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Widow: Wet and Willing

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This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement. Hopefully, yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcome.

* * * * *

Jenny was our neighbour. A widow, like Mom, but younger. She had a daughter, Phillipa, known to most of us as ‘Flip’, who’d had her twelfth birthday on Christmas Day. Jenny hadn’t had a holiday that I knew of in the five years that she and Flip had lived in the next apartment, but that was why she called around.

“Tommy, you’re driving to the coast on Thursday, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I am,” I replied, curious.

“Phillipa starts summer camp tomorrow,” said Jenny. “If you’d let me come with you, my sister has invited me to stay for a few days. I’ll help with gas and I can afford to come back on the Greyhound.” She grimaced. “It’s the only holiday I’m likely to get.”

I knew Jenny didn’t have a lot of money to spare and I certainly didn’t mind the company. “Where does your sister live?” I asked.

“San Diego,” said Jenny.

“Minor detour,” I said. “Ride with me, and welcome.” I had a sudden thought. “I’m planning to take two days,” I said, “so you’ll need motel money. That okay?”

She nodded, smiling in apparent relief. “No problems, I can just about afford it, as long as you don’t go too up-market on me.”

“No worries there,” I laughed. “I’m going out to start work, so I don’t have a lot of spare cash myself.”

“I’ll make us up a picnic lunch for Thursday, if you like?” said Jenny.

“I like,” I said, “I know how good your food is!”

And that was how I started out to the coast with a good-looking woman ten years older than me. Jenny was fun to be with and we had found common tastes in music, books and the like, so that the day passed quickly. Our picnic lunch was great and it seemed no time at all before the sun was setting and we started looking for a motel.

We found one that looked clean, and where the prices were in our bracket. Jenny went in to the office while I got the car gassed up. When I came back Jenny got in and pointed to the far end of the lot.

“Number twenty-one,” she said.

We drove along and I got the bags out. “Here we are, number twenty-one,” I said, “which is mine?”

Jenny looked uncomfortable. “Tommy, don’t be mad. It was cheaper to share. There are two beds. I asked.”

I laughed. “I’m not mad, Jenny. Come on, let’s get a shower then get something to eat.” So. I was sharing a motel bedroom with a good-looking blonde. There are worse fates.

She was careful to close the bathroom door while she showered. So was I. I didn’t want her to see me beating my meat. I don’t know if it was just the thought of sharing the room with her, but my prick got awful stiff, and I just had to do something about it, didn’t I? I came hard, and my fantasies were peopled with a slender blonde bearing a startling resemblance to Jenny.

We found a small diner that wasn’t too full or too expensive and ten o’clock saw us back in the motel room. Jenny rummaged in her bag, then turned to me, looking uncomfortable.

“Tommy, I haven’t brought anything to wear for bed.” She flushed. “Can I borrow a t-shirt or something?” She smiled wryly. “I usually sleep naked at home and I hadn’t reckoned on sharing a room. I guess I forgot when I booked us in.”

I laughed. “We’re two of a kind, Jenny! I’m OK, I’ll just almanbahis adres sleep in my boxers. Hang on, I’ll see what I brought.” I rummaged and dug out the longest t-shirt I could find. I handed it to Jenny. “Here, try this.”

Jenny smiled. “Thanks, Tom.” She grabbed the t-shirt and her toothbrush and disappeared into the bathroom. I switched off all of the lights except the individual lights over each bed and sprawled out waiting for my turn in the bathroom. Jenny didn’t take long and came out carrying a bundle of clothes. My t-shirt came down to her upper thigh, so she was modestly enough covered, although her nipples made an interesting accent. She glanced down at herself and then smiled at me.

“Modesty retained, Tommy.”

I grinned at her and made my own way into the bathroom. When I came out a few minutes later, Jenny was in bed and had switched off her light. I quickly shucked my own clothes, except my boxers, and slipped into my own bed. I switched off the remaining light. The room was dark but the lamp outside pushed a faint glow through the curtains.

“Goodnight, Jenny,” I murmured.

“‘Night, Tommy,” she answered.

