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Weekend Delight

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You come home from work one night, anxious to unwind after a long day’s work. Looking forward to kicking off your shoes and relaxing, a dark apartment is the last thing you expected to see when you opened the door. The kitchen and family room lights are off, and the only light in the apartment is a faint glow coming from the bedroom. “Sweetie?” you call out. You hear me say “in here” from the bedroom. You walk into the bedroom to find me standing next to the door. Before you can ask what I’m doing, you find yourself on the bed, my lips against yours, pinning your arms against the headboard with one hand, running my other hand through your hair and behind your neck. You feel my hips press into yours, as I run my tongue gently against yours and kiss you deeply.

I pull back away from you and you find me sitting up. I release your hands and start to undo my belt. When your hands start to rub the obvious bulge in my pants, I stop you, press your hands back against the headboard, and tie them there with the belt I just removed. It’s then that you feel a chill run through your body, anticipating what I have in store for you.

I start kissing you again, slowly but with more warmth and passion than earlier. I start kissing my way down your neck, taking my time, making my way down to your chest. I unbutton your shirt, and my lips follow my hands all the way down. I pull it aside and leave it there, and start kissing my way back up your stomach to your chest. I run my hand underneath Escort your bra, listening the clasp in the back. I pull one breast out, taking the time to run my hand around it and then lightly trace my tongue around the nipple. I slowly kiss my way, repeating the same thing around your other breast and nipple, listening to you breathe harder as I suck a little more on each of them.

I run my hands down your side and start kissing my way down your stomach. I start unbuttoning your pants as I kiss across your waist line. A little less soft and tender than I was before, I pull your pants off, anxious to get to your pussy. I can see a faint outline of wetness through your panties as I lean back down, and I trace my tongue from the bottom to the top. Pressing lightly against your clit as I slide my fingers underneath the waistband, I pull them down and toss them aside. I run my tongue lightly around your clit, then between the lips of your pussy, and then slightly penetrating you. I feel you tense against the belt still holding you.

I sit back up and start moving back toward you, unbuttoning my jeans and exposing the now-bigger bulge in my boxers. I slide both my jeans and boxers off, and you beg me to fuck you. “I’m the one on top right now, and you’re going to do what I tell you to.” It’s at that point I straddle your chest and put my hard dick in front of your lips. As you start sucking lightly on the head, I pull at the belt, releasing your hands. You take your Escort Bayan hands and grab my ass, thrusting my hips closer to you. Taking my dick in your mouth, you slide back up and start sucking on the head again. You start running your hand up and down my shaft and make circles with your tongue around my head. I reach back, slide a finger inside you to lubricate my finger, and start playing with your clit. As my finger starts doing circles around your clit, you start doing the same thing around my ass, pressing against it and rubbing small circles on top of it. As my circles start to get faster, you follow suit.

“I decided it wouldn’t be fair if I got to taste you before you got to taste me,” I say as I pull my dick out of your mouth and secure your hands back against the headboard. “I’ve been waiting all day to taste you, and now I’m finally going to.” Wasting no time, I slide back between your legs and run my tongue back down and around your pussy.

I spread your pussy lips apart a little more with my left hand, and start doing wide and slow circles around your clit. With each few passes, the circles get smaller, then bigger again, until finally, I slide two fingers inside you. You’re so wet, it takes no effort, and I immediately start sliding them back out, then in again, meanwhile still doing smaller circles around your clit. I feel you start to breathe even heavier, and I start moving a little faster. With every few seconds, I feel you start pressing Bayan Escort your pussy against my mouth until you can’t take it anymore. Between heavy breathing, you tell me you want me inside you, now. I decide to let you have your wish.

I roll you on your left side, pull your right leg over my hip, and slide as far inside you as I can. I pull back, almost all the way out, and slide back in again. Your ass presses into my hips, grinding lightly against me as I start to rub your clit again. I feel you breathing heavier, trying to work your hands free. With each passing moment, rubbing your clit and sliding in and out is driving you towards the edge. I feel you start to tense up, nearing orgasm. I pull the belt off, and then pull you on top of me.

I grab you by the hips and slide you down, taking all of me inside you. I press up with my hips as you begin to rock back and forth, grinding against me. I reach my hand around and give you a hard slap on the ass, grabbing it and pressing you harder and harder against me. You arch your back, bracing yourself against my legs, and I give you another slap on the ass. I feel you pressing harder against me, and I tell you how badly I want to cum inside you, and how badly I want you to cum on my dick.

I start to feel your pussy tighten around me as you’re about to climax, and that sets me off. I start coming, my dick throbs as you grind even harder. The feeling of my cum filling your pussy pushes you over the edge, and you start to cum. I feel you tense up as your orgasm runs through your entire body, your wetness running down my balls and thighs.

You lay down on top of me and we roll over with me inside you, and kiss until we both decide it’s time to go another round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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