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What I Want

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Chapter 1

I found out relatively early in my adult life that I desired a different kind of sex than can be delivered from a normal relationship with one woman.

I’ve known that aside from the sex you can get from the best girlfriend or wife, I required something further. You see, with a girlfriend or wife, your goal isn’t just to be pleased. Part of your goal is to please them.

And frankly, there is absolutely nothing that can beat sex with a hot sexy girl who is there solely for your own personal pleasure. This is not to say I’m not a supporter of equal rights, or I want to put women in their place, or anything like that. Far from it. What I want has to be purely consensual – but it has to be purely focused on my sexual pleasure.

Its no different then getting a therapeutic massage. I lie there and the masseuse massages. I get massaged and she gets paid. For that hour or two I am the complete focus.

I’m married. But I’ve known this about me since my mid twenties, when I was propositioned by the 19 year old gorgeous sister of a good friend. She offered me sex whenever I wanted in return for paying her rent in a nice little downtown apartment. I couldn’t say “no”, even though I had a steady girlfriend.

I learned from her that for whatever reasons, my ego required those few hours a week of purely one-sided sexual pleasure. It really is that simple.

Two years later, this girl decided it was time to get on with her life and left town to begin a university education. I wished her well at the time, but 4 months later I became conscious of the fact that I still really needed it. What I realized, though, is that I needed it – I didn’t necessarily need her. I actually had no emotional attachment to her – any very sexy girl would do.

Chapter 2

I began calling call-girls and call-girl agencies. For the most part, I was disappointed. Many weren’t as advertised. Most were disinterested in pleasing me. Some wouldn’t do what I wanted (yes – I met several call-girls who wouldn’t even go down on me – didn’t like it, they said). Most wouldn’t kiss.

A few girls were quite good – hot looking, young but experienced, and willing. I’d see them a few times and then one day I found out they no longer worked at that agency; or they’d leave the business. Some only worked the summer (and were at school during the rest of the year). Some were from small towns and eventually went home.

Then I got lucky. I called a call-girl agency one afternoon and arranged to meet a girl based on her description over the phone. The girl who showed up was nothing like that description. I was upset. She was overweight and rather unattractive.

I told her upfront that I just couldn’t go ahead with this because she wasn’t what I was promised and I, if I’m going to pay for it, want to get what I want. She said she understood, and asked if she could stay a bit as her driver didn’t hang around. I said sure.

We talked about it. She told me her agency was screwing things up like this all the time. She was actually quite nice. After talking a bit, I told her about what kind of relationship I was looking for and I asked her, given what I wanted (model looks, young, tall, very slim) was there anyone at that agency who she’d recommend.

She mentioned a girl that had just joined the business. She thought she’d fit the description, but didn’t know if she’d be interested in anything like what I was specifically looking for. She also thought this girl might have an attitude.

I thanked her and actually paid her what she would have earned and she was pleased.

The next day I called the agency again, told them who I wanted, and told them in no uncertain terms that it was to be this new girl or no one else.

Ninety minutes later I was with her. She looked perfect. She was as tall as I (I’m Çankaya Escort not tall – but I’m a guy), really slim, longish blonde hair, amazing body, and really cute face. She was just 19. And she was dressed like a call girl, with a really short tight black skirt and low cut tight shirt that showed cleavage.

She didn’t know that she had been “recommended” to me. It was only her third day as a call girl. She told me, naively perhaps, that she hated it, the guys were gross, and she didn’t understand why men don’t wash.

Then she told me my condominium was the nicest place she’d seen. Because she was new to the business, she didn’t know what information to withhold. I found out she had a boyfriend, was in school, and parties and nightlife were big for her, so buying party and nightlife clothing was also big.

When I told her what I was interested in – a longer term approach – more money for her – and done completely outside her agency, so she could keep all the money – she jumped at the opportunity. All this happened in the first 30 minutes of our meeting.

She said if I were “real” she’d even quit the agency. I told her not to be hasty – I didn’t know what she was like in bed. I suggested we go a couple of months before we make any longer term relationships. She was cool with that.

