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Wanda Makes up with Her Boyfriend Ch. 01

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This takes place right after Wanda Back at School series ends. I wanted to continue the series but try something new. I think this one has a different vibe. I tried to distance myself from the whole exposure/nonconsent debatable assault theme. If I continue the series I will bring that vibe back in the future. I have a few Ideas. I like my characters and it wouldn’t be impossible to find similar, better developed, versions of these characters in print somewhere if you are a fan of humor/crime fiction. I wanted Wanda to have some fun and really enjoy herself for a little bit. As anyone who read my earlier work knows Wanda is Mocha complexioned black 18-year-old High School Senior a few months short of graduation. Wanda is a beautiful girl who’s most prominent feature is her very large shapely breasts. She Has dark almond-shaped eyes, soft features, and pillowy lips. Her legs and ass are thick and shapely. The round fuller lower body black women are most sexualized for having. But all that gets overlooked because of the breasts. She has had only one boyfriend Julio “Julie” who worships her. He was a shy Jock who spent most of his energy on becoming a successful boxer and as a result has always been somewhat awkward socially. Like a nerd who obsesses over Star Wars and can only talk about Star Wars. Julie was like that but his obsession was training. As a result, Julie is very built for an 18-year-old. He is on the short side for a boxer but his body screams compact power.

Wanda and her boyfriend Julio, who everyone called Julie for short, barely made it back to Julie’s house. He had tried to coerce her to fuck in the back of his car right in the school parking lot. He never talked like that and the look in his eyes was wild. He had carried her in his arms across the school and parking lot to the back of his station wagon. The whole trip she could feel his hard penis poke her in the ass with every step. He was so hard Wanda’s ass actually had started to bruise. It was like he had a steel pipe in his pants. If weight crashing down on his hard cock had hurt him, he gave no signs of it in his face. It had been several weeks since they had been together and his intensity would have scared her if she had not been equally excited.

Wanda had not felt sexually aroused since her body had been publicly groped and displayed the week before. It had been a nightmare scenario she had feared since she first developed as a preteen. For a long time, it felt like Anadolu Yakası Escort a foregone conclusion that her giant brown breasts would be on display for her school. Which aside from Wanda was entirely white. Then she met Julie and he kept her safe from a crew of pervert bullies who delighted in targeting her breasts for harassment. Wanda thought she was into Julie because he made her feel safe. She now knew it was because he was quietly capable of inflicting massive amounts of violence. Seeing him unleashed was like witnessing a tornado up close. He was on track to be a more successful pro boxer than his semi-famous father. Wanda had seen him compete many times and it was always fun but it was a sport, he liked and respected his opponents. He hated the guys he had just left in a heap. They would never forget what happened today.

Julie set her down and pressed her hard against the back window of his car. The warmth of the glass from the sun spread across her curvy jean covered ass. If it wasn’t for her fantastic chest people definitely would have noticed her ass more but instead, it was always an afterthought. Sometimes that made Wanda a little sad. But there were the times when Julie tore himself off her tits long enough to notice and it was like he had discovered a hidden treasure. When Julie ran his fingers along the bottoms of her cheeks it was like he was doing it for the first time. He put his lips to her cheek close to her ear and kissed softly. His lips were full and firm as he slowly worked his way down her neck. With every kiss his lips parted more and more and the warmth from his mouth slowly turned to heat. The tingle Wanda felt was so intense she spun her neck involuntarily to escape the intense electric waves running across her skin. She rested her face in his muscular chest. He was giving off a stifling wet heat from his body. Wanda breathed deep and smelled him. His sweat and deodorant and hair conditioner was the manliest smell in the world. Then she picked up a hint of rust scent and realized it was blood and her knees buckled from the wave of pleasure that ran down her spine. She felt her walls tighten like she was approaching orgasm. A warm pressure building between her thighs. She might have gone over if Julie hadn’t reached for the door latch.

“What are you doing?” she asked half annoyed at the interruption and half relieved she hadn’t gone over so fast. She wanted the pressure Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan to build.

“I’m gonna fuck you right here,” he said looking at her like he was starving.

