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What Sandy’s Friend Told Ch. 01

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This is what Sandy’s college boyfriend told her about his summer vacation in Europe. When they were back together, they were each pleasantly pleased to discover that the other had learned that there were more ways to make love than just the missionary position. At first, of course, they each were a little surprised at the recognition that the other had obviously gained experience during the summer, but since it was mutual, they accepted it. After some hesitation about admitting that they had enjoyed themselves, they both took delight in telling and hearing about each other’s experiences.

The reader may eventually hear about Sandy’s experience from someone else’s viewpoint.

Oh, all this happened back in the late 1960s. For those who can’t remember, “The Joy of Sex” hadn’t been published yet, so young people didn’t have a guide. Masters and Johnson’s “Human Sexual Response” had been, however. Sandy ventured to buy it after doing some things she hadn’t ever done. She found it reassuring to discover that she wasn’t the only one to enjoy them, but most young people back then were much more naïve about such than even younger teenagers are today.

His story, as he told it to Sandy:

The second morning at the campsite above Florence, Rick and I noticed a couple of girls there. They weren’t overly attractive, but attractive enough, above average, and we had only talked to a few Americans in well chaperoned groups. We managed to overhear that they were speaking Dutch, at least, we were sure it wasn’t German. When we saw them again in town, on the old bridge with all the shops, Rick spoke to them – you know I am shy – saying that we recognized them from the campsite. They spoke quite good English and seemed pleased to be spoken to, and mentioned that they had also noticed us. That sounded good, and we agreed to continue our sightseeing together.

Of course, we all had already seen Michelangelo’s David, but when we happen by there again, the girls snickered and one of them told that they had seen a group of younger American girls staring at him “like they had never seen a naked man before.” Rick and I liked that, the oblique suggestion that they had.

So we had a nice day together and finished it at the campsite with one of those oversized bottles of Italian wine, agreeing to meet the next day. And did, another nice day, maybe not the full sightseeing itinerary, but we were all obviously enjoying each other’s company. They were students from Rotterdam and seemed more forward than we were accustomed to – not really, just a bit, somehow – and we found that … uh, … inspiring. Well, Rick and I had hopes that we might get a little kissie/feelie, not that there had been any pairing off.

When we got back to the campsite after a cheap supper, they said they wanted a shower first, which sounded like a good idea, leaving it unspoken that we would again spend the evening together. I hurried to buy two more big bottles of wine, and then after our showers, we gathered at our tent. When we realized that we only had cups for ourselves, one of the girls suggested that we could all drink from the bottle. The previous evening they had brought their own cups. So we passed the bottle around, which made things a little closer, drinking out of the same bottle and sitting so that we could pass it and – yeah – touching hands, since those bottles are too large to hold well except at the neck. And none of us was avoiding that. On the contrary, the girls seemed to take the initiative about touching more than necessary – well, only the first time, and they didn’t seem to mind when Rick and I responded, and … well, you get the picture.

So we finished the first bottle – really not so much for four people – and agreed to start the second one. Rick and I winked at each other, and I had the impression that the girls may have, too. During the evening, they looked like they were agreeing about something, a couple of times speaking Dutch to each other, and they certainly were being agreeable. Rick and I – during our showers – had wondered if either of them had shown any preference for us – and agreed that we didn’t have any. By then, it was dark and late enough to think about going to bed.

The second bottle was passed around a couple of times, exchanging nice glances as we passed it. Then after a nod between the girls, one of them said that she had to go, and the other agreed, and Rick and I had to, too, of course – been holding it to avoid breaking up the party.

We all got up, feeling the wine a bit, and went to the bath/toilet house and did our thing. Of course, we were wondering if the party was going to continue, and if not, how we would break up. The girls took a little longer, and we waited on them. At first we walked back towards our tent, all walking pretty close, and then one of the girls took my hand, just waiting long enough for me to squeeze it, and said so all could hear:

“Why don’t we split up?”

Then I noticed that the other almanbahis one was holding Rick’s hand. Just what did she mean, I wondered, but her hand was already suggesting we go in another direction. I squeezed it again before I could find my tongue to reply, hoping that I wasn’t sounding surprised when I agreed: “Good idea.”