We discussed condoms. This was in the earlier days of AIDS and for the money I was paying I told her I didn’t use them. I told her for what I was paying (which was a little more than what she was collecting from the agency (and she didn’t have to split it with them) I expected the “perfect” experience coming in a condom was not a perfect experience. Knowing that my sperm was inside a young hot girl – to me that was perfection. She said she understood and didn’t have a problem with it, if I’d be willing to use a condom the first few times. When we got to the point where she was comfortable, no condom would be necessary. I agreed to this for intercourse, but told her for oral I needed to feel the wetness of her mouth. I managed to convince her to take the gamble on me here.

Then she asked me what I wanted. I gave her my rehearsed speech. I told her I wanted a young sexy girl, who’d wear the kind of outfits that I wanted to see her in, who knew how to play with a man, how to make out with a man, and then how to satisfy that man. I told her I wanted a girl who had no problem going down on her knees to suck and who didn’t mind the taste. I told her I wanted a girl who was kind of “in” to what she was doing, who would say the right things when we were having sex – she would have to be slutty, without being filthy. I told her that while I had all my particulars, I still wanted a girl who took the initiative on these things – I didn’t want a robot who I had to command. I didn’t want to have to say, “now suck….., now lick….., now bend over…..”. I wanted someone who knew what I wanted and knew when to do it without an instruction guide. I wanted a girl who once I told what kind of outfits I wanted to see her in, would show up or bring those outfits, knowing not to wear the same thing all the time.

Over the next 90 minutes I found out that I had struck pure gold. Here I was French kissing a girl a decade young than me. She was still a teenager! I gently groped her, and without telling her, she soon began groping me.

For whatever reasons, knowing she had a steady boyfriend really turned me on. It felt like an electric jolt when she put her hand on the front of my pants and grabbed at my penis. Her unzipping my pants was a true erotic experience. I can still remember how she stared at my bulge as she did it. She was either an amazing actress or she was truly interested in what she was doing. (I later found out that she was simply ecstatic at meeting me – she Keçiören Escort saw me as a “sugar daddy” – which was a thousand times better than what she was currently seeing as a call girl.)

With my zipper undone she reached in and grabbed my penis through my underwear. We began kissing again as her hand went to work. I took her shirt off. Then she looked down and noticed a wet spot forming in my underwear from pre-cum. She said it was time to get my pants off.

Now I truly have always loved oral sex. But when push comes to shove, if I have to make a choice I always go with man on the top intercourse.

Still, as this young girl went down on her knees and removed my pants I readily admit to being as turned on as I’ve ever been – that includes any girlfriend and even my wife. Part of it was how attractive and sexy she was. Part of it was how young she was (sorry – but I admit it was a turn on). Part of it was that I was getting another guy’s girl. And part of it was seeing her there knowing she was there solely to please me sexually.

Pre-cum had formed at the tip of my penis. I thought she’d wipe it off with her hand first. But she didn’t. Instead she saw it and licked at it. She told me it tasted good. She told me some men are much more sour-tasting. Then she proceeded to drive that tongue of hers into the slit of my penis.

Twenty minutes of superb oral sex followed. Her head bobbed up and down. She slurped a bit. She licked the shaft. And then she did something that no one had ever done before to me – she started to suck on my balls.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t even know that such an act would feel good. And there I was with my entire left ball inside her mouth. I came close to losing control. I started to grunt. Sensing I was near coming, she moved back to the tip of my penis and began sucking again. With her left hand she began pumping my shaft. And with the right hand she reached up and began pulling on my balls.

I erupted. I felt five distinct intense squirts pumping out of my penis. After this she removed her mouth, but continued to pump me with her hand. As sperm appeared on the tip, she licked it up.

I was totally drained. Normally I like to go for a second round. But today that just wasn’t going to be possible.

She told me that it was fun and that she’d never seen a guy cum so much. I told her, in all honesty that I had never cum as much and had never felt so completely wiped.

Chapter 3

Being a smart business girl she arranged for the next session for the week after and took down my number. And like a smart business girl she showed up on time wearing skin tight faded jeans and a fairly see through white blouse with a lacy bra visible underneath.