Wanda almost gave in. It ached to say no. But she wasn’t going to be caught half dressed in the parking lot after the day she had.

She walked to the passenger door shaking her ass extra wide because she knew he was watching. Julie reluctantly opened the door for her and walked back to his door. He knocked on his window for Wanda to unlock it. She leaned over and pulled the knob. He watched her closely as she did. She looked up at him with a smile as he opened the door.

“You still haven’t seen “A Bronx Tale?'” he asked sarcastically

She smiled at their private joke about her not unlocking his door for him. She knew how much he loved watching her lean over and stretch her body like a cat. And her breast hanging. He would be so sad the day she did like the girl in the movie and opened his door before he got to the window. For a guy who loved black women, Robert Dinero didn’t know shit about big black tits.

He tried to get her to reconsider a quickie in the back seat. She offered him a blow job while he drove and he made that face he always did when she offered. Julie was one of those rare guys who didn’t like blow jobs. He didn’t do passive very well. He just got frustrated from inaction the two times they had tried it. Never again he vowed. That didn’t stop him from giving Wanda all the head she could handle. The president’s mistress was quoted once as saying “he ate pussy like a champ” she would have described Julie like that but he was better. He was like a contender, hungry and willing to outwork anyone.

“Do you want to pout or drive home and get some?” Wanda asked semi-serious

Julie turned the engine over so fast the key almost broke off and he floored it through the stop sign in the parking lot.

“Slow down before the cops stop us,” she warned

“They do and I am bending you backwards over the hood right in front of em,” he said without a trace of humor.

Julian somehow made it to his house without killing anybody and was at the passenger door so fast you would suspect he had teleported there. He always opened her door. His father was Latin and southern and drilled his version of manners into Julie almost as hard as his boxing lessons. Wanda had barely undone her seat belt Escort Anadolu Yakası when Julie jiggled his keys in her face rather uncharacteristically rude of him.

“Why are you giving me these?” she asked as she took them.

Julie answered her by scooping her out of her seat and hefting her to waist level with what appeared to be no effort at all. He had buried his face in her neck as carried her to the door. she felt his teeth scrape softly on the nape of her neck and shuddered. it wasn’t easy to work the lock on his door. He set her down at the front entrance. She hoped he would. There was a long mirror at the entrance to the house and Wanda loved it when Julie caressed her from behind while she was able to watch from the mirror. She felt ar her most beautiful with her neck arched into his kisses. He would wrap an arm around her just below her chest and caress her side with his free hand. His forearms were almost freakishly large from hitting the bag in the gym and seeing the muscles ripple under her breast in her reflection was a major turn on. She would caress his arm and feel every muscle and tendon flex as his fingers stroked her side in soft circles. The contrast of her dark skin against his in the mirror made her think of Yin and Yang light and dark. male and female, up and down, side by side, hard and soft it described the two of them to a T. It was an almost spiritual feeling as the warmth washed over her. It was like they were out of time. It was no coincidence the same Taoist philosophers who invented Yin and Yang also invented tantric sex.

Eventually, Julie would push her towards his room. He would make a detour at the fridge and grab 4 or 5 bottled waters. This always gave Wanda a chance to break away to the bathroom. This time she checked the mirror and saw she still had blood on her face. Julie had violently broke a guys lip against his teeth and then hooked him hard and slung blood across the room. Most of it had gotten on the girl standing next to Wanda but Wanda got plenty on her. She remembered the warm wetness on her bare skin. Her shirt had been pulled up so far the soft curves of her underboobs were showing and she got blood on the bottom of her half exposed tits. She pulled her shirt up and checked her breasts in the mirror. She brushed the now dry blood flakes from her breasts and in the process grazed the dark skin of her areola. She had to brace herself on the sink as the quake washed over her. Her body had been a live wire for over an hour now and Julie had the juice turned all the way up. She was riding the rails of an orgasm just cleaning her skin with a warm wet cloth. She was worried her nerves would short out from being so amped up for so long. There must be a breaking point somewhere. She quickly rushed to Julian’s room.

To be continued

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