She smiled at me in the dim light and returned my squeeze and led me to their small tent. When we got to it with a couple of more squeezes and smiles, she let go of my hand and stooped down, suggesting that I take off my shoes while she straightened up things in the tent. I did, watching her find a flashlight and then slide one air mattress off the other, and then crawl back on them and roll out a sleeping bag. To my surprise, it was already opened completely, covering both air mattresses. Had they been planning this since their showers?!

She spread out their other sleeping bag across the foot of the bed that she had made. This was going further than I had imagined, expected, hoped! And then – and now …?!

“Okay,” she whispered, smiling at me, and I crawled into the tent. She turned off the flashlight, leaving it very dark after she closed the tent, but I could recognize that she was beginning to get undressed, taking off her blouse, and I took off my shirt; and she started to take off the long pants she had put on for the evening, lying back and slipping them over her hips, and I did pretty much the same, taking off my socks. I lay down, already more than a little aroused in my jockey shorts. Yeah, I was thinking: maybe all those stories about European girls being more liberal really are right, not just guys shooting their mouths off.

I was still expecting her to find a night shirt or something as I recognized that she was taking off her bra. But she didn’t. She lay down next to me. I couldn’t really see her, but felt her warmth. And then she was moving around, and I could see the silhouette of her legs and her arms, removing her panties!

If she thought I had taken my shorts off together with my pants, they sure had to go now! And did, accompanied by a soft “um-hmm” from her, that could have been a chuckle, but I hoped not. I felt warm enough already, but she then sat up and pulled the other sleeping bag over us, lying back down and finding my hand.

Well, …! I was glad I wasn’t a virgin, thank you [to Sandy], but I didn’t know if I would/could live up to her expectations. Those stories seemed more true than I could have imagined.

“Um-hmm,” she murmured again, and her hand slid up my arm, and her feet found mine. I brushed her breast with the back of my fingers, brushed her aroused nipple, reassured, at least, that she was also aroused, and she confirmed it with another “um-hmm,” her hand now sliding from my shoulder down onto my back. I turned my hand and held her breast – nice. I was thinking something about Dutch dairy products, milk-fed girls, nice round cheeses. She drew us closer, our noses touching.

And, well, … I felt pretty confident about my skill at kissing, and we did, and they do it about the same way in Europe, at least, she did, which was reassuring, … and arousing. And she didn’t mind feeling that I was, her hand sliding down to hold us even closer together. Yeah, we were soon locked in each other’s arms, … and legs – after kicking back the cover – and I wanted to check out … – hm-hmm! – the source of Dutch girls’ dairy products.

When I started to move my head down, she rolled back, inviting me to. Good! And she liked that. And her hand found my cock, and then after a few moments … Oh, I did wonder if Rick was also having it so good, even wondered if they had arranged our sleeping bags the same way. What one can suddenly think about in such a situation!

And then after a few moments, her other hand was on my head, seeming to urge it to move further. There was only one thing she could be suggesting, my tongue not just in her belly button. I didn’t have any experience with that – we didn’t. Why not? But, of course, guys had talked about it, but I couldn’t remember anyone that really seemed to have spoken from experience. And then it occurred to me that I didn’t have any rubbers, so maybe that – this – was the only solution.

I wasn’t going to disappoint her if I could help it; the reputation of all America’s manhood resting on my shoulders, or dependent upon my tongue – virginal tongue in this context. When I relinquished her nice nipple, both her hands seemed to urge me to turn around. If she knew what she wanted, did that include …? Whatever, she wanted me to turn around, and my mouth moved down to her soft hair. Was it as blonde as she was? It sure smelled sexy, and she had opened her thighs.

Yeah, I wanted to. Whatever I may have thought about it before, I wanted to taste her pussy. But if that was what she wanted, she must know how she wanted it! Do your best!

Well, I don’t have to tell you [Sandy] about that, just say that almanbahis adres she wanted to, too, and did.

