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When Dreams Come True

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This is (almost) my first attempt at writing something erotic so bear with me and keep in mind that I’m not a native speaker. Until now I only translated stories from this site from English to German which went quite well and so I started to write down my own little fantasies. This is the one that is already up here, in the German section obviously.

Now I’m trying it the other way ’round and translate (and change it quite a bit) myself from German to English. We will see how that goes. I’d really appreciate it if you could help me improve my writing and possibly my English for that matter. Now have fun!



He climbs the stairs and knocks on the door to her flat. Almost immediately she opens, greets him warmly and tells him to come inside. After entering into the cramped hallway he says his hello and once she has closed the door hugs her. She is shorter than him so that he can put his chin comfortably on top of her head as she snuggles up to his chest. She smells good. He softly strokes her back and then puts his hands to her shoulders, holds her at arm’s length and studies her.

Her dark brown hair is shimmering in the soft light of the room and falls in gentle waves over her shoulders. Some colorful streaks frame her cute face and after a moment a mischievous grin appears on her pink lips and adorable dimples on her rosy cheeks.

She seems ready for a cozy evening on the couch; she wears a white t-shirt that hugs her body tightly and shows off her small perky tits. During their hug he already noticed that there is no bra underneath. Over that is some kind of knitted hoody with a zipper in the front that is currently open. The sleeves are a bit too long for her so that only her delicate fingers peek out. Her slim legs are covered by soft, grey cotton leggings and her feet are bare.

“You want to drink something?” she asks.

“Yeah, just water please.”

After he has taken off his shoes she takes his hand and leads him into the small kitchen. She motions for him to have a seat on the only chair at the table. Sitting down he watches her fetch a glass from one of the cupboards over the sink. It is pretty high up and she has to stretch which makes her hoody slide up quite a bit in the back. He can’t help staring and admiring her tight bum. Her pants cling to it beautifully and show off every curve. There are no lines of a pair of panties to be seen.

She glances over her shoulder and winks at him when their eyes meet. Putting the filled glass down on the table next to him she hesitates and then quickly takes off the hoody and straddles him. With her sitting in his lap facing him he instinctively puts one hand on her ass and the other starts to caress her back. They stay like that for a while and talk until he can’t wait any longer to feel her soft skin and pulls the t-shirt over her head.

They look deeply into each other’s eyes and he cannot quite decide if hers are grey or blue. He doesn’t have much time to think about it because he just has to look down and admire her breasts. They are on the small side but perfectly shaped and her pink nipples are already beginning to harden. Her skin is so pale that is almost seems white. He lightly caresses the sides of her boobs which makes her shiver and goosebumps appear on her arms.

Slowly he leans forward and places a soft kiss on her left breast. His left hand moves to her ass and his right between her shoulder blades as to not let her lean away. A smile appears on his lips as she moans softly but he doesn’t stop kissing her for one second. She breathes deeply now as he licks her nipple and when he takes it between his lips and gently sucks she gasps and shivers again.

Her hand is on the back of his neck and gently plays with his hair.

“The other one feels neglected.” she whispers and turns her torso so that he can now kiss the other breast.

Her hand dances downwards along his back and pulls his shirt from his trousers. She very lightly runs her fingernails across the now exposed skin and he starts to twist and turn when she reaches his sides because he is very ticklish there. She laughs and stops tickling him to lean back and open the buttons on his shirt.

Again she caresses every centimeter of skin as she frees it until the shirt is hanging over the back of the chair and then she cuddles up to him pressing her soft boobs against his bare chest. He hugs her and lets his hands slip into the back of her leggings to grab both cheeks to which they both let out a contented sigh.

“Let’s move this to the bed.” she purrs into his ear. He gives her bum another squeeze and then stands up. She squeals happily and giggles while she clings to him. The water stays untouched on the table as he steps back into the hallway with her. He can feel the warmth of her lap on his belly as she interlocks her ankles behind him.

He kisses her on the mouth and gets lost in the feel of her soft lips and the slight peppermint taste of her mouth.

