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What Ffion did Next Pt. 02

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A couple’s life change for ever when C falls in love and starts a lesbian relationship. Her crossdressing partner can stay in her life but only if he becomes her submissive. Ffion’s journey to submission continues…

Ffion woke early the next morning, showered then selected a pink balconette bra, spotty cotton knickers, a pale pink cotton blouse and a navy skirt. Her make up was minimal. She pulled on black tights and dark pumps with a kitten heel. Just before nine she made coffee and toast and loaded a tray. She padded upstairs and gently tapped the bedroom door. Entering the room she knew she was going to find it hard to even look at C without breaking down.

“Miss C, Miss Jenny, I’ve brought you some coffee.”

They stired their warm bodies and sat up. C beamed at Ffion and thanked her for the coffee. Ffion’s hands were shaking when she handed C the cup. C held Ffion’s hand for a moment and smiled. C’s smile was part reassurance for Ffion and part confident powerful message: Ffion couldn’t ask any of the questions running through her mind because that’s what submission was. Ffion had chosen to become C’s submissive and C’s smile put Ffion in her place. Submissive has no right to an explanation. Submissive was given instructions.

“Thanks for the coffee. You may as well start unloading things from the campervan. All of the graphics stuff and my computer are to go in the second barn on the room next to the studio. I’d like you to set everything up for me.”

It took Ffion half a dozen trips from the van, up the garden path to the barn that housed the studio, carrying the computer, printer, cables, books and files. Ffion found a room with a flat-pack desk, bookcase and chair waiting on their boxes and guessed she had to set them up too. It took a while to set up the desk and chair, then Ffion set about connecting the computer with its peripherals and putting C’s books and files onto the shelves. Ffion slipped out into the meadow between the barn and the river, picked some wild flowers and left then as a posy on the desk. It was just about midday when Ffion went back up to the house where she found C and Jenny relaxing over a coffee.

“All done?” asked C.

“I think so. You may want to move things around to suit yourself, but the furniture is assembled and the computer is up and running,” replied Ffion.

“Good. I’ll come down and take a look and see can fit your new dress at the same time. If we’re going to fit the dress you’d better get changed into the beige underwear I told you to buy. Of you go, my love.”

Ffion went upstairs and put on the beige bra, knickers and suspender belt. She clipped the stockings to the suspenders and put her skirt and blouse back on. When she returned to the kitchen she was sent back upstairs by C.

“I told you to change into the underwear, not underwear skirt and blouse.”

Ffion knew that part of the path to the barn as overlooked from the road, but she did a she was told, and she padded along to the barn in a state of undress as she followed C and Jenny. C looked briefly at her new office and smiled at the flowers. Then she and Jenny lead on and walked through the studio to a small work room with a table and a sewing machine. On hangers were C and Jenny’s beautiful gowns and the fascinators were on a shelf. Jenny handed Ffion a red jersey dress and a chemise of heavy cotton with broad shoulder straps. Ffion lifted the chemise over her head and Jenny fastened three ribbons at Ffion’s back once it was done up Ffion could see that it was fitted to the feminine form, not exactly flattering and definitely not flirty and covering her to mid thigh. C and Jenny added some pins that brought the shift closer to Ffion’s body, catching her with a sharp point in the process. Ffion flinched.

“Did you feel a little prick?” asked C.

C and Jenny hooted and giggled. They told Ffion to practice undoing and retying the three ribbons which she did until they were satisfied with her efforts. Ffion stepped into the red dress that reached almost to the floor. The dress front fastened as a wrap dress. Three hidden buttons held the bodice of the dress and the dress had twenty small red covered buttons running up the centre line of the dress, securing it from neck to knee. The only concession to decoration was a broad white cotton collar. The slightly clingy cloth meant that no adjustments were needed. The finishing touch was a stiff white cotton bonnet that tied with a ribbon under her chin, with a shaped brim that concealed her face from either side and a peak that prevented Ffion from looking at anything more than the ground a couple of feet in front of her.

“There, you’re the perfect handmaid, and we’re going to a Handmaid’s Tale party tomorrow,” Jenny told Ffion. “What do you think?

“Brilliant,” replied Ffion.

Ffion hadn’t paid that much attention to the Handmaid’s Tale when C had watched it, so didn’t really know what to expect, but a party was a party and it sounded like fun. Ffion looked at the gowns C and Jenny had made for themselves and was looking forwards Anadolu Yakası Escort to seeing them at their glamorous best.

“Oh, we bought you another little treat to wear tomorrow.

