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It started exactly 2 months ago when I was attending a cocktail party in D.C. due to my friend, Jill, who works for a congressman, she was hosting the whole deal and wanted some support.

I was roaming the hotel ballroom and looking out the 13th floor view of the city. I was wearing a little black dress, a little below my knees, strapless, and showed a generous amount of cleavage. I loved to show of my natural triple D’s, with red heals.

I was trying to avoid getting into any political conversations with people, which was very hard considering what city we were in. When I turned around a man in his mid-fifties with hair stating to grey asked me what I thought about something that had to do with a new law that was being passed in congress. Im not a dumb girl but I just didn’t keep up with politics very much.

Before I embarrassed myself a tall, handsome man in his mid-thirties put his hand on the small of my back and politely told the man, “Excuse me sir, I need to take this beautiful women away to introduce her to a man with a very important opportunity for her.”

He nodded his head and the man guided me to a part of the room where I safely wouldn’t be attacked with politics. He introduced himself and said, “My name is Danny, im 33 years old and I hate cocktail parties.”

When he flashed his sparkling smile my heart fluttered. He was very attractive. He had short brow hair, some facial hair, brown eyes and he looked very handsome in the suit he was wearing. I could tell he kept up on his body, but he wasn’t freakishly buff. Just enough.

I responded with, “Ellinore, but my friends call me Elli. Im 19, and was guilted into attending this party by the host.”

The rest of the evening we stayed in the corner, making small chitchat and flirting uncontrollably. When the guests were almost half gone he whispered into my ear and said, “Enough of this small chat, I feel a connection to you and want to see you again. Its against my morals to take a girl home on the first night I meet her, and you don’t seem like that kind of girl, so lets make an effort to go on a real date.”

Before he finished his sentence I had finished writing my number on a napkin and put it in his hands. Then I kissed him on the cheek and gracefully walked away and got on the elevator.

Two days later when I was back in New York and he was too, he called me and we went out. We went out several times over the next two months and I really liked him. He was a gentleman and the subject of being intimate hadn’t come up yet. He had come over many times and I went over to his place but all we did was make out.

Now we were at my place after a very romantic date and we were once again making out on my couch. He took his lips off of mine and rested his forehead on mine. He smiled and I took his lips on mine, I put my tongue on his and continued to molest his mouth while his hands stayed on my hips, I had one hand in his hair and put my other hand on one of his and guided his hand over my stomach and up to my breast. He got the idea and was gently squeezing and rubbing. He leaded me back so I was laying against the arm of the couch with he slightly to the side and half way on top of me. He put one hand in my hair and the other was still on my breast still, while I put both of my hands on his chest.

I could feel him growing larger through is thin kaki pants and my pussy was getting more moist just feeing him turned on. He slid his hand up my shirt and inside my bra, he gently pinched my şişli escort nipple, making it instantly erect and then did the same to the other nipple. I let one of my hands slide over his growing bulge. He pulled my shirt up out of the way making it easier to massage my boobs. His hand slid down my stomach, over my thigh, and then slid back up my thigh, lifting up my skirt, I grabbed his hand to stop it and he pulled away and sat up.

I sat up, put my boobs in my bra and pulled my shirt down. I look at his disappointed face and told him I was sorry. I explained that I was still a virgin and I wasn’t ready to give him that yet. He looked at me and said he understood, he gave me a sweet kiss on my lips and then he stood up. I walked him to the door and we exchanged a long kiss and then he left.

I walked into the bathroom and filled up the bath and lit some candles. I took a long bath and thought about the way he touched me and I slid my hands all over my stomach and shoulders and put them on my boobs. I pinched my nipples and was getting really horny, massaging my boobs. I slid one hand down my stomach, down between my thighs, and rubbed my hand up and down my pussy lips.

