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Valentine’s Reunion

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As I eased up to the red light, I noticed the tiny sports car to my left. From my vantage point, all I could see was legs but they seemed to go on forever and were topped off with a blue slip gently easing out from underneath a skirt that had ridden up pretty high. As I was gawking at the legs, I saw the sexiest hand reach for the cell phone sitting on the passenger seat. Oh well, time to pay attention to the road.

As the light turned green, I eased through the intersection and the Miata darted ahead of me. I could see through the rear window that the driver was talking on the phone and trying to shift gears at the same time. Not a good thing, I went into defense mode trying to prepare for anything that might happen with her unattentive driving.

Sure enough, she crossed the yellow line and jerked back over into my lane over-compensating. I had slowed down enough that it wasn’t a close call, but still frustrated me that it could have just as easily been disastrous. I honked to bring her attention back to the road, more than to show my displeasure and the startling sound of my horn caused her to jerk completely into my lane and off onto the shoulder.

As she came to a stop, I eased behind her. Getting out, I walked up to her car to see if she was ok. When I neared the car, I could see that she had her head on her arm on the steering wheel, and looked to be crying. As I approached the driver’s door, she rolled down the window, it was then that she snapped at me, ” What do you want?”

I told her I was sorry, I just wanted to make sure she was ok. She said she was, and I turned to retreat to my pickup. After taking a few steps away, I heard… ” Tom, is that you?”

As I turned back this vision of heaven stepped out of the car. With her heels she was tall, not as tall as my 6’7″ but well over 6′. Taking in her body as I made my way to her face, I had no idea how this goddess knew my name, and was racing through my mind to try and come up with some name. She walked right up to me and threw her arms around me, kissing me on the cheek. Her smell was so intoxicating, that my search for her name slowed as I hugged her back.

“You don’t recognize me do you,” she said with a perfect smile across her beautiful lips. ” I am Shelly Fox.”

Shelly had been a buddy of mine in high school. Not the perfect shaped angel I was staring at, but a frumpy, nice, incredibly smart, jovial girl. I smiled at her and said, ” I am sorry Shelly, I did not recognize you.” “The years have been very good to you.”

Shelly asked if she could buy me lunch so we could get out of the cold wind whipping around us. I told her I would follow her, but I would buy. As she walked back to her car, I took the time to watch her ass sway back and forth. If she was trying to put on a show to hold my attention, she was doing a great job.

When we got to the steakhouse down the road, Shelly parked and I got the spot next to her. When she got out of her car, she came around and hooked her arm in mine. Walking into the restaurant she said, “Imagine my luck, of running into you after all these years.” I smiled as I thought to myself that it was lucky for both of us then.

When we walked in, I swear I think every man in the place stopped what they were doing to take in her beauty. By this time, I had realized that I was going to need to focus on other things or it was going to be an uncomfortable and awkward meal. I realized that if Shelly had half the personality she did when we were in school, some lucky bastard had really found his dream girl.

As Shelly eased into a booth, I sat across from her. We talked about what had gone on with our lives since high school, and where the paths had led us to this point. She said that she had gone to college out of state and had ended up marrying a business man in Alabama. She said that when she had gotten to college, her sorority had kind of taken her under their wing and got her used to being a woman and how to present herself. She said that she rarely wore sweat shirts which was a main stay of hers in school and she never left out the door without make-up.

She knew that I had three kids and they had all attended the same college I had. She also knew the circumstances of my divorce from the kids mother. “Tom, you were always too nice for your own good. Everyone felt that you were making a mistake falling in love with that girl from Austin. It just had no where to go, but down hill.”

I laughed and told her that she was right about that, but that was water under the bridge. I asked how her marriage was going. She said her husband had passed 4 years earlier and he had left her very well taken care of. I sold his business and moved back home. She had bought a home in an area that I knew was very upscale and told her that it did my heart good to see her keeping ahead of the game so well.

As we continued to talk about the our lives, Shelly got a serious look on her face as our meal arrived. ” Can you tell me why you never asked me out on a date when we were in school? I always thought we were Ataşehir Escort very good friends, but you never acted like you had any interest in dating me. Was it because I was so plain?”