Jenny handed Ffion a pair of black lace up ankle boots with blocky heels, about and inch and a half high. Ffion put then on but was told to tie the laces up in the last but one pair of holes. The final eyelets were secured when Jenny knelt and slipped a small padlock to secure each shoe, with a foot and a half of fine chain between each padlock.

“There, practice walking.”

Ffion teetered along taking small strides.

“Perfect,” said C, “take the dress off and we’ll sew up the hem and the chemise where we pinned it. Go into the house and take the undies off, you can wear what you were in before, but you might like to practice in the shoes before tomorrow.”

Ffion did as she was told and went back into the house to get changed. She spent an hour or two unloading the rest of the van’s contents, taking C’s clothes into the bedroom the lovers shared, and the rest into a box room. Ffion found Jenny and asked to be locked into the shoes to let her practice in the house for the rest of the day.

C commented, “We should keep you hobbled with short chain in the future, it shortens your gait and the heels help accentuate your bum. After a while it could change the way you walk”

She patted Ffion’s backside. The lovers had arranged a visiting hairdresser who trimmed then coloured their hair. They gave Ffion a treat too.; the hairdresser gave her bleach blonde hair which was then shaped and pinned up so it would be contained by the bonnet.

Ffion spent the rest of the evening on her domestic chores; it felt good to be back with C and Jenny. She felt comfortable in her situation. She had been tested by C’s revelation but Ffion was beginning to realise that she didn’t want to play the role of submissive. Submissive was her identity, who she was. Ffion cooked the meal and cleared up as discreetly as she could, leaving C and Jenny to relax and plan their next day. Jobs done, Ffion slipped into the sitting room.

“May I say goodnight now, Miss Jenny, Miss C?” she asked.

“Hmm. First I’d like a little foot rub, then you can go,” replied C.

Ffion sat at C’s feet gently massaging while the lovers held hands, watched TV and chatted until bed time.

Ffion woke in her little bedroom, caressed by her corset and made modest by her nightie. The day looked bright and the birds were singing. She heard someone using the bathroom and decided she should get into the kitchen. She rattled around with a dressing gown over her night things, making coffee eggs and bacon for her mistresses, who, drawn by the smell, appeared in the kitchen, woolfishly hungry. Ffion served them at the kitchen table then stood at the cooker enjoying her own breakfast of coffee and toast. Everyone was in a good mood and Ffion was excited at the prospect of a party and a treat.

Ffion cleared the kitchen while the others showered, then went to get ready. She showered and was told to wear the beige underwear but to take the black set with her ‘just in case’. Ffion was sent down the garden to fetch the outfits and returned to find C in a gorgeous set of black lingerie and stockings that H had bought her for a birthday two years previously. Jenny was similarly glammed up and Ffion helped both women into their gowns in blue and green Ffion dressed in her chemise and scarlet dress. They loaded a bag ‘in case’ they needed a change of clothes. Make up all round and they were ready. It was midday when they set off, with Ffion in the drivers seat. Within an hour they were on the driveway of a country house complete with a marquee and gazebos on the lawn. They parked and Jenny arranged the padlocks on Ffion’s shoes along with the short chain. They walked up towards the house with Ffion struggling to keep up. They were met by an athletic woman in brown. Her hair was in a severe bun and at her waist was a tool belt where a small riding crop hung alongside a gun like device in a holster.

“Hi, I’m Aunt Lydia and I guess this must be Ffion, though today I thought we’d call her OfJenkin, Jen for Jenny and the K for C,” she smiled

C and Jenny laughed and nodded.

“Goo idea,” said Jenny. “I like your outfit, you look pretty scary. Are you going to be using your whip, Lydia is that a cattle prod?”

“I wish,” laughed Aunt Lydia, fingering the riding crop. “This is a sheep prod, lower power than a castle proud but it makes the sheep jump.”

“May I take a look, is it charged?” asked Jenny.

Ffion saw the look in Jenny’s eyes and she guessed what was about to happen. Jenny flicked the switch and the yellow tool gave a brief whine as it charged. Jenny thrust the prongs into Ffion’s rump and pulled the trigger. Ffion lept and yelped.

“Cool,” said Jenny, handing the prod back to Aunt Lydia. “You should try it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course,” said C, “Ffion needs to know you mean business and you have our blessing.”

“Blessed Kurtköy Escort be the fruit,” said Aunt Lydia.

She jabbed Ffion’s leg and the jolt knocked her over. Ffion’s dress rode up and Aunt Lydia saw the chained feet.

