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It’s been so long since we have been together. I spent the day making plans for our special night. I wanted everything to be perfect for our reunion. Once I have everything ready, I climb into the shower and pamper myself with a fragrant, sensual gel that I know you will enjoy.

I hear you come in while I am drying off from my shower. I finish drying my body and wrap a towel around my long, wet hair before walking into the bedroom. Much to my pleasant surprise, you are standing there naked!

“Boy you sure got undressed fast. Are you happy to see me or something?” I ask you laughingly as I move into your embrace.

“Oh yes…very happy to see you, as you can tell!” You kiss my lips gently and press your body into mine. Your cock is rising hard between us and providing giving physical proof to your words.

Standing in your arms, just holding you close, feels so good to me. Your breath whispers over my ear as you nuzzle against my neck. I reach out with my tongue and slowly lick your neck…turning my head and tracing a trail to your lips. I tease you at first, tentative little kisses…then slide my tongue over your lips before dipping in to taste you. Your mouth is so hot…feeling your tongue sliding over mine as the kiss deepens sends shivers down my spine. I arch my body into yours, rubbing my nipples against your chest. My hips move restlessly beneath your hands.

I’ve waited all day to be with you and I am filled with need…but I have plans and some things will have to wait. I pull away from you and look into your eyes, asking quietly “Jonathan, do you trust me?”

“Yes.” A single word, but it’s one that fills me with such pleasure.

I take your hand and lead you to the bed, turning you and pushing on your shoulders so that you sit and then lay down beneath me as I continue pushing you back. I rub my body against yours…I can’t help it…you feel so good against me. As you wrap your arms around me, though, I reach up and take your wrists and push them above your head. You ask me, “What are you doing?” I remind you that you said you trust me as I buckle your wrists into the straps that I had hidden beneath the pillows. I then pull a black silk scarf from beneath the pillow and blindfold you as well…kissing you deeply afterwards.

I slide slowly down your body, trailing kisses in my wake. I stop with your cock nestled between my tits for a moment and rub against you…you’re already rock hard, showing me that you have no fears about what I am doing to you. I continue moving down your body, unable to resist a kiss to the head of your cock as I go. I kneel between your spread legs and slide two more straps out from under the blanket on the bed, securing your ankles and then using the ropes that I’ve attached the straps to the bed with to pull your legs wider.

“What are you going to do to me?” You question me with a bit of tension in your voice. I rise from the bed and walk back up beside your head…trailing my hand over your body as I moved. I lean over and kiss you again and tell you “I promise I won’t hurt you, in fact I think you will quite enjoy this!”

I reach beneath the bed for a tray I had prepared while waiting for you to arrive and set it beside you. I then take the thick towel from the table next to the bed and slide it beneath your hips, asking you to raise them for me to do so. Climbing back onto the bed, I kneel between your legs, stroking my hands up and down your thighs. I feel you relax again and reach for the tray, picking up the pair of electric clippers that are plugged in and ready. When I switch them on you jump slightly.

“What is that?” You ask me with the returning tension obvious. “You’ll see,” I say with laughter in my voice, “it will be quite apparent in just a moment!” I take your cock gently in my left hand and pull it down as I apply the clippers to your very thick pubic hair.

“Oh my God!” You just figured out what I was doing. I carefully trimmed all of your hair very short, making certain that I don’t miss any along your cock. The vibration from the clippers against your cock has it pulsing hard in my hand. Your balls have tightened and filled, making it easy for me to trim them. When I am satisfied with the results I turn the clippers off and use a feather duster to flick all of the hair off of you and onto the towel beneath you. Your hips rise as I flick the feathers up and down your cock.

“You like that, don’t you?” I ask you in a teasing voice. “Mmmmm, yes!” Your response is all I need to make me continue teasing you with the feathers. I move them up over your belly and flick them over your nipples, watching with delight at how they harden from the stimulation. I lay the feather duster down and slide the towel from beneath you.

“I’ll be right back.” I walk into the bathroom and set the towel aside, picking up another. I then turn on the hot water and let it run for a moment before filling a bowl. I test to make sure the water is not too hot or cold and then carry it back Anadolu Yakası Escort to the room. I take the fresh towel and slide it under your hips, and then I kneel between your legs again and soak a washcloth in the water before laying it over your balls.

