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Who’s Complaining!

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Asa Akira

I had just turned 19, I woke up in the morning thinking of the possibility that I had embarrassed myself the night before. As it turns out I got a message from my best mate saying that the night went well and I hadn’t done anything id regret. I went down stairs and my mum had made me breakfast, I ran up the stairs shut the door behind me and puked into the toilet, food early in the morning is not a good idea!

My mum had organised a party for me at night, I was kind of not wanting it but I thought it could be a good night out with the guys and plenty of girls……I hope!

The day passed quite well I had only run up to the toilet 3 times. It was now dinnertime and I had a sandwich, not because I couldn’t eat but because there was a meal at the party. As the day went on my party got closer, I was hoping that Cindy, the girl of my dreams was going to be there. My mum didn’t know her so I dunno if she would have got an invitation. She was stunning, long brown hair with blonde streaks through it, she sometimes wore glasses, either way she was still as nice, had a great body, nice tight ass and perfect tits. She didn’t like to show much of her body but when she did everyone looked! I couldn’t stop looking at her through classes at school. The little black mini skirts looked so sexy! The white shirt, the black bra, I think she liked to tease a little bit.

It turned 6pm and I had to go to the hall to get the party ready. I walked in the door and my friends were already there, everyone shouted surprise, it was great, made me feel good. Well the night went on till about 8pm and then it happened, she walked in the door, she was wearing a dress that covered some of her tits, very low cut, a bra that pushed almanbahis giriş them together, to show plenty cleavage, the dress covered her ass and no more if she bent over I swear u could have seen heaven! She came over to me, she had a present in her hand, she gave me it and kissed me on the cheek. I went all red and thanked her. My stomach was weird inside, I felt so nervous. I went to the side and opened her present, it had a piece of paper in it. It read… “meet me in your house in 20mins, u will get your present there” I wondered for a second, then I hoped, then I started praying! Could this b the day I get Cindy?

I left the party and started walking to my house, I started talking to myself, how did she get a key? Is she waiting outside? I started to walk a little faster now. I got to my house and no-one was there, I felt a little stupid, “as if she was going to meet me here!” then I heard a noise round the back, I walked round. There standing at my car was Cindy.

She stuck her hand up and her middle finger and wiggled it telling me to come over. I walked over and stood in front of her. She grabbed hold of my arm and turned me round. She lay me back on the car and she straddled me then leaned down and started to kiss me. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed a little, she had such a nice firm ass. I wanted to fuck it badly but that was to come later.

She continued to kiss me, I felt her hand run down my chest, down my leg then back up my leg on the inside. Her hand was now rubbing my cock through my trousers. I could feel it getting bigger and bigger. It was almost rock solid. She moved her hand down a little more and started feeling my balls, she played with them almanbahis yeni giriş softly as my dick grew bigger and got harder. She then unzipped my trousers and put her hand inside on my hard cock, her hand was cold but I didn’t care about that! She started to feel up and down my cock from the tip to the bottom of it reaching down to feel my balls. She undone the button and then slid down my body rubbing her tits on my stomach. She slid down still rubbing them against me, I felt them go down my cock and she pressed them against my balls. It felt so good and because it was Cindy I thought I was going to cum right there and then! I didn’t thankfully.

She pulled my trousers down and then my boxers, so she could get a good view of my cock. She grabbed it and then started to stroke it. This was better than any Saturday night watching porn on television! She started off slow and then started getting faster and faster, harder and harder. This was the best thing ever! She then flicked the head of it with her tongue, she kissed it and then licked the tip and down my cock. She kissed my balls and then put one in her mouth, sucking on it a little then moving back to my cock. She put it in her mouth and started to suck on it really hard. I could feel myself getting closer.

She then knelt up and took her top off, took her bra off and released those perfect 38c tits. They looked so good, I wanted them. She grabbed them and started to lick her nipples, looking up at me. she came closer to me and then put my cock in between them, she rubbed up and down the shaft of my cock, everytime my cock came up she licked the tip of it. I was getting really close now. I stood up and I stood her almanbahis up to, I put my hands on those tits and grabbed them, I kissed her, sticking my tongue in her mouth on her tongue. I then turned round and lay her on the car. I pulled her dress up, she had no panties on, I then took my hard cock and put it inside her wet pussy. I started to fuck her, her tits were bouncing back and forth, I grabbed them and squeezed them hard. They were so nice.

She leaned up and kissed me wrapping her arms around me, she turned me round and I was lying on the car now. She straddled me and started to fuck me, it felt amazing, being fucked by Cindy was a dream come true! She put her hands on my chest so she could rock back and forth on my cock, she was loving it, I could tell by her moans of pleasure. I started to push up and down as she fucked me, I grabbed her tits and squeezed them again, I grabbed her ass to pull her onto my cock hard, I was going to cum soon.

I stood up and I bent her over the car with her ass up high, I put my cock inside her ass and I began to fuck her as fast as I could. Pushing it in as far as I could, really deep and hard. I reached round and grabbed her tits then a handful of hair so I could fuck her good. She reached back and played with my balls, that made me come even closer. I told her I was gonna cum, she turned round got on her knees and opened her mouth, she started to jerk me off and with a final hard jerk I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it all, it was so sexy, she stood up and put her bra back on, her dress back over her tits, pulled her dress down, fixed her hair, gave me another letter and then walked off. I looked at the letter and it said “happy birthday ;-)” I smiled, I looked up and she was gone.

When I think about what happened that night, not only did I get to fuck Cindy but she didn’t even talk to me through the whole experience and also, I’ve never received a birthday present since……….. Who’s complaining!

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