldn’t stop myself. Developing the suds on my hands, I rubbed her swollen little twat and clit. While I did that she met my penis with a sudsy hand of her own. We rubbed eachother for a good while until our lips met yet again, and our tongues were again unleashed on eachother. This time there was less ferocity to it, but the passion was undeniably as powerful as it had been before. Then i felt her hand lead me into her soapy vagina, and I saw no reason to fight it. Holding her up against the shower wall, I slowly slid in and slipped out of her, both of us staring into eachother’s eyes, not even saying a word as the warm water sprayed us. She tenderly grabbed the side of my face and kissed me and though I couldn’t tell for sure if she was cumming, I’m almost definite now that she was. Not so hard as the last times, but still good. At that moment I came into her as well, holding her hands and maintaining the slow bucking pattern I’d established. Finally we stopped, temporarily satisfied, and finished washing up. Stepping out we toweled eachother and made a few jokes here and there.

“So what are you doing tonight after work?” I asked. She smiled at me. “I was probably going to get some dinner.”

“You must be hungry,” I replied. “I never did cook anything.” She giggled and gave me a soft kiss. “Come on,” she said lowly. “We’ve got to go now.”

I smiled as I led her outside and into the car. I had no idea how the day would wind towards what had just happened, but I obviously had no problem with it. I knew we’d be doing it for a while longer.

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