“What are you doing now???”

“Trust me, please?”

I stroke your cock slowly while I wait for the warm, wet cloth to soften the hair on your balls. After a few minutes, I remove the cloth and slowly lather your balls with a rich shaving gel. Your hips are moving beneath my touch, enjoying the feel of my hands sliding over your slick skin. The vision of you lying there with my hands on you is just as stimulating for me as my touch must be to you. My thighs are slick with my juices.

With the first touch of the razor against your flesh, you quietly say, “Please don’t cut me.” I laugh gently and tell you “the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you…then I might not be able to do everything I have planned!” Several strokes later, your balls are smooth as silk. I use the washcloth to rinse you, careful to get every bit of gel and hair off of your skin. I take the tray and bowl back to the bathroom along with the wet towel that was beneath you.

When I return I stand and watch you for a moment. Your cock is rising proudly from your well-trimmed body…your balls glistening pink beneath. Mischievously I pick up my camera and snap a few shots of you lying bound before me. “Hey!” You speak, laughing. I set the camera down and crawl over your body until I am lying full-length against you. “That is for later, so I can show you how good you look lying here.” I then kiss you, rubbing my nipples against your chest, enjoying the sensation of your crisply curling hair.

As the kiss deepens I slowly rotate my hips against you…your cock nestles against my warm, wet mound. I begin to thrust up and down, rubbing my clit up and down your smooth, hard shaft. “Release me?” You ask me between kisses. I slide down your body and take a nipple in my mouth before answering, “No.” I swirl my tongue around your nipple, flicking it rapidly over the hardening peak, then take it gently between my teeth and bite down just enough that I feel you tense beneath me. Then I slowly, softly drag my tongue over it again. I move to the other nipple and give it the same attention while grinding my belly against your cock. I slide down between your legs and kiss your thighs, nibbling and sucking them as I make a path towards your balls. I grasp your cock in my hand and stroke it firmly, pulling it up so that your balls are tight beneath it. When my tongue first glides over your slick balls you groan with delight. I begin to tongue them heavily, swirling over them and then sucking them into my mouth one at a time. The slick, hairless skin moves so easily beneath my mouth…slipping in and out with no resistance.

“Mmmmm,” I mumble with your balls in my mouth. “I love the way you feel all nice and slick between my lips!” I devour them again, and this time when I release them my lips slide up the underside of your cock, coming to rest just beneath the head. I flick my tongue rapidly over the hard little ridge I find there. My tongue slides up and down the sensitive underside of your shaft a few more times, flicking at the head every time I pass near it, capturing the drops of pre-cum that crown it. Your hips are thrusting up and down.

“Tell me what you want baby.” I trail kisses over your cock. You say “please.”

“Please what?” I tease you, wanting you to tell me. You respond, “Please! Suck my cock!”

“Like this?” I wrap my lips around the head and swirl my tongue over it repeatedly, knowing how sensitive it is. “Yessssss!” You hiss the answer as you thrust your hips up, trying to drive into my hot, wet, hungry mouth. I slide my tongue down your shaft, licking and swirling, getting you nice and wet. The next time you thrust upwards, I allow you to penetrate deeply, sucking tightly as you begin to withdraw. I fuck your cock with my mouth, every few strokes releasing you from my mouth and licking or sucking your balls while I stroke your shaft with my hands. I run my tongue down your perineum and swirl it over your asshole, then back up to swallow your cock.

I slide one of my hands down and stroke your wet balls…then down to circle your tight hole with my fingertip. I press against it gently, not sure of your response. You moan softly and raise your hips for me. I take that as a sign and reach for the lube that I conveniently left lying on the bed. I dribble lube down your ass while I continue sucking your cock, never letting the stimulation come to a complete stop. I want to keep you hot and eager. I slide my finger up and down your lubed ass, stopping and swirling it around your hole. You rotate your hips beneath my touch and I slowly, every so slowly, begin to slide my finger in.

Your cock is so hard now, the veins standing out on it. I flick my tongue over the head Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan again, tasting the pre-cum that wells up. I use my free hand to stroke your cock and lick or suck it frequently, while I continue to gently penetrate you. I feel the beginning of the ridge in your ass, signaling that I have reached the spot that I wanted. I renew my attention to your cock and hungrily work to make you cum.

