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Sometimes you find yourself in a position where you have to volunteer to do something. I was in that position right now. What happened was that the Drama department needed some new backdrops for a couple of plays they were putting on. They raised this at the PTA meeting, hoping for the PTA to spend some money buying them. Fat chance. The PTA made Scrooge look like a spendthrift.

Unfortunately for me, my mother was on the PTA board. She had a brilliant idea.

“Why don’t we just repaint the old back drops?” she asked. “They’re pretty much worn and a coat of new paint would make them look much better. If the Drama department can decide what they want on them we can get some volunteers from the Art department. I know Michael would be happy to help.”

That’s me, Michael, the first Arts student to put up his hand to volunteer to spend an entertaining Saturday afternoon painting backdrops for the Drama department, courtesy of my Mother, who let me know this a couple of days later.

“Great,” I said, with a certain lack of enthusiasm. “Who else volunteered?”

“Three of the Drama students,” said my mother, happy to see this example of school spirit.

“Ah, that’s nice,” I said, “but I meant who from the Arts department. You’ll find that the Drama queens can dance and prance and put on airs, but I doubt if they even know how to hold a paintbrush.”

“Yes, well we haven’t got anyone else yet, but I’m sure someone will. Don’t worry about it. It will all work out.”

In other word, I was going to be stuck with doing the lot. Not that the backdrops took a lot of artistic skill or effort. Great works of art they were not. All I had to do was slap on enough paint to give the impression we wanted to form. People’s imagination would tend to do the rest. The biggest catch that I could see was that I would probably have three people telling me what to do.

I turned up in good time on the Saturday and went back stage to the props room. They had about a dozen backdrops. While waiting for the other volunteers to arrive I sorted through the backdrops, selecting the four worst for repainting. Well, not really the worst. Just the worst ones that would survive a repaint.

Shortly after that the other volunteers arrives. First there was Gabriel, nineteen, an aspiring actor, quite handsome, I guess, and looking reasonably fit. Next was Vanessa, eighteen, a dancer, a fairly pretty brunette who was very fit. I quite liked her, even if she was only a B cup. Apparently big boobs are a hazard for dancers. Last, but not least, because she insisted on it, was Rochelle. She was also a brunette, also eighteen, but a grade ahead of Vanessa in the looks department, and didn’t she know it. I’m not sure what she aspired to be but from the size of her breasts a dancer wasn’t it.

The first thing I discovered was that I’d selected the wrong backdrops. There were others that were in worse condition than the ones I’d selected. The Drama students wanted me to repaint those. When I pointed out that the ones they’d selected were so moth-eaten and fragile that they’d crumble under the weight of a fresh coat of paint they reluctantly agreed to use my selection.

“Exactly what do you want painted on each backdrop?” I asked, assuming that they had some idea. I mean, just saying we want new backdrops wasn’t very meaningful. They each had different ideas about which new backdrops were required.

I finished up insisting they call the Drama coach and asking her what her preferences were. No problems. She’d left a sketchbook on the lectern by the stage with rough drafts of what she wanted. She thought that her students had known that.

“Oh, yes,” said Rochelle, “that’s Ataşehir Escort right. She told me about those.”

Thank you, you scatter-brained twit, I thought, but manly refrained from saying.

The first item was easy. A country scene, meadows and river and bushes. I basically just ran a roller of green paint over the backdrop and slathered on a broad streak of blue. Some blobs of a darker green and then little slashes of other colours and you had your meadow.

The three Drama students were in complete accord for once.

“That’s appalling,” was the general cry. “That doesn’t look at all real.”

“Look,” I said with a sigh, “go and put it up at the back of the stage and then go and look at it from the audience’s seats. Then tell me what you think of it.”

They did so and reluctantly returned and admitted that I was right. It did look a lot more realistic from a distance.

I persuaded them to grab a roller and some white paint and do a quick coating on the remaining backdrops while I planned how I would tackle them. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake on my part. They were eager enough, lying the backdrops flat in the rather limited area we had, and running rollers over them. Where was the mistake, you ask?

