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When Trust Breaks Down

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I have always been attracted to small women. You know the type, under 5 feet tall, slender, usually dark hair that is long. I like them small busted and thin hipped, with a flat athletic abdomen.

But at the same time I have this other weakness, and that is for redheads. Normally they are fuller and rounder, nice firm busts and that sway back that is so sexy.

Add in the freckles, round wire frame glasses and those pretty flowery outfits in shades of green?

Yep, lost.

I married very young, barely 19. Sharon was only 18 at the time. Her Mom had caught us parked in my Oldsmobile, Sharon’s top was off and I had my fingers buried between her legs. Sharon had both hands wrapped around the end of my cock, it took both of her hands to do that.

Sharon was the tiny part of my attraction, she weighed 93 pounds at the time and half of that was her tits.

Yea, I know. What happened to petite, small busted?

Well. I don’t mind a pair of nice big firm breasts at all, to be honest.

We had hooked up and dated in high school, Sharon was as flat chested as a board when she was a junior in school.

So flat chested that she wouldn’t let me touch them, although I could rub her behind and crotch through her clothing all night long without resistance.

I know that Sharon liked that, she had powerful orgasms but no way in hell would she let me get her pants off, no way would she let me touch her tits.

Until they grew.

It was like Monday she was flat and Friday she had some noticeable bumps, one more week and none of her tops would fit.

From then on I could play with them all I liked.

I could now even get my hands into her panties, and rub her slippery wetness until she squealed.

Which was exactly what I was doing, my cock was in Sharon’s hands and she had it in a death grip as she soaked her underwear in orgasm.

Just then her Mom Hazel knocked on the car window, mad as an old wet hen!

I looked up startled, she was looking right at my cock with Sharon’s hands on it, bare titties obvious since I had the inside light on to get a good look.

Her Mom made us come in the house and sit down. Her Dad sat there doing his best to stifle a shit eating grin as Hazel read me the riot act.

Her Dad Charles was a pretty cool dude, we went Steelhead fishing together, things like that. He knew every rock the fish would hide behind, and he showed me how to flick a small lure right up tight to the bank where the fish hid instead of throw it into the deepest hole like most people do.

Her Mom Hazel was best described as an overbearing bitch. She ordered poor Charles around all the time, he was a little meek. I figure she outweighed him by around 100 pounds. She looked almost exactly like Sharon, just maybe twice as wide. The only time I ever saw Charles looking happy was when we were out fishing, or hiding in the garage watching a game on the tiny black and white TV set Hazel didn’t know about.

Usually sipping beer too, something else that would get Hazel all fussed up.

Charles had handed my my very first beer. It tasted like shit but I drank it. Over time I learned to even enjoy beer a little.

I sat redfaced as Hazel yelled about diseases, getting Sharon pregnant and ruining her life, Jesus Christ.

Sharon and I had never actually screwed, in fact up until then I had never screwed anybody at all so I doubted I had any diseases.

I also was pretty sure Sharon wasn’t pregnant.

“We are in love, we want to get married!” I told Hazel, just to get her to shut the fuck up.

Sharon looked at me in surprise, then smiled.

Charles jumped up and shook my hand.

Hazel actually blinked a couple of times and shut up.

“Welcome to the family, son!” He said, grinning from ear to ear.

I knew that Charles liked me, but what had I just said?

Just shit!

So six months later we got married, what the hell.

I knew I could do worse, but I also knew I was going to miss being able to play with my other friend Patty’s titties.

Patty was my little redhead that I was careful to be sure Sharon didn’t know about, I was also careful to be sure Patty didn’t know about Sharon.

Of course our getting married sort of let that Cat out of the bag, at least to Patty. But Patty was cool about it, she just smiled and wished me good luck. Sharon never knew, I didn’t see any point in mentioning any of it, either.

There were no more sessions with me licking Patty’s freckles after that. The funny thing was I had been sure it would be Patty that was my first fuck, yet it turned out to be Sharon. I had gotten my hands in Patty’s panties a long time before I ever did with Sharon. They were completely different, Sharon would orgasm and get sloppy wet in a few seconds, Patty took a long time. But with Patty I got to take her panties down and look.

I liked to look at her, she liked to look at me too. Once she even put her mouth on me but I came instantly and she gagged and spit it out the car window.

“Yuk!” was all she said, then she started giggling.

