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It was a hot and humid afternoon when I arrived back home, the temperature was nudging the high 90’s as I stepped off the air-conditioned plane, and this did nothing to improve my mood which had been at low ebb for the past two weeks, and was now only steadily getting worse as I got closer to home.

As I walked towards the gates I kept a lookout for my fiancée Kimberley, who by rights should be here to meet me, however the very reason for my evil mood, was that I had not heard from her for over two weeks and indeed had not had a letter from her for more than a month.

As a Captain in the Army I’d had several dealings with soldiers who had been left high and dry by their wives or partners, but the idea that it could happen to me was something that had never occurred to me, everything as far as the Army and I were concerned was going according to plan, even down to my recent promotion, which made me the second youngest Captain in the Army. This only further served to lend disbelief at the idea that my fiancée of two years had left me without any word or warning.

But as I stood looking around the airport foyer, the idea that perhaps I was no longer engaged was starting to sink in. I looked around one last time, and then collected my bags from the conveyor belt and left to find a taxi.

As I was travelling home images of what I would find were spinning relentlessly through my head, would I still have a home or would it be a stripped carcass left destitute of any personal belongings and only an empty reminder of a pathetic love. Or perhaps so my heart said instead of finding that, I would find Kimberley home after all. Perhaps she was preparing my favourite meal, and making herself ready for my imminent return.

This was a favourite daydream of mine, and had been for the past several weeks, at the thought of it my eyes started to glaze over, while my mind seduced itself with pretty pictures, the images in my mind always followed the same theme, her naked, wild unadulterated sex and me. This in turn led to my body reacting in the usual way, so by the time the taxi arrived at my townhouse apartment block, I had to cover my hard on with the suitcase while being as inconspicuous as I could.

I made my way through the gates and towards my unit, straight away I saw my Jeep Cherokee sitting in the driveway and I breathed a major sigh of relief, she could have whatever she wanted, but not my car. I kept walking and made the way to the front door, the screen was closed but not locked and the front door was wide open. It was on the tip of my tongue to knock and announce myself, but I thought what the hell it’s my house.

I stepped inside and paused for a moment, to allow my eyes to adjust to the light, as my eyesight gradually became used to the surroundings I noticed some things had definitely changed since I had been away. For a start I appeared to have lost some furniture, including my dining room table and entertainment unit. However the odd thing was I still possessed several other pieces that were just as much mine as Kimberley’s. What the hell was going on? As I walked around I heard the shower going so I walked through the kitchen and down the hall towards the bathroom.

I slowly made my way down the hallway and as I approached the bathroom I could hear Kimberley singing over the top of it, as I got to the doorway, I stopped as if I had run into a wall, instead of seeing Kimberley’s long dark hair and tall 6’1″ frame, I found myself looking at the back of a woman who must have only been 5’4″ and had long blonde hair, hanging down her back. On top of this the woman was not what you would call athletic, not fat, but maybe voluptuous would be a better word for it.

For a long time I could only stand there and watch and listen, as this woman washed and bathed herself while softly singing, totally unaware that a total stranger was only feet away. I found myself in a quandary, what to do? Do I back out and start from the front door again, or just stand here like some pervert while this woman finished her shower?

However my time for decision-making had passed, as suddenly she turned around and spotted me standing there. I was waiting for the scream and threats and must admit I turned a brighter red in anticipation, but instead of a shout of abuse, I found myself staring into a pair of smiling blue eyes, which seemed to be familiar. While I searched my memory for a name, my eyes took in her body, while she stood there without shame, or any sense of modesty. Her skin was that colour sometimes described as porcelain and I could see no imperfection upon it, her breasts were full and pert, D cup at the very least, framed by pale almanbahis pink nipples. My eyes continued their mental catalogue, as they made their way down her body delighting to find a trimmed blonde triangle of hair between a pair of captivating thighs.

Suddenly a name sprang to mind, Chantelle, holy shit, this was my next-door neighbour. Chantelle must have seen the look on my face because right then she turned off the shower and opened the screen, releasing a cloud of steam into the bathroom and the strong fragrance of green apples. I started to bumble out an apology and made a move towards the door, but Chantelle quickly slid between me and the door barring my way with her freshly washed body. I looked at her in amazement and opened my mouth to speak but she placed a finger on my lips and just shook her head to indicate that I was to be quite.

I just stood there like a statue while Chantelle slowly dried herself with a large fluffy white bath sheet, and then slid into a white silk bathrobe, which just reached her thighs. Silently she left the bathroom and walked down the hallway back towards the kitchen. I stood in the bathroom for a moment trying to figure out exactly what was happening, but eventually realising I didn’t have a clue; I just followed Chantelle into the kitchen.

When I got there, Chantelle had opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass for herself, while beside her glass, was one of my premium beers, already opened with sparkling beads of condensation along its length. By this time I didn’t care what was happening, still confused but not altogether unhappy with the turn of events. I said to myself what the hell and I reached for the beer, draining a third of it in one hit.

