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if all men are dogs…a romantic tale inspired by the sexiest dawg I’ve known

“Guess what I bought you at Giant Eagle,” he said with a wicked grin. “Didn’t you say you needed a new something-or-other?”

Shelley tried to peek around Tom’s side to see what he’d hidden behind his back, but he was being typically puckish and blocked her view. One side, then the other he blocked, laughing down at her, finally grabbing her arms and whirling her around to pin her to him.

“Not gonna show ya,” he teased, speaking softly into her hair. “But you’ll see what I bought after dinner. Now scoot,” and he landed a smack on her butt to propel her toward the kitchen.

Shelley pretended to be hurt, rubbing her butt dramatically, but dropped the subject. She knew better than to try to talk Tom into or out of anything. He would tell her what she needed to know in due time.

They worked companionably side by side in the kitchen, Tom grilling the marinated chicken, Shelley assembling a salad, Tom opening the wine to let it breathe before dinner. Now and then her eyes darted to the bag on the counter, but she resisted the temptation to look inside. Somehow, she knew the anticipation was part of Tom’s game playing with her. He was an exquisite tease who thrilled Shelley endlessly, revving her up to almost beyond endurance with his sexy suggestions, little thoughts deliberately planted to make her skin tingle all day in anticipation of their coming together. Sometimes he was barely through the door before she hurled herself at him, ripping open his clothes, seeking flesh with her lips and hands.

Even sitting on his lap feeding him tidbits between kisses didn’t loosen his tongue, although Shelley tried earnestly. His arms came up around her and he laughed as he kissed her and twinkled “Not gonna tell ya, sweetness.” One last trick remained up Shelley’s sleeve, though, what they both called her “big guns” offense. She used it seldom – only when she knew no other means of persuasion would work.

She hadn’t earned the nickname “Tassels” for nothing.

In the early days of her career, a newsroom wag had dubbed her “Tassels” behind her back, a reference to her most noticeable feature. Eventually, she heard it, laughed at it, and allowed it to be used in front of her. Her reverse psychology worked – as soon as the men realized she didn’t mind the nickname, they stopped using it. The feminists be damned, she thought – she secretly liked it and took to using it with her lover.

“Tassels here wants your attention, darling” she purred to him, perched on his lap, cupping his chin in her hand for a soulful kiss that signaled the end of his meal and the beginning of his dessert. Giggling, she slowly, deliberately, undid the top button of her blouse, and then the second. His hand casually came up and, hooking his fingers inside her bodice, he stroked the cool skin of her breasts with his knuckles. He continued doing this as Shelley undid her third button, til her underwired bra was exposed to Tom’s eyes. He fingers moved to the edge of her full cup as he wiggled it gently, his eyes laughing at the subtle, yet unmistakable, shift in power.

“No way, baby…” she teased, gently slapping away his hand and completing her strip tease. Shrugging the blouse from her shoulders, she tossed it aside with a flourish. She gasped as Tom’s fingers lightly rubbed the front of her bra, seeking the sensitive nipples he loved to play with.

Reaching between her breasts, Tom unhooked the cups and slid them off, covering her tits with his big hands and beginning a soft massage. Twilight had crept in while they were preoccupied, and now they sat in the quiet dusky light, candlelight making their shadows dance on the wall. The only sound was Shelley’s sighs as she gave in to the sensuousness of having her breasts massaged by this enigmatic man who now lifted her in his arms and carried her Kadıköy Escort through the house to the bathroom, stopping only to stoop to pick up the small grocery bag on the counter.

“Caweful, don’t dwop me,” she baby talked, something she did unconsciously when she was feeling tender and playful, as she frequently did with this astonishing lover. His answer was a deep chuckle as he deposited her on the bathroom counter followed by a commanding “Stay. Good puppy.” He vanished into the kitchen and returned almost immediately with something he again concealed behind his back.

She giggled and watched as he rattled the shopping bag at her ….and again when he withdrew the mystery item, a new Venus razor. Tom pushed Shelley’s knees open wide and went to his knees in front of her, humming a little to himself as he popped open the plastic container from the kitchen. Looking up her with an Irish twinkle, he first kissed her silky fur, then scooped up two fingersful of stiff whipped cream and daubed it on her pussy, smoothing it thickly over her softness and then licking his fingers.

Shelley bent down and grabbed his wrist, guiding his fingers to her mouth, her eyes locked on his, as she sucked his fingers clean in a slow lascivious imitation of her favorite sex act.