After that Patty Kolej Escort would let me lick her, she tasted nice too. I don’t have a clue where I even got the idea to do that, it just seemed like something I should do.

That was actually fun, too.

I remember my first real attempt at sex. It was kind of hurried, different from our petting sessions in the car. Sharon was dressed in a thin white nightgown, it was sexy too. She had posed for a second before coming to the bed where I lay with a boner that was the end of all boners.

Sharon lay down and we kissed, then she opened her legs, she blushed a little but did it and I tried to stick myself in there.

I would have made it too but it went off and I sprayed my seed all over her pubic hair and stomach. Sharon jumped up and ran into the bathroom for a towel, she came out with a funny expression on her face.

Then I got hard again, I was poking away trying to find her opening when Sharon giggled at me.

“You are too low.” She said. I realized my dick was sliding back and forth along her ass cheeks.

Hell, it felt good to me!

Finally she reached down and held herself open and I got the end of my dick started, gave a push and in it went.

Now that was heaven!

I had always heard that the first time would be painful for a woman but if it was it didn’t show. Plus there was just a tiny spot of blood, that was it.

By the next day the end of my dick was so sore I could barely stand to put my pants on. But that didn’t last long, soon we were having sex every day, morning and night.

Sharon’s titties got even bigger. She was quite a sight to look at, those big breasts on such a tiny woman.

I had a shitty job at the local paper mill, stacking paper bags, squeezing them in a big press and wrapping them in bundles. Over and over and over, but it paid the bills.

I hated the place, but I liked the pretty new 1964 Impala I had bought. Palomar red, white bucket seats, big 327 engine that rumbled after I put dual exhausts on it. $49.73 each and every month is was all it cost me since I had a pretty good down payment, still it was a bit of struggle at the time.

Weekends came and we played. We went to the beach, to a nearby lake. I did some fishing, sometimes we built a fire and cooked hot dogs and drank beer. We had a few friends our age that were around all the time.

Jim Carter was one of them, he was normally by himself, and quiet but nice. Sonny Bergstein was the other guy, he had a big boobed skinny blonde named Sylvia he was porking regular as clockwork.

We just called him Berg. Kathy and her sister Kate seemed to be around a lot, too. They were always by themselves, I never saw either one of them with a boyfriend.

They were quiet, and rebuffed every guy that even came close.

The other gal that showed up a lot was Margeret, a bit on the homely side and tall, skinny. She had been in my class at school, she was even the class president. I never really knew for sure why she showed up so much although she seemed to have an interest in Jim.

We really were an odd bunch, two couples, Jim, and three girls.

Why Margeret would be interested in Jim I wasn’t sure of either. Jim was a bit soft, a doughboy type. The rest of us were lean and muscular, I was a runner in high school, handling the half mile is 1.59 and the mile in 4.25. Berg had played basketball, he might have even gone pro but he tore up his leg and by the time the docs got done he had a limp.

So normal was us three guys and five women, I was the only one married.

I got teased a lot.

“No strange stuff for you!” Berg delighted in saying to me, patting Sylvia’s behind.

Sylvia would poke him in the shoulder, telling him if she caught him with any “strange stuff” she would cut his pecker off.

Then they would start wrestling, pretty soon they would wander off into the bushes.

That was almost like a signal of some kind, they were fun to be around.

The gals all wore bikinis when we went to the beach or to the lake. Plus they all spent their time trying to one up each other. Except for Margeret, she wore a conservative one piece suit that was tan colored, all it did was make her look even homelier.

Jim, Berg and I spent a lot of time trying to sneak peeks at the gals, they spent a lot of time teasing us too.

Sharon was no exception in the strutting department, she had a suit that she made herself. It was black, each bra cup held about 25% of each of her tits. She hung out the sides, the top, and the bottom of it. The bottom was pretty small but not so small she had to shave, although she did trim the black hairs along each side. She seemed to constantly tug the bottoms over since they kept trying to sneak up the crack of her behind.

Of all the girls, Sharon had the biggest rack even though she was the smallest everywhere else.

Sharon got looked at a lot, and she delighted in it.

I was a bit proud of her, too.

Once up at the lake she swam out to some logs, I kept an eye on Rus Escort her because it was a mill reservoir and it dropped straight off to over 90 feet deep just off the old dirt dam.