This second session was also memorable. I absolutely had to fuck her this time (condom or not). I was on top, but she knew how to move beneath me. We went at it, fucking in the missionary position, but like mad dogs for quite some time. Then, with one of her hands (I ‘m not sure which!) she moved it down my back over my ass and reached further down to my balls and began to fondle them. Thirty seconds later I was pumping my sperm and semen into that condom. Again – she had been the first girl to grab my balls during sex. I had never imagined how good it would feel. I really didn’t have any idea – and I had been in bed with a number of girls at this point but I really had no idea how important my balls were to the sensation of my orgasms!

I experienced much with her that I had never experienced before. She was the first person I had anal sex with. She was the first person to lick out my ass. She was the first person who at her suggestion I tied her hands up behind her back. She was the first person who let me cum on her face.

A month into Etimesgut Escort the relationship, the condoms disappeared. She told me, for her, she felt it was like the first time she was really cheating on her boyfriend. This, of course, only turned me on more.

She quickly realized that I was turned on by the fact that she had a boyfriend and she would use this to make me horny.

And she used her boyfriend to provide what was perhaps the ultimate sex experience for me – and it was on his birthday that she did it.

She showed up one day wearing skimpy cut-off jean shorts and a tight t-shirt. She told me that this particular day was oral sex day. She said that for the entire time we’d be together she wanted to be on her knees sucking and kissing and licking my penis (she, of course, used the term ‘cock’). She told me it was a special day because it was her boyfriend’s birthday and she wanted me to know that on his birthday she was spending a couple of hours sucking me and not him. And she said that after, she had a surprise for me.

She went right to it. It was awesome. At some point, I put my hands around her head and humped into her face. She had such a pretty young face and it was such a turn on to see my penis going in and out of her mouth.

I came. She continued to lick and suck until I was hard again. And I came again. She never once got up. She fondled me and repeated the process a third time. I came yet again. She didn’t stop. Even though I was now completely soft, she continued to lick and suck and kiss my cock and genital area. She then stuck her tongue in my ass, before returning to my cock. Somehow I managed to get semi hard again and somehow I managed to cum in her mouth again – though by this time hardly anything came out.

She immediately got up, started getting dressed, and told me to get dressed too. She never went to the washroom or anything. She never asked for a drink. She just told me to follow her out of my building, staying 30 or 40 feet behind her and that no matter what happened, she told me to let on that I knew her at all.

I did as she said.

We walked about 8 short blocks (I lived downtown).

Now keep in mind that for a little over two hours my penis had been in her mouth. I had cum in it 4 times – the first one flooding out a bit onto her chin. Though she had wiped her face with her hands, she never went to clean up in the bathroom – never tried to chew gum or clean her mouth at all.

After walking those 8 blocks she went right up to a guy, who I later found out was her boyfriend. She immediately gave him a long open kiss on his mouth. You could see he enjoyed the lusty kiss and they walked away. She never looked back. He was kissing a mouth that had been drenched in my cum.

I, personally, would never have asked a girl to so disrespect a guy like that. I wouldn’t have even thought about someone doing that. But after cumming 4 times that day, when I saw that I was ready for it again. True, I was sincerely turned on by making her unfaithful. But this was several steps beyond my wildest imagination.

The next week I asked her why she did it. She told me she did it because first, she wanted me to know that even though he was her boyfriend, it was I that was taking care of her not him. And second, she said, she knew how much it turned me on.

She was my kind of girl.

For over 3 years I saw her 3 or 4 times a month. The sex was always amazing. On one occasion I even took her to Nassau for a short 3 day holiday (she told her boyfriend she was going with some girlfriends). For those three days I had her in skimpy bikinis all day and skimpy outfits in the evening and naked in bed. My only thoughts were about sex.

We never discussed anything else. We never tried to develop any other kind of relationship.

One day she told me she was engaged to (yes) that boyfriend and she wouldn’t be able to see me any more. I wished her the best of luck. Though I never saw or heard from her again, I will always believe that that marriage was doomed from the start. The moment he kissed that sperm covered mouth, I was certain their relationship would end badly.


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