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Welcome to the Resort Ch. 05

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Anna tugged furtively at the hem of her robe. Even as short as she was the white towelling barely covered her buttocks. Cindy, the donor of the robe, wore one equally short, but being six inches taller her bald pussy was on display with every step she took.

Behind them Will walked with Josephine and Isabella. The busty brunette and the Latina had found robes that reached mid thigh and so were comparatively decent. Josie moved with a certain delicacy made necessary by the criss-crossing red lines that Will’s canes had left across her buttocks, thighs and breasts. Will wore a similar robe, and kept an arm about each of the two girls.

“So getting whipped turns you on?” Isabella asked. The recent experiences in the dungeon were the topic of conversation. Josie nodded, half embarrassed.

“Yes, it was… it’s hard to describe.” She sounded puzzled, as if her responses to her abuse were a surprise even to herself. Will just smiled. A woman learning to discover the depths of her submissive nature was no shock to him.

“Reckon I’d like it?” The Latina’s question took Josie by surprise. She hesitated before speaking.

“I think you would. You like it when I bite your nipples and your ass; I think you’d like the cane and the ropes.” She turned to Will. “Wasn’t there something about an anal hook earlier?”

The man laughed. “Yes, Cindy did mention it. I like to rope the hook to your hair. Pulling it tight is very good for posture.”

“How big is the hook?”

“I use a ball tipped hook. The ball is about one-and-a-half inches in diameter.” Josie wriggled her hips, feeling the emerald based plug within her ass. The plug was larger than the hook Will described meaning the size wouldn’t be an issue. She giggled. After John’s cock, size wouldn’t be an issue for a lot of things.

The dining room approached, and Anna was pleased to see Lisa and Monica waiting for them outside. The blonde twins were accompanied by two raven haired beauties who were introduced as Michelle and Heather. Will grinned and kissed the cheeks of the two sets of twins.

“How’s it going Heather?” One of the girls smiled at him.

“It’s going well, you?” The man’s eye closed in a slow wink.

“It’s been going very well for me.” Heather looked at Josie and Isabella, looked more closely at Josie, and then she smirked.

“Had a rough day?” Josie blushed prettily. “Don’t worry; we’ve all fallen into Will’s evil clutches at one point.” She smirked again. “Most of us go back for seconds.” She circled the brunette lifting her robe to expose the weals. “Nice work Will.” He shrugged.

“It’s nothing.”

“I bet she wasn’t saying that at the time.” She twisted her fingers in Josie’s long hair, drawing her in to be kissed. “Michelle and I would enjoy the pleasure of your company later.” Slightly startled Josie barely hesitated before nodding. “Good, it’s a date.”

Isabella shook her head; a wry smile curved her lips, then. “Hey, it’s John.”

The group turned to see their host, John Prester, and his wife approaching. He was wearing more than they’d last seen him in, his powerful frame was bare to the waist, but a white tunic encircled his hips and hung to mid-thigh. He was shod with Grecian styled sandals, whose ties wrapped around his muscular calves. Sophia wore robes of a green fabric so sheer that she might as well have been nude, but the effect was far more sensuous than mere nudity could have been. Her long red her was tied back and braided through with golden ribbons. Gold and emeralds glistened on her earlobes and fingers. Golden spiked heels added four inches to her height.

“Johnnie!” Cindy sprinted to John, leaping into his arms. He caught her without the slightest discernable effort and returned her kisses with equal enthusiasm. “Johnnie, how about a quickie before dinner?” she asked plaintively, staring into his blue eyes with her own, grinding her bare pussy against his belly.

“I could never say no to a lady,” John grinned, ignoring his wife’s sotto voce, “not that you ever tried.” Supporting Cindy with one hand he lifted his tunic, exposing the member that all women present were intimately familiar with. Already hardening, he stroked it a couple of times before opening Cindy’s dripping slot with his fingers. With the head inside he let her weight fall onto it, sheathing his shaft in one motion. Cindy howled, attracting amused glances from the men and women filing by into the dining room. A couple stopped to watch, but only for a few minutes before moving on.