As I worked on my beer, Chantelle made her way to the front door and pushed it slowly closed, my eyes found themselves glued to her ass, which moved in a delicious way every time she walked, obviously my powers of observation were not what they should be, otherwise I would have noticed that before.

Chantelle moved to the air conditioner turning it on, and then stood in the lounge room, her eyes staring at me as if I was the one out of place. Casually she raised her hand and indicated for me to move over to her, I didn’t know what to do? There was the obvious questions bounding through my head, like where the hell was my fiancée, but then there was also this attractive woman standing almost naked in my lounge room. Well I hate to procrastinate over anything so I made a decision, I moved over to Chantelle trying to play casual, but inside as nervous as a 16 year old.

Chantelle finished her wine as I got close to her and indicated for me to do the same, so in a moment I had finished my beer, which she took from my hands. Standing there close to her I realised the height difference between the both of us, at 6’6″ I towered over her. Slowly Chantelle moved closer to me and let her hands reach up to undo my tie. This done she slid it off and gently draped it over the lounge chair. Watching my face for any reaction she then started to undo my shirt buttons, not a movement was wasted as she worked her way down, all the while never taking her eyes from mine.

As I watched she bent down undid my shoes and released my feet from their confinement, after removing my socks she then made her way back up and for a moment toyed with my belt buckle. I was helpless before this woman; normally I am the one in control, today it seemed I was in for an education. With elaborate slowness she released my belt sliding it off my pants, finally her fingers made their way to my zipper. At this point her eyes once again met mine and with a slight smile I encouraged her to go on. Her fingers adroitly lowered my zipper and in a moment my pants lay around my feet. I was almost naked and by this stage totally aroused, the ritual imposed by Chantelle was itself to start sending me over the edge let alone the fact that I was constantly catching glimpses of her hot little body.

There was only one thing left, my boxers, Chantelle paused a moment looking at their straining fabric, I looked down knowing full well what I would find. I’m not a vain man but I could not wait for Chantelle to remove them and sight my 10-inch cock! Chantelle on the other hand did not seem to hurry; she left me standing there got her wine glass and went back to the fridge where she refilled it. I could only watch frustrated while she came back with her wine and just stood in front of me.

After a sip of her wine her left hand reached out and softly started to stroke my cock, her fingers made their way around my shaft and slowly stroked it, her gentle caresses were having almanbahis adres a noticeable effect on my cock and soon the wet mark of precum showed on my boxers. Chantelle noticing this placed her wine on the table and lowered herself in front of me.

I held my breath as Chantelle placed her hands on either sides of my boxers and eased them down, immediately my cock sprang loose and quivered and twitched uncontrollably in front of her waiting face. I looked down and noticed the wide-eyed look upon Chantelles face, she might have been control but I was happy that I could surprise her. Her fingers slipped up and around my cock and at the touch of her warm hand I let out a soft moan, it had been almost two months since I had felt a woman’s hand and damn it felt good.

Chantelle stroked and caressed my cock like a pro, she knew exactly what she was doing and in no time, more pre-cum was oozing from the tip. It was all I could do just to restrain myself; moans of pleasure kept escaping my lips. Chantelle had not even started though; as I glanced down she flicked her tongue across the head of my cock and at the same time gave my balls a suggestive squeeze. My cock gave a startled twitch that she brought under control with a tightening hand, her mouth then made its way over the tip of my cock, Kimberley had never even tried to give me a blow job, partly because of my size but mostly I suspected her distaste at such a thought, obviously Chantelle was cast of a different mould, she not only got her mouth around my cock but she then proceeded to take my length as far into her mouth as she could.

This was getting all to much for me, my hands dropped to the sides of her head and I gently followed her motions, not forcing her but guiding her head back and forth over my trembling cock. Chantelle didn’t seem to mind my involvement and before long my actions were becoming more assertive, her mouth was hot and wet and my cock was now quickly reaching the point of no return, Chantelle like most women had a sixth sense for this and quickly withdrew her hot mouth.

By this time my patience for games had evaporated, my cock was aching and cum was oozing from the slit. I stood over Chantelle lifted her to a standing position and then swept my arms under her, lifting her into my arms. She gasped and smiled still intent it seemed on not saying a word, well she may not speak but I was determined I was going to make her scream, with that thought in mind I walked with her in my arms down to the bedroom.

Upon entering the bedroom I laid her gently on the bed, where she sat demurely waiting for me to make the next move. I knelt on the floor and pulled her legs around until they were straddling my body, my hands reached under her thighs and pulled them closer towards me, at this Chantelle laid on her back lending her momentum to the move.

I was then faced with her thighs parted either side of my face revealing the prize I was so hungry for. I slowly lowered my face and gently ran my tongue along the inside of her thigh; the scent of soap and something sharper assailed my nostrils increasing the tempo of my desire. My tongue flickered across the top of her trimmed mound, moving onto the opposite thigh where they again tasted soap and soft skin.

