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Wendy is Here!

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[Please note that all characters are over high school seniors and over 18


If this story seems familiar, it’s because it used to be “Christie Is Here!” — which had some editorial issues and it made more sense just to start from scratch]

Ali had already cum and I was only seconds away when we heard her friend Wendy calling from downstairs. “Ali, are you up there?”

Insanely, I wondered whether I could cum before Wendy made it up the stairs. Ali took the decision away by rolling out from under me. “We’re on our way downstairs,” she called out.

“Okay,” Wendy said, and we heard her ascending. I hesitated, and Ali shot me a look. “Are you fucking crazy?” she said with a laugh. “she could be back up here in a minute. Just get dressed and get down there. I have to get this thing back on,” she said, gesturing at the wet bikini on the floor next to the bed.

I gave her a fake pout and slipped my swim trunks back on. I guess it was just as well she nixed my idea that we fuck by the pool. It seemed safe enough at the time: Ali’s family was gone, taking her sister to college, and the only other person with a key was Ali’s BFF Wendy, who was supposedly with her boyfriend today.

I jumped into the pool from about as far as I could without missing and killing myself. I needed a quick application of cold water, if you get my drift. Wendy was sitting on a deck chair alongside the pool, and I’m afraid I gave her a quick application of cold water as well. “Thanks for that!” she said.


“Where’s Ali?”

“Um, in the bathroom. She’ll be right down.” I climbed out of the pool and couldn’t help noticing that while cold water had made my clothing more decent, it had had the opposite effect on hers. She saw what I was looking at, and draped an arm over her chest.” “Sorry,” I said again.

“You could have just told me to go,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Seriously? You were upstairs, and now she needs time to get herself together.”


“Sorry,” Wendy said.

Ali came outside. Not in the skimpy red bikini she’d been wearing before, but in a dry blue one that might still drive me back into the cold water. “Sorry for what?” Ali asked.

“I can leave,” Wendy said.

“No, stay,” Ali said.

“I can leave,” I said, sensing a girl talk moment.

Neither girl said anything for a moment, then Wendy said “No, you can stay.” Then to Ali, she said “I need to change, though: your boyfriend thought I came over here for a wet-t-shirt contest.”

“Help yourself,” Ali said, gesturing at the house.

As soon as Wendy was inside, I asked Ali again “You sure I shouldn’t go?”

“I guess not.”

“What’s going on?”

“Well, I don’t know whether she wants to discuss it, but this afternoon Mike has the house to himself and they were finally going to…”

“Got it.”

“So it didn’t work out so she decided to come over here and cockblock us?”

“Toby, don’t be such a– oh, you’re kidding.”

I slapped her playfully on the ass. “So do you think we have time for a quickie down here before she gets back?”

“Oh, stop it.”

She joined me on the lounge chair and as we relaxed, I was taking a few liberties with my hand until we heard Wendy reappear.

“I hope you don’t mind me taking this one,” Wendy said. She’d obviously picked up Ali’s discarded suit. I’m not a good judge of these things, but I’d guess she was a cup size larger than Ali. The bikini top had its work cut out for it.

“That’s a new look for you,” I started to say, until Ali stopped İstanbul Escort me with an elbow to my ribs, somewhat less playfully.

“It’s fine,” Ali said, and Wendy took one of the other lounge chairs. We lay quietly for a few minutes, as I tried to focus on anything other than Wendy’s top.

“Okay,” Wendy finally said, “since you’re being polite and not asking, we were up in his room and, you know, ready, but he couldn’t…” She extended her right hand, and pointed her fingers straight down.

“Ouch,” I said.

I braced for another of Ali’s non-verbal warnings, but then Wendy said “Yeah, ouch. And the more we tried to… well anyway, that was my afternoon.”

She turned to her side to face us as she spoke, exposing a lot of cleavage. Probably begging the definition of where cleavage ends and breast begins.

Without a word, I stepped back into the pool. There’s irony for ya: Mike can’t get it up around Wendy, and I can’t get it down.

“I should join you,” Wendy said. She got up and leapt into the pool with her arms raised high and not surprisingly her bikini top came off upon impact.

She waked over to the shallow end, the end closest to where Ali was sitting, obviously proud to be showing off her breasts. Then she seemed to freeze for a moment, grabbed the bikini top and clutched it over her breasts, and ran into the house crying uncontrollably.