Neither Cindy nor John was interested in prolonging their fucking, and it wasn’t long before Cindy was panting her way to orgasm. şişli escort When she sensed that John was drawing close she pushed on his chest. “No, wait, let me off.” John let her down and she took as much of his juice slick cock in her mouth as she could. With his hands in her hair she continued sucking until he growled, his cum filling her mouth as she rapidly swallowed.

She sat back on her heels, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. John looked down on her, a faintly inquisitive air in his raised eyebrow. “I didn’t want to waste anything, and you know I’m not crazy about leaking cum on my chair through dinner.” He tipped his head to the side, acknowledging her point and turned to the rest of the group as he rearranged his tunic over his softening cock.

“Let’s eat.”

With all the other features the Resort offered, it might have been forgiven if the food fell short of perfection. However John, like the previous owners, did not believe that for a minute. The chefs he employed were top quality, well paid, and also enjoyed the services of the staff and various appreciative customers. With that incentive program their work was always the very best.

Anna waved at her parents as they walked past. Martin and Yoko were sitting with the black couple that she had seen them with earlier in the day. Her mother giggled at something the other woman said then, noticing the wave responded with a blown kiss.

“How was it sweetie?” Anna stopped to talk as John led the others to a larger table.

“It was good mother.” She hesitated. “It wasn’t what I expected.”

“Better, worse?”

“Different.” Yoko reached out and drew her daughter closer.

“This is Judith and Tobias,” indicating the others. Both the man and the woman looked at her with undisguised lust, a look Anna was becoming familiar with. “Hey, cool it you two, she’s my daughter.”

Judith lightly licked her lips before she responded smiling. “Oh come on Yoko, if she wasn’t your daughter you’d be into her too.” Then she turned her dark eyes to the other woman. “Or maybe even though she is…”

Anna had never seen her mother flustered before. Yoko actually blushed. “It’s okay mom. Today I’ve watched sisters make love, sucked cock, eaten pussy, and been fucked in my pussy and ass. Finding out you fancy fucking your little girl is just another strange thing in a strange day.”

“John fucked your ass?” Judith inquired. “That’s a lot of cock for a little girl.” Feeling daring Anna turned, bending slightly and lifting her robe to expose the green gem nestled between the cheeks. Her mother gave an audible sigh, and then soft fingers caressed her buttocks. “Certainly looks like he did.” Judith concluded. Anna turned back, seeing her mother’s hands returning to the table.

“Does daddy want to fuck me too?” This time Martin turned red and started to cough as a bite of food went the wrong way. “Perhaps he’d like to fuck my ass while Tobias fucks my pussy?” The big black man just looked amused.

“That’s enough dear.” Yoko was firm. “We’ll discuss this later. Now are you going to sit with us, or with John and your new friends?”

Anna turned and looked, John, Sophia and the others had taken their places at a large table towards the centre of the room. There was a chair empty while her parents table would only really sit four comfortably. “I’ll see you later.”

She sat down between Sophia and Michelle. John was sitting between Sophia and Cindy, Will was sandwiched between Cindy and Isabella. Josie, Heather, Monica and Lisa filled the rest of the circle.

A waitress approached, her olive skinned body clad in a high cut spandex shorts and breast band combination whose white fabric covered little and concealed nothing.

“Wine?” she asked John. He nodded.

“Wine for everyone,” he looked around the table. “You can choose from chicken and salad, steak and salad or salad and salad.” He waited for the expected chuckles and continued. “Give Marie your orders so she can start earning the exorbitant amount I pay her.” The waitress poked out her tongue at the big man.

“I thought you paid me that for my sexy ass.” John grinned at her.

“I thought I got that for love.”

“Love? Love he says…” the woman shook her head laughing. She turned to take orders and without exception the table chose the steak, although the tastes ranged from rare to medium.