I was pretty shocked that she had ever felt that way, but I told her that I just never had looked at her as a potential date. For one thing, I had a fear of being turned down, for another, I wasn’t sure if outside of school we had any similar interests. I told her that I had never looked at her as plain, but as one of the people that I could always count on to lift my spirits and make me feel good about life in general.

She said that she was glad that I felt like that for her, because she had appreciated the way that I treated her, and that there were several more girls in her group in school that used to talk about how much they wanted to go out with me. Their “lust” was due to the fact that I treated them like they were on the same level with everyone else, whether they came from the wealthy side or not. I laughed and told her I was very appreciative of her compliments but that was just the way I had been raised. Shelly then said, “Honestly, I think the time we heard Denise Smith talking about what you had done to her, contributed to our yearning for you.”

I could feel myself blushing as she mentioned that name. I had an uncle that told me one time, the first time you have sex with a woman, if you will fuck her hard and long enough to where you are at the edge of blacking out, and continue doing it when you get your second wind… she will remember you forever. I had been lucky enough to get a date with Denise and after ending up back at her parents empty house, we had took our date to the bedroom. Denise was a wildcat in the sack and had given me a memorable blowjob. When I had worked my way to her pussy, I took in the full beauty of the fine hairs that grew in an amazing arrow pointing to her clit. I had read in one of my stroke books about finding the g-spot. As I licked up and down her tight pussy lips, circling her clit, I eased two fingers into her. Curling them up, I smiled to myself as I found the spot that I had read about. While her moaning became louder, I continued to stroke the spot and suck her clit. Without warning, an unbelievable stream shot from her pussy. She immediately apologized and ran to her bathroom. When she returned I could tell she was embarrassed but I explained what it was. After some more cuddling, we got to the serious business. I put her legs over my shoulders and I guess I got the energy from the knowledge I had taught her something, but I literally fucked her for 30 minutes. When I finally got ready to cum, she was begging me to fill her pussy. As the breathing returned to normal, and the sweat subsided, she actually told me that she loved me. Whoa! That is scary…

Denise brought me a homemade cake to school Monday, and told me that her house was going to be free that afternoon if I wanted to drop by. I was scared out of my wits. I didn’t go that day, but Denise continued to follow me around everywhere. She would put notes in my locker telling me that she had been dreaming about us being together later in our lives…

I came back out of my haze, staring at Shelly I said, ” What did Denise tell you?” “I know this has to be good.”

“She told us that you had made her cum so hard that she had actually pissed on you. Understanding it now, I realize that you had made her ejaculate, but the thought of the pissing thing was a huge turn on for many of us.”

My blushing continued, but I said, ” That is kind of a turn on, isn’t it”.

When were ending our meal, I asked Shelly if everything was ok. I was concerned from her crying, and really wanted to redirect the conversation. She said she had gotten a call from her boyfriend that he was not going to be back home for the weekend like he had promised, and she felt like he was seeing someone else. I assured her that he was a fool if he was even thinking about screwing up their relationship. She teared up and thanked me.

I began thinking to myself that I was a fool if I didn’t push the possibility of continuing this reunion. Just as the thought entered my head, Shelly said, ” I guess I had better be heading off. I have a meeting at 4:00. I would love to see you again though.” I gave her my cell number and as we walked out to our vehicles, she leaned in to give me a peck on the cheek. I turned just as she did so, and our lips touched. Softly at first, but she cupped her hand behind my head, and kissed harder. I felt her lips part and our tongues touched and darted for each other. As our temperatures quickly rose, Shelly put her hand on my chest and said she really did have to leave. I opened her door for her, and she leaned in and did give me a peck on the cheek.

