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“What a day,” Neil thought as he dropped his case onto the hotel room bed and finally took off his tie. A full day of heavy negotiations, which had not gone exactly to plan, had left him tired out and stressed.


“Hey, you. Good journey? How were the meetings? Rach x”

A text from Rachel. Neil didn’t really feel like talking to anyone at the moment and would rather just chill out, but he guessed a reply would be polite.

“Journey: long. Meetings: crappy. Hotel: ropy.”

He took off his shoes, opened the bottle of beer he had picked up on the way to the hotel, and stretched out on the bed to flick through the TV channels.


“Not feeling too chatty? You sound tense 🙂 x”

“Sorry, rough day. Just trying to kick back and chill a bit x”

“It’s OK. Let me help with that. Put your laptop on, I’ve sent you a link 😉 x”

Ugh. Sitting at the computer was not high on the list of things Neil fancied doing with his evening, but whatever. Maybe a bit of company would be nice. He logged into his emails and sure enough there was a message waiting for him – “Rachel is inviting you to a Zip meeting. Click here to join!”


Loading…Enable Sound…Enable Video…Yeah yeah. Suddenly, Rachel’s smiling face was there on-screen. Neil couldn’t help smiling back, even feeling as rough as he did. How did she always manage to look so good?

“Hey you! Wow, you do look like you’ve got a weight on your shoulders!” Rachel said.

“Yeah, well, some days are great, other days not so much. It’s been one of those ones today,” Neil told her.

“Want to talk about it?”

“Not really. I was just putting the TV on to try to take my mind off of it.”

“OK, try to take your mind of it, gotcha.” Rachel started thinking. “How about a game?”

“What kind of game can we play like this, on the computer screen?” Neil asked.

“Hang on, let me think. I know, Rock Paper Scissors!”

“Really?” Neil’s lack of enthusiasm showed.

“OK Mr Miserable, STRIP Rock Paper Scissors!”

Neil was a little taken aback, but even in his state he had to laugh. Besides, Rachel was smoking hot. Why not! “Go on then,” he chuckled.

One, two, three – Rachel went Paper, Neil Scissors.

“Yes, one to…me!” Neil stumbled over his words as Rachel, with zero hesitation, pulled her top over her head revealing a lacy turquoise-coloured bra. “Whoah, we’re really doing this then are we,” Neil exclaimed.

“Hell yes we are,” Rachel told him. “Let’s go!”

One, two, three. Again, Rachel went Paper, Neil Scissors.

“Dammit, you double-bluffed me!” cried Rachel. She pulled off a sock Kadıköy Escort in mock anger.

One, two, three – Rachel went for Rock, Neil stuck with Scissors.

“Yes! Oh yeah!” jeered Rachel, as Neil unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off.

One, two, three – Rachel Paper, Neil Rock.

“Two can play that game,” said Neil, removing a sock.

One, two, three – Rachel Rock, Neil Scissors.

Neil glared at Rachel as he peeled off his other sock.

One, two, three – Rachel Scissors, Neil Rock.

“OK, now it’s starting to get interesting!” Rachel said, removing her last sock.

One, two, three. Rachel Paper, Neil Scissors.

Neil quietly breathed a sigh of relief, but his eyes were arrested by the scene unfolding on the screen in front of him. Rachel stood and walked slowly away from her computer so that Neil could see her from head to toe. She turned away, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her jeans and slowly rolled it over her hips, pulling her jeans down and revealing her curvy ass, perfectly framed by her turquoise thong.

“Fuuuck,” Neil breathed, feeling his cock stirring in his trousers as Rachel ran her hands over her curves and turned back towards the camera, striking in the matched turquoise set.

“Enjoy the show?” Rachel asked him as she sat back down.

“Outstanding,” Neil told her.

One, two, three. Rachel Rock, Neil Paper.

Neil could hardly breathe. Rachel reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, holding it in place with her other arm. Sliding her hand round, she let the bra drop, while covering her breasts with her hands. She squeezed and stroked her breasts, then repositioned her hands to allow a teasing view while she squeezed her nipples. Neil was rapt. Finally, her hands fell, giving Neil a full view.

“I was going to ask how far you intended on taking this,” Neil commented, “but I can see that it’s pretty far!”

“Well, we’ll see how the next one goes,” Rachel replied.

One, two, three. Rachel Paper, Neil Rock.

Neil stood, unfastened his belt and trousers, and let them fall to the floor. His erect cock was clearly defined by his tight sunshine-yellow boxers. Rachel bit her lip as Neil stepped out of his fallen trousers, kicking them away.

“Fuck Neil, that is so hot,” she gasped. “Love the colour, and love the look of what inside them even more!”

One, two, three.

Rachel Scissors.

Neil Rock.