As Marie left to deliver her orders to the chefs John leaned back in his chair. Almost unconsciously he placed his hands behind his head and flexed. The muscles of his chest, shoulders and arms leapt to full definition. The girls oohed appropriately then turned to each other and started conversations. Sophia simply leant her glorious head against John’s shoulder, relaxing.

At length Anna turned to Sophia and asked a question that had come to her mind. “How did you two meet?” The conversations stopped as the other girls turned their faces to the couple.

Sophia looked at John then looked at Anna. “Well it’s not that interesting a story,” she began.

“Let’s hear it anyway.” Anna pressed on. Sophia giggled.

“Well if you must pry…”

“I must, I must.”

“I grew up in a rather prestigious family, near aristocracy in fact.” The girls looked at her, believing her story. She had the air of royalty about her. “Like so many families we regularly organised parties for special occasions, and even for not so special occasions.”

“We organised a birthday party for my older sister one night. Lots of preparations, food, wine, decorations, dancing till dawn in front of a live orchestra.”

“It was at that party that I met John for the first time.” She stroked the man’s muscular arm. “He was the captain of a ship at that time, older than me by a few years, I was very young.”

“My mother had invited him. I think she wanted to arrange a meeting between him and my sister, but he got waylaid by yours truly.”

“Laid is probably the right word.” John observed drily.

“Oh shut up you,” the redhead’s smile belied her words. “Alright then, we met, we were attracted to each other, we hooked up, the rest is history.”

“Hey,” Anna was still inquisitive. “How did it play out? We want details.”

“Well…” the redhead’s eyes closed as she brought back memories. “I still remember him walking into the room, coming down the stairs in his blue uniform, walking like he owned the place. He greeted my mother, kissed her cheek, and shook hands with my father… I found out later they had served in the Navy together, although only for a short time before my father retired.”

“He took a glass of wine, then walked up to me and said ‘don’t try to get away.’ I was shocked, to say the least, but aroused as well.”

“She said in return, ‘why sir, whatever would I be running from?'” John added.

“He took my hand and we danced, and danced, and danced.” Sophia’s eyes misted reminiscing. “He was a fabulous dancer… he still is… and I felt like a feather in his arms.”

“As we danced I just knew I had to have him. I knew about sex, my mother had told me all the details and I regular got myself off with my fingers, but I’d never known there could be such a hunger for a man… such a craving to be totally taken and possessed.” Sophia sighed.

“I took him back to my room. He knew what he wanted; I thought I knew what he wanted… I wasn’t quite correct.”

“We kissed for what felt like hours, his hands were all over me… and mine all over him. Somewhere along the way we went from being clothed to being naked, but to this day I can’t remember the exact sequence that led from to the other. My God, he was gorgeous.”

“She wasn’t too bad herself.” John added, earning a light punch in the arm from his wife.

“He laid me back on the bed, kissed his way down my body. His tongue felt so good on my breasts… and then when he started to eat my pussy…” Intimately familiar with John’s tongue her audience squirmed simultaneously.

“That was my first orgasm with another person, and it was better than any I’d had by myself.” Sophia stopped to calm her rapid breathing. “And he didn’t stop at one; he just kept licking me until I was completely exhausted.” She looked around the table.

“And then he rolled me over, bending me over the side of the bed.” There was a collective intake of breath. Everyone could see where this was leading. “He took a little bottle of scented oil out of his pocket, Sandalwood, I still get wet when I smell it. He wet his finger and started to rub it between my buttocks, against my anus. I tried to protest, to say that it was the wrong hole, but I was almost too weak to move and he was far stronger than me…”

“And you wanted it.” John said.

“I certainly wanted something,” Sophia agreed. “My body was exhausted but my lust hadn’t abated at all. All I wanted was John’s cock and I got it.”

“In your ass,” said Lisa.

“In my ass,” said Sophia. “He oiled up his cock, and then worked two fingers into my ass to prepare it. He pressed the head against my hole and just kept applying pressure until I relaxed and let him in. He came three times in my ass that night.” She stopped for another breather. “We were married three months later, and he didn’t fuck my cunt until then.” She smiled at the group. “I guess I was technically a virgin, just one with a well fucked throat and ass.”