I swallow your full length, the head hitting the back of my throat. Up and down your shaft my mouth sucks and slides. I’m holding the base tightly with my free hand while my finger buried in your ass begins to flick against your prostate gently. I feel your body tighten and your cock begins to swell in my mouth. I know you are close. You’re mumbling incoherently at me as your body strains against your bonds. I feel the pulse begin in the base of your cock and push my finger hard against your prostate while I suck you deeply into my mouth. One more stroke from the base of your cock to the head and back down again and you explode in my mouth. I almost choke on the first jet of cum, it’s so strong, but I maintain my control and suck you deep again, ready for the next…and the next. I have slowly removed my finger from your ass and am now cupping and squeezing your balls, encouraging every drop to shoot through your cock.

Your orgasm slowly recedes…I continue stroking my hot, wet mouth up and down your length…gently, so gently. I finally let your cock slip from between my lips, bestowing one more kiss on the head. I slide down the bed and release your ankles, then slither up your body to do the same at your wrists. The blindfold comes off last as I kiss you deeply, letting you taste yourself on my tongue. You wrap your arms around me and hold me tightly. I snuggle against you, loving the way it feels to be so close to you.

“You’re so incredible,” I tell you. “I loved making you cum so hard.”

You laugh softly, “Well I have to admit I enjoyed it too, though I’m not so sure about the haircut!” I raise myself just enough to look you in the eye and tell you “get used to it…I love sucking your shaved balls!”

“Oh yeah?” You ask me with an evil grin on your face and roll me beneath you.

“Yeah…I sure do.” I kiss you heatedly as I feel your hardening cock pressing into my belly. You slide down a bit and suck one of my nipples into your mouth. My back arches as I press into your hot tongue, silently begging for more. I get lost in the sensations and don’t realize you’ve raised my arms above my head until I feel the straps close over my wrists. I look at you as you rise up to straddle me and ask, “What are you doing?”

You grin and say, “It’s your turn.”

“My turn, hmmm?” I look up at you while you grin down at me. “What are you going to do with me?”

“Anything that you will allow.”

I smile up at you and say, “Well…I guess that means you can do anything that you can imagine.”

“Anything?” You ask as you rub your cock against my belly.

I look deep into your eyes, searching, wondering what you are thinking. “Anything. I trust you completely…as I’ve never trusted anyone before in my life.” I speak with a serious note in my voice, wanting you to understand that I am yours to do with as you wish. I know you won’t hurt me and I trust you not to do anything beyond my limits.

You lean down and kiss me again, gently at first then becoming more aggressive as you read the excitement in my response. I arch my back to rub against you, loving the feel of your hard cock pressing into my soft flesh. I sigh softly as you slowly end the kiss. My eyes are still closed, savoring the taste of you on my lips, when I feel the silk scarf slide against my cheek. I raise my head so that you can blindfold me.

“I’ve never let anyone do this before.” I say it quietly, thinking that you probably have a surprised expression on your face.

“Really? Why not?” I was right, and you are surprised. I hear it in your voice.

“Because they weren’t you.” Such a simple answer but it’s the honest one. “I’ve never been able to trust someone enough until you. I was always afraid someone would hurt me…force me to do something I am afraid of.”

“Do you want me to let you go?” You ask me with concern in your voice. At this moment any last fears that I could have possibly had disappeared. I felt my eyes grow moist beneath the scarf and smiled.

“No…please don’t let me go. I want to experience everything with you, nothing held back”

“I’m glad,” you whisper softly against my lips as you bend down again. “I’ve dreamed of sharing myself with you in every possible way.” Your lips cover mine in a soul-stirring kiss. You thrust your tongue aggressively into my mouth and I devour it hungrily, sucking it deep and stroking my tongue against it. You slowly withdraw from my lips and kiss your way down my throat, then trail your tongue from the hollow of my neck to the valley between my breasts. Escort Anadolu Yakası You cup my full tits in your hands and nibble on my cleavage.

