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*Everyone in this story is 18 or older*


There’s no greater thrill than a rollercoaster. The rush from the speed and threat of danger electrifies my body like nothing else. They make every inch of me come alive and I didn’t think the feeling could get better until my job at Six Flags. I just graduated from hell school and it was the summer before my parents shipped me off to Chicago for college. They felt I needed to get off my ass and get a job to learn some responsibility. Fuckin’ bullshit. I graduated with a class rank of

, just under the valedictorian. The only difference is I got to my spot without fucking all my teachers like she did.

Nevertheless, at 18, I still have to learn some “great lesson” in responsibility through menial employment according to my parents, who I see like once a week between their several business trips. With all the cash my parents have, I could just barricade myself in my room, lie around, and finger myself to hentai all day. Anyway, all the jobs I could get only paid minimum wage and didn’t require a person with a whole brain.

Since my choices were pretty limited, I picked what seemed like fun, Six Flags. I always liked going to Six Flags every summer just for the rides. I dreaded the golden Californian sunset even though it was so beautiful. It meant I had to go back home to the monotony of the suburbs. The suburbs full of a John Smiths grilling mutilated cows on their astro turf lawns surrounded by white picket fences was my home, and I hated it. It was a community built around white America and all the money grubbing, misogynism, gossip, and blind following that accompanies it.

My parents fit the bill all except for their skin color. They were black, but you’d never know if you were blind. They both come from “humble beginnings”, or what I figured meant where the rest of my family is, Los Angeles. When I went to work, I was glad to get away from the constant bullshit of my parents over compensating in whiteness to make of for their ethnicity. As soon as I got to work, I went to the bathroom. Not to shit or anything, but to look into the mirror.

I stared at my decorated my face. My silver nose stud reflected the pale bathroom light. My caramel skin glistened with sweat from the heat even though it was morning. It was hot, but I was too vain to put my dreads in a ponytail. I just let them hang down to my back. I loved the way my blond locks looked in my face, protecting me from the world. I moved my hair out of the way to look into my light blue eyes. Everyday, I look at myself to find my beauty, as if I lose it every night. I guess it makes me feel confident in myself in opposition to the rest of the world.

Everyday in high school, I was ridiculed for being skinny and weird. All the other girls grew titties and hips pretty damn fast while my ass and my chest could be used as a level. It started my freshmen year, and that’s all I’d hear everyday. From white kids, black kids, and “other” kids.

I would come home angry, and rap just could anything for me. I listened to rock to let out some aggression, but as time went on, I progressed into the most brutal of death metal. As time went on, I evolved into tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks, and music. I fell in with the outcasts of the school and I knew them pretty well. The valedictorian, Jane, conquered the popular groups and I ruled the dark side. I knew the nerds, Goths, punks, gays, stoners, skaters, and everyone else.

After sophomore year, Jane’s followers didn’t like me, but knew not to fuck with me since I had the “degenerates” in the palm of my hand. But after graduation, I knew it was all over. They were my associates, not my friends. With nobody to back me on the dark side of the moon, I needed to empower myself by finding the beauty in myself. I became self sufficient.

As I walked out, wearing my extra tight Six Flags tee that barely covered my b cups and tight short shorts, I felt a rush already. It also makes me excited to have men lust for my big ass and delicate figure but also be too intimidated to talk to me because of my rough exterior. Looks are easy, but no man was brave enough to speak to the goddess. I walked with a power bounce staring ahead and ignoring the lingering eyes piercing into my skin. I walked to my booth, relieving the fat old fuck who can’t keep his eyes above my chest when we talk. I operated the Ataşehir Escort Slingshot, a ride that takes you 1200 feet in the air and drops.

You would think it would be simple to work, but this fat piece of shit always fucks up by letting small children on, keeping the ride going for too long, and other things that could get the park in a lawsuit. I was glad to get under the shaded booth and let my mind wander. The sea of people was non existent as I watched the people on the ride. I stared at their terror filled faces, longing to feel the same way when my break came and I could ride. When it did come time, I couldn’t get as excited about it because I rode it everyday for about 3 weeks. I sighed, with discontent,

It was mid afternoon, when the day walkers would go home and the second wave of people came in. Things got interesting when it got dark. I had to kick several drunken people out of line and I got flashed constantly my hairy old men. This was the time when less people would ride the Slingshot, and I had it all to myself while. I would preset how long I wanted to ride and get on against procedure, of course. I was starting to doze off, so I set the ride to run for 30 seconds. I figured I’d try and wake myself up before I fall totally asleep. As soon as I got everything ready, I turned around came face to face with some guy.