I lay in silence, thinking of Jenny. Nice woman, very nice. Blonde, good-looking, slender but unmistakably female. I wondered what she’d be like to make love to. I laughed to myself. Keep wondering. My prick had started to get hard and I eased it in my shorts, then brought my knee up to hide the tenting I was making of the bedclothes. I glanced across at Jenny. She lay unmoving, but I could see the gleam of her eye in the dim light. She surprised me when she spoke.

“What are you thinking about, Tommy?”

“Fucking you,” I thought, and only realised when I heard her gasp that I had said it aloud. I sat up in hasty confusion. “Oh, shit,” I said, “I’m sorry, Jenny, I er, um, oh hell.” I was lost for words.

There was a silence which seemed to last forever, while I prayed for a hole to swallow me, then she spoke. “It’s OK, Tommy, it’s OK,” she said quietly. She paused, then continued. “I think I would enjoy that, Tommy,” she said, so quietly I couldn’t believe my ears.

“I’m sorry?” I said stupidly.

“I’d like it if you fucked me,” she said. She laughed softly. “It’s been over a year since I had any sex. I’ll understand if you don’t want to,” she added hastily.

“Not want to? Are you mad or something?” I asked, excited at the thought. Not want to? Hell, it was nearly three months since I’d had any myself, and Jenny was a lovely woman. “If you want me, Jenny, I would be honoured and delighted. Delighted to make love to you, not just fuck you.”

She giggled. “As long as it includes the fucking,” she said. She switched on her light and sat up in bed. She wriggled a little, then stripped off my t-shirt over her head. Her body was glorious in the lamplight, her breasts full, slightly pendulous, the nipples erect. She glanced across at me. “Your bed, or mine?”

In answer, I threw back my bedclothes and swung my legs out, then stood up and pulled down my boxers. My prick bounced out, well on its way to full erection. Jenny gasped.

“Oh, nice,” she breathed. “I want it!”

I stepped out of my boxers, across the gap between the beds and sat down on the edge of hers. Jenny moved back to give me room and slithered down so that she was lying on her elbow, almanbahis giriş facing me. I slipped my arm around her as I swung my legs in and she relaxed in the circle of my arm.

“Just hold me for a moment, please, Tommy,” she said softly, “it’s been so long since I was held.”

I hugged her to me, her head on my shoulder, smelling the sweet scent of her hair and the soap she’d used, then eased back and gently tilted her face up. She looked at me, her eyes flickering all over my face, then closed them slowly as I brought my lips to hers.

The kiss was gentle, almost timid, at first, as we learned the texture of each other’s lips, but warmed as we held it. Her tongue slipped out and probed gently at mine. The kiss grew hotter until Jenny suddenly broke it, staring at me, then brought her lips back to mine in heated passion. My left arm was still around her and I brought my right hand up and stroked her cheek as we kissed, then ran it down her throat, gently, caressing her skin, letting my fingertips learn her contours.

I let my hand run out along her collarbone, stroking the hollow it made, then down her arm. I brought my hand back again and let it run gently down her breast, cupping its weight, avoiding the nipple for a moment, then I let my thumb brush gently over it, feeling its hardness, feeling Jenny gasp into our kiss. I played gently with her breast for a moment, then let my hand make the journey from one peak, down the slope, across the valley between, then up, up, to another peak.

Jenny broke the kiss again, shaking. “Suck them, Tommy,” she whispered.

I lowered my head and took her nipple into my mouth, letting my tongue swirl around it. I let her feel my teeth, biting gently, very gently. Jenny shuddered, pressing my head against herself. I moved my head, licking her nipple, then licked my way from one nipple, across the cleft between her breasts and up the other tit to her other nipple, circling it with my tongue, then sucking it with my lips. I suckled for a moment, with Jenny murmuring endearments in my ear, then slid back slightly, letting my hand roam gently over the soft woman-curve of her belly.

I let my lips follow my hand, down across her belly, while my hand went on ahead to explore the springy-soft forest between her legs. I stroked her thighs, then slid my hand between her knees. She was still half lying on her side, but she eased herself onto her back and spread her legs, her hands stroking my head, her breathing quickening as my fingers moved toward her very centre. Gently, very gently, I parted her lower lips with my fingers.

