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Who’s Being Pursued? Pt. 04

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Author’s note: This installment starts a little slow because I am setting up some situations for future installments and possibly a set of separate, but related, stories. Bear with me and you’ll be rewarded by the end. You should also know that there is a brief male mutual masturbation scene in this installment. If that bothers you then skip over the shower scene, or just skip this installment completely. And since you’ve been warned I’d appreciate you keeping negative opinions out of the comments. No kidding, you’ve been warned so if you read it and get upset it’s your fault.

I took my time getting dressed. I didn’t have to meet Andrea until 3 pm but I thought I’d have lunch at the pub and get some paperwork done. I left home at about 11 and made the short walk. When I entered there were already several patrons lining the bar and scattered around the room having lunch and a pint. Hannah, the hostess greeted me.

“Good morning Ms. Foley. What brings you here so early on a Sunday?”

“Please Hannah, you know you can call me Gina. I’m going to get some paperwork done and have a bite, then I’m meeting a friend.”

“Yes, of course, Gina. I apologize, my last boss always demanded we call him Mr. Drake. I’m still getting used to the casual atmosphere here.”

“Well, Hannah, here we are family and we use first names. If I ever use your full name, things probably won’t be going well for you.”

“You know my full name?”

“Hannah Kiara Bradigan, of course! It means a graceful woman with beautiful dark hair. Your parents chose an appropriate name. I’ve always admired your long brown hair, and you take such good care of it. You do move around the place with such grace, almost like you are floating.”

A look of shock, mixed with a flush of embarrassment, came over Hannah’s face. “Thank you, Ms. F… Gina! I try my best.”

“You’re doing a very good job here Hannah, I hope you’re with me for a long time. If any of my competition tries to steal you away, then you come to me and we’ll talk.”

“Oh, I don’t think there will be any issue there. I have friends that work at other restaurants in town. They’re all jealous of me for having a job here.”

“I’m happy to hear that! Now, changing subjects, do you remember my friend Andrea? The gorgeous blonde that dresses so well?”

“Oh yes, I know who she is. Is she the one that you are meeting?”

“She is, I’m expecting her around 3 pm today. When she arrives please seat her at my table, get her whatever she wants to drink, and then come find me.”

“Yes Gina,” she said with a smile.

“And Hannah? Please have one of the servers bring me a Shepherd’s Pie and a pint of Smithwick’s. I’ll be in my office.”

“Right away!”

I went up the front stairs and then to the back of the building where the office and storeroom are located. I dug into the pile of invoices and reports that the staff and my manager, Nicolas, had assembled for me. Soon, Ava brought my lunch and I spent the next hours going through the papers and signing off on invoices so they could be paid. Before I knew it, Hannah let me know that Andrea had arrived. I told her to tell her I’d be down as soon as I finished.

I made my way downstairs after wrapping up my work and found Andrea sipping a glass of wine at my table. The lunch rush was over and the evening rush would start soon. Tonight we had a trio playing music and they were just arriving. Soon the room would come alive, it was my favorite time to be here and watch it happen. Right this moment it’s the calm before the storm.

“Welcome, Andrea!” I said as I hugged her and we air-kissed.

“Good to see you, Gina,” she smiled, then looked around, “I love the atmosphere of this place.”

“Good, that’s what we strive for. Hopefully, you enjoy the food, and the drink,” I said, looking at her glass of wine.

“Oh my, yes,” she said as she raised the glass to her lips and finished the small amount left.

She was all dolled up today. Her hair was in a loose bun with strands and bangs framing her face. Her lips were pink and glossy. She wore a short dress that looked like one of these paintings where the artist pours the paint onto the canvas, and she had shoes to match.

I waved to Ava and pointed at Andrea’s wine and held up two fingers. In no time we each had a glass in front of us.

“I’m excited but a bit nervous,” admitted Andrea.

“Don’t worry, I’ve selected three gentlemen to vie for your attention. There’s nothing like having several men competing for you, and all you have to do is narrow the field of competitors.”

“You make it sound so easy, but I’m nervous about this. What if they don’t like me?”

“They don’t have to like you, Andrea,” I scolded her, “They just have to want to fuck you. Trust me, they’ll all want a piece of Ann when they see you in person.”

“In person? What did you do, show them pictures of me?” She asked nervously.

“Of course, I had to make sure they showed up this afternoon. I told them they’d have an opportunity to meet you and if they impressed you enough then one of them might take you home.”

“Oh my god, Gina, almanbahis You told them I’m here looking for a man to fuck me?” She sounded horrified.