Hm-hmm! I won’t make any comparisons. It was my first time, and, of course, it was good. I did wonder if she really wanted me to go all the way, but I figured that she must have experience and would decide that for herself. She did, and sounded like she was enjoying it. I sure did, both ways. … Oh, maybe she didn’t as much, … I didn’t know what to expect that way.

But she sure seemed pleased when I crawled back around and kissed her. I thought we would just curl up and go to sleep, but she reached down and found him again, snickering, and then snickering again when she felt that she could arouse him again. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but she knew what she wanted, kissing and then offering me her breast again. Still thinking that we didn’t have a rubber, I was wondering where things were going. She was lying on me, now holding him between her thighs, and rocking her hips, rubbing him against her pussy, and it was feeling good, and I thought I could hold off, even knowing and feeling he was rubbing between her slippery pussy lips. Then she surprised me by reaching out a hand, rummaging around for a moment at the side of one of the air mattresses, and then handing me a rubber.

She chuckled and slid her legs outside of mine and let him poke at her pussy. My hips were moving, and she seemed to be wanting to try to capture him, and did! She moaned and held him, rocking her hips down to hold him deeper, and then waited for me to get the rubber out. She helped me put it on and guided him back into her, and then …, well, … we fucked, she as active as me, maybe more so, the way she was moving her hips. Whatever, she came, and, of course, I did again, and she was more than just pleased.

Forget the details. Then we did curl up and go to sleep.

Of course, I woke up a couple of times in the night. The first time, I had rolled over and wasn’t touching her, but the different smell of the tent reminded me immediately of where I was and what had happened, pleasant thought, and I went back to sleep. The next time, it was her arm around me that awoke me, this time very aware of her warm presence, and realized that this was – would be – the first time I spent a whole night in bed with a girl, and also realized that it didn’t seem to be her first time from the way her arm had found its way around me. Wondering a bit about how it would be in the morning, I drifted off to sleep again.

When I woke up again, it was dawning, lighter in the tent. Her arm had disappeared. I rolled on my back and looked over at her, seeing her lying on hers, and apparently already awake. She turned her head and smiled at me and whispered:

“Hi. Good morning.”

“Um-hmm, good morning,” I replied, returning her smile as I wondered what was the appropriate thing to say. That would have been no problem with you [Sandy], but – first time – and what did girls in Europe expect, especially if they were accustomed to sleeping with someone on such short acquaintance?

When I didn’t say anything, she smiled again, maybe a little wryly this time, and asked:

“Surprised?” I guess I nodded, and she added:

“Me too. It just seemed like a good idea.”

“It sure was. … Oh, I guess I said that last night, when you suggested it, but I didn’t know how good it would be.”

“Me neither. … Hm-hmm! Are all American boys like you?”

This was getting much easier, now that she had admitted that she was also surprised, so I replied almost jocularly:

“Maybe you’ll have to ask your girlfriend.” She almost laughed and agreed:

“Oh, I will, if she’ll tell.”

“Then I’ll ask him about Dutch girls.”

“Don’t think they are all like this.”

“And don’t you think we’re like all American boys.”

I knew that Rick had less experience than I had, so I was wondering what had happened in our tent. She rolled towards me onto her side, propping herself up on one elbow and looking down at me with a grin. The top cover slipped down, revealing her nice full breasts – oh, sorry, but they were – and I was thinking “Gouda, Edamer,” just recalling my thoughts from the night before, as she remarked:

“Maybe I shouldn’t just ask her,” and she smirked, and after a moment – I wasn’t sure just what she meant – when I smirked, she nodded slightly, and I replied:

“I don’t think I want to trust his opinion, either.”

We both chuckled, and then chuckled again more heartily, which made her breasts move nicely.

You [Sandy] did want to hear everything, and didn’t spare me any details.

“And I [Sandy] haven’t yet told you everything.”

“If they want to,” she replied, and her nipples popped out, and she smiled when my fingers found them, but then sat up and threw the cover back and said that she had to go, and that it would be good if I and her girlfriend returned to our own tents before other people almanbahis giriş were up.

As we got dressed, a bit difficult when one can’t stand up, we looked at each other unabashedly, smiling when our eyes met. She chuckled once, and then again and whispered:

“I had heard that Americans were …, weren’t so …, well, … you know, … didn’t all do that.”

