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Voyeuristic Hotel Maid

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I first met Sofia through a surprise encounter in my hotel room early one Monday morning. It was a Sunday night when I arrived at my hotel after flying in for a weeklong series of business meetings. Even at 11:00 p.m., I knew I was in Houston as soon as I stepped out of my cab into the sweltering, humid air.

A whoosh of cold air washed over me as the front door automatically opened as I entered the small lobby, dragging my suitcase up to the front desk to check-in. I handed my ID and credit card to the clerk and in return I got the key to my room.

I had stayed in this hotel several times, so I knew the elevators were right around the corner to the right of the lobby. With key in hand, my suitcase wheels clacked along the tile floor as I walked to the elevator. There was nobody else waiting to go up, so the ride to the ninth floor was quick. In less than ten minutes since arriving, I found myself standing in front of the door to room 918.

Touching the keycard to the card reader, the status light turned green, and the lock clicked open. The door opened into a small sitting area holding a couch, desk and a flat screen TV sitting on a credenza. The separate bedroom was connected through a double wide opening and furnished with a king-sized bed. Another TV hung on the wall, and there was a free standing closest near the foot of the bed. Right off the bedroom was a sink/vanity area with a large, lighted mirror and another door leading to the toilet and glass enclosed shower. The walls were adorned with a few nondescript paintings and a full-length mirror in the bedroom. It was nothing fancy, just your typical mid-tier hotel room, and my home for the week.

My first meeting was at 10:00 a.m., so I set my alarm for 8:00 a.m. I followed my normal morning routine: stretch, shave, brush my teeth and hop into the shower. As I was stripping down for my shower, I looked at myself in the mirror. I thought that I had aged well for my fifty-three years. I certainly do not have the face of a movie star, but I had not lacked for dates in my younger days, and I still catch the occasional second glance coming my way. The years had added a few lines and a couple of age spots, but it was still mostly a mid-forties-looking face. Brown hair and brown eyes did not really distinguish me one way or the other. The five pounds that I had gained since college were evenly spread over my six-foot frame. At 180 pounds, I had fairly broad shoulders, but was slimmer through the waist and hips. I’d never had six-pack abs but turning sideways showed that I still had a flat stomach. As is probably true for most guys, I did wish that I were a little better endowed. I was average sized, a bit under six inches hard with proportional girth, so a little bigger would have been nice, but what I had still worked.

It was around 8:30 when I stepped out of the shower. I was drying off my hair when I heard a knock at the door. Since I was not expecting anyone, I figured it was housekeeping, so I yelled that I was still in the room.

Obviously, she did not hear me, because when I came out of the bathroom with nothing on except for the bath towel draped over my shoulders, there she was. I froze, with a surprised look on my face. She yelped and stepped backwards, profusely apologizing, but one thing I noticed is she never looked away from my naked body. Indeed, she was taking full advantage of the situation; I saw her eyes glide up and down my entire body, as though they were scanning an image of me to burn into her brain.

I don’t know how other guys would have reacted but being caught naked does not bother me. In fact, I enjoy it if a random woman takes notice of me clothed or in the buff. Thanks to that exhibitionist streak, I just stood there in all my glory, letting her eyes roam. I was glad, though, that I had just gotten out of a hot shower. Everything was hanging loose and full – no shrinkage like a guy gets when it is cold outside. I did not want her first impression of me to be “where is it?”

I stood there looking at her. She stood there looking at me for several ticks of the clock. I believe her shock finally wore off and she started moving to the door repeatedly saying with a light Spanish accent, “I’m sorry, I am so sorry. I did not know anybody was in the room. I’m sorry.”

I quickly stepped in front of her and stopped her before she got out the door. Looking at her hotel name tag, I smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it, Sofia. It was an honest mistake, and I am not the bashful type, so it is no big deal. It will just be our secret, so nobody else will ever know.”

She instantly looked relieved and replied, “Thank you.” She gave me a shy smile, one more quick up-and-down glance, and then started for the door again. I stopped her again by saying, “I don’t want to mess up your schedule, so you can finish the room while I get dressed. I will be out of your way in a few minutes.”