“Get in there.” she nods to the bedroom Büyükesat Escort door and he pushes it open with his foot.

The room is lit by a single lamp in the corner that gives a warm and cozy light.

As soon as he sits down on the bed with her still holding on to him she pushes his shoulders back until he lies on his back under her. She throws him a playful glance and then shuffles forward. The moment she has climbed over his arms he reaches up to stroke the velvety skin of her back. Her hot pussy is now directly over his face. He can smell her through the leggings and breathes deeply to show her how much her scent arouses him.

“You like that? My warm, wet pussy in your face? You like the way she smells?”

He doesn’t get a chance to answer as she presses her crotch down.

“Mmm, feel how warm she is. But keep your mouth closed, just breathe her in. Can you feel how wet she is for you?”

She grinds on his face and rubs her clit on his nose while he lets his hands wander to her tits and takes her nipples between his thumb and forefinger to gently pinch and rub them.

After a while she lifts off him but only to turn around and sit back down. Her musky smell drives him crazy and his cock is already rock hard in his pants. She sets to work to free him but not before rubbing his chest and belly. For a little while she teases and tickles him but soon she too cannot wait any longer and strokes his cock through his trousers.

She opens his button and his fly and slides her hand inside.

“Oh, someone seems to be pretty turned on!” she smiles as she notices the wet spot on his boxers.

She pokes him to signal him to lift his hips and takes his pants and underwear off. As soon as his legs are free she puts her hands on his knees and pushes his thigs apart. His cock twitches as she slowly runs her fingers along his inner thighs towards his crotch. She closes her fist tightly on his shaft and another drop of precum dribbles out and is quickly smeared all over his glans by the fingers of her other hand.

He pinches her in the waist to get even for the tickling and to move her off his face. She squeals and all but jumps off him to lie laughing on her side beside him. Her head lies on his outstretched left arm and he strokes her side with his other hand. He caresses his way down and onto her thigh and when he reaches her knee he takes it and raises and bends her leg to put her foot on the mattress. Copying her move from before he then lightly brushes his fingertips from her knee downwards over the sensitive inner side of her leg.

“Mmm, I love how incredibly soft and smooth your skin is!” he whispers and when his hand comes to rest on her warm pussy he adds: “And how nice and warm you are… and your smell makes me fucking horny.”

“Then you will really like what i’m gonna do now. Do you want me to come for you?”


“You will be as close as can be, but you mustn’t do a thing, ok?”

“I can’t wait”

“Just a second”

She rolls off the bed, grabs something from a chest at the wall and throws it on the bed next to him. It is a combination of dildo and gag with a strap to fasten it around the head.

“Ever used one of those? Or I should probably say: Ever been used with one of those? Wait, that sounds wrong, too… anyway, you know what I mean.” she laughs.

“No, never, but I already know that I will love it.”

“Open up!”

He takes the gag in his mouth and lets her fasten the strap behind his head. A rubber penis grows out of his mouth now and he makes her laugh by waving it playfully in her face.

“Lie back down”

He scoots back to the center of the mattress and watches her expectantly. She is standing next to the bed and starts to turn and sway to an unheard music. She slowly shakes her hips and lets her hands roam over her delicious curves. Her fingers slip into the waistband of her leggings again and again and he keeps thinking that she will take them off but she continues to tease him and skillfully takes her time which drives him crazy. Without realizing it he has started to slowly stroke his erection all the while he is completely caught up in her little dance.

Then the waiting is finally over. The next time she turns her back to him the leggings slowly come off. She drags the waistband over the swell of her buttocks and leans forward with her back straight. Between her closed legs he can only slightly make out the lips of her pussy but the sight of her behind is breathtaking enough for him at the moment.

She doesn’t take the leggings completely off but keeps them on up to her knees and crawls gracefully onto the bed until she sits right beside him.

“Take them off for me. I know how much you like my feet.” With that she places her feet on his stomach.

