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Wife Inspires Another Couple Ch. 01

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In the “Hot Tub Private Game-1” there was an interlude where Lynn and her husband Mike attended a Labor Day weekend cookout at their friends, Robin and Doug’s house, along with a few other couples. Lynn had a little too much wine and gave up details about a visit from Mike’s buddy Chuck. That visit was when Lynn first cuckolded her husband, chronicled in the Private Game Series. This story is from the perspective of Robin and Doug and starts when their guests leave.

This takes place in the era before cell phones, the internet, etc.


As soon as their guests left, the door was barely shut, when Robin excitedly said to her husband, Doug, “Honey you won’t believe what Lynn just told us.”

“What’d she say?”

She hurriedly continued, “A friend of Mike’s stayed at their house a couple of weeks ago and she was checking out his big dick and even saw it.”

Doug interrupted, “Slow down. What are you talking about?”

Robin caught her breath, “Sorry. I guess I was rushing things.”

“That’s an understatement. Now tell me what happened?”

“It was after we ate and you guys were on the deck and we were in the kitchen. Janey asked Lynn about a friend of Mike’s that stayed at their house a couple of weeks ago. Lynn had told Janey they had a good time. I think his name was Chuck.”

“Ok, but I don’t see the drama.”

“I haven’t even begun. I was curious and asked her to tell us more about Mike’s friend. She said he was a service buddy from Texas that Mike hadn’t seen in a while. They were stationed together in the Philippines. She described him as very engaging, a real alpha.”

“So a service buddy of Mike’s came to visit. That’s all?”

“That’s exactly what I said. I said there must be something else.”

“Was there?”

“Was there ever. I didn’t think Lynn had that much wine, but she blurted out he had a big dick.”

“Now this is getting interesting.”

“Janey said that Lynn didn’t tell her anything about his having a big dick and asked how she could tell about his size?”

“There’s only of couple of ways I know, looking or feeling, which was it?”

“Smart ass. She said he was wearing tight jeans and it was hard to miss. Apparently Texans are proud of their big dicks. And then she said she couldn’t keep her eyes off it.”

“Where was Mike?”

“That’s what we asked. He was there! They were lounging around and didn’t even go out.”

“You’re saying that Lynn, Mike and his buddy were hanging out and Lynn was checking out this guy’s dick right in front of Mike?”

“Exactly! She even admitted it turned her on and that Mike didn’t mind her looking!” Robin takes a sip of wine and laughed, “You can imagine our reaction. We were tripping all over our selves trying to find out what happened.”

“Did she have sex with him?”

“It sounds like you were there. We asked the same thing. We even asked if he was good.”

“How did she respond?”

“She just laughed it off and said how could she fuck him with Mike in the room. She even made a joke about Mike sitting in his favorite chair with a drink and watching them fuck.”

Doug chuckled, “That would be pretty outrageous.”

“For sure. We just laughed along. But since he was there for a couple of days, we said she must have seen it and asked how big he was.”

“I’m guessing she did see his dick.”

“She saw him coming out of their spare bathroom nude. He was really hung. Even soft he was pretty big.”

“That’s pretty innocent. Their spare Demetevler Escort bathroom and bedroom are on the same landing as the master. It’s not like she deliberately went looking for him.”

“That’s true, but here’s the deal, Mike had left for work! She and his buddy were alone! She just said she fixed Chuck breakfast and took him to his meeting.”

“That’s it? Lynn saw a guy’s dick. Now if she fucked him after seeing it while Mike was at work, that would be different.”

“That’s what we thought but Laura said it was bullshit. She didn’t press Lynn for details but said something must have happened, especially since they alone after Mike left for work.”

“Then what?”

“We just dropped it and went to something else.” She laughed, “A few minutes later Mike came in to get some beers and asked about the racket. We wanted to say `Lynn was just telling us about your big-dicked friend,’ but said it was just girl talk.”

“That’s funny. When he went to get some beers Richard told Burt about the time Lynn was making out with Richard’s boss. When he came back and ask what was going on, I guess we could have said, “Richard was telling us about the time his boss almost got lucky with Lynn when you were dating,’ but we just answered we were talking football.”

“Good grief! That story? Richard must have told that a million times.”