The bath water got cold, and I wanted to finish in my bed, so I stepped out and drained the bath while I dried off. I walked to my bed and lay down. I reached into my nightstand drawer while pinching my left nipple and took out my 5-inch long, 1-inch thick dildo. I rubbed it up and down my hot, wet pussy. I took my other hand off my hard nipple and put it on my clit. I rubbed my clit while I slowly slid the dildo into my pussy. I groaned as I slit it in and out, getting faster and harder with every thrust. My pussy was making slurping noises and I got more hot as I thought about having Danny’s cock in my pussy. I thought about him pumping it in and out of my cunt. I came hard on my dildo. I took in the moment and slid the dildo out of my pussy and my pussy lips were still twitching and my body was slowly calming down. I licked off all my pussy juices and put my dildo back in my drawer and fell fast asleep, thinking about Danny.

I felt awful for leading him on like that and then letting him leave with a hard cock. After thinking about it a while, I knew I wanted to have him. When he called me the next day to see if I wanted to go out with him I jumped at the opportunity to make it up to him. He didn’t sound too excited but I knew I could make it up to him tonight.

When I got ready for the date I shaved my pussy all clean and I put on my all lace, black bra and my black lace boy short panties. I felt hot. I put on my sexiest light purple dress that was a v-neck to show more cleavage then I normally did and it was very short and tight around my upper thighs. And I wore my sexy black strappy heals. They had studs on the straps and chains. They were more like stripper heels.

When he came to pick me up I could tell he was a little surprised to see me in such a slutty yet classy outfit. He checked me out and gave me a small kiss on my lips. He led me down the hall of my apartment building with his hand in mine and when we got in the elevator, I knew he had forgiven me when he checked me out again and I leaned on him against the elevator wall and gave him a deep, passionate kiss, sticking my tongue in his mouth and then sucking his into mine while placing my hands on his chest and he ran his hand through my hair. We broke off the kiss when the elevator doors opened and he led me out of the elevator.

He took me to an Italian restaurant and instead of sitting across the table from him as I usually do, to see his face; I slid in to the booth, sitting next to him. All the while holding his hand. When the waitress got out drinks and took our order and left again, I kissed him again and he held my face with his hand closest to me. I put my hand on his knee and slid it up his thigh. I rubbed the top of his thigh and he kissed me harder, shoving his tongue into my mouth.

When out food came we broke our kiss and talked while we ate. I let him put his hand on my leg and rub my soft inner thigh, but he didn’t go under my dress. When we finished, the waiter took our plates, Danny gave him his card and the waiter left again. We kissed again and I leaned over and gave him a wet kiss on his neck while he continued to rub up and down the inside of my thigh. He took his hand away and I let my lips leave his neck and looked at his facial expression. He looked a little confused and uncomfortable. Probably because he thought I was teasing him again.

I leaned into his ear and whispered, “Im ready for you to take my back to my place, get me undressed, and take my virginity. ”

I backed away and looked at him again, his eyes were lit up and he was looking for conformation that I did really just say that. I leaned in again and kissed him hard and long and he got the point.

The waiter returned just in time before we got inappropriate. We left quickly and got a cab. In the cab, he put his hands on me in anyway he could, on my thighs, my face my stomach, while he shoved his tongue in my mouth. He kissed his way to my ear and sucked my earlobe into his mouth, then made kisses down to my neck and made several long kisses there while grabbing my hair before moving back to my mouth.

The cab finally stopped in front of the apartment, Danny paid him while I got out and then he followed me to the front door, I unlocked it quickly when Danny caught up to me and I grabbed his hand when I opened the door and walked to the elevator. When Inside the elevator, Danny pushed me up against the side and I quickly pushed the button while he french kissed me on my neck. His hands where on my hips, holding me against the side and I put my hands in his hair, pulling his head away and kissing his lips. Our tongues went back and forth inside each others mouths. I had unbuttoned half the buttons on he shirt before the elevator door opened.