With a glint in her eye, Rachel once again stood and took a few steps away from the camera. Turning her back, she hooked her thumbs into another waistband and slowly peeled her thong over Kadıköy Escort Bayan her hips and down. She crossed her ankles, back still turned, and ran her hands from her hips all the way up her sides, stretching her arms out above her head, displaying her curves to the enraptured Neil. She turned, completely naked, back to the camera and bit her lip while winking at Neil. She sat back down.

Neil was utterly dumbfounded. “Fucking hell Rach,” he stammered. “You are an absolute Goddess. I wish you could step through that screen right now!”

“Mmm, if only,” Rachel murmured. “Come on then, let’s go again – don’t think you have won the game yet!”

“But what if you lose again?”

“We’ll see.”

One, two, three. Rachel Paper, Neil Scissors.

“Well, I’ve nothing left to take off,” Rachel observed, “so I had better improvise.” She pushed her chair back slightly to afford Neil a better view, parted her legs and started to slowly caress her pussy. “Mmm,” she moaned, “let’s go again, I will get those boxers off you somehow!” Neil was speechless.

One, two, three. Rachel Paper, Neil Scissors.

Rachel licked her finger to moisten it and started to stroke her clit more energetically. She gasped as she pinched her nipple and moaned aloud with pleasure.

Neil was astounded, and feared his engorged cock was going to burst the seams of his boxers. “Fucking hell Rach, I am absolutely rock hard watching you, and I am going to say Rock next time!”

Rachel moaned loudly. “In that case, I will say paper, because like paper I would love to wrap myself around your rock!”

One, two, three. Rachel Paper, Neil Rock.

“Mmm, at last,” moaned Rachel.

Neil stood and quickly lowered his boxers. His erect cock sprang straight out, pointing directly at the screen.

“Oh fuck Neil, I wish I was there to touch that! Will you stroke it for me?”

Neil grasped his rigid cock in his hand and started to stroke back and forth, raptly watching Rachel’s hand as she stroked her clit, then dipped inside herself, then returned to her clit.

“If I was there with you, I would push you back onto the bed until you were lying flat. Then I would kiss the tip of your cock and slowly run my tongue around it until you begged me for more. Then I would slide the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as I tickled your balls with my left hand. Then I would suck the head hard while pumping your shaft with my right hand, and at the same time stroke the skin underneath your balls.” Rachel’s voice was getting very breathy as she described what she would like to do to Neil’s cock.

“Oh Escort Kadıköy fuck, that sounds amazing Rach,” Neil responded as he pumped his cock. “I would tell you to stop before I exploded and filled your mouth with come…”

“Mmm, you wouldn’t hear me complaining about that,” Rachel gasped as she stroked herself faster.

“I would push you down on the bed and start to draw circles around your clit with my tongue,” Neil described. “I would slide first one finger into you, then two, slowly pushing them in and out as my tongue gently circled your clit. My tongue would speed up as my fingers alternately flexed apart in a scissor motion and made a beckoning gesture inside you, all the while sliding slowly in and out.”

Rachel cried out. “Fucking hell Neil, that sounds fucking amazing. You’ve got me on the edge of coming now”

“Mmm, in my description or in real life?” Neil asked.

“Both,” Rachel gasped. “I would push you flat on the bed and straddle across you. I would grip your cock at the base and point it straight up as I lowered my sopping wet pussy onto it.” Both Rachel and Neil’s breathing was becoming ragged. “I would slide down, gasping as your rock-hard erection spreads and stretches my pussy walls. Fuck, so good. I would release my hand, and start to slide up and down your length, slowly at first and then faster and faster.”

“Fucking hell Rach, I don’t know whether I’m going to come faster in the story or right here. This is so fucking hot!”

Rachel’s voice had risen considerably in pitch as she rubbed her clit, staring longingly at Neil’s rigid member. “You feel my pussy walls starting to pulse and clamp down on your cock, and at the same time I feel your cock swelling inside me. I scream as your cock pulses and shoots red-hot come deep inside me. My whole body tenses and pulses, and my pussy contracts around you, milking every last hot drop of semen out of your rigid shaft.”

As she described this, Rachel’s voice finally broke as she screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm crashed through her body. She looked at the screen as Neil cried out, and watched his cock spray hot come towards her.

“Oh my God Rach, how did you make me come that hard without even being here?!” Neil was breathless.

“Fuck, imagine how good it would have been if you really were that deep inside me,” Rachel mused, still breathless.

“I have to be honest, I was imagining exactly that. Maybe that was what did it!”

“Mmm, well it certainly did it for me,” Rachel said. “Feeling a little more relaxed now?”

“Definitely. That was exactly what I needed. Well, not exactly,” Neil added, with a mischievous glint to his eye. “What I really needed was to see you actually on top of me, riding my cock and shrieking like a fire engine!”

“Mmm, don’t! You will get me going again!”

“Are you doing anything tomorrow? You could get a train down and meet me after work…?”

“I might just do that…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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