This was the essence of their play, the back-and-forth of power, of leadership, of domination. Somehow, though, Shelley suspected that Tom would be the ultimate victor in tonight’s war of the sexes.

The first skirmish was his already, and now he moved in for the coup de grace. Delicately, and gently, he made short little strokes of the razor, starting with her inner thighs. Shelley steeled herself to not giggle but she was ticklish and aroused and happy, and her efforts came to nil as she giggled continually as Tom stroked her smooth.

Her breathing gave away her arousal, and she could plainly see Tom was stimulated, too, and his cock appreciative of the scent and sight of its favorite hiding place. She bent down again and drew his lips to hers, sealing a promise her pubis had hinted at when he began to strip it.

As he worked the razor lightly over her curves, Tom slipped a finger between Shelley’s lips to gauge his effect on her, and was gratified to find her wet and swollen and eager for him. He pushed two fingers deeper inside her and began moving in and out of her, and her gasp was all he needed as assurance of his welcome. Removing his fingers and turning the razor upside down, Tom pulled her lips taut to shave one side, then the other, first carefully tucking her engorged clit inside to protect it. He stroked her pussy’s skin until it was velvety smooth and bare, and then he put the razor aside.

“Time to do an inspection,” he said in a deep husky voice, the one Shelley recognized as his most aroused. He began licking her pubis now, licking off the whipped cream mixed with her musky essence, working his tongue inside her lips and out again, licking her clean with a flattened tongue, chuckling as she moaned and moaned with each lashing.

After Shelley’s lips were clean of the whipped cream Tom started to blow lightly on Shelley’s pussy….the lips were wet and sticky. Tom reached down and grabbed the warm washcloth and wiped off the residual from the shave. Shelley loved the feel of the warm towel, it matched the temperature flowing from her lips.

He still wasn’t done. There was one more area that needed to be shaved smooth. A virgin area for Shelley and she felt a little apprehension when she took Tom’s hand and he pulled her up and turned her around. A hand on her back gently pushed her forward exposing her most private of parts.

Shelley leaned her upper body against the couch. She could feel Tom moving her cheeks to spread them open. Shelley was scared but Tom bent forward and whispered in her ear that he would be very careful. Kadıköy Escort Bayan As he did his fingers ran along the length of her ass and stopped at her little rosebud.

Tom’s fingers lingered there for a little while as Shelley’s breaths became deeper and shorter. Tom took the shaving cream and squirted a little in his hand and then started to lather Shelley’s ass. The cold of the foam felt good but did nothing to cool down the heat and moisture oozing from Shelley’s pussy.

Tom spread Shelley’s cheeks apart and began to shave the sparse hair from her ass. Shelley was afraid but with each pass of the razor Shelley became more at ease…and aroused. Soon enough, Tom was done and again he took the cloth and wiped the Shelley clean. He then leaned in and blew softly on Shelley’s flesh. Her startled jerk signaled the newness of what she was feeling.

Then Tom did something Shelley never expected. His tongue found the freshly shaved area enticing and beautiful. Shelley jumped but the weight of her lover’s body held her down and she had to allow what she formerly would have considered an intrusion…but now considered one of the most amazing feelings she had ever felt.

Tom wanted nothing more than to grab his cock and plunge it into either of the freshly shaved entrances. Both were wet, both were hot and both were available to him. Instead, Tom again reached for Shelley’s hand and pulled her to her feet.

Once on her feet Shelley could feel his cock poking through his boxers. Without taking his eyes off Shelley’s, Tom’s hands reached down and slid the boxers to the floor. As he straightened up, Shelley could feel Tom’s cock poking against her belly. She reached for the shaft…making it harder than it had been in a long while.

Gracefully sinking to her knees, Shelley immediately placed a kiss on the head, which by now was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. Shelley’s tongue started to lick the head but Tom stopped her and said “I think it’s time for you to use the razor.”

“Tom…” Shelley breathed, low from the back of her throat, a sound that could make his cock twitch when he heard her on the telephone, and made it ache this time.

“You give me away every damn time,” he said silently to his cock, thinking how much fun their first lovemaking session had been and how eagerly he now looked forward to their second. This woman was a marvel – she liked to laugh and play and have fun in bed and her philosophy matched his exactly.

