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Wearing a Collar for my Bestfriend

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Note to readers: This is my first story here. I will try my best to upload regularly. If you like, please upvote and rate, thanks.

Caution: My main motivation for stories is female domination, and I’m really into cuckoldry, flr, friendzone, cbt, feet play, cfnm, humiliation, pet play, so these will probably be a recurring theme in my stories. All the characters are above 18 and the stories themselves are a work of fiction. Now getting to the main story, happy reading.

My best friend and I moved into an apartment together. We were lucky to get the apartment cheap, and although it was small, it was a good place to start, we thought. The day we moved in, I felt so tired, I slept like a baby!

The next morning, she woke me up. She was calling me. I was taken aback at first. When I really woke up and rubbed my eyes open, she stepped back a little and said, “I knocked on your door so many times… you didn’t get up, so I came in… I hope you don’t mind…”

To be honest, I always found her to be very pretty – she was petite with a flat chest, thin arms and legs – her hair was short, just below her shoulders – add with that a coquettish giggle, and you have yourself the cutest pixie. Her mouth is what I liked the most – small pink lips and crooked teeth that peeked from between her thin lips when she smiled. She had this charming cuteness about her, which I absolutely adored.

“…I feel really hungry, but too lazy to cook something…” she pouts, “…could you make me something, please?” she pleaded, folding her lips.

I sat up and found myself in an involuntary stretch and a beautiful scent invaded my nostrils. I said yawning that she smelt really good. “I just had a wonderful bath, and I feel like celebrating!” she said.

I stood up and straightened my legs when I heard her giggle. What? I asked. She giggled some more looking at my crotch, when I got aware of my morning wood. It was so early in the morning and I totally forgot about it. I felt embarrassed and tried to chuckle it away, but she kept giggling, which kinda made me twitch more.

“You seem like you’re really hard!” She said, and kept giggling. “Is it because of me?”

To be honest, I hadn’t really noticed that she was all dressed up in a dark green saree and a black bra. Her exhilarating scent was all over. I loved it. I could see the curve of the side of her smooth stomach through under the fabric. I tried stealing a glance of her naval but it was just out of sight. She swayed her hips and waist sensuously to tease me and I couldn’t deny how sweetly sexy she looked. I was throbbing!

“You’re drooling!” she giggled again. I felt so embarrassed and extremely turned on at the same time. “Would you… like me… to sit… on your lap… hm?” she said, still swaying in a coquettish way, turning around pretending to sit, and slowly coming towards me.

I could not believe my senses. Is this a dream? Awestruck, I only managed to let out a mellow ‘please’, gravely shocked at everything that was happening. She tiptoed towards me and waved the loose end of her saree to brush it over my face. I inhaled the sensuous scent of the fabric and gasped for more, but she took it away all too quickly, giggling at my hideous act, leaving me wanting for more. I was straining my hands not to touch my penis.

She was so close to me, my knees almost brushed her saree when she turned around to face her small butt towards me again. Her enthralling smell infiltrated my nostrils anew and my dick was throbbing in my boxers wanting to get out. “You’d like me to sit on your lap and rub my ass all over your cute little pee pee, don’t you?” travesti istanbul She uttered in between swaying her butt.

“Show me your little pee pee!” She demanded, still frolicking like a little girl. I didn’t know what to do – did I hear it right? Did she really ask me to show her my dick? “Come on! Get naked and I’ll sit on your lap, grinding your little pee pee, and you can grab my tiny titties, from behind, okay? You’d love that wouldn’t you?”

Yes, please… I grunted. I was getting desperate. I slowly pulled my shorts down as my erection flung free, and I heard her giggle. “Aww, you’re so cute! You’re really horny, aren’t you?”

I nodded yes. “Come on, get up and prance for me. I want to see it dangle like a pathetic little puppy tail!” I was extremely turned on and tremendously hard from the way she talked and how cutely sexy she looked, dancing and subtly dominating me.

I stood up and lightly jumped. My dangling penis brought several cute giggles from her, and each giggle encouraged me to jump some more. She came really close again, careful not to brush her saree against my dick.

After a few moments, she playfully held my hair, slowly pushing me down, forcing me on my knees. She had to bend slightly to lean over me. She looked directly down at me, with an innocent smirk on her face.