“Probably. But it’s still a hot story even if they didn’t fuck. Besides, I don’t think Mike ever found out.”

“Well, he’s the only one. Let’s straighten up.”

After getting the deck and kitchen in order, Robin announced she’s going to shower. Doug knew what that meant and while his wife was freshening up, he inserted a sex video in the vcr and hit ‘play.’

His blond 5’6″ wife entered the bedroom wearing a bare-midriff silk camisole which barely contained her 35D breasts paired with short bottoms.

The video was playing a scene with a wife describing her fantasies.

Robin said as she joined her husband, “Somebody’s feeling naughty.”

“Well, it is Saturday night and I have a sexy wife.”

Robin cuddled up to her husband and said, “I like this one. Speaking of fantasies, I can’t stop thinking about Lynn and Mike’s out of town buddy.”

“I can see where you’re coming from, but I think you’re reading too much into the situation. We’ve had a friends from college days stay here and they were just routine visits. Remember the time that Dennis visited during a business trip? I didn’t pick up and vibe from him about you.”

“That’s not even the same. He stayed at a hotel and only came to our house after his business meetings. We hung out that night but the next day we went sightseeing down at the Mall and had dinner at that Italian place in Alexandria. Sunday morning after breakfast he drove back home. I wasn’t flashing him or checking out his cock.”

“Well maybe you should have. He’s pretty well endowed.”

Robin gave her husband a playful slap. “Thanks for the tip. Maybe next time I’ll check him out or maybe even see it.” She lightly caressed her husband’s abdomen and changed to a sultrier tone. “But what if it wasn’t innocent. I’ve been having my own fantasies about Lynn and Mike’s buddy.”

“I have to admit I’ve been thinking that. What kind of fantasies?”

“Let’s say she was wearing an outfit like this when they were lounging around.”

“It does show a lot of skin. Even though Lynn’s boobs aren’t as big as yours, they’re still hard to contain. Otele gelen escort Did she say what this guy was like?”

“Just that he is engaging with an alpha personality. We can imagine him a little taller than you and Mike. Maybe with a Texas like rugged look.” She paused, “I just thought of something. You know those white knit sleeveless tops she wears? The ones that are pretty thin?”

“Yeah, I know which ones your talking about. They don’t conceal much. Why?”

“One time she was wearing one with a Chico’s jacket, I asked her about it. She said Mike bought it for her. She also told us this afternoon that Mike didn’t mind her checking out his buddy.”

“What’s the point?”

“I think Mike wanted her to show off for his buddy. Maybe it’s some kind of game they play. They get off when she puts on a show.”

“That’s sounds plausible. It certainly explains why his friend was staying with them.”

Robin felt her husband’s growing erection and reverted to her sultry voice, “Mmmm.. this is turning on someone. Let’s get rid of these.”

Doug raised his hips and Robin slid off his boxers. She grasped his cock, lightly stroked him, and continued, “Mike invited his friend to stay with them so Lynn could give him a show. He’s from out of town so no one would find out. They relaxed and Lynn acted more inhibited. She liked showing her tits to Mike’s buddy. Being a good hostess, she brought him his drinks and bent over so can see all her tits.”

“This is hot. I bet he gets a good shot of her nipples.”

She cupped his tight nut sack, “I love it when you get this hard baby. Maybe she even flashed her pussy. I bet she was really getting turned on. When she checked out Chuck what do you think she fantasized?”

“Ohhh God that feels good. She fantasized about feeling his cock through his jeans.”

“That’s right. She was real wet showing off in front of her husband. The sex is great after Lynn flashes and checks out another man’s cock.”

Robin stroked her husband while describing Lynn showing off. The sounds of sex emanated from the video.

Doug asked, “What do you think happened the morning she saw his dick?’

Robin removed her top and bottoms. “That’s better. There are a couple of versions. The innocent one is Mike left for an early morning meeting Lynn kissed him and stayed bed. She got up showered, dressed, and went downstairs to fix breakfast. She was almost to the spare bathroom when the door opened and Chuck came out nude. She checked him out, mumbled something and continued down to the kitchen. Chuck dressed and joined her for breakfast. Then she took him to his meeting. And after his meeting he got on his flight back to Texas.”