Anna exhaled slowly. She had felt the heat between her legs build as her body responded to Sophia’s story. She pushed for another detail.

“When was your first woman?” Sophia shook her head again laughing.

“You want all my secrets don’t you?” She licked her lips contemplatively. “John had a couple of maids who kept house for him. You could say they provided a full service.”

“Details,” this from Monica, the blonde was flushed.

“Alright then,” Sophia sighed. “They were Chinese, small, very beautiful. Alike enough to be sisters, although John assured me they weren’t.”

“They weren’t,” John interjected.

“Shush dear, my story.” Sophia continued. “After John and I were married I moved in with him, and them too of course. There was a lot of tension in the house for a few weeks; they saw me as an interloper, cutting into their time with their master, John.”

“He was fucking them as well?” Lisa asked.

“Before we were married, absolutely,” Sophia pursed her lips. “After the wedding John assured me that he wasn’t, and I believed him.” She giggled. “He wouldn’t have had time to anyway. Once I moved in he seldom left the bedroom, and then usually because we were doing it on the table or the living room floor, I just couldn’t get enough of him, and I like to think that he couldn’t get enough of me.” John ran his fingers through her hair and she smiled at him.

“So they were jealous of you?” Isabella spoke in a dry tone.

“They were. I didn’t notice it to start with, but as time went on I noticed the tones they took when talking to me, the sudden silence when I entered the room, things like that. I asked John about it and he told me what the situation was. Knowing that I was sharing a house with two of my husband’s former lovers and that they were bitterly jealous of me… well let’s just say it wasn’t the highlight of my existence up till then. “

“How did you resolve it?” Josie asked.

“That took some time, although thinking back John had probably already worked it out but was waiting for me to come around to it. He wasn’t going to throw them out in the street, which was my first impulse, as he said they had nowhere else to go. Eventually I realised that to keep peace in the household I was going to have to share my husband with them.”

“Ooh, awkward.” Isabella spoke again.

“Yes, decidedly,” Sophia laughed. “John said that the only fair thing would be for them to become my lovers as well, that rather shocked my privileged sensibilities a bit but he talked me around to it. We called them into a meeting that afternoon, and John explained the changes that would be made. They looked at each other, then at John and me and nodded.”

“John ordered them to undress, which was pretty quick. It’s like their uniforms were made to come off easily. Then the older, Jiao was her name, knelt down at John’s feet and started sucking his cock. I almost lost it seeing that, but Shu was kneeling at me feet and she opened my robe and started teasing my pussy with her fingers and tongue. I gripped her head, and before long I was biting my lip not to scream. Those girls had terrific oral talent.”

“John was fucking Jiao as Shu and I kissed and caressed. After Jiao was finished he fucked Shu while Jiao and I pleased each other, and then he fucked me… right in front of them… in the ass. He just sat down on the chair, seated me on his cock, and pulled me onto him. I was spread wide open, and incredibly embarrassed to be seen like that… sure I loved anal but I didn’t want other people knowing I loved anal… but the two girls just came forward and ate my pussy while I was being ass-fucked. The orgasm was intense.” Sophia’s emerald eyes stared dreamily into space.

“Things changed for the better after that. The house was more relaxed and there were two people who could satisfy my needs when John was at sea.” She chuckled. “I was very needy when he was away.” She turned her eyes to Anna. “I also became very attracted to Asian girls. I loved fucking them and watching them get fucked.”

“What happened to them?” Josie asked.

“They grew older, found some good men, and got married.” Sophia shrugged. “We haven’t really kept in touch over the years.”

“Awesome story Sophie, but I’m getting tired holding these plates up.” Marie and another girl stood behind them, plate laden. “Do you want to eat?”

“Double entendre Marie?” Sophia asked, moving aside so her plate could be placed in front of her.

“You’ll find out later.” The girl smiled, her long tongue flicking over her lips.

“I look forward to it.” Laughter encircled the table.

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