“You guys are serious!”

“Yes, and we’re hoping you can give her an experience that will help her on her journey,” said C. “We were lucky to meet you and help you out when you could get any one else for the role. And if you get some personal pleasure from training Ffion, so much the better.”

Lydia blushed then laughed, “Start as you mean to go on.”

She prodded Ffion on the floor and shouted at her to get up. Ffion screamed and started crying. She looked hopefully to C and Jenny but they turned and walked away.

“Enjoy the party,” called C.

Ffion was marched up to the house and locked into a small room with a chair and a chamber pot. There Ffion focused on the fear of an unknown fate as the day ticked slowly by.

About two hours had elapsed before Aunt Lydia returned. She told Ffion to stand in the corner while she sat down. The electric prod was in her hand.

“Do you need a reminder?” she asked Ffion.

Ffion whimpered and shook her head.

“Were you told your duties this afternoon?”

Ffion shook her head again.

“We did try to hire a sex worker but we couldn’t get anyone. I bumped in to Jenny and let her into the secret and she said we could have you for the afternoon. You’ll meet a number of Commanders of the Order of Jacob this afternoon, or at least that’s their dress code. You’ll address them respectfully. Here’s a list of suggestions.”

She handed Ffion a paper. She read ‘Blessed be the fruit’ and ‘Under his eye’ and other quotes from the TV show.

“Yes Aunt Lydia.”

“I’ll take you down to a booth shortly, a couple of gazebos placed together.”

“Yes Aunt Lydia.”

“The commanders will have a ticket. They’ll have made a donation to our charity, or entered a prize draw.”

“Yes Aunt Lydia.”

“You will give them pleasure, do you understand?”


Lydia reached over and the electric bolt jolted Ffion.

“Do I have to spell it out? You will give them pleasure. You know how their minds work. You can use your hands, tongue, lips, mouth, but you will give them pleasure. “

Ffion’s world collapsed around her. She’d thought C and Jenny were teasing when they’d suggested she sucked cock. Aunt Lydia loomed towards her with the prod.

“Yes Aunt Lydia.”


Ffion moved. Oh my god, she thought, but she moved before the prod moved her. Ffion followed Aunt Lydia put off the house and across the grass to a gazebo. She tried to angle her head to spot C and Jenny but couldn’t see them. See did see about two hundred guests being served drinks and food from a buffet and being entertained by a band on a stage off to one side of the house. Aunt Lydia ushered Ffion into the first of two gazebos. There was a table with a mirror and a couple of chairs along with a fridge with soft drinks and snacks. On the table Ffion saw her makeup bag, which C or Jenny must have brought and given to Aunt Lydia, bottles of water, two bottles of lube, mouthwash, toothbush and a selection of tissues and wipes.

“This is where we can wait and chat,” Aunt Lydia told Ffion.

Aunt Lydia drew back a curtain and showed Ffion into the second gazebo. The space was carpeted and furnished with a large bean bag and a chaise longue.

“This is where you’ll pleasure the gentlemen.”

Ffion recoiled horror. Aunt Lydia’s hand edged toward the prod. Ffion sobbed.

“I’ve never done anything like this in my life,” she whimpered.

Aunt Lydia hugged her.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’ll be here. If they get out of hand, call me and I’ll prod them.”

Ffion laughed through the tears.

“But what should I do? “

“I’d suggest that you welcome them, smile, then undress a bit. Then you could kneel in front of the, undo their trousers, guide them to sit down if that makes it easier and the rest should come naturally. Well, come naturally with a couple of judicious licks from you.”

Aunt Lydia peeped out.

“You’d better compose yourself, Aunt Alice is heading this way and I think she’s bringing your first customer.”

Aunt Lydia spread dyed sheets over the chaise longue and the bean bag, closed the curtain then bustled out to meet Alice. Ffion heard her bring someone into the gazebo then she stepped through the curtain. She instructed Ffion with a look and a gesture towards the prod. Ffion stepped through the curtain with her head bowed. She was glad not to see a face.

“Blessed be the fruit,” she croaked. “Thank you for coming.”

She fumbled at her neck and, with shaking hands started to undo the buttons on her dress. She slipped the dress off her body, and reached to untie the ribbons of the chemise, then allowed that to fall on top of the dress. Ffion trembled, exposed in the least sexy lingerie on the planet.

“I hope to please you commander,” murmured Pendik Escort Ffion as she dropped to her knees.