His long skinny face protruded down from his long thick dreads. I could only see his nose, expressionless mouth, and shaved chin hair and chocolate skin. I was taken aback by him since I’ve never had a boy come this close to me. After an awkward pause, I pushed him back as hard as I could, feeling threatened as there were a lot of freaks out at this time. He grunted a little, but it didn’t move him much. “Don’t sneak up on me like that!” I said with conviction, waiting for him to cower. He stood tall looking at me blankly and silently, with his dreads still covering his eyes. I swiftly looked at all of him. He was wearing black combat boots laced to the top, grey skinny jeans, and a tight black Anthirium tee. He had a lean build and he was around my height of 6 feet. I don’t know if it was him or the chilly night air, but my nipples got really hard. Coming out of my analytical coma, I quickly snapped at him, “Are you here to ride or stand around like a fucking creep?” No answer.

“Look, if you don’t say something I’m gonna have to call security.” He moved swiftly towards me and put his body against mine, my hard nipples jutting against his solid pecs. He leaned in close to my ear and said, “Something.” His deep gravely voice penetrated my ear so sensuously my vag started to drip from the vibrations on my ear drum. Nothing gets me wetter than a man who sounds like Solid Snake.

“Excuse me for being a bit primitive and rather brash, but I need you. I have to taste what a godess among men has to offer. Bringing you to the peak of both your and my night is all my mind has the ability to will. Give me your body, and I will give you bliss.”

I stood standing engulfed in his spell. His words sprinted through my mind, infecting it with all sorts of lusty thoughts. All I could do was stare into space as I was taken aback by this spontaneous wave of sexuality. Then suddenly, he backed up with his hands on my shoulders and made eye contact with me for the first time. He had beautifully shaped eyes like a jaguar and deep dark eyes that stared intensely into mine. I could feel his dark energy surrounding me.

“I uh, I…” I stuttered sounding and feeling vulnerable.

“Will you accept my offer?” he inquired, his voice deep and ominous.

“I don’t even know your name,” I said, not realizing I hinted at accepting his offer.

“Spider,” he stated.

“I’m um…Melany.”

“Can I have you?” he asked solemnly and smoothly.

I couldn’t take it anymore. His contagious sexual vibe and his soft words went viral inside me and filled my head with dirtier and dirtier thoughts and caused my vagina to ignite. With such strong feelings welling inside me, I could only utter in matching sincerity, “Take me.”

He put his arm around my lower back started to guide me out of the booth. I stopped dead in my tracks, turned to the controls and turned on the timer. Then, I turned back to Spider and saw his quizzical expression. “You got 10 minutes,” I told him as I grabbed his soft warm hands. I led him out Kadıköy Escort of the booth, over 3 line rails and directly to the Slingshot. “Good thing the car’s padded,” I mused.

“That’s pretty kinky,” Spider said softly.

“Just wait till we start fucking,” I whispered.

For the first time tonight, he smirked. It was ever so slightly, but it personified him in his divinely sexual disposition. I was starting to feel moist.

He opened the door for me, a gesture I wasn’t quite used to. I guess chivalry isn’t dead, or at least not when you’ve got a chick ready to do what I was going to with him. I stood in the middle of the car and waited as he closed the door. He rushed over, came close, and put both hands on my hips. I could feel the warmth of his body.

“Where do we go from here?” Spider questioned.

I wanted nothing more than to have a man inside me for the first time and for us to share the pleasure, but I suddenly became greedy and selfish. I wanted him to serve me first before I give him anything, if I give him anything at all. That was the deal and that’s what I intended to exploit.

“Unzip my shorts with your teeth and pull down my panties,” I said boldly. Without hesitation, he got on his knees, trailed his hand from hips to my ass, and began pulling down the zipper with his teeth slowly. The vibration from every notch made me wetter. Then, with both hands, he pulled the pants and shorts down to my ankles, releasing my hungry, well trimmed pussy. His hot breath made it tingle, and I was so turned on, I could have cum right there.

Without prompting, he gave a long broad lick from the inside of my left thigh all the way up to my lips and clit. I let out a soft moan. He obviously knew what I wanted and he was doing it well. I just closed my eyes as electricity shot up my spine and cause me to shutter. He didn’t let up after the first lick. He gripped my thighs as he traced circles around my clit and sucked my pussy. His tongue eventually started pressing at the opening of my vagina. While my inner thigh, he continued to prod me, pushing me closer and closer to my climax.

Just when I was near the edge, he pushed his tongue in as far as he could go, and I gushed directly into his mouth. As I was coming, I could feel my vagina pulsating around his tongue and holding it inside. I was in a totally different place and didn’t realize he had gotten up was look at me face to face.

“What’s next?” he asked, waking me up from my release.

I stood looking into his eyes breathing heavily. After a long pause and finally my sexual recovery, I wanted more of him. I walked to the bench and sat down, legs opened wide. “For being the first man to eat me out, I’ll give you a present, my virginity,” I said looking lustily at his dark face.

“I happy to accept it,” Spider said warmly.