You’re so sexy! I tell her.

“And, you’re so pathetic! On the floor, naked, with a hard dangling little pee pee, wishing I’d sit on it! So pathetic, just like a dog, aren’t you!”

I did not know what to answer. Some other time, I would get really pissed maybe, but then, I felt so turned on by the humiliation, that I involuntarily nodded my head up and down.

“Put your hands on your chest like this, and bark for me,” she said in between giggles. I didn’t want to keep her waiting, and the thought really did make me twitch. So, without an atom of hesitation, I started barking. I felt absolutely humiliated, and I loved it, especially because she kept acting like I was a real dog.

“Who’s my good boy!” she kept cooing and patting my head. I felt like a dog, her dog, and I felt really really turned on. “Wag your tail for me, puppy!” I did not understand at first, but once it hit me, I again started to dangle my cock for her. She was completely amused, and I was loving every second of it.

“You’ve been a really good boy, today,” she said in between patting my head, “but, if you want me to sit on your lap, you better go and make me something to eat,” she demanded. I kept kneeling there, unsure what I should do. She looked me in the eye, and I could see that she was getting impatient. I stood up and quickly went to the kitchen, hoping that it would cheer her mood.

I was standing naked with a raging erection in front of the kitchen counter, preparing for Turkish poached eggs, when I felt her scent in the air again. She came and stood behind me, sensuously grabbing my bare shoulders with her lithe fingers. She trailed to my neck, and grabbed my throat with both of her hands. Then, she put what seemed to be a dog collar on my neck, and clicked a lock shut. I felt a shiver run down my spine and I had goosebumps all over my body. I was so hard and I felt completely possessed by her.

She then ran her warm fingers, lightly brushing over my whole back. I could feel her saree just inches away from my skin. Slowly she brought her fingers to my tummy and pulled my body against her really close and really tight. Her fingers slowly trailed through my pubes and stopped just before reaching the base of my dick. She moved her fingers away and scrooched behind me, rubbing her crotch istanbul travestileri against my arse. I was trembling. My legs tried really hard to keep me standing. I had never been this turned on, ever in my whole life. My hard dick stood erect under the counter.

She grabbed both my nipples in between her fingertips and pulled on them, while she kept rubbing her crotch against my back. I felt one of her legs slowly parting my legs, and then she brushed her leg along my inner thighs. The fabric of the saree felt wonderful on my sensitive skin. I couldn’t help arching my back in pleasure, when she lightly breathed in my right ear. The sensations were too much for me. I was just going to let out a moan when I heard her giggle right into my right ear, which was followed by one of her knees smacking hard against my balls!

I was completely taken aback. Before I could react, she pinched my nipples tightly and started nibbling on my neck, below the collar. I could feel my skin getting sensitive and my knees struggling to hold my body up.

Right then she smacked her other knee against my tender balls and my knees gave up. I curled up on the floor while hearing her amused giggles. My stomach was clenching, balls were aching, the whole of my skin felt utterly sensitive, but my dick was harder than ever.

Still laughing, she kicked my hands away from my stomach. I did not have the stamina to protest. I felt like jelly! I found myself sitting on the floor leaning my back against the kitchen cupboards. She was giggling. I looked up at her and could feel the power she held over me. Just an hour ago, I was dreaming in my sleep and she was my best friend, but suddenly, I am naked on the floor before her, while she towered over me like a Goddess. Involuntarily, I put my hands on my chest like how she showed me before. This brought a naughty smirk on her face.

She was still giggling and I was sitting helpless, my folded knees together, hands on my chest. I knew what she wanted. She didn’t say anything, and she didn’t need to. Mesmerised at how beautiful she looked, involuntarily I parted my legs open, slowly. She smiled, and started trailing her bare feet up the sensitive skin of my inner thighs.

“Good boy!” she said, as she lightly tapped my dick and balls with the instep of her little foot. It felt so good, that I would’ve popped that very second, had she not taken her foot away completely. I looked up at her. She grinned.