But Sharon was half fish anyway so I wasn’t too worried.

She pulled her upper body up on the logs to support herself, and her tits rolled over and fell out of her top. Sharon didn’t notice at first but the guys sure did.

Berg stared at her, Jim actually blushed and looked away.

“Hey Sharon! Your high beams are on!” I called out, laughing.

She looked down, realized and ducked her upper body under the water. She got her top back in place, then swam back to the shore.

Everybody including me teased her with no mercy about it. Finally she looked at me, a bit miffed.

“Well, there aren’t any secrets now anyway so to hell with it!”

With that she tugged the ties at her neck and tossed her top on the blanket.

We all just came to a stop and stared.

“You guys, they are just breasts.” Sylvia said, adding her top to Sharon’s. Sylvia’s breasts were white as snow, capped with nipples that were reddish pink.

Kate and Kathy both looked embarrassed, but by afternoon they were running around topless too. Both of them sagged a little, they looked just alike. In fact, I had to look twice to tell them apart.

There were never any tops on after that, except for Margeret. Unless someone else showed up which was rare, then the girls would cover up. One afternoon the guy who ran the bank down in town showed up with his fat wife and two screaming brats. The girls pulled their tops on but not before he got a good look.

He spent the afternoon with his eyes pointed two different directions, his wife sat there with a scowl in her one piece suit. Finally they left, peace again.

In no time, off came the tops.

We all got used to that, we even quit paying any real attention to our women.

Well. Not as much, anyway.

We were all young, having fun. I guess some might find us odd, three guys and five women, four of them bare breasted most of the time.

Not something that happened much in the late 60’s.

We all hung out together for a year or two that way without a lot of changes, in the Fall and Winter months we would gather indoors at someone’s house.

None of us ever knew where, it was all spur of the moment. Whoever had some beer, I guess was the reason.

On day we were all over at Berg’s place, he got to messing with Sylvia on the couch. He had her blouse open and was pretty much chewing on her boobs.

“Christ, get a room!” I laughed.

“Hey, this IS a room!” he answered, tugging at Sylvia’s pants. She put up a half hearted struggle but in short order he had them off, leaving her sitting there naked except for a pair of blue panties.

She was flushed, I could see her pubic hair through the thin material. Berg kept pestering her, finally he had her stretched out on the couch.

I figured it would stop any minute but it didn’t, he got his fingers into the waistband of her panties and worked them down her legs.

She began yanking at his pants, telling him if he was going to strip her she was going to strip him.

We all sat there sipping beer and watched. She got his pants open and down some, his dick came into view.

The damned thing was a good 8″ long and hard as a rock, veins bulging on it. He managed to get Sylvia’s legs open, I got a good peek at her beaver as he did.

The next thing we knew they were fucking on the couch, right in front of us.

I looked at Sharon, she was staring, her lips pursed. I knew she was getting turned on so I put my arm around her and stroked the side of her breast.

Berg lasted a long time, when he finally pulled out Sylvia just lay there, Berg’s sperm dribbling out.

“That was hot!” I said. I looked over at Jim, he just seemed flustered but he was looking. Turning to look at Margeret, I realized I had never seen her like that. Her mouth was hanging open, her eyes glazed.

She somehow looked…pretty like that? Kate and Kathy had vanished, so I got up and went to the bedroom door which was standing open. Both of them were wrapped up in each other, now I knew why they were always alone, just the two of them.

I looked at Sharon, she still had surprise on her face, and something else.

Later that night at home I asked her about it.

“Did that turn you on?”

“Yes. I never saw anyone..not like that.”

“You liked his big cock?” I asked, feeling myself getting into the mood.

“It wasn’t any bigger than yours, just that..head! I never saw one like that.”

“You mean circumsized?”

“It makes it look bigger.”

“You mean like this?” I rolled back my foreskin, she looked at me and grinned.

We made love from one end of the house to the other, at one point she pushed at me, made me turn over so she could get on top. Her head was back and her eyes squeezed shut as she mashed herself against me, finally squirming in what had to be her 3rd or 4th orgasm.

“Wow!” Yenimahalle Escort I muttered, laying back.

“That sure got you excited.” Sharon said.

“God yes. Sylvia was just laying there, her legs open. I saw her pussy, all wet and swollen up.”

“You liked looking at her pussy, huh?” Sharon giggled, her fingers tickling my nipples.