Impatiently my mouth found its way back to her mound with its soft hair, my tongue slid down her slit, teasing and widening the folds of skin until they gave up there secret. Hungrily I pushed my tongue further inside her, revelling in the taste of woman, almost unconsciously I registered the first moans of desire from Chantelle and the accompanying movements of her hips as they lifted from my hands towards my mouth.

My tongue was now plundering her moist mound; soft almost tender kisses were now giving way to deeper and more urgent probing. My tongue now concentrated on her clit, devouring it with an intensity betraying my animalistic urges. Chantelles moaning now increased in tempo; in response my large hands lifted her ass off the bed bringing her mound up onto my willing mouth where I licked her pitilessly. Suddenly her hands reached down, grasped my hair and pulled my face even deeper into her pussy. A soft scream escaped her lips followed by her thighs clamping my head between them. A smile creased my mouth; she was going to do a lot more screaming before I was finished with her.

Releasing myself from her I stood, my cock had been rubbing against the quilt cover and was now dripping more precum; it was time to show Chantelle who was in charge.

I climbed onto the bed pushing her into the middle of the King size, Chantelle laid on her back with her legs slightly raised almanbahis giriş and hands above her head. Her gaze now centred on my cock, I moved forward my knees forcing her milky thighs wide apart and I leaned over her one hand guiding my cock towards her waiting pussy.

With my hand I used my cock to slide over her mound watching her face as I did so, Kimberley always told me to be gentle but I didn’t think Chantelle was going to tell me that, not judging by the expression on her face. Without any warning I pointed the tip of my cock into her opening and plunged it in. Chantelle’s eyes widened and a moan of pleasure burst from her lips as my cock slid in a couple of inches.

I held it there for a moment enjoying the feeling of finally being inside a woman after all this time, Chantelle’s eyes had closed and her hands had moved to my waist, it was time to give this little vixen a serious fucking.

Supporting myself with my hands as I held myself above her, I lowered my hips towards her, driving the rest of my 10-inch cock deep inside. A deep moan from her told me she was enjoying the rest of my cock almost as much as I enjoyed giving it to her. I paused for a moment savouring the feeling of the tight fit; my eyes closed as I stayed perfectly still enjoying the warmth and heat from her body.

Her fingernails started to trace their way down my back, so I started to thrust slowly in and out, small movements, gaining momentum with each stroke until my cock was sliding in and almost out. With each thrust Chantelle gave out little moans, gradually increasing in tempo and volume, her moans were maddening, with each thrust I wanted to give way to my primal instincts and expel this heavy load within my body. It was only with immense focus that I could keep pleasuring her without releasing my seed.

My balls ached and my cock was twitching with every thrust but then I heard what I wanted, Chantelle had been moaning louder and louder, her legs tightening around my waist, when suddenly she arched her back, dug her nails into my waist and let out a scream of pleasure. A warm gush of fluid enveloped my cock, almost making me cum there and then, Chantelle kept her grip tight, not releasing me until her orgasm had passed and when it had, she moaned softly before going limp onto the bed.

With her eyes half closed and a broad smile on her lips I knew it was my turn for some satisfaction, I knelt back and with my hand gently rolled Chantelle over onto her stomach. This done I pushed her thighs apart with my knees, grabbed hold of her luscious ass and lifted it back against me. My cock was an angry red and Chantelle’s juices were smeared up and down the shaft. I reached down and grabbed my cock guiding that hard shaft between her juicy thighs and in one smooth stroke entered her.

Almost immediately Chantelle began moaning again, her head dropping to the pillow, raising myself on my right knee and using my left leg as a support on the outside of her ass I started to fuck her mercilessly. I kept the rhythm strong and hard, enjoying the sounds of Chantelle’s voice as she started to react to my fervent actions upon her body. Soft cries and moans soon became louder and louder, her body countering my vigorous thrusts with thrusts of her own.

In no time at all we were fucking like animals, cries of pleasure echoed around the townhouse, her ass slapping against my body with each hard thrust, created that sound that we all love so well, her screams were now going from vocal, to that point where the neighbours must have been wondering what the fuck was going on.

All this time I had been trying to keep some sort of control and make this last as long as I could, but with each thrust and scream, the point of no return was rapidly approaching.

Suddenly and before I was totally prepared, that primal urge which drives all mankind overtook my senses, gone were any thoughts of control and common sense, instead all that existed, was the need to fuck, and release my seed deep within this woman. I plunged my cock as far as I could go with every thrust, and immediately a low growl found its way into my throat, forcing itself upwards and releasing its energy as a loud scream, as I forced myself deep inside her. The sensation of my seed ejaculating into her overwhelmed me, my cock plunged in and out of her badly stretched cunt, spilling seed over her ass and the quilt. My seed kept spilling out, more than I remember ever seeing before leaving me gasping and moaning.

My body, drained and spent, I collapsed over the top of Chantelle, slippery with sweat , thanks to the fading afternoon heat. I slid off Chantelle onto my back breathing hard, opening my eyes I took in the scene, Chantelle beside me still on her stomach, my cum over her ass and thighs, sheets piled all around us and on the floor, the smell of sex permeating the entire room and lastly Kimberley and her father standing in the doorway…

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