When I got to my truck, I sat there for a couple of minutes rehashing what had just happened. Going over every second, I convinced myself that it wasn’t a dream brought on by my 2 months of celibacy. Not that I had turned a new leaf, but Ataşehir Escort Bayan had been working extreme hours lately to finish jobs by the end of the first quarter. Repositioning my cock away from the puddle of precum in my boxers that had leaked from getting the kiss from Shelly, I saw her drive off onto the merging lane of the freeway. Damn, I didn’t even get her phone number. Hope she does call me…

Starting the truck, the phone rang. When I answered, it was Shelly. “I just now thought, your birthday is the day before Valentines isn’t it.” “That’s this weekend.”

I smiled and said “yes it is.”

“Tommy, do you have plans? Are you doing something with your kids for Valentines?”

“No, I have ordered flowers for all the daughters and daughter-in-laws. I don’t have any plans really. Probably go to some bar or maybe dancing,” I said .

Shelly said, ” that doesn’t sound like fun. Why don’t you plan on coming to my house Friday night and I will fix a birthday dinner for you, and then maybe we can go dancing. Hell we might even stretch it into Valentines.”

“That would be nice Shelly, but you don’t have to go to that kind of trouble. If you want to go dancing, we can go out to eat and then hit the dance floor.”

“Nonsense, we will get together at my house and maybe just get drunk. I haven’t done that in a long time.”

We agreed that we would meet at her home at 7 on Friday. With the biggest grin I had worn in many days, I eased out of the parking lot.

The rest of the week seemed to go entirely too slow. I tried everything I could think of to speed it along. I went to the gym and worked out every afternoon and played basketball til 8 every night. Regardless, it continued just creeping along.

Finally, I was up and showered before the alarm went off Friday. While packing the bag, I was hopeful I would need tonight, I opened the medicine cabinet. My eyes went to the sample pack of Viagra, I had gotten from the doctor a few months earlier. After getting them, I realized that it was the stress from work that was causing me problems in that area and Viagra wasn’t needed. But ya never know and if I had the opportunity to have Shelly, I was going to get all I could from her. I tossed them in the bag.

At work, I was able to wrap up things pretty early and get out of the office by 5. I stopped by the liquor store and fortunately there was a girl working there that could help me pick out a bottle of wine, since my knowledge of such would not even qualify as a rookie.

I stopped at a florist and picked up a bouquet of roses, and headed off to Shelly’s.

When I got to the address, I was startled at how huge this home was. Not only was the entire property fenced, there was a gate that required an entry code. While I sat there trying to figure out what buttons to push, Shelly’s voice came through the speaker. “Sorry Tommy, I thought I had left it open. Please come on up to the house.”

Approaching the house, I noticed that there were a couple of other cars parked on the circular driveway. Not thinking anything about their presense I parked in line and walked up to the house. Shelly opened the door, and stepped out to greet me. She had on an oversize sweatshirt, jeans that had tears along the entire legs and ass which I suppose was the style, and flat sandals. She looked like she had stepped out of a fashion magazine even in the worn clothes. She kissed me on the lips and said, ” I hope you don’t mind, but I invited some guests.” With my ego and cock -that had been growing before those words- rapidly deflating, I let her lead me by the hand into the house.

Shelly closed the door behind me and a woman stepped into the foyer. “Hello Tom!” she said as she hugged me. After a moment, I realized that this was a girl that had been really close with Shelly in school and friends with me. “Happy Birthday. It is so good to see you after all these years,” Debbie said as she looked into my eyes. Debbie was not on the same level as Shelly, but she was a very attractive woman. Her figure was shapely but her hips had a few inches that just made her that much more real to me.

As we stood there, two more women came around the corner. I immediately recognized them as classmates in high school. While we stood there talking, Shelly nudged us out of the foyer into the den area and said, “I thought it would be fun to kind of make this a birthday/buddy reunion”. I smiled as I saw the glimmer of sexual escapades flitter off into the air.

Shelly walked over to the bar and said, “who is up for a shot?” We all answered at once as she poured 5 shots of tequila. As we downed them, she placed the flowers into a vase and sat the bottle of wine behind her. ” What would you guys like to drink,” as she sat a bottle of Crown Royal on the counter. I asked if she had any beer, she reached into the cooler and opened a bud light for me. The other women chose Crown, so Shelly being the good host fixed their drinks.