“Hm-hmm! Maybe you’re right. I certainly will in the future.”

She smiled at my veiled admission, and then we were getting our shoes on and went to the toilets. As I waited for her, Rick and the other girl appeared, smiling a little wryly when they saw me, and disappeared as Geerta came out.

Yeah, that was her name, will make it easier to tell them apart. The other one was Marga.

Geerta squeezed my hand with a smile, and then a soft chuckle we went our ways. Back in our tent, I found that Rick and Marga had made the same kind of double bed with our sleeping bags, reminding me to wonder again that in their tent the sleeping bags had already been spread to cover both air mattresses. If they had planned so far ahead, I thought, so much the better. When I discovered the wrappings for a rubber on each side of the tent, I grinned and snickered to myself, wondering which of them had taken the used rubbers to the toilet. Yeah, Geerta had taken ours – grinning at me when she found it and the wrapping to dispose of.

Rick returned, smirking as he entered the tent. I didn’t expect him to tell me any details, and he didn’t, just looked very pleased with himself, and probably I did too. I felt it. I didn’t want to brag about having had 69 with Geerta – oh, I did, but I didn’t – but told him about our joking about Dutch girls and American boys. He liked that, of course, especially the implication that Geerta might want to sleep with him. He admitted that he also hadn’t been sure what to say at first, and Marga, too, but they had gotten around that with a little kissie/feelie before they got up. Oh, yes, he did tell that he had been surprised by her suggestion to make the bed that way. When I told him that Geerta seemed to have already prepared to make the bed that way, we both wondered at her or their apparent anticipation that the evening would end as it had.

The girls joined us for breakfast, sharing what they had, which included Dutch cheese. Of course, I whispered to them all the thoughts I had had about that, and we all laughed, and all seemed to enjoy the mild reference to the way we had spent the night. When the girls glanced at each other, I wondered if Geerta had also told Marga about our joking. Even if she hadn’t, I thought it would be a good idea to give Marga a little more attention during the day, at least to suggest that I wasn’t favoring Geerta.

That wasn’t difficult; we all equally happy with each other’s company. I even had the feeling that Geerta was following my lead by talking more to Rick, and he didn’t look like he was minding. So we had another nice day together, and evening, with an additional bottle of wine that the girls insisting on paying for.

We finished the old bottle and started on the new one, now much more familiar with each other, so the conversation got more intimate. We all admitted that we had never jumped into bed so soon after meeting someone, and joked about the fact that apparently we all had rubbers – condoms, they called them – in anticipation that it might happen. Towards the end, Geerta referred jokingly to our discussion about Dutch girls and American boys, so by the time we finished the bottle, it seemed only a question of who-with-whom in which tent.

On the way to the toilets, Geerta settled that – she was the more outspoken of the two – by taking Rick’s hand and saying that she wanted to see the inside of our tent. Marga glanced at me with a smile, and I touched her hand with a nod, and then we separated. Rick and I were finished sooner, smirking at each other as we waited, and then the girls joined us with grins and took our respective hands.

Marga and I chuckled a couple of times on the way to their tent, and then it was pretty much like before, except that the bed was already spread out, and this time I had no questions about what would happen, hardly aroused as we undressed.

Then we were lying in bed, facing each other, just holding hands with our forearms touching.

“This is nice, meeting you two,” I murmured: … especially nice like this,” and I squeezed her hands, and she, mine as she agreed:

“Um-hmm, … – hm-hmm – maybe a little funny, … like we were talking about.”

“Um-hmm. I guess we all wanted to. Funny. Of course, when we started our trip, we liked to imagine that maybe something would happen, but we really couldn’t imagine how, … and it seemed even less likely as time passed.”

“Um-hmm, yes, sort of like that, though I don’t think we really intended to, expected to. Hm-hmm! Just came prepared.”

“I noticed, was surprised, … worrying about that at some point.”

“Um-hmm, she liked that, what you did, … we like that.”

“And I sure liked it, and that she did too.”

“Hm-hmm! She did too, … like it. She wasn’t sure before, but she wanted to try it. … I did too, but we didn’t do it.”

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