Her smell came to me, that wonderful smell; that mixture of scented soap and superheated woman that arousal brings. I breathed deeply of her, then eased myself over so that I was between her legs. I glanced up at her. Her eyes were shut and she was breathing heavily, almost gasping. I lowered my head and extended my tongue, pushing gently between her swollen lips and in towards her core. I licked her essence, tasting her, then let my tongue flick over her clitoris, just peeping from its hood.

Jenny was ready, so very, very ready, and as my tongue flicked her clitoris she came, clamping my head between her thighs, a tight scream issuing from between her clenched teeth, her belly rippling. Her fingers were locked in my hair and I couldn’t have almanbahis giriş moved if I’d wanted to. I didn’t. I licked at her again and she shuddered, gasping, tugging at me.

I moved up and eased my swollen prick towards her entrance. She took gentle hold and guided me into her. She was hot and wet and ready and there was little resistance as I buried myself. Jenny gasped as I bottomed, her hands clutching at me, her heels coming up to hook behind me, pulling me in, deeper, further.

I began to move. Short strokes at first, letting us both get used to me being inside her, then longer as her natural lubrication coated my hardness. She was tight around my prick, but yielding to my thrusts. Her fingers were restless on my back, fluttering, tightening as I bottomed, easing as I drew back. Her breathing was quick, almost gasping and her excitement was transferring itself to me. I lengthened my stroke, pulling back until I almost left her, then thrusting strongly back into her, deep, my balls slapping against her ass.

Her breathing changed, adjusting itself to our rhythm, inhaling as I pushed into her, breathing out as I drew back. Our rhythm quickened and I could feel the tension beginning to build in me, the glorious tension that goes before the ecstasy of orgasm inside a woman. Jenny was panting now, wordlessly at first then her gasps gradually took form as “Yes! Yes! Yes!” at each thrust of my rampant prick into her depths.

I was close now, very close, but I still had the wit to wonder if Jenny was safe. “Jenny,” I managed to say, “I’m going to come soon, very soon now. Do you want me to pull out?”

She shook her head violently. “In me,” she gasped, “come in me!”

And I came. Thrusting hard into Jenny’s depths, my prick buried inside her as far as I was able, I came. Shaking, shuddering as my seed exploded into her, my trembling gradually easing as the orgasm eased, collapsing over Jenny who clutched me to herself.

Gradually, I stilled and eased myself back, still buried in Jenny, taking my weight on my elbows, gazing at her. Jenny’s face was filmed with a sheen of sweat. Her eyes were closed and there was a beatific smile on her face. Her eyes opened and she looked at me, then kissed me lightly on the end of my nose.

“Thank you, Tommy,” she said solemnly, then grinned at me. “That was fucking marvellous!”

I laughed. “It certainly was. For me too, Jenny.” I looked at her. “You are probably the best fuck I ever had.” Well, I was only twenty-two. I had only fucked four girls before Jenny. I had a sudden thought. “Are you sure you’ll be OK? I mean, I didn’t use protection.”

Even in the relative dimness of the lamplight I could see her flush. “I put my diaphragm in when I got ready for bed,” she said, avoiding my eyes. “I didn’t know anything would happen. I guess I just hoped.”

“I’m honoured,” I said softly, “honoured that you wanted me.”

She smiled at me. “I want you again, please, as soon as possible.” She looked thoughtful. “When do you have to start work?”

“Monday,” I replied. “Why?”

“Sally won’t mind if you want to stay for a couple of nights. Carry on, Sunday. Will you stay, Tommy?” she asked breathlessly.

“Do I get to sleep with you tomorrow night and Saturday night?” I asked grinning.

“Yes, please,” she replied, her smile lighting her face.

“I would love to.”

“Good,” she said with deep satisfaction. She grinned at me, then squeezed my shrinking prick with her cunt muscles. “Now, in the meantime, can this little fellow be persuaded to perform again?”

* * * * *

Comment and constructive feedback invited.

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