“Aren’t we all always looking for a man to fuck us? Don’t be a prude Andrea. Besides, this way they’ll be trying to impress you and will be on their best behavior. Just relax, spend some time with each of them, and if you want to go home with one then just tell him.”

“I’m so embarrassed,” she groaned.

“Well, perk up dear, here’s our first contestant,” I said as I saw Sean approaching.

Sean is a classic blonde Irishman. His blue eyes seem to look through you, his short blonde hair is just right for grabbing and pulling him in to eat your pussy. He is thin but muscular. His shirt today was unbuttoned a bit much.

I stood to introduce them.

“Andrea, I’d like to introduce you to Sean. Sean, this is my friend, Andrea.”

“Pleased to meet you, m’lady,” he said to Andrea, “You’re even more beautiful than the photographs that Gina showed me.”

“Thank you, Sean,” Andrea blushed, “you’re quite handsome yourself.”

“May I sit, Gina?” he asked.

“Please do, here, have my seat,” I offered, “You two get to know each other a bit. A Guinness for you, Sean?”

“Yes, please and thank you.”

I had Ava take him the beer while I sat at the bar and surreptitiously observed the happenings at the table. At first, Andrea’s nervousness showed through, but, after a few minutes with Sean, he had her smiling. It soon became obvious that she was attracted to him. She was fiddling with her hair and touching his arm as they continued their conversation.

After about 30 minutes the next contestant, François, arrived. He saw me at the bar and took the stool next to me. François is a tall, dark, and handsome Frenchman. He has a mustache and a thin goatee. This debonair man knew he could win a woman over with a smile and a few choice words. He is one of my leftovers, as Andrea would say. A fantastic lover, well endowed, and an accent that could make any woman’s heart flutter.

“Good afternoon my delicious morsel,” he said, the words dripping out with his accent.

“Good afternoon my cocky Frenchman,” I replied.

He glanced around the room and spied Andrea and Sean at my table.

“I see that my sweet Andrea is already here and is in conversation with that scoundrel, Sean. Did you give him first dibs on this blonde goddess, Gina? I may have to spank you for that!” he said with a smile.

“Look at it this way,” I said to him, “Sean is auditioning first. He’s warming up the judge. At first, she was very nervous with him, and now that nervousness is gone. Just consider that he is clearing the way for you to get into her panties.”

“C’est Magnifique! I shall sweep her off her feet and into my bed, thanks to this scoundrel’s efforts. Tu es très intelligent, my lovely Gina!”

“And if she does not select you then perhaps I can be your consolation prize,” I whispered to him.

“Oui, ma belle dame, tu es toujours la bienvenue dans mon lit,” he whispered back. I am always welcome in his bed.

“Wait here while I shoo Sean away,” I said as I rose off the barstool.

“Excuse me, Sean, your time is up. Her next suitor is here,” I said when I reached the table.

He looked around me to the bar. “François? The smelly Frenchman? Surely you would not offer this beautiful woman up to be soiled by him!”

“Well, it is Andrea’s decision on who gets to soil her, if anyone. Join me at the bar while we watch the smelly Frenchman woo the fair damsel,” I said as I laughed at him.

“I hope to hear from you soon lovely Andrea,” he said as he rose from the table. He slid a slip of paper to her before departing for the bar.

“And what might this be?” I asked of her.

“His phone number,” she said, “I think I will be giving him a call.”

“So should I send the others away?”

“Oh heavens no! This is fun. Besides, I don’t feel I need to limit myself to just one lover,” she said with a wink.

I motioned to François and he approached the table.

“Andrea, I would like to introduce you to François. François, this is my dear friend, Andrea.”

“C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer, Andrea. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Enchanté!” replied Andrea. I had no idea she could understand and speak French. François was pleasantly surprised, to say the least!

I left them at the table and joined Sean at the bar.

“So did she give any indication whether she liked me?” Sean asked.

“Not at all,” I smiled, “would you care for another beer?

“Yes please.”

I motioned for two more beers.

“She is enchanting,” he said, “I might enjoy more than just bedding her.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, tiger. You have some stiff competition.”

“François? Bah! He’s a pig. Surely she will see through his facade.”

“Perhaps,” I said, “perhaps.”

We sat and sipped our beers while we chatted on a variety of topics. About half an hour later, right on time, the third contestant showed up.

Greg is an all-American boy, a former high-school football almanbahis giriş star, an entrepreneur, and an all-around gorgeous man. Seeing me at the bar he approached.