It was the way the girls were dressed. Loose tops and short skirts. If they faced one way I was looking down their tops, especially Rochelle’s, who had a lot of top to look down. If they faced the other way then I was looking up their dresses to their Khyber Pass, and neither girl had seen fit to wear granny pants under those skirts. It was quite an interesting view. I wasn’t the only one who thought so, with Gabriel doing his best to hide his rather blatant staring.

I was quite sure both girls noticed us staring, but they managed to ignore it. Well, Rochelle may have found the opportunity to bend even lower and show off even more, and Vanessa may have had a faint blush, but that was probably pure coincidence. I’m sure if they’d known the display they were putting on they’d have changed their style.

Did I mention that Vanessa apparently though a b-cup didn’t rate a bra while she was out doing volunteer work. Rochelle, of course, with her much greater cup size found a bra a necessity. Perhaps she might have benefited by wearing a larger bra, because her breasts seemed to be escaping the one she had on when she bend down. Not that I was complaining.

Once the backdrops were painted white there was nothing we could really do for a while. We’d have to give the white twenty minutes to be touch-dry. Then I could start slapping new paint on it to set up the scenes.

“What do we do now?” asked Rochelle.

“Well, we’ve got twenty minutes to fill in. I’d like to spend that time removing your clothes, starting with your panties, and then trying out a variety of sexual positions until I found the one I liked best. At that point I would do my best to screw you ragged.”

“You can’t say things like that,” Rochelle protested.

“And what do you think Gabriel and I would be doing if you tried that?” demanded Vanessa.

“Well, if Gabriel has any red blood in him he’d be pulling off your clothes, starting with your panties, and trying out a range of different sexual position, finishing up doing his best to bang your brains out,” I replied.

Now Vanessa was protesting that I can’t say things like that.

“Why not?” I asked, reasonably in my point of view.

“That’s sexual harassment,” said Rochelle smugly.

“Actually, no, it’s not,” I told her. “It’s putting out a suggestion that you are free to pick up or ignore. If I kept on trying to push the idea after you Ataşehir Escort Bayan say no, then it becomes sexual harassment. If you want to be a bit picky about what could be considered sexual harassment how about the way you and Vanessa have spent the last quarter of an hour flashing your bottoms and boobs at us?”

“We were not,” Vanessa quickly stated, blushing.

“You were so,” I told her. “You quite embarrassed me, what with you not wearing a bra and letting your lovely breasts dangle that way.”

“I was wearing a bra,” said a smug sounding Rochelle.

“Which hid absolutely nothing when you bent forward far enough and you certainly made sure you did,” I retaliated. “You’ll find it also hides nothing once I unclip it and toss it to one side.”

Both girls were glaring daggers at me but they were also looking a little shifty. They knew exactly what they’d been doing. They just hadn’t expected to get called on it.

I moved a little closer to Rochelle, reached down and lifted her skirt.

“Hold this,” I told her and she just seemed to clutch hold of it automatically, not thinking about what she was doing. With her skirt out of the way I reached for her panties, although there was barely enough material to rate them as an item of clothing. I had them below her knees and descending before she was fully aware of what was happening.

“What are you doing?” she wailed, sounding completely scandalised. Not that being scandalised caused her to let go her skirt which was still held high, putting her pussy on display for one and all.

“I told you,” I protested. “Undressing you, starting with your panties. You didn’t say not to so I’m assuming you’re fine with this.”

“B-but what about Vanessa and Gabriel?”

“Not my business. If Gabriel is a bit slow following my lead you can only sympathise with him. After all, Vanessa is waiting for him to make his move.”

With that I took Rochelle’s panties off one foot and then the other, tossing them to one side. Standing I reached for the fastenings on her skirt and moments later it was slithering down to ground level, leaving a red-face Rochelle standing there half naked.

Off to the side I could see Vanessa waving her hands in a no-no motion and slowly shaking her head, but apart from that she wasn’t really trying to stop Gabriel from pulling her panties down.

I started undoing the buttons on Rochelle’s blouse. She was now protesting verbally but not very firmly and it wasn’t long before her blouse was gone. I made a circular motion with my finger, indicating she should turn around, and as soon as she did so I unhooked her bra. She didn’t try to save it, just letting it drop.