She stopped and gave me a quizzical look before replying, “You bahis siteleri don’t mind me here while you get dressed?”

With a shameless smile I responded, “Not a bit.”

I could almost see the devil on one shoulder and the angel on her other arguing back and forth: “Stay and look… No go… No stay…” Her eyes swept over my body before briefly lingering on my still-flaccid cock. Breaking her stare, she started to take a step towards the door but stopped. She inhaled deeply as she gave me a last lustful up-and-down look. Then she let out a long sigh as she replied, “I might get in trouble if I stay, so I had better wait in the hall until you finish dressing.”

I responded, “I don’t want to cause any trouble for you, so let me grab a couple of things, and I will get dressed in the bathroom.”

She sounded regretful as she replied, “That will be better for me, just in case.”

Her voice said one thing, but her eyes said something different. They trailed me as I got my underwear out of the suitcase, pulled a shirt, and pants off the hanger, and then headed into the bathroom. I smiled as I passed her, but she did not notice as the swinging motion of my cock was holding her gaze. I took a quick look in the bathroom mirror and was pleased to see that her eyes still followed me. Once she saw mine in the mirror, though, she quickly looked away. It was too late; she knew she had been busted. A rosy blush began flooding her face.

When I emerged from the bathroom, she took a casual glance and then resumed her task of making the bed. She was bent over at the foot of the bed, smoothing out the covers. Seeing her bent over at the waist like that, her dress pulled tight over the curve of her ass, was very enticing; it gave me a flash fantasy of taking her from behind. It was too tempting not to take some advantage of her position, so I used the small space between her and the standing closet as an excuse to lightly graze my groin along her butt as I passed, saying, “Excuse me, I need to get my wallet and phone.” There was no reaction, but I knew she had to be aware of my touch. I grabbed my things, slipped them in my pockets and turned to make my way back.

She had shifted a bit to the left, still bent over, smoothing out another section of the bed cover as I approached. Touching her lower back again to signal that I was passing behind her, she remained bent over but had stopped her actions and was now leaning on her hands. I pressed a little harder against her butt this time as I pretended to squeeze by. My movement behind her had been brief, but had her body pushed back against me? I was not sure, but she had made no attempt to evade my touch either time, which gave me something to wonder about later that evening.

Opening the door to leave, I looked back to see that she was now sitting on the bed with a flustered look on her face, waving her hand at herself as if that were going to cool her off. I didn’t know exactly what she was feeling, but it appeared that she might have liked what she saw — and felt. That gave me an idea. As I was pulling the door shut behind me, I turned and said, “Hope you have a great day, Sofia. Maybe I will see you tomorrow at the same time.” She said something, but the door clicked shut behind me, cutting off her reply.

As the elevator doors were closing, I thought about how exciting it had been to start off my week getting caught naked. It was something that I had never expected or experienced before. There were a lot of thoughts tumbling around in my head on the elevator ride down. What had she felt when I pressed myself against her? Had she gotten aroused from seeing me naked? Would I remain Sofia’s little secret, or would I become a topic of gossip among the hotel maids? Maybe Sofia would show up for another peek tomorrow or maybe one of the other maids would work my room in hopes of getting a look. How interesting would this week get, I wondered? Little did I know.

On my cab ride over to my first meeting of the day, I started to sort out my impressions of Sofia. She was about five foot three, with a light brown complexion. I chuckled to myself, remembering that there’d been some extra red when I had left, especially around her cheeks. Straight dark hair with some brown highlights had been pulled back into a cute ponytail which had hung down several inches past her shoulders. She had pretty deep brown eyes and full, kissable lips. Thinking of the lines on her face and her figure, I guessed her to be in her mid-40’s, about ten years younger than me. She had been wearing a black, one-piece dress with a button-down front that had reached just above her knees. It had a scooped neckline, showing just enough cleavage to let you know something was there, but not enough to be considered sexy, which seemed proper for a housekeeping uniform. The dress hadn’t been form-fitting, but it had showed enough shape to reveal that she had an inward curve to her waist. Her probable C cup breasts had nicely filled canlı bahis siteleri out the top. Overall, I thought she was an attractive woman, moving towards the plumper side but not there yet.