When the elevator opened he took me to my door. I fumbled around to get the right key out while he stood behind me, kissing my neck and putting his hands all over my body, he started slowly pulling up my dress when I finally opened the door.

We walked in, shut the door, and put my keys on the table without him taking his hands off me. I turned around and kissed his soft, eager lips. We made our way over to the bed and he backed me up against the foot of the bed.

I reached down, finished unbuttoning his shirt and helped him get it off. He reached down and pulled my dress up slowly. He backed away just far enough for him to take off my dress and throw it to the ground. He looked me up and down and checked out my black lace lingerie, kind of surprised to see that I was planning this all night.

I sat down on the foot of the bed and took of my heals, while he took off his shoes and socks. I looked up at him and nervously smiled. I reached up, unbuttoned his pants, and undid his zipper. I slowly yanked his pants down to the ground and he stepped out of them.

Then I stood up and kissed him again as I put my fingers inside the band of his boxers. I broke off the kiss as I pulled his boxers down and let his horny cock free. He stepped out of them and kicked them away as I got onto my knees. I looked up at him and his face was shocked and pleased to see what I was about to do.

I leaned my head forward and licked the tip of his cock. Then I slid his erect penis into my mouth. I slid as much of his 8-inch cock into mouth as I could and looked up at him to see his face. He put his hands in my hair as I slid his cock back out of my mouth so only head was in my mouth. I slid my tongue around the head and slid his dick back into my mouth. I did this over and over until he pulled my head off him and made me stand up to kiss him.

I backed away and sat on the bed. I slid backwards and let him look at me. I laid on my back, keeping my self up on my elbows. He got on the bed and crawled to where I was and kissed his way up my stomach, in-between my boobs, up my neck, and to my lips, where he gave me a wet kiss. I sat up, he undid my bra and took if off.

I laid back down as he put is mouth to my right nipple. He sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue. His touché made me shutter. He moved to my other nipple after he successfully made my right nipple hard and did the same to my left. Now I was really horny.

He kissed his way down to my bellybutton and kissed my mound over my panties. He reached up and took of my panties as I wiggled out of them. He threw my lace panties on the floor and kissed my soft, newly shaven pussy. He spread my legs apart and kissed my pussy lips. He licked them up and down, tasting my wetness. He reached up and pinched my nipple. He ate me out so good and then zeroed in on my clit. He flicked it and licked it in circles. He took his hand off my tit and he inserted two fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me while licking my clit until I was on the verge of Cumming.

“Stop, stop, stop. I need your cock in my pussy… now.”

I was so wet. He brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked off my juices. He crawled up the bed and took my mouth on his. I reached down and helped him put his cock on my pussy lips. He stopped kissing me.

“Are you completely sure you want to do this?”

“Yes… Fuck me. Fuck me now. Stick your cock in my wet pussy.”

He smiled, “you’re a dirty slut on the inside arnt you?”


Then he finally put the head of his cock in my pussy. I moaned with pleasure and a little bit of pain. He had a big cock for my tight pussy. He slowly slid all the way in and slid out. He continued to fuck me while I moaned. I was in pure ecstasy.

I got used to his size slowly. He leaned down and sucked on my nipple.


He listened and went sped up the pace. I moved my hips to meet up with his. I wanted as much as I could get.

“Mmmhhmmm Ohhh yeahhh… yesss fuck me. Fuck me…”

I was so close, “DANNNYYYYYY………”

I lost control and he slowed down as I came hard on his cock. My pussy was twitching and grabbing at his cock as I came and he tensed up. My squeezing pussy was enough to send him over the edge. He shot his hot cum deep into my wet pussy. “Ohhh fuckkk.”

He pumped his cock a couple more times as he shot out all his cum into my cunt.

He pulled out and kissed me for a long, intimate moment. Then he collapsed next to me. We were panting and he pulled me into his side to snuggle. We enjoyed nice couple minutes of silence.

I got on top of him, straddling his abs. “Lets do it again.”

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