Glancing across at Vanessa I was pleased to find that she was also naked. The fact that she hadn’t been wearing a bra meant Gabriel had caught up with us. I turned Rochelle back to face me.

“Now girls, don’t be mean. Put your hands behind your backs.”

Both girls had been standing there, wearing slight blushes, trying to hide their charms. They looked at each other, their blushes rising slightly and moved their hands as requested.

I don’t know what Gabriel was thinking but I loved what I was seeing. Each, in her own way, was spectacular. I started undressing. Both girls watched me, nervously at first but showing a lot more interest when I started pushing my trousers down.

“You do realise what I’m going to do to you?” I asked Rochelle softly.

She blinked and blushed and nodded.

“And are you going to try to stop me?”

She blushed even more and shook her head.

“Do you do ballet as part of your drama class?”

Now Escort Ataşehir she looked a little confused but nodded.

“Then why don’t you show me if you can do a vertical split.”

I didn’t think she’d even try but she looked a little intrigued. She moved closer to the wall and then lifted her leg. She had to grab her ankle to help hold steady but she by damn did a vertical split. This also had the side effect of leaving her totally exposed.

“Just hold it like that for a moment,” I said, my hand already rubbing against her mound.

I massaged her, watching her face as I did so. She was breathing harder and starting to look excited. It didn’t take long and I could feel the heat and moisture coming from her mound. I just calmly lined my cock up and pressed home.

She was certainly ready for me, my cock just sinking deep with one long stroke. I held there for a moment, glancing around to see what Vanessa and Gabriel were doing. He, bright boy that he is, had got Vanessa to do the same vertical split and he was already probing her depths.

I withdrew and looked around. Seeing a convenient chair I sat and pulled Rochelle over so she was straddling my lap.

“Now sit,” I told her and she slowly lowered herself, sitting astride me and skewering herself as she did so.

I lifted her off again, rising from the chair and having her bend over it, promptly driving home at the first opportunity. From there I had her get down on all fours, then I lay down with her on top of me, letting her wriggle down and take me. I tried several more positions, going deep each time, and Rochelle was getting more and more excited and frustrated. She was feeling hot and wanting and I was still stuffing around.

Gabriel had apparently given up after just a few positions and was now kneeling behind Vanessa, pumping away as if his life depended on it. I wished him joy of that and turned my full attention back to Rochelle.

This time I laid her on her back, lifting her legs high so that she was effectively looking at herself. Kneeling between her thighs I came down on her, letting her watch as my cock sank deeply into her. Then I started bouncing, using the spring in her thighs to help me get a good rhythm going.

Oddly enough both girls were quiet apart from some loud gasping as they got taken. The loudest sound in the room was the slapping of flesh against flesh as we drove into them, groins slapping together with a wet sound.

I bounced happily on Rochelle with her both yielding under me, and pushing back. Her legs slipped from my shoulders where I’d initially placed them, wrapping themselves around my waist and holding tight. Her hands were clutching at my shoulders and I was riding her hard, giving my all and getting the same in return.

I finally climaxed, happy to find Rochelle doing the same. We separated and just flopped on our backs. A glance to the side showed Vanessa and Gabriel in like positions.

“Well,” said Vanessa after a while. “I certainly didn’t expect anything like this when I volunteered. Um, I think we’d better get back to work.”

“You have a point,” I agreed. I checked the white paint and it was touch dry as long as it was a light touch. I handed Gabriel and the girls yellow marking pens and the three drawings that we had to do, asking them to sketch in rough outlines.

“For god’s sake don’t press heavily with those pens. Just the lightest touch will show up against the white and I can start doing the main colouring.”

“OK,” said Rochelle. “Just a moment while we get dressed.”

“Why would you want to get dressed?” I asked. “By the time I finish these I’ll be wanting to play again. Much easier if you’re already naked and waiting.”

Both girls blushed quite deeply, but they didn’t bother about getting dressed. Me, I decided that as soon as I’d completed the next backdrop I was going to entertain Vanessa for a while. I was young and healthy. I was pretty sure I could go the distance a couple more times.

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