Doug caressed his wife’s firm breasts feeling her nipples become more erect, “But that’s not what you think?”

Robin emitted a low moan, “The second version is Lynn was horny from checking out Chuck’s cock for the past two days and she wanted some. She put on a see through negligee and stood at her bedroom door. Chuck came out nude and faced her. She displayed her tits and bush. Her nipples were nice and hard and her pussy was getting wet. She blatantly checked out his cock. They both wanted the same thing. She turned and went back to her bedroom.”

“Wouldn’t she have felt naughtier if they went to the spare bedroom?”

“Maybe. But she wanted to fuck in her marital bed. She faced him and dropped the nightgown. Chuck followed and kissed her. Just Balgat Escort imagine a nude man in Lynn and Mike’s bedroom. He felt her tits and she stroked his cock. It felt nice and big. She moaned and said, ‘I’ve been wanting this since I first saw you.’ They got in bed and made out. She told him how big he was and Chuck’s told how wet she felt and how he had been looking forward to getting her pussy.”

“God Robin this is hot. Then what happens?”

“Chuck lay on his back and Lynn did this.”

Robin leaned over and swirled her tongue around her husband’s swollen cockhead and then drew most of his six and a half inches in her mouth. Most of the time she likes to tease him with tiny flicks of her tongue and light kisses on the shaft. But not tonight. She was enflamed thinking about her friend sucking another man’s cock. She bobbed her head up and down the shaft. Doug couldn’t believe it. Robin liked to suck, but this is something else. He talked dirty to her about Lynn sucking Mike’s friend.

Robin lifted her head from her husband’s cock. With a hooded look she said, “After getting him nice and hard Lynn fucked him like this.”

Robin straddled her husband and without hesitation or teasing, lowered her body smothering his swollen crown with her outer lips. After the first couple of inches penetrate her, he thrusted up impaling her on his cock.

She sat upright and rocked back and forth on his erect organ. His hands were on her hips guiding her.

“Fuck Robin your pussy’s so nice and tight.”

“I bet Lynn’s pussy was tight on Chuck’s cock.”

“Tell me what Lynn said with another man’s cock in her pussy.”

“She moaned ‘ohh god Chuck your cock feels so good in my pussy.'” She kept talking dirty about Lynn fucking while Mike’s at work.

“Is my cock bigger than his.”

“Ohhh…yeah a lot bigger keep fucking me.”

Doug increased the pace. It didn’t take long for a sheen of perspiration to coat their bodies. Robin grasped his hands and placed them on her breasts. Doug fondled her sweat slicked tits pinching up her erect nipples.

He increased his thrusts, putting more force behind each one. He grasped her ass for more leverage. He thrusted his hips until Robin screamed out in orgasm. She collapsed on his chest. With a post-coital laugh she said, “Fuck honey, that was some pounding.”

She relaxed on his chest and said, “Someone still has a hard cock.”

She lifted her body and kissed down to his abdomen the way she knew he liked and took his cock in her mouth. Doug lightly stroked her cheek while his wife gave him a blowjob. He talked dirty about Lynn sucking another man while her husband was on his way to work. This further enflamed her and she took him as deep as she could. The room was quiet except for her sucking sounds and moans from the video. She used her lips and lips to milk his cock. Doug moaned as he got closer to filling Robin’s mouth with cum.

She moaned, “Ohhh…baby cum in my mouth.”

She felt his body tense up and his shaft throb as Doug let loose a blast of cum. She struggled to keep it all in her mouth. But it was too much and some dribbled from her lips. He put more pressure on the back of her neck, keeping his cock deep in her mouth. His cock continued to throb until he gave a sigh and relaxed his body. Robin kept him in her mouth as his erection slackened. Releasing his cock from her mouth she gives the head a few light kisses and licks more cum easing from his slit.

She laughed, “Baby that’s a lot of cum. Thinking about Lynn sucking Mike’s friend really turned you on.”

She wiped the remnants on her fingers and coated her lips before taking him back in her mouth to clean him off. After cleaning his cock she leaned and gave him a deep kiss.

“Baby that was something else.” She laughed, “I guess we owe Lynn a thank you card.”

(To be continued)

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