Without a moment of hesitation he takes her right foot in his hands and massages it from the heel to her dainty little toes. He gently rubs every single toe and repeats Beşevler Escort everything on the other foot before eventually taking the leggings off and admiring her bare legs and feet. They are slim and just as pale as the rest of her body. With her dark hair he could just as well call her Snow White. Her toes are long and he likes that her nails are not painted.

“You know what?” she asks.

He tries to say something but only manages to mumble around the gag and drool onto himself. She laughs. And then she spreads her legs and lets him see her little pussy. She is already swollen and a deep shade of pink and he can clearly see the wetness that is glistening on her lips. Apart from a cute little bush on her mound she is clean shaven.

“I will need no lube. But you do.” she says and flicks the dildo in his mouth.

“You can look forward to what I will do next. I might repeat it later but in a slightly different way. Watch this.”

She straddles him so that he can feel her moist warmth on his belly, puts her hands on either side of his head and leans down as if she wants to kiss him.

Now he knows what is on her mind. When he looks into her eyes she holds his gaze and begins to suck on the dildo like it was the real thing. This is a perspective he has never had before and he has to admit that he really likes it. He had never watched a girl give head from this close up. And through the gag he can feel it, too, the way she is moving the rubber dick with her mouth and tongue. Her pink lips slide up and down and she takes the dildo a little deeper with every go.

When their noses almost touch he can feel the dick come up against something. She winks at him, closes her eyes and slides the dildo into her tight throat. It is as if they were kissing. Only the narrow part of the gag that separates the gag itself from the dildo part keeps their hungry lips apart. She repeats that several times until the dildo is thoroughly lubricated by her spit. When she eventually releases the dildo and raises her head a thick string of saliva connects her mouth and the rubber dick.

Without a further word she climbs up and crouches over his face with her feet right next to his ears. She puts her hands on his head to stabilize herself and rubs her clit on the now glistening tip. Then she lowers herself and penetrates her dripping pussy in one slow stroke until the dildo is completely inside her tunnel and her clit kisses his nose.

She moans and begins to rock slightly on his face. The smell, the sight and the sounds of her tight pussy from this close are like paradise for him. He is transfixed by her sex and has completely forgotten about his own cock. His hands hold her ass to support her. And to simply hold her fantastic ass, of course. He could lie there forever and just let her continue indefinitely. But it doesn’t take long until she takes her hands off his head, puts one on the wall behind the bed and starts to rub her needy clit in tight circles with the other. A loud moan escapes her lips, her legs start to shake and then snap shut over his face as she pushes the dildo deeply into her tingling pussy once more and comes explosively. He can feel her hips twitch back and forth and is happy even if he didn’t really contribute much to her orgasm himself.

After a while her breathing returns to normal, she calms down and slowly lifts off him. The dildo is coated all over with her juices when she releases the strap around his head and drops the whole thing next to the bed. His jaw is aching a bit and he rubs it.

“You ok?” she asks.

“Definitely. That was so worth it!” he beams back.

“Okay, your turn.” she grins. “Scoot up and put your back to the headboard. Take that pillow over there.”

He does as he is told and watches her roll off the bed and kneel at the foot of it so that he can only see her head. Then she hops up and seductively crawls towards him like a cat. She keeps her upper body close to the mattress and lets her nipples drag first over the cool surface of the sheets and then all the way over his outstretched legs. Her ass stays high in the air all the time so that he can see her whole elegant back and delicious ass from where he is sitting.

When she reaches his crotch she gently takes his cock in her hand and strokes him until he is hard as iron. At first she just seems to study his cock close up and doesn’t do much more than breathing on it which in itself is very arousing for him. Then she sticks out her tongue and gives his cock a long lick from his balls to the swollen tip. She mumbles appreciatively and moans contently as she makes more of his precum appear which she immediately sucks into her mouth. With her fingers she pushes his foreskin up instead of back to suckle on the excess skin that now gives her a nearly constant stream of his slightly salty juice. By now he has quite some difficulties to stay still and she smiles at him before opening her small mouth wide and closing her lips Cebeci Escort around the head of his hot cock. He groans loudly as he can feel her running her tongue all over his glans that is still covered by the foreskin. The hand that stopped stroking him when she took him in her mouth now slowly pulls back on his skin and he cannot help but let out another moan when she sucks greedily on his now exposed head.