While I certainly didn’t regret getting a brief look at her breasts, I wished I’d left when I’d first offered to.

Ali got up and ran into the house after her.


According to what Ali told me afterward, she listened to a lot of crying. Then Wendy said “I acted like such a bitch, teasing Toby like that,” and Ali said “I know. But I understand.”

“I was so hurt when Mike didn’t find me sexy enough, so I wanted to see…”

“Affirmation. Believe me, it’s Mike’s issue, not yours. Toby can testify.”

“Oh god, he must think I’m such a slut.”

“No he doesn’t.”

“A slut who’s going to start college a virgin in two weeks.”

“I don’t think that even makes sense.”

“I’m so embarrassed.” She picked up Ali’s red bikini top from the floor and started toward the stairs. “I’ll change back and leave.”

“Stop. I want you to stay. We both want you to stay.”

“Are you sure?” Wendy asked.

“Definitely,” Ali said and walked outside, expecting Wendy to follow.


Wendy did follow; but I could tell Ali was as surprised as I was when Wendy, having left the bikini top in the house, settled back into the lounger next to ours. “You’re okay with this?” I whispered.

I sure as hell was: but I hoped she didn’t expect me to pretend I wasn’t aroused. Or pretend I wasn’t looking at her topless best friend

“Well,” Ali said, “you’ve already seen her topless, I guess. And after this afternoon, if it makes her feel better about herself…” I had a feeling Ali was trying to convince herself it was okay, since there wasn’t much she could do about it at this point anyway.

Of course I wasn’t exactly wearing my loosest baggy trunks because, like Ali, I was expecting to do some fooling around poolside followed by a good fucking.

Wendy wasn’t hiding the fact that she was looking at the hard cock inside my trunks, either; and when Ali noticed this after a few minutes she said, a bit tartly, “Yes, Wendy, he isn’t Mike.”

Wendy just smiled.”I can see,” she said in a low voice.

Ali reached behind herself and untied her own bikini top. “No point in me wearing this, I guess,” she said, and İstanbul Escort she pressed her naked chest against mine, bringing most of my attention back to her own breasts.

“You’re killing me here,” I whispered to her.

“Do you want me to stop?” she breathed warmly into my ear.

“God, no,” I said. “Just remember I never came when we were in your room, and things could get messy here.”

“Wendy,” Ali said out loud.

“Mmm?” Wendy responded.

“I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen a guy cum before.”

“What?” I asked, equal parts surprised, horrified and incredibly turned on.

“No,” Wendy said, almost dreamily.

“Do you mind, Toby?” Ali asked. “You missed out earlier, and she missed out seeing it.”

There was no way I was going to say no, and I let her slide my trunks down my legs.

Obviously my cock was standing at attention, swollen and hard, and truth be told, even I was impressed.

Wendy came over to our lounger and sat at the end of it, as close as she could get without touching us.

“Normally,” Ali said, “a guy cumming quickly is a bad thing — but this time, it’s okay.”

She wrapped her hand around my cock’s shaft, and it took only two strokes before I groaned loudly and came so hard, I felt a little dizzy. Wendy leaned in closer and I’m not sure, but I think Ali aimed my cock so I’d shoot off right at Wendy.

Cum was dripping off her left breast and oozing between them. I was still leaking cum when I saw Wendy massaging a glob of it into her breast, paying a lot of attention to her nipple.

“Well, you certainly saw a guy cumming now,” Ali said.

“Mmm,” Wendy said, and then moved her cum-covered fingers to her other breast.

Wendy didn’t seem to be even aware that she was playing with her breasts in front of us. Or maybe she just didn’t care that we could see, after what we’d just done.

“I think Toby likes what you’re doing,” Ali told her.

I couldn’t hide the fact: I was already hard again. “Look at that,” Ali said, “You did it to him again. You know,” she continued, “if there’s anyplace else on your body you want to rub, we won’t mind.” And to illustrate her point, Ali slid her own bikini bottoms down and off.

Wendy followed suit. She certainly seemed horny enough… well, to do almost anything, and I had no idea how far Ali was trying to get her to go; but I wasn’t saying a word, for fear of saying something that would break the mood.