She pulled the stranger toward her and rested her face against the front of the man’s trousers. She was aware of a firmness. Her hands reached to his belt and a resolutely as she could, she undid the buttons and pulled trousers and underpants down to calves. His flesh was against her face. She drew back, closed her eyes and opened her mouth and gently put tongue to its tip while her fingers ran on his shaft. She held herself, heart pounding, licking gently. I have to do this she told herself. She closed her lips to kiss the end then eased her head forward cautiously, fearing she might gag. Her mouth filled. She opened her eyes, her hands slipped to his hips and she drew the body towards her then pushed back, and started him rocking his hips in gentle thrusts with her head responding to his motion, her tongue caressing like a baby suckling at a nipple. One hand was now on his bum, the other between his legs. Ffion’s panic was subsiding, yet her heart was still pounding. For the first time in many months she was truly intimate with someone and his arousal was exciting her. Oh my god. His thrusts were strengthening and Ffion sensed a tremble in his body and a new slightly sweet taste in her mouth. He was getting close and, without Ffion realising how close, she was aware that she had to swallow or choke. She pulled back, grasped his shaft and felt the next gouts of sperm land on her face and ran down her chin. She held the shaft in her hand, gently wanking it and licked the mess of the end, being rewarded with the last aftershocks of orgasm. Then she stood, with her head bowed.

“Thank you commander.”

Ffion slipped back through the curtain and Aunt Lydia took the gentlemen some tissues. He had not said a word to Ffion at any time. When Aunt Lydia returned, Ffion was in a foetal ball on the floor, sobbing.

“He gone. He seemed very happy.”

She reached down and hugged Ffion until she had composed herself and sat in one on the chairs. Lydia took a wipe and cleaned Ffion’s chin and neck then gave her a tissue to dry her eyes.

“Are you OK Ffion?” she asked, clearly concerned at Ffion’s condition, “Should we call a halt?”

Ffion looked up at her and shook her head.

“I can’t let you down. I want to do this, but it’s hard. Do you understand, I really must do this.”

“Are you sure?”

Ffion nodded, “Please help me do this. You must, even if it means you using the prod.”

Aunt Lydia said, “OK, I’ll fetch your clothes and help you clean up.”

Aunt Lydia dressed Ffion and gave her a drink.

“I hope your sure about this. Every gentleman has paid £100 to our charity so we’re really grateful.”

“I definitely have to carry on then.”

“You very brave. I never liked giving blew jobs. I haven’t for years. Shall I let you into a secret?…. I’ve bought my husband a ticket.” Aunt Lydia giggled nervously. “I hope that’s OK.”

“I’ll try and be nice for him.”

“I’ve hated doing it since the first time a man came in my mouth. My first time was with my best friend’s brother as a bet but I made sure his mess landed on his sister. What about you, your first blow job?”

Ffion grasped Aunt Lydia’s hand, “That was my first time. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. In an odd way, I quite enjoyed it.”

They both started laughing. Aunt Alice’s face appeared around the curtain.

“I’ve brought the next gentleman,” she whispered.

Ffion checked her makeup in the mirror, tidied up her eyes, picked up a bottle of lube and pushed through the curtain. She saw an older male, in his late sixties, or maybe older, sitting on the chaise longue naked, slight, with a little pot belly. His clothes were neatly folded on the bean bag. He smiled as she came in.

“I thought I’d get ready,” he said.

There was a twinkle in his eye. Ffion glanced at his body and wondered if she would be able to get him going. She thanked him and stood in front of him, inviting him to info the buttons on her dress. He obliged and Ffion stood in submissiveness as he explored her with his hands. The dress was off, the chemise went and Ffion slipped her bra off and offered her boobs to his face. He touched her and kissed her nipples, then started sucking, licking and nibbling. Her nipples stiffened and, looking down, Ffion saw something else stiffen. She reached down and touched him softly. His flesh responded to her touch. After a minute of so she lowered herself then parted his legs and started licking his scrotum, all the while gently wanking him with her finger tips. He sighed happily and sat back and moved his bottom forward. Ffion was licking up the shaft now, still wanking at the top with her soft fingers. She sensed him tensing with pleasure. She looked up.

“Would you like to come in my hand, over my face or in my mouth?” she whispered.

” Face.”

She moved onto the chaise longue and rested her head on his belly. She spread some lube on her hands and was wanking him more firmly. Between strokes she brushed the tip with her tongue, or took him in to her mouth. His belly tensed then her face was running with warm fluid. Ffion was surprised at the amount he produced but she carried on, determined to get every drop out of him until he twitched and moaned.

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