Shelly said, ” We should take this into the dining area Escort Ataşehir so I don’t burn dinner.”

The closer we got to the kitchen I could tell how marvelous the food smelled. Sitting around the dining table we were really able to have a fun conversation remembering things from our past. I found out that only one of the ladies was married, but she made some off handed remark about being married everywhere but the bedroom. I let it go, but wondered what that meant.

Debbie got up to get another round for everyone and as she leaned over me to look at my beer bottle, I felt her tits press into me. I looked up at her, and she kissed me on the cheek. She said, ” it is so good to see you.” Letting herself press into my back, I smiled and returned the compliment to her.

With every hour that passed, I was getting more and more light headed. The lack of food and the ease of the cold beer going down, was contributing to drinking a lot faster than I normally would and it was starting to loosen any inhibitions that I had initially.

One of the other women that I haven’t mentioned was an old friend named Tina. Tina and I had a history that started very early in our lives. We had known each other since our first year in grade school. We literally did everything together. Over the years as we became older, our lives branched out into friends and the time we spent with each other dwindled down to an occasional get together at the pool or we would run into each other around town.

When we were in our freshman year of high school, Tina was dating this guy that was an upper classman. I think he was a senior, but at any rate, he was the most obnoxious asshole I had ever met. I could not imagine what Tina saw in him, but she seemed to be happy and I finally decided it was better to just mind my own business.

One Friday night after a football game, I was heading home bruised and battered and I saw Tina walking on the side of the street. Being as late as it was, I stopped to ask her if she needed a ride. I noticed from the light of the street light that she was crying and had a red mark on her face. She tried to keep the mark from my view, but I stopped and walked over to her. When I got closer, the mark was worse than I thought. Approaching her, she turned and leaned into me. Crying uncontrollably, she said, “I can’t believe that I was in love with that prick.” While comforting her, I suggested I take her home, but she said if her brother and dad saw the slap mark, they would want to retaliate against her guy, and she didn’t want to get them in trouble.

I told her that my Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend, and we could go to my house if she wanted until the mark toned down some. She agreed and I helped her into my truck. When we got to my house, we walked in, and she asked if there was anything that she could drink to calm her nerves. I went to my dad’s liquor cabinet and mixed her a screwdriver. When I got to her, she stood up and held me close. Whimpering into my chest, I ran my fingers through her hair and caressed her back until she relaxed and reached for the drink.

Sitting beside her on the sofa, she told me that she felt like she must have led her guy on. They had gotten frisky while parking in one of the abandoned areas near our school and that he had decided that there had been enough touching and feeling. It was time to take it farther. She said she had told him that when they did do it, she was going to be in a bed not in the back seat of a car. He got mad and tried to force her to go along, and had finally given up after she put up a fight. During the tussle, he had slapped her and held her down and made her give him a blow job.

As I listened, I was getting more pissed by the minute. I told Tina, that she had the right to say no to anything any time she wanted. That it was stupid to think that she had been at any fault. I also told her that I had wanted to tell her for so long that she deserved better than this jerk.

With her head resting on my shoulder, she said that she had a problem that she was going to confide in me because of our long friendship. She said that I would probably think she was a slut, but she wanted me to know and it might help me understand the situation better.

She explained that for some reason, she had found that she did not need to be touched or even kissed to get excited enough to orgasm. I wasn’t really comfortable where the conversation was going, but listened and hoped the darkened room was hiding my embarrassment. She said that she could give a guy a blow job and that it excited her enough that working on a guy’s cock, she could feel herself racing to orgasm and when the guy finally shot off in her mouth, she would cum hard enough to almost black out. As she talked, her hand was rubbing my leg and when she reached the end of her confession, she reached to my growing cock.

“Damn Tommy, what do you have in there,” she said with eyes that were sparkling even in the minimal light. ” Can I see it?” I grinned but said, ” I think you have had enough for the night.” Looking at her face, the mark was still there and I suggested that she might spend the night if she could get away with it. She said she had already made plans to be away from home tonight, and would stay. I said, ” you can stay in the guest bedroom if you like. That bed is really comfortable.”

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