I arch and thrust myself into your face. “Suck my nipples! Please?” As your lips close over my left nipple I gasp and strain against the straps holding my hands, wanting to hold your head and press you tightly against me. You sense my need and suck my nipple deep into your hot, wet mouth and swirl your tongue over the hard peak. Your hand closes over my right breast and you begin to tweak that nipple between your fingers while you continue sucking and licking the other. I groan in delight as you give me the attention my body is craving…but while you slake one hunger you create more.

My hips thrust against you as the desire spreads lower. You gently bite my nipple and I shiver from head to toe. You release my hard, now thoroughly wet nipple from your mouth and blow a stream of air across it. ‘Oh that feels good!” Then I feel you drag your tongue across my right nipple that you have been pinching and rolling between your fingers. “Mmmm…more!” I beg you to have your fill of my tits.

Within minutes, my nipples have become so sensitive to your touch that I jump slightly with every tweak, nibble, or flick of your tongue. You rise from my body and I moan, not wanting you to leave me. You lift my head and place a pillow beneath it. I feel you shift your weight as you move forward on the bed, your knees coming to rest on either side of my breasts. You are quiet and I have no idea what you are doing. Then I feel it! The sharp slap of your cock against one of my hard nipples!

“Oh fuck yes!” I hiss my pleasure between clenched teeth as you repeat the motion several times. Then the smooth skin of your cock head rubs against me. I feel the slickness of your pre-cum coat my nipple as you slide your head around and around on it. I lick my lips, wishing I could taste it. You must have noticed because I feel your weight shift and then your cock is against my lips! I stick my tongue out and lap against the head, seeking out all of your juice. You hold it just far enough away that I can’t wrap my lips around it, so I continue licking at it, swirling my tongue around it.

I curl my tongue slightly and flick it up and down your slit, running it underneath and against the hard little ridge just below the head. You moan with pleasure and instinctively thrust forward. Yes! I suck your cock into my mouth with complete abandonment! I hear you laugh as you realize that I have you where I wanted you and I hum against your cock. You give me a little more, thrusting slowly as I run my wet tongue all over your cock. As you pull away, I can feel my saliva drip from the head.

You take your now slick cock and tuck it tight in my cleavage, grabbing my tits with your hands and pushing them tightly around you. You stroke between my tits slowly. It feels so good! I feel you bump my chin and open my mouth for a taste. You continue stroking, letting me lick the head of your cock every time it nears my lips.

You reluctantly slide your cock out from between my tits. “This feels good, but I don’t want to cum yet. I have other things I want to do first.” You lean down and kiss me again then climb off the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a minute.” You laugh as you leave the room, making me wonder what you are up to, but I know I will enjoy whatever you come up with! I hear you return to the room and set things down on the table next to the bed. You sit down on the bed next to me and lean down to take a nipple into your mouth, slowly licking it to hardness again. You suck it in deeply for a moment and then release it by letting it pop from between your lips.

“OH MY GOD!” I yell as an extremely cold object comes into contact with my hard, wet nipple. I arch my back and thrust myself against it. You swirl it around and I feel a trickle of wetness drift away, letting me know you are pressing an ice cube against my hot flesh. The ice cube retreats as your hot tongue replaces it. The contrast between the two has my head spinning but I am enjoying every second of the pleasure. You kiss and lick away all of the moisture from the ice cube and swirl your tongue over my nipple. I jump slightly as the ice finds my other nipple. It receives the same treatment much to my delight. I tell you in no uncertain terms how much I like what you are doing.

“That feels so good, baby! I love how hard the ice makes my nipples!” Your tongue finds my ice-cold nipple and warms it delightfully. Your hand trails the ice between my breasts and up my neck, coming to rest on my lips. You rub it back and forth for a moment and then slip it into my mouth. I suck it in and allow it to melt on my tongue. You lick your way up the path the ice left behind and finally reach my lips for another sizzling kiss. Your hands are on my breasts, rolling and pinching my nipples again.

You sit up again and continue rubbing my breasts with one hand. You slowly work your way down my belly to my mound. You rub circles on it, teasing me. I wiggle my hips and spread my thighs in anticipation. I can feel the heat coming from my aroused pussy and am aching for you to touch me there. You stand up and walk around to the foot of the bed and crawl between my thighs.

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