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White as Snow

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He was as white as snow, his skin was pale and freckles from the stars on his face he never looked back from where he came from. In his opinion he was the drifter and I was the cinnamon girl. When he first caught my eye he paid me attention that no other did for I was mysterious and rebellious. I had only one wish…. Help me escape. A chopper over 9 ft. in length and it was a Honda 750. You could tell it was fabricated with much thought and tender care, the engine had to be wrapped into the frame just as I wanted. He looked at me and smiled but in his gray blue eyes all I saw was sex. I couldn’t help but fathom what those deep dark eyes were holding back.

I received a gift. As I walked barefooted through the park he arrived mysteriously and with my fave…a bottle of Cuervo Gold in his saddlebag. I immediately straddled his seat and asked no questions as to where we were going, as I was intrigued. Sexually intrigued in what he saw in me and what I saw in him. When he stopped the bike straddling that hot engine and allowed me to dismount I looked at him and shyly took the bottle he gifted me with. I wrapped my lips around it sucking the succulence from the rim and made no frown to its taste and I saw, he wanted me. I walked away with my bare feet touching the asphalt not questioning the whereabouts. I wanted him.

As he asked if I felt safe I looked into his eyes and responded with open eyes Eryaman Escort as well as open legs. One touch is all I wanted. One sly move of the hand to just whisper to me SEX. He stood in front of me with his Levi’s jeans and leather chaps tenderly wrapping his thick muscular legs. A shirt so black and tight you could see his pecks bulging as well as his groin. I wondered how he breathed. Hair as dusty blonde as the pubes I imagined him with I could not resist. I began to remove my coverall shorts as tight as they were in the broad daylight where we stood. The heat showed my softened dollar shaped nipples and he stared and squinted at the sight of them. I knew it was right. I peeled my tight coveralls as short as they were in length popping my voluptuous ass to the hot air and I could swear by the look in his eyes as I tilted my head back towards him he was mine.

I rubbed my round sweaty ass against his rod hidden behind those jeans and begged for affection, lust, fucking! He grabbed my hips and pushed his now hardening dick against my jiggling ass as I began to cream. When I turned to look at him as he straddled me from behind I could see my come glistening where my pussy rubbed against his jeans. And once again he was twice as hard. I couldn’t help but be fascinated with how fast I was able to arouse such a man, such a mound and I felt my pussy Sincan Escort twitch; Twice. He tore my g-string that hugged my legs from my body and I felt no pain only desire. He lifted me off my feet and sat me onto his rice burner chopper, custom made. Slowly sucking my nipples as I straddled his bike he laid my back onto the mustang tank his bike bared. I could feel the cold steel chill my back and my nipples erected as well as his penis as it protruded from his jeans noticing the chaps hugging and squeezing his balls. What a stallion, what a man. He revealed his manhood, hard as rock and a head as big and pink as I could only hope for. And a little tear of come began to sneak down that lovely dick of his and I rushed to catch it. Pleased to the taste saliva dripped from my mouth and in an effort to save it he suddenly pushed his dick back into my mouth. Chills filled my pussy; I wanted to feel his wand, his long wide pink dick inside of me. I rubbed my snatch up and down his shaft as he straddled the bike getting closer and closer to my pussy. Soon his dick was dripping of come from both him and me and we were panting and staring into each others eyes as he pulled me close by my legs. The bike wobbled but I held tight feeling his protruding head touch the mouth of my pussy. I motioned with my snatch thrusting it forward wanting it and needing it as he Etlik Escort teased me withholding penetration and then he shoved it into my snatch wet with come and I gasped and yelled. What a beautiful mound, what a beautiful mount. I arched my back as he pulled it slowly out letting me feel the whole length and every shape form and size. I could only feel my juices being plunged from my body and my come slowly slid down the hole of my ass, warm, thick and juicy.

For an hour he slowly massaged my sugar walls and my juices flowed for the duration until his balls were coated of what was all me! He stood and wrapped his arms around my legs pulling me towards him getting in deeper. We were both drenched in sweat and you could smell sex in the air. Deeper he plunged and louder I screamed. It brought out the animals in both of us and I could feel a sensation of wanting to urinate.

I loved it but cautioned him that I might pee and he began yelling to me, “Do it! Piss all over my balls”! Thrusting into my vagina and delicately fucking me it was like poetry and I began to squirt juices everywhere and had an orgasm I had never felt before in my life. Screaming like a banshee, in extreme passion I opened my eyes to see he too was coming and his face began to drip of the come I gushed. I felt his dick harden and erect even further into my cave and I tightened around the head of his dick, I could swear it turned and twined. I felt his orgasm. Immediately he withdrew and I felt my face sprinkled with come, into my mouth, tasting it with sweat and tears as I was blessed with his white water.

Drifter announced the fascination of the “G” Spot to my 23-year-old mind and I was in awe. I wonder what ever happened to that bike! Hee Hee

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