“Gina my love! So good to see you!” he said so all could hear. As he hugged me he whispered into my ear, “It’s not often a former lover becomes your pimp.”

“You smell delicious Greg,” I whispered back. Whatever cologne he was wearing was intoxicating. “Wait here while I shoo François away from Andrea.”

“That Frenchman, please, did you include him as the sacrificial suitor? You know the only real choice is between me and Sean,” scoffed Greg, “and we know who’s going to win that competition.” He looked at Sean with disdain.

I pulled the Frenchman away from Andrea, called Greg over, and introduced them. François joined me and Sean at the bar and I ordered another round. Thirty minutes later I bid them farewell and I sent Greg on his way as well, then I sat down with Andrea.

“So, anyone of them getting in your pants tonight?” I asked her.

“I’m meeting Greg in 30 minutes, he’s coming back here. We’re having dinner, and then we’re going to my place,” she replied with a mischievous grin on her face, “Greg is going to plunder me tonight. He’s got that American hunk vibe that I’ve always been attracted to.”

“And the others?” I asked.

“Oh, I plan to enjoy them in the coming weeks,” she replied with a wicked grin.

“Well, then we should celebrate! Andrea’s getting laid!”

I had a bottle of Lusca, an Irish sparkling wine, brought to the table. We sat there talking and before we knew it Greg had returned. It was time for the band to start playing and so they ate, drank, and danced, enjoying themselves before walking out, holding hands.


Monday dawned with an overcast sky, grey but not threatening. The weather report wasn’t calling for rain, which was a good thing. I had a hair appointment this morning and always preferred to walk the six blocks to the salon. I had breakfast on my balcony and then showered and dressed before making the walk. Arriving at the salon I saw Ruth, my hairdresser, standing by her chair waiting for me. I strode to her chair, we greeted each other with a hug, and I sat down.

“So, we’re making a color change today, and cutting some off, this should be interesting,” she said.

“Yes, I think this dishwater blonde ages me, I want to brighten things up a bit, and I believe a shorter cut is in order as well. Kind of shocking the system, shaking things up.”

Ok, well, let’s get to it. I think the color you’ve chosen will look fantastic on you.”

A couple of hours later I walked out looking like a different woman. My hair was silver and it was cut to shoulder length. I felt fantastic and noticed there was more spring in my step, matching the bounce in my hair. I looked, and felt, younger and more beautiful than I had in years. On the walk home I did a little window-shopping, as much to examine myself in the reflection as to look at the displays. “Damn, I look fine,” I thought to myself.

The more I looked at my reflection the hornier I got. Only halfway home and I could feel the dampness between my legs. I wanted to touch her, to run my hands over the body of the woman in the reflection. I thought about going into a dress shop that I passed by, pretending to be interested in something, and then molesting her in the dressing room, but no, I needed privacy. I quickened my step and in less than fifteen minutes I was standing naked in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom.

I ran my fingers through my hair, this new, gorgeous silver hair. As I said, it was cut to shoulder length. It was parted on the side, and of uniform length. If I let it, the bangs would hang over one eye, giving me a mysterious look. I swear it made me look fifteen years younger. I decided I would need new makeup to help with the youthfulness I felt, but let’s admit it, I’m already a sexy woman as evidenced by the number of men who are attracted to me.

I ran my fingertips down my neck and across my collar bones and then tickled my chest above my breasts. I felt a surge pass through my nipples. Turning sideways to the mirror, I leaned back slightly causing my breasts to rise. My nipples were hard and aching for some attention so I lightly ran my fingers across them. I sucked in a sharp breath, it felt so good. I danced my fingers all over my breasts, with the occasional flick of my nipples. Now they were aching, needing some direct stimulation instead of this teasing.

I took both nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and gave them a pinch. “Aaahhh, mmmm,” I moaned, “yessssss.” I turned to face the mirror so I could watch both breasts. I alternated between palming my nipples and pinching them and in no time I had myself worked up to the point I could feel a drop of my wetness roll down my inner thigh. The beautiful woman in the mirror was responding well to my touch.

Keeping one hand on my breasts I trailed the other down my stomach until two fingers parted my nether lips. They were warm and wet, and welcomed the attention. almanbahis yeni giriş I ran my two fingers up and down my steamy pink slit until they were good and wet, then I raised them to my mouth and sucked them clean. “Jeez, not only am I sexy but I also have a delicious tasting pussy,” I said to myself in a soft voice. “You need to put some fingers in that pussy, G,” I said as I grinned at my reflection. I grabbed the mirror, which was on a stand, and slid it next to my bed. I angled it down so I could get a good view of myself as I sat on the edge of the mattress.