He began to undress, starting with his boots. He seemed to slip them of easily even though they looked as if they were tied tightly. Next, his pants came off one leg at a time. He began taking his shirt off, and I felt the need to do the same. I pulled my tee over my head. Since I wasn’t wearing a bra, when my tee came off, my breasts were freed and my nipples stood erect. I kicked my shorts and panties off my ankles and into a corner and laid on my back. When I looked over at Spider, he was already nude and his dick stood straight up. It was a good six inches and bobbed up and down as he walked toward me.

When he reached the bench, I told him to be gentle. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he replied. He got on top of me placed his rod between my thighs. He moved slowly, rubbing the head on all my hotspots before putting it at the opening. He pushed the head inside and paused. As he began inch, orange lights began to flash inside the car and it began lifting into the air at a fast speed.

Spider’s penis was pushed all the way inside me, busting my hymen as I was pressed against the bench by momentum. I screamed loudly, partially from pleasure, partially from pain. My hymen had been broken roughly and it sent a wave of pain through my body, but I also couldn’t help but loving the feeling of Spider inside me.

As the car rose, his full weight was on me and neither of us could move. We were stuck to the bench like flies on fly paper. It felt like an hour. When the car reached the top, we both exhaled, relieved for Bostancı Escort a moment. Then, the car plummeted. Spider and I held onto the edge of the bench trying to keep from being flung to the ceiling. He had it worse as his feet were in the air, his whole body turned upward with on arm anchored to the bench and one grabbing my breast. It fell for a few more seconds, and then it halted, causing Spider to slam into me hard, accidently lodging his dick all the way in.

“OH YEAH, DO IT HARD,” I screamed in a primal lust, speaking subconsciously. I hadn’t planned in it, but now I wanted to be fucked hard, to feel the impact of Spider’s whole body on mine as he drove his dick deep inside me. He immediately started pounding me as the car rose again. The mixture of adrenaline and sexual excitement was causing my vagina to slosh with every stroke. It was so obscene, and normally I would have been embarrassed, but I was lost in the moment.

As it reached the top, it drop again, but this time, Spider had a better grip on the bench and had the head of his dick on the soaked lips of my pussy ready to slam inside like before. I quivered in anticipated. We fell and fell when suddenly, BOOM. It banged inside me and I felt a shockwave throughout my body. I started climaxing and shaking erratically, even as the car rose again.

Spider continued humping, colliding roughly with every drop of the car. Up and down up and down, up and down. I was hit with wave after wave with orgasm, moaning and grunting the whole time like a wild beast. As Spider was plowing into me, he began growling. His pace grew exponentially. His abs slapped against my stomach faster and faster as the car rose. I could feel myself reaching the biggest orgasm yet. My pussy began pulsating and pulling his dick further inside. His rapid pounding continued until the car reached the top, and then he pumped one last time as hard as he could.

Both of us yelled as he pushed me and himself over the cliff into the oceans of orgasmic pleasure. His dick exploded in me, and I could feel the molten hot liquid fill my cavern. Spider pulled out, and as he did, he spray long hard streams of jizz in all directions and I began to squirt. Or, for lack of a more precise word, erupt. Juices from my pussy began to explode outward. All over the walls, out the car window, on me, on Spider, everywhere. His hot semen sprayed all over my tits as he wildly flung his dick around. He must have sprayed about 16 times, and I squirted 4 huge burst of cum, most of it going out the window.

Spider collapsed on top of me. Both of us were panting like dogs. As we were pressed together, we kissed, lovingly wrestling with our tongues. We didn’t realized the ride stopped, and was slowly descending back to earth. When we ended our kiss, we stared into each other’s eyes, still holding onto the moment. I wanted to give Spider my number and invite him into my life. I needed more of the love he was so eager to give me. After a second or two, I began to speak but was interrupted.

“It’s gotta be a fuckin’ water ride, or some shit. Cause I got fuckin’ soaked,” said an older drunken man with his back turned to us outside the door. All his mates cheered in agreement, and he turned to open the door when he saw us through the window. He and his buddies stared in awe at such a sight. Two naked people cover in sweat and cum inside a car covered in much of the same. I looked over at the door, petrified. Not only had I been caught my first time with a man, but I got caught doing him at work. I lied there, unable to move.

Spider came close and whispered into my ear, “Give me a moment.” He rushed over to his shorts, put them on and headed to the door. As soon as he opened it, the men began showering him with applause and obscene statements. Spider closed the door so I wouldn’t have to hear them. He began talking, and though I could hear what he was saying, his gestures looked threatening. As he went on, the drunken men had nervous and frightened looks on their faces. With a final point towards the exit from Spider, the men scurried away. He turned around, opened the door, and slowly walked towards me.

“Mere mortals do not deserve to see you in this vulnerable state,” he said brashly. He extended his left hand, and said, returning to his soft voice, “Let’s have a night that we’ll never forget.”

“I’ll never forget this, your love,” I said.

“But I still have more, and I’ll only stop when you’re satisfied,” he stated.

With that, I got up, took his hand, and left the car without collecting my clothes. As we left, I told him, “If that’s the case, we still have lots of rides to get on before closing time.”

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