Wendy’s was only the second live pussy I’d ever seen. While Ali was clean-shaven, Wendy had very fine, very sparse hair. I imagined that this was natural, she didn’t shave or trim it at all, but what do I know? I certainly wasn’t going to ask.

She certainly was wet though, and the way the sun was hitting her pussy was almost enough to make me cum again all by itself.

Ali was obviously maneuvering Wendy into fingering herself in front of us, but she was losing her prey. Ali brought her hand to her own pussy, I guess to prompt Wendy to do the same.

I tried not to let my eyes pop out of their sockets like a cartoon character: Ali and I had been having sex for months, and I’d never seen her touch herself there.

Wendy still wasn’t taking the bait, so Ali bit her lower lip — partly I’m sure because she was enjoying the feel of her own hand stroking her pussy, with two people watching her, but also because she was making a decision — and then said to Ali “Okay, how about Toby does it to you, and you can stroke him while he’s doing it.”

You’ll notice Ali didn’t Escort İstanbul ask me what I thought about the plan — as if there were any possibility I’d say no.

Wendy slid closer to me and without a word, reached over and took my dick in her hand. “Gentle,” Ali said to her softly.

I began to slowly stroke Wendy’s pussy, intending to slowly work my way up to penetrating her with a finger, the way Ali liked it. “Don’t make her wait,” Ali said, fingering herself more vigorously now. “Slide your finger into her wet pussy.”

So I did.

For just a moment, Wendy seemed surprised that I’d actually done it. And then almost immediately, she started thrashing around. “OH. OH. YES. KEEP GOING. JUST LIKE THAT, YES!”

I was thankful she’d let go of my dick before I began, because I could have been hurt. I continued to finger-fuck her hard and fast, much rougher than Ali likes it. “YES YES DON’T STOP YES!” She came loudly, but continued to thrust her wet pussy against my fingers. Then without any warning, she climbed onto my lap and after a moment of squirming around, my dick slid deep inside of her. “I hope you don’t mind, Ali,” she said –but when Ali realized what was happening she definitely did mind.

“Stop it. Fuck you, both of you, I said you could fool around, not fuck.”

Wendy gave a little yelp as I broke her virginity, then thrust harder into my dick.

“Sorry,” I said to Ali. But I wasn’t. I don’t think I’d ever been this horny before, and who could blame me? Fucking my girlfriend’s hot best friend right in front of her?

“OH… GOD… YES…” Wendy shouted, each time she bounced hard into my dick. I had both of my hands on Wendy’s breasts.

Ali looked angry, and I was afraid she might dump me over this, and I was already thinking about whether I’d be happy with Wendy as my new girlfriend (I’d rather have Ali) — but it’s not as if Ali was trying to pull Wendy off of me, and she had to know on some level she’d been pushing us toward this, so I hoped she was also aroused watching her best friend fuck me.

“Come over here,” I told her; and when she came closer, I took my right hand from Wendy’s breast and moved it to Ali’s, massaging her nipple the way she likes.

Even though I’d just cum, I was surprised I was lasting more than half a minute — fucking Wendy with my left hand on one of her breasts while Ali stood next to me with my right hand on one of her breasts.

Wendy was noisy, shouting FUCK almost every time she thrust down on me, and after a minute or so Ali’s little noises told me she was also enjoying every moment of this.

Suddenly I left my balls tightened and I started “Is it safe if I–” and before I could finish with “cum inside you?”, I exploded inside Wendy, giving her womb its first-ever coating of hot semen. And she came loudly.

I knew things could have gotten really awkward at that point, maybe even ugly — I’d just fucked Ali’s best friend in front of her, after all — so without another word I got up, lowered Ali onto one of the deck chairs, spread her legs wide, and ate her until her groaning built up to an equally loud orgasm.

And so…

Wendy never did give Mike another chance.

After a while. the three of us reached sort of an understanding: Ali was my girlfriend, that wouldn’t change, but Wendy could hang out with us and she and I could fuck — but only when Ali was around to watch. And I could put all thoughts of a three-way or watching some girl-on-girl action out of my mind.

(Well, even accepting it was never going to happen, asking an eighteen-year-old guy to actually put it out of his mind was a big ask)

All in all, it was a pretty sweet deal, a situation any guy would kill to be in.

So of course there was the afternoon Wendy and I just had to fuck behind Ali’s back — but that’s a story for another day.

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