My cab arrived at my first destination, so the rest of the day and into the evening revolved around work. It was not until later that night that my thoughts turned towards Sofia again. Lying in bed, I wondered what she really thought about seeing me naked, and of course I speculated in return what she might look like naked. As I replayed everything in my head, I began to contemplate that the reason she never averted her eyes was that the sight of me naked was feeding a sexual hunger that her inner inhibitions were trying to deny. I had to laugh at myself at that point, because I realized that catching a man naked in his room was probably a routine thing for hotel maids. I’d been just another hazard of the job. Though I was most likely already forgotten, she wasn’t. The sight of her bent over the bed was still active in my imagination, and I let my fantasy play out in my head.

I started to play the ‘what-if’ game. Remembering how the black dress was stretched tight over the curve of butt, ‘what-if,’ I had stopped and pressed my hard cock tight up against her? ‘What-if,’ with my cock snuggled, against her butt, I had reached around, and cupped her ample breasts in my hands? A stirring within my underwear began as I imagined her swaying those hips back and forth to better nestle my turgid shaft between her ass cheeks. It was not long before the head of my dick emerged from underneath the waist band of my underwear as I envisioned the softness of her breasts under my caressing fingers. I heard her moan, only to realize it had come from my own lips as I’d thought about her grinding back against me while my hands slid inside her dress to search out her hard nipples.

I had fully aroused myself by this time, so I pushed the covers back and slid my hand inside of my underwear. My fingers wrapped around my throbbing member and stroked a few times before I realized I needed some lubricant. I got out of bed and grabbed the little bottle of hand lotion from the bathroom. I skimmed my underwear off, squirted some lotion onto my cock, and began to stroke it as my fantasy continued, with her looking over her shoulder at me and breathlessly saying, “Put it in me.”

I pictured pushing her dress up over her hips and seeing a large, dark spot on the crotch of her panties, proving to me that she was ready for me to enter her. I speculated about what her pussy would look like when I pulled her panties down to clear the way to fuck her. As I entered her in my thoughts, I squeezed my pinkie around the head of my cock and pushed it into my hollow fist to simulate the feeling of thrusting my cock inside of her. My fingers were firmly encircling my hardness as they glided up and down the slippery shaft. I told myself that that was what it would feel like to have the walls of her pussy tight around my cock.

My imagination and my hand were in sync. Every time I thrust into her; my hand stroked my cock. It did not take long to hear her imaginary moans matching my real ones as I got closer and closer. The sound of my stroking fingers filled in for the sound of my hips slapping against her ass as I fantasized about pounding her from behind. When I imagined her back arching and pushing back against me in an orgasm, I felt that wonderful release and a warm load of cum fountain onto my belly. My cock spasmed a couple more times, pushing out a few more spurts of cum as a feeling of contentment spread across my body.

I laid there a few minutes catching my breath before wiping the puddle of cum off my belly, thinking I would much rather be wiping it off Sofia’s. I then slowly drifted off to sleep, wondering if Sofia had had a matching fantasy of me tonight that had guided her hand between her legs.

The next morning, I followed the same routine and stepped out of the shower at about 8:30 a.m. There had been no knock on the door, so I dragged out getting dressed as long as I could, but unfortunately the knock never came. I figured it was fun while it lasted, but I still felt disappointed as I gathered my things and headed out the door. It would have been fun to tease her and get her flustered again.

I opened the door, and, to my surprise, there was Sofia, standing right in front of it. My sudden presence had startled her, so she had a panicky look to her face, as if I had caught her up to something. I suspect she had been standing there, waffling on whether or not to knock. I smiled and said, “Good morning, Sofia.”

Looking down, she responded in a shy voice, “Hi.”

I continued, “Sorry; you are bit late this morning, so no show.”

She hesitated and then kind of stuttered as she replied, “No, no, I can’t do that again. If my boss or my husband finds out I would be in big trouble, so no more looking. Sorry.”

