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Weekend Getaway Ch. 02

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The light has changed in the room. It must be several hours since we made love, now early morning. I turn to look at you. You are asleep on your stomach, facing away from me. I resist the temptation to explore the smooth skin of your backside and let you sleep. I admire the play of light and shadow, the shape your body makes under the white coverlet. I just lay there silently for a couple of minutes, watching you sleep.

I am accustomed to rising early; I decide to let you rest as I walk naked to the bathroom. I close the door behind me, but do not latch it, not wanting to risk the noise. I shave again and brush my teeth, and start the shower. It is a big shower, tiled in some type of beige, polished stone, maybe limestone, in six-inch squares. It is a big shower, not a tub; with a large, chrome adjustable head and a six-inch ledge running around three sides about waist high. It is glass-walled, the kind where the door opens out instead of sliding over.

As I begin to lather up, my mind wanders back to our earlier interlude. I run through the scene in my mind, you and me in front of the mirror, the feel of you on top of me. I remember the changing expressions on your face, the chill that went through me as I wondered what you were thinking. Thinking about it now, wondering what else you might have done with me, I am not surprised to look down and see myself stiffening. My daydream is broken when I sense movement behind me.

You have come in wearing the same white robe I wore a few hours earlier, fresh from this same shower. You see me through the glass doors; you have caught me red-handed as it were. You smile. You slip off the robe and hang it on the hook on the back of the door. You stop to brush your teeth. You know I cannot resist watching you. I am now fully aroused.

You turn off the water and come to the shower door and open it. You stand there for a moment taking in the scene, looking at me naked and soapy and erect. You have that same look in your eye as before, deciding what to do. You step in and close the door behind you. I move to the back of the shower, let you get under the spray. You seem to be ignoring Ümraniye Escort me for the moment. You wash your hair, your head thrown back. I watch you; water and shampoo cascade down your body, between your breasts, over your stomach, down your legs. You turn around to rinse off your face. I admire your long wet legs, the curve of your ass and back. God, I am so turned on.

You say nothing, but reach for the soap in my hand; our eyes meet. That look is in your eyes. You begin to soap yourself, starting with your arms, then shoulders. You spend a few seconds on each breast, your stomach. You are taking your time, enjoying the effect you are having on me. You hand me back the soap and turn around, wanting me to do your back. I nearly drop the soap. I start at your shoulder blades, work my way down. I am so hard now, I am dying to throw you down, take you. I have finished your back, now I make sure I have gotten all of your nooks and crannies clean.

You turn around facing me and take the soap back from my hand. You motion for me to turn around, so you can do my back. You take your time; my back is very soapy. Your hands begin to descend, stroking my buttocks, my thighs, between my legs. You reach around me and slide a soapy hand around my erection. I nearly come in your hand. You release me, drop the soap in the dish, we have all the soap we need. You turn me towards you, and step forward. We embrace.

The feel of our soapy bodies squishing together as we kiss deeply is intensely erotic. My hands begin to roam on your slick skin. I cup your breasts; feel your nipples turn to pebbles at my touch. My right hand drops to your stomach; lower to slickness that is not soap. One finger, then two; lightly at first then with more pressure. You have me in your hand as well, slowly stroking me. We need to stop soon, and we both know it. Our kiss ends and we step back. You guide my hand to my erection; smile and step under the spray, watching me stroke myself as you rinse. You seem very pleased with the situation.

Once you are done rinsing, we step by each other and switch places. I put your hand where Ümraniye Escort it will do you some good. I kiss you for a second, encouraging you. You don’t really need it. I rinse myself off, watching you touch yourself. It is almost too much for me to take. We are now both rinsed off. I turn off the water, which is starting to turn cool. I think it is time to get out. I am wrong.

You drop to your knees, doing things with your tongue and lips your hand was not designed for, nor capable of. Your tongue marches up and down the length of me, stopping to swirl around the sensitive tip. You take me in your mouth, I inhale sharply; you are on dangerous ground. You bring me to the brink of release several times, only to pause and let me regain my composure. After a few minutes, you stand up and kiss me hard. I am at your mercy, waiting for directions. That same expression I was thinking of at the beginning of my shower is on your face again, as you decide what to do with me.

You sit down on the ledge at the back of the shower, spreading your legs. I know what you want from me. It is my turn to smile wickedly. I drop to my knees. I start at your neck, kissing and licking my way down to your breasts. I take each of your nipples in turn into my mouth. I circle each one with my tongue. I bite them gently as they get harder and pinker.

I am working my way slowly south, stopping to circle and then penetrate your navel with my tongue. I move still lower to the place your fingers were only moments ago. I start licking slowly top to bottom, bottom to top, down one side, up the other, careful to avoid that most sensitive place. Gradually I increase the tempo.

I look up at you; your head is tilted back, eyes closed, you are biting your lip, concentrating. Now, on the upstroke, I circle that sensitive little nub at the top, a groan escapes you. I add this to the rhythm.

Down…up…around, down…up…around. You are panting now, so close. You tell me not to stop. I don’t, but I change the rhythm to focus my attentions, spending more time. Now it is down…up…around … and around. Then down…up…around Escort Ümraniye … and around … and around. You grab the back of my head, pulling me towards you. You are getting very close. I flatten my tongue and press it very firmly against you, begin to wiggle it quickly, side to side. You nearly explode as you reach your climax; it goes on an on. I am very pleased with myself, and still very, very hard.

After several long moments, you open your eyes and we kiss deeply, slowly. You stand and pull me to my feet, your hand firmly around me. You open the shower door and lead me to the bed by my erection. I am standing at the foot of the bed, again awaiting instructions. You climb on to the bed, kneeling, you lean forward until you are on all fours. You back up to me, the bed at just the right height. You guide me along the length of you, but not inside yet. Your wetness covers me, your hand stroking me with the lubrication. I am dying to enter you. This is cruel, cruel, wonderful torture. Finally you reach back and insert me. I gasp as I enter you, the penetration so deep. I feel like I am a mile inside of you.

I notice us reflected in the mirror. I notice you see us, too. We watch as my hands find your hips and guide you back and forth. I move you slowly at first, feeling every inch of me sink into you. Gradually, my hips seem to find their own pace. I can no longer slow down. I have been so hard for so long. Now I am only interested in one thing, getting to that place you have taken me so close to so many times this morning.

I will not be denied. I see you in the mirror as you reach between your legs, touching yourself. You are getting close, too. Watching you pleasure yourself with me inside you is too much. Faster now, the front of my thighs are making little slapping noises against the back of your legs. I reach the finish before you, stopping at the deepest point, feel myself release, I spasm inside you. I cry out. On the second or third spasm, I feel you convulse around me as you climax again. We stay like this for several moments, reveling in our connection.

Finally, I withdraw from you and join you on the bed. We are both spent, trying to catch our breath. I realize I have not said a word through all this. I roll over and kiss you lightly on the lips. I finally speak; say “Good morning,” and “I love you.” It seems we are going to need another shower…and eventually some food.

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