“Yea.” I admitted.

“You seemed to like the way his cock looked.”

“Yea, that was something else. I wonder what that would feel like?”

I gave her a funny look. Up until then I had never even thought of the idea of Sharon with someone else.

Nothing more was really said about that. The next few weeks were actually rather normal, although we all could sense tension in the air.

I think we were all wondering if they would do something like that again.

Then the weather broke, the reports were for sunshine and temperatures in the 80’s.

That meant we would all probably head for the lake.

Berg and Sylvia were already there when Sharon and I pulled up. Sylvia had her top off, like always. Margeret was throwing some sticks on a fire off to the side, still wearing that ugly tan one piece suit. I had some steaks that I planned to roast over the fire.

Sharon pulled off her outer wrap, I looked at her in surprise. She had on a new bathing suit, it was pink and way smaller than her black one.

The top was two tiny triangles, the bottom was a wisp of cloth with just strings. She untied the tiny top and set it down on the blanket.

I realized she had to have shaved, there was no pubic hair sticking out. Then she sat down on the blanket.

She looked naked.

I must have blinked or something, she just grinned at me.

I set the cooler with the steaks down and went and sat beside her.

“Hey, great suit!” Berg called out from maybe 10 feet away.

“What suit?” I said.

He just grinned at me.

I looked down. Unless Sharon kept her legs together, there was just no way she was going to stay in those bottoms.

“That is kinda skimpy.” I whispered to her.

“Do you like it?” She smiled.

I had to admit I did, she looked…nasty?

I felt my cock begin to expand. Was Sharon really going to go that far, expose almost everything?

Sharon rolled over onto her stomach, pressed her bare breasts against the blanket. I looked at the sweet curve of her behind. The string at the back vanished between the cheeks of her ass. She did a little snuggle down into the blanket and then seemed to doze off.

I noticed her legs weren’t tight together, from where I was sitting I couldn’t tell but I was thinking her crotch was on display for anyone who walked around that side.

Just then I heard the rattle of Jim’s old Dodge truck, it had a bad rocker arm, no way could he sneak up on anyone. He pulled up to the top of the hill and parked, the old engine making a hissing noise as it came to a stop.

He climbed out, grabbed a half case of beer and a fishing pole out of the back. He walked down to where we were, opened the case and put the beer in the cooler. Then he walked down to the lake’s edge.

I noticed he checked out Sharon real close as he walked by. That gave me the urge to jump up and go around to take a look but I didn’t want to seem obvious.

Jim often fished in the lake, we teased him about that because he never caught anything. I was fiddling with the radio, trying to tune the static out of it when Jim let out a whoop!

I looked up and his fishing pole was bent double, he had actually hooked something. Berg and I jumped up and ran down there to help, Sylvia right with us, her boobs swinging back and forth as she ran.

Whatever it was was big, Jim reeled in a little and it would turn around and go right back out. After a solid 10 minutes a brown looking shape appeared.

It was a huge old Catfish, the thing was 3 feet long. Jim got it up close to the bank, now what the hell were we going to do? I waded out around it, the idea being to fling it out of the water.

All that did was get me soaked with a splash of water and the fish took off across the lake again.

“Hey! Don’t do that!” Jim yelled, reeling furiously but gaining nothing. The line was actually humming from him pulling so hard, I expected his pole to break any second.

Finally he got the fish back up to the bank, it was laying there partly out of the water, it’s huge mouth hanging open.

“I saw them do this on TV.” Berg said, as he reached down and grabbed it by it’s lower lip. Of course it clamped right down on his fingers, he let out a howl but dragged it out and onto the bank.

I think he would have let go but the fish didn’t.

He had managed to get the fishhook stuck into his thumb in the process, he was yelling at the top of his lungs as the thing thrashed around. I ran up to Jim’s truck and grabbed the pliers out of his toolbox. I used those to yank the hook out, he got stuck pretty good.

Then we got to chase the fish, now loose and flopping, headed back down the bank towards the lake.

Sharon was awake now from all the racket, sitting up. She had her knees up, that damned tiny strip of cloth wasn’t quite doing the job. One of her pussy lips had slid out into clear view. I had a handful of fish and was trying to keep from getting bitten, plus it had big spines sticking out the sides and the top and it seemed to know what to do with them.

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