Her utterance sounded like she was canlı bahis trying to convince herself more than me. I knew then that I had been on her mind last night. It sounded as if what she had rehearsed to herself last night was now in a struggle of conscience with what she suddenly felt this morning upon seeing me. With a knowing smile, I took a step towards her. She took a step back, surprise replacing the conflict on her face. I took another step forward and she took another backwards; surprise became anxiety — or maybe excitement. I took one more step forward and she bumped up against the hallway wall beside my door. We just stood there looking at each other for a few heartbeats. The rise and fall of her breasts betrayed to me the arousal she was feeling at that moment. She had a bit of the deer-in-the-headlights look as I rested a hand on the wall beside her head and leaned in very close to whisper in ear, “Be honest with me. You enjoyed looking yesterday, didn’t you?”

She halfheartedly replied, “No, I didn’t.”

I chuckled and let a soft breath murmur into her ear as I responded, “That was not the impression I got, so tell me again that you did not like it.”

She looked down and took a disconcerted breath before quietly replying, “Yes, I liked it.”

I then asked, “You thought about me last night, didn’t you?”

Still not looking up, she softly replied, “Yes.”

I put a finger under her chin, titling her face up to look into my eyes as I asked, “You wanted to see me naked again, didn’t you?”

She blinked several times and in a barely audible voice she replied, “Yes, but it is wrong. I’m married.”

In a flirtatious tease, one finger gently and slowly caressed down her cheek and along her jawline, bringing a sigh to her lips. I pressed my finger to those lips, and then to mine, as if I was transferring a kiss. Taking a step back from her I said, “You know our naughty secret is just between the two of us, so work or your husband will never have to find out. 8:30 tomorrow morning if are interested, and you don’t have to knock.”

With that, I gave her a wink and headed to the elevator, leaving her breathing heavily against the wall.

The rest of my Tuesday was just like my Monday: all work related into the evening, and then a few drinks and dinner with my client, so I did not have much time to think about Sofia until later that night.

I did not get back to my hotel room until 11:00 p.m. It had been a long day, and I was tired. I stripped down to my underwear and crawled into bed. I closed my eyes and wondered when Sofia had last seen a naked man that was not her husband – well, other than me, the previous day. Another question that came to mind was whether she really enjoyed and needed sex, or if was she more the type of woman that thought of sex as just another chore of being a wife? No, I could not believe that sex was just a chore for her, not with the way she had looked at me. I’d seen a hunger in her eyes. My last thought before sleep claimed me was the idea that maybe she was very horny because she was not getting any at home.

Sofia was my first thought upon waking Wednesday morning. Would she show? I know I had brought some spice, some unexpected excitement into her life, but I was not sure how she was managing it. I thought I had an idea of her sexual fantasies, but I knew that it could also just be my wishful thinking. Was it all too overwhelming, or had it intrigued her enough to overcome her inhibitions? I would soon find out.

It was the same routine as the previous morning. The steamy shower had warmed my body, so everything was hanging down nicely once again. Luckily, my personal grooming ritual is on Saturday, so the bush around my cock had been nicely trimmed just before this trip. My ball sack was shaved smooth, though it could probably use a once going over, but I had not expected to be showing it to a random woman, so I had not brought a regular razor with me. There was a lot of steam trapped in the shower, so a trail of fog followed me as I stepped out of the shower. The million-dollar question was: would Sofia be there or not? I draped the towel over my shoulders and walked into the bedroom.

A wave of disappointment hit me when I did not see her. The bedroom was empty. Nobody was standing there; nobody was sitting on the bed. With a sigh, I started towards my suitcase, when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her stand up off the couch and take a tentative step towards the bedroom. Monday’s encounter with Sofia had been unexpected, so it had had a playful, teasing, exhibitionist feeling to it. Today was different. For me, knowing that she had come to my room at a specified time because she wanted to see me naked was sexually arousing.

She stopped a few feet from me and smiled when she first saw me, but her eyes were immediately drawn to my cock. It was going from flaccid to hard right before her eyes — indeed, because of her eyes. In less than 10 seconds, my cock had gone from soft and dangling down to a throbbing erection, pointing up to the ceiling. Her eyes had grown big, and her full attention was on my cock as she uttered, “I wish my husband found it so easy to get an erection like you.”

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