Now she repeats what she did to the dildo earlier. He might not be able to watch as closely as before – that is just the blowjob, his view apart from that is spectacular – but the sensations caused by her soft lips, her agile tongue and the wet warmth of her mouth more than make up for it. She takes him deeper and deeper and just like with the dildo he can feel the resistance of the entrance to her tight throat. They look into each other’s eyes and this time it is his turn to close them when she moves her head forward and with a swallowing motion pushes his cock into the slippery tightness of her throat.

It doesn’t take long at all before he is nearing his orgasm. He desperately fights it because he wants to prolong it and enjoy the pleasure a bit more. She has no intention of ending it so quickly either and always stops at exactly the right moments to just hold his cock in her mouth or very softly suck on it.

After they both enjoyed this little game for a while she ends it by simply not slowing down any more. Her hands rest on his thighs and she can feel how the tension in him grows steadily. When she notices the first twitches of his orgasm she takes him once more as deep into her throat as possible which makes him literally explode as he pumps wildly and shoots his cum directly down her throat. She keeps him in her mouth and gently suckles on him while he slowly comes back down.

She cuddles up to his side and lays her thigh across both his legs so that he can clearly feel her warmth. Silently they just rest like that side by side, enjoying each other’s company and stroking and caressing their arms, backs and everything else they can reach.

After a while using his hands is not enough anymore and he starts nibbling on her ear and kissing the spot right behind it. She moans softly and goosebumps spread over her arms. He slowly wanders downwards, licking her neck, gently biting her shoulder, nuzzling her armpit which makes her giggle. He stops his journey across her body at her breasts and showers them with kisses that grow ever closer to her rapidly hardening nipples. Fascinated he watches them contract and then leans in to rub one with his nose.

He continues down over her soft belly and down to her patch of pubes where he breathes audibly in. Expectantly her legs part to allow him easy access to her folds but he decides it is his turn to tease her and he just licks along her pussy where it meets her thighs. She twists around to get him to lick where she wants it but he stays away from her delicious center even if it is quite hard to resist. She gives up and pouts playfully when he abandons her middle section and continues his way down kissing along her inner thighs over her smooth calves to her feet.

He licks along the underside of her soft foot and her giggles turn to moans when he reaches her toes and closes his lips around them. Running his tongue over her long and delicate toes he sucks on each one individually. Looking up he can see her playing with her boobs and pulling on her nipples with closed eyes.

Letting her left big toe slip out of his mouth he guides her feet to his cock that has regained his full strength by now. She wriggles her cute toes and he looks up to her face.

“Mmm, hold on a second. I’ve got to get something.” she says and takes her feet away. She quickly leaves the bedroom but is only gone for a few moments and then returns with a bottle in her hands.

“Lie back down.”

He does and expectantly spreads his legs because he has identified the bottle as massage oil and can guess her plan. She sits down between his thighs, pours some oil in her hand and then spreads it over his straining penis. Her feet quickly get the same treatment.

She uses her left foot to keep his cock in place and lets the other slide over it with her soft sole. He watches as she rubs him and teases him with her toes. The control she has over them is impressive and he continues to be surprised by the many ways with which she caresses his glans. She rubs his frenulum with her long second toe and lets all of her toes dance over him in a sideways motion. When she takes his shaft between the big and the second toe of both feet and begins to stroke him like with thumb and forefinger he gets close to cumming a second time.

She notices his heavy breathing and smiles at him. Placing her feet on either side of the root of his cock she hold it straight up, leans down and sucks the oily tip into her mouth. Immediately his hands fly to her head to slow her down but she was just teasing again, releases him with a pop and laughs.

He chuckles and sits up to lean in for a quick kiss. She closes her eyes and yelps surprised when he pushes her back. With the way her legs are spread widely now he can clearly see how wet her little pussy is and on top of that the smell of her arousal wafts up to his nose. He growls, takes both her ankles and bends her legs up and even further apart.

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