Very slowly, she brought both of her feet forward, near my crotch. Stopping right before where my balls touched the floor, she carefully kept just her big toes on my balls. I felt a chill as I understood the fear of what she wanted to do next. I looked up at her, begging her not to do it. She just smiled at me. She hasn’t put her weight on them yet. I kept looking at her, expecting the soon-to-arrive pain, gasping for air. She seemed extremely amused. Her smile widened to a grin, and grin to a full on laughter.

I could not fathom the amount of power she held on me. The more I looked at this beautiful friend of mine from down there, the more I realised how much of a Goddess she really is. I would do anything for her amusement. The joy of seeing her smiling and giggling like this, was far more than the pain this cute Goddess could inflict, I thought. And if I really amused her to the fullest, maybe she will start to see better of me and we might even start dating.

I was lost in these thoughts, while she just stared at me, grinning with a smirk on the corner of her lips. I couldn’t stop looking at her, and every second that passed made my skin more sensitive than istanbul travesti before, expecting the pain of my balls being stepped on. I couldn’t resist the anticipation anymore. I realised I wanted it. I wanted her to step on my balls and put pressure. I begged her. Please!

“What?” she asked giggling like an innocent child. Please, step on them! “Step on them? Really? I could really hurt your balls, you know?” Plea-se, do it. I can not –

I couldn’t finish the sentence and started to feel the pressure build on my balls. I was super horny. The pain was increasing ever so slowly, it was making me crazy. When it really started hurting, I began groaning. “Tsk tsk, you’re a dog now. I want to hear you whimper like a dog, okay?” she said enthusiastically. I did not know any better, and as she kept increasing pressure, I started whimpering. She kept increasing the pressure on my balls little by little. I was crying by that time. I couldn’t take it anymore, and started screaming, only eliciting a fit of laughter from her.

“Aww, does it hurt so much? My dainty little toes are really giving you a hard time huh?” she giggled, but didn’t let go. My stomach clenched. I really couldn’t take it anymore, and begged her to stop. She kept grinning at me, and putting more and more pressure. After some more giggles and inflicting some more pain to my poor balls, she let go finally, patting my head. I was relieved.

“Good boy! Do you like wearing the collar for me? You know how I’ve always wanted a pet dog, right? Now, you get to be my pet dog!” She turned around, and sat on the kitchen counter, while I curled up on the floor grabbing my stomach. “What happened, aren’t you happy?”

Yes. Yes, I’m very happy. “Good. ‘Cause I think it’s a privilege to be my pet, isn’t it? I mean, who else would hurt your balls like this everyday, right?” I couldn’t believe how horny I was getting again. All the pain suddenly subsided, putting more blood through my dick making me even more horny.

“Alright, that’s enough! Get up now, and tell me how much you like it.” I wasted no moment. Quickly getting on my knees facing her, I put my hands on my chest. I love it. I love how cute you look. I love how you dominate me, and I love when you hurt me. I love getting hurt by you. Your perfume is intoxicating and I don’t know if I am feeling high or what, but I really want to be your pet. I love it when you treat me like a dog, pat my head, or call me a good boy. To be honest, I always had a crush on you, and I’ve always felt very lucky to be your friend. It really is a privilege to be staying with you and being your dog. I love it.

“Good boy, now to seal the deal…” she laid back against the kitchen wall, and put her legs forward, putting one foot in the air, “why don’t you be a good little dog and lick the dirt out of my soles, huh?” She put her foot on my face, and I didn’t think twice before starting to kiss the bottom of her foot. It wasn’t really dirty, but rather pretty. The skin was paler than her body and cute little toes all had a perfect round base, and dark chasm between them. I put my lips against the ball of her foot, and started lightly sucking on it. It was tasteless but the act of licking her foot was so sensuous it made me feel dizzy. My dick was so hard, all my blood probably went down to it. I licked all over her foot, sucked each of her dainty little toes and licked in between them.

“If you are a good boy, you’ll keep getting treats like this. Now tell me, do you like licking my feet doggy?” I nodded a yes. She smiled and put her other foot on my face. I started repeating the process. “When you’re done licking this foot, you can go back to making breakfast. My boyfriend is going to move in next week and he’ll actually be here anytime now, but you can just cook for two, because he’ll be bringing dog food for you, and then we’ll go shopping for your dog house, okay?”

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