She took the proffered razor and carefully laid it on the counter, letting one hand rest on his tanned forearm as she did. When she turned back to her lover, she trailed her fingernails up his arm, around the tops of his shoulders, and down his other arm. Shelley stood behind Tom and her nails traced languid circles on his back, a feeling he found both soothing and thrilling. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensuous feeling of her fingertips on his back, up to the base of his skull, down to his hips, around to his belly, and down his hips to his firm butt. Her fingers fanned open and closed to rake his butt again and again, tickling him at the same time she was driving him crazy with lust.

She sensed his rising ardor and reached past him to turn on the shower. Chuckling, he moved back against her to pin her to the wall and feel the length of her draped onto him like a sexy warm coat.

Shelley pushed him playfully away from her, picked up the new razor, and stepped into the warm stream, immediately turning her face to the spray to drench her hair. Tom slipped into the shower behind her and pulled the door closed behind him. Soon steam filled the chamber as the two adjusted to the hotter and hotter water. For a time they stood locked together, enjoying the water, Tom’s arms around Shelley and gripping her breasts, her hands clasped between them to hold his Escort Kadıköy alert cock. A murmur from Shelley and they changed positions. Tom now stood with his back to the stream as Shelley squirted Barbasol into her palms and lathered his groin. She made sure she used a firm pressure to apply the lather and giggled “payback is a bitch, isn’t it, baby?” as she did. In response, Tom pretended to slap her face but pulled it at the last second, instead caressing her cheek, a tender gesture that made Shelley’s sex contract.

On her knees now, she folded his cock against his torso to keep it safe from the razor blade and began a delicate scraping away of the fine little hairs that tickled her nose when she held him in her mouth. Tiny little strokes at the base of his cock, and above it, soon revealed pink skin, and she kissed his cock shaft. “Help me, baby,” she whispered, and his hand covered his cock for her while she gently lifted his balls and lightly stroked them smooth, kissing them between strokes.

“Ohhhh, Shelley…what are you doing to me, baby…I don’t know if I can take much more of this. C’mere” he growled at her.

“No, Tom…I’m not finished with you just yet. I want to make you as crazy as you make me.”

She pushed his hips to turn him around and he instinctively knew she would do to him what he had done to her. “I sure have a cute little ass, don’t you think?” he teased. Her response was a sharp slap on his buttocks as she dispensed shaving cream onto her hand and slipped the side of her palm between his cheeks. Her hand drew back and forth, up and down, pressing against his flesh and nearly making him beg to finally let him fuck her. As her index finger moved up and down, it tickled his balls and sent chills through him. It was an effort to stand still for this and he began urging her to finish. Shelley, though, was taking her time for a reason – she wanted Tom as hot for her as she was for him, and in her experience, the anticipation of having sex was as delicious as the act itself….so she would make him wait. Her fingers spread his cheeks and she made short work of her task, enjoying the ragged sigh her efforts evoked from this magnificent man.

For his part, Tom ruefully looked down at his tumescent cock and wondered if he would come without ever touching her. He’d had that experience before, being so aroused by a partner that they both orgasmed from their sex play alone….he wondered if Shelley had ever had a similar experience. “This may not be the time to ask, Pardner,” he thought, eyeing his cock.

His eyes strayed to the tiled shelf of bath products and he grinned. A pump or two of Neutrogena body oil, and his hands were on Shelley. Her hot flushed flesh drank in the oil, making her skin plump and soft and slippery all over her body. When he turned her to massage the oil into her back, his two hands worked in union on her shoulders and up the back of her neck to her scalp, his thumbs pressing hard on her spine. He squeezed her arms lightly as he massaged them. He stroked up the backs of her legs and thighs to her bottom, which he paid particular attention to, grasping her tightly by the waist as he rubbed the oil into her cheeks. Finally, Tom cupped her two palms in his one, dispensed oil into them, and whispered “C’mon candypanties, my turn.”

Shelley wasn’t sure she could do this to her lover and remain standing, her legs were so weak. She loved Tom’s tall, strong body, loved that he was solid and naturally muscular. She was attracted not to gym rats nor pretty men, but to rugged masculine men, and Tom was the best looking man she had met in some time. “And heaven help me, that adorable firm butt…” she thought to herself and as if to emphasize how she loved it, she pinched it as well as she could with the slippery fingers of both hands.

Ass play was Tom’s favorite game and he was helpless to resist Shelley’s play. To forestall his climax, he flipped open Shelley’s shampoo and measured a generous amount into his hand. He reached down and pulled her to her feet and turned her toward the spray.

“This isn’t gonna hurt a bit, sexy” he crooned to her as his hands began to massage her scalp…

to be continued

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