I ran my fingers down my neck, across my tits, and down my stomach until I parted my lips again. Once they were wet I slipped two fingers inside myself and moaned, “Ahh, fuck yes, finger me you slut!” I exclaimed as I drove my fingers deep into my sopping wet cunt, “Fuck me good!” Soon I was watching myself fuck my cunt with two fingers, and then three. Using my other hand I rubbed my clit, doing tight circles around the hard little button.

“Mmmm, fuck!” I shouted as my body writhed on the bed, an orgasm surging through me as I furiously worked my fingers on myself. “Yes! Ohhhh, fuuuuuck, aaahhh,” I moaned as I quivered on my fingers. “This bitch knows what she’s doing,” I giggled. As my body began to relax I continued to finger myself, causing small orgasms to ripple through me like power surges. Momentarily spent, I lay there on the bed, watching myself in the mirror as I ran my hands over my body. “You’re one sexy old bitch,” I laughed to myself.

Thirsty from my walk and the sex I’d just had with myself I rose off the bed and walked to the kitchen. I retrieved a bottle of water from the refrigerator and quickly drank about half of it. I felt the cold as it spread down my throat and between my breasts. I walked over to the patio door and gazed at the window of Brad’s apartment. Being mid-day on a Monday I figured he’d be in class, and I didn’t want to interact with him anyway, but as I stood there sipping the water I couldn’t help but wonder what he would think of the new Regina. Thinking about him gave me tingles between my legs. I looked forward to our remote sex on Sunday mornings but I wanted more, and I hoped he did too.

The thoughts of Brad had my pussy in an agitated state again so I drank down the last of the water and headed back to my bedroom, “It’s time for the King,” I muttered.

In my bedroom, I reached into the nightstand and retrieved the King and a small bottle of lube and laid them on the bed. Next, I moved my pillows mid-way down the bed and in front of the mirror so I could prop myself up for a good view. I positioned myself in front of the mirror and then opened the bottle and squirted some onto my fingers. Taking the King in my hand I slathered it the full length of his gorgeous shaft before circling his head. I squeezed him, “Fuck me good, fuck me deep and hard,” I told him. My pussy was already soaked so I rubbed the King between my lips a few times, positioned him at my entrance, and slowly he penetrated me. I groaned as the head split me open, “Fuck, you’re so big!”

The view in the mirror nearly made me cum as I watched my lips wrap around him. I took him by the balls and pulled him deeper into my hungry hole. “Yes, give it to me, give it all to me,” I whispered as I buried the King balls-deep in myself.” I quivered as I came on the silicone cock. I began stroking the King in and out of my tingling cunt. On every out stroke, I gasped as I watched my cunt grip him. Then, when he plunged into me I groaned as I watched my lips eat his shaft.

I could feel myself quickly building to a major orgasm and so I began plunging the King into myself faster and faster. “That’s it, baby, fuck me, fuck me hard. Yes, c’mon, make me cum on your big cock.” I was almost there so I laid back and relaxed. Soon I felt my orgasm as it surged through me. I thrashed and squirmed on the bed and yelled out, “Fuck me, Brad! Give me all of that gorgeous cock. Fuck me ha…” The words caught in my throat as my body was wracked by one of the strongest orgasms I’d had since that night that Michael tied me to the spreader and took me. “Fuuuuucccckk, keep pounding me, Brad. I’m ccccuuuuuuummmmiiinnggg!” I squealed.

That was it, my body was no longer under my conscious control. I plunged the King deep as my back arched and my body quivered, and then I collapsed, spent. I lay there panting for a bit, recovering from the fantastic orgasm I’d given myself. Eventually, I slowly withdrew the silicone cock from my satisfied cunt. I was extremely sensitive and twitched several times as he slid out, causing surges through my body. I was thoroughly exhausted so I lay there on the bed for a while and soon I drifted off to sleep.


Wednesday came and I was up early, the girls were coming over and I had a lot of work to do to prepare. Shredded chicken enchiladas, a side salad, and plenty of margaritas were on the menu for today. The girls started arriving at about 4 pm and by 5 pm they were all here, sipping margaritas and laughing. The enchiladas were in the oven and nearly ready so we sat around the table and ate our salads while we talked. Everyone loved my hair, it was the topic of conversation for a while, and then things turned to Andrea’s sex life. We always talked about someone’s sex life, usually mine, so it was nice to discuss someone else for a change.

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