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Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 04

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Been a while since I submitted anything, thank you all for the comments and feedback, I enjoy that I entertain so many with my stories, most of these are fantasy for me and there are some that are true to life. Either way I hope you enjoy this next chapter in the adventures of Jazmin and Steve.

Chapter 4

Jazmin woke the next day to the smell of pancakes and fresh fruit. She managed to blink a few times before finally stretching her tense muscles and realizing that she was naked on top of the covers under the fan in her room. Her nipples immediately became hard as she felt the cool breeze on her exposed skin. Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes fully to see Steve beside her with a breakfast tray ready for her. She sat up and smiled at him blissfully.

“Good morning beautiful. I thought breakfast in bed would be a good treat for you.” Steve said. He was wearing only boxers and his tight muscles rippled slightly as he placed the tray in front of Jazmin.

“Mmmmmm that smells wonderful. I love you.” Said Jazmin and prepared to dig in, she paused for a moment and looked at Steve with a forlorn look and said, “aren’t you going to eat any, baby?”

He said, “I already ate before I came up, I wanted to surprise you.” He leaned over and kissed Jazmin lightly on the lips brushing his lips against her softly. Jazmin felt a shiver run through her body down to her pelvis and felt the tingle go throughout her body. At that moment she felt blissfully happy that this week already has started off being the best of her life.

While Jazmin began to eat her breakfast Steve got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. He started the water in the oversized tub so that it would be full for when Jazmin finished eating. He ran the water on the hot side and added bubble bath to make the water work up a rich lather of foam on the surface of the water. Steve walked into the bedroom to see that Jazmin had eaten at record speed and was just sitting there sipping her coffee when he returned.

“Wow, are you in a rush for something, my love?” Steve said playfully, taking the tray and placing in on the floor beside the bed. He reached over to her and gently stroked her cheek and jaw with his fingers and looked deep into her eyes.

She looked back at him with a loving and passionate stare, loving the light touch of his fingers on her skin. He ran his fingers down her jaw and then her neck, making Jazmin breathe a heavy sigh from her lips. Jazmin leaned forward to kiss his lips but he pulled away teasing her, it was a skill Steve had learned early in their relationship and he loved to build up on her desires till she almost exploded.

She leaned back to where she was semi reclined on the pillows on the bed to let Steve have his way. He reached her nipple on her right breast to lightly circle it with his fingertips, keeping the eye contact with his bride to be the whole time. He brushed the tip of her nipple and flicked the ring of her piercing sending a small jolt through Jazmin’s body. She sighed heavily feeling her breathing increase rapidly with the light teasing. Steve then began to lightly pull on the nipple piercing pulling Jazmin’s nipple away from her body. Jazmin tensed her muscles loving the feel of her nipples being played with forcefully. She felt herself getting wet with each tug and twist of her nipple.

Steve finally let go of nipple letting it snap back to it’s normal position and began to blow air softly across the abused harden nub. At that point Jazmin was aching to feel her lover deep inside her. To have her body ravaged again by him. He sat back on his knees and gestured with his hands for her to take them.

He said, “Come on baby I want to get you all freshened up before I ravage your body.” Like his was a mind reader, reading her thoughts, she took his hands and let him guide her off the bed onto her shaky legs while they walked into the bathroom. Steve guided her up the step of the bathtub and down into the hot water that was threatening to spill over. Steve turned off the faucet and let Jazmin sit down the water coming up Kütahya Escort to just below her breasts in the luxurious tub. He slid off his boxers to show Jazmin his semi-erect penis before he climbed into the tub behind her. Jazmin leaned back against Steve like the night before loving the feeling of closeness in the tub and the feel of his skin against hers.

Steve reached for the scrubber this time and poured some of the body gel on it. He made a nice lather and gently started rubbing up and down Jazmin’s arms and chest. He rubbed one breast then the other with the body scrubber, giving them both equal attention. He worked the scrubber down her stomach to her already aching pussy to clean it thoroughly. Pressing his chest against her back, he reaches down and pulls the lips of her pussy apart with his fingers, and massages away any traces of cum from him the night before and any wetness that started to leak out her hole before the bath. Leaving her pussy nice and clean, and stimulated enough that he noticed her breathing begin to pick up again.

Smiling to himself he takes the cup that is sitting on the side of the tub for rinsing off and fills it with the warm water. He gently pours the water down Jazmin’s arms. Her eyes closed the whole time while she was enjoying his touch and sensitive caresses. He fills the cup again, and pours the contents on top of her breasts; He massages each of them again with his free hand making sure to get all the suds off of them. He squeezes each nipple in the process, getting a hungry moan from Jazmin’s throat, as a response. He then reaches up and guides her head back to rest on his shoulder. He kisses her neck lightly, right at the nape of her neck sending shivers down her body.

“MMMM are you trying to get me all hot and bothered? Because it’s working, my love.” She says playfully to Steve. She reaches behind her to feel his erection had hardened against her back while he was washing her body. She rubs her hands up and down his shaft behind her, and arches her back against him pinning him to the wall of the tub. She looks behind her into his eyes and gives him a devilish grin.

“I don’t know what you are up to but I think I’m going to like it baby.” Steve said moving both his hands back to her tits squeezing both of them hard. He moans softly in her ear feeling her stroke his cock under the water was a small bit of heaven.

She maneuvers herself to sit on top of his lap while in the water facing away from him, Spreading her legs on either side of his. Not wanting to wait any longer, she positions pussy right on top of him. Teasing the tip of his cock with the opening of her pussy.

He thrusts up to meet her in the water, driving his shaft deep inside her. Not expecting him to drive it home so fast she yelps in pleasure and moans with satisfaction. She begins to ride him making the water splash up on the side of the tub. She leans forward to make every stroke land right at her g-spot.

Steve takes the chance seeing his sexy woman’s ass going up and down on his dick to take 3 fingers and push them deep into her ass in one stroke. Feeling the sudden intruders in her puckered sphincter she gasps in surprise. “OH My GOD!!!!”

Pressing back against the large cock in her pussy and the fingers in her little rosebud she begins to her have first orgasm of the day. Screaming loudly as the waves crash down on her body making her shake like a fallen leaf. Gasping for air she slows the pace of her hips going up and down on her lover. Knowing Steve had not cum quiet yet she pulls off of his cock and turns around to face the man of her dreams.

Wrapping her arms around him, she kisses him passionately on the lips, while keeping his lips occupied; she reaches down with one hand and guides his still fully hard erection into her ass. Knowing he had pushed enough fingers into her to not make it a problem of sliding right into the sacred area they both love.

Steve Gasps at the tightness found in the little treasure hole, and groans with pleasure against Jazmin’s lips. He squeezes her body Kütahya Escort Bayan closer to him and moves his hips with hers. He begins to pound her ass from underneath her. He grinds his pelvis against her knowing he was grinding up against her clit. She was always an ass fucking kind of girl and it was even better when she came while he was in her ass.

Soon he could feel her ass begin to squeeze tighter around his cock. He could feel the pulses of the orgasm building inside her. He knew at any moment with enough work her little puckered hole, it will clamp down on his cock squeezing all the spunk it can right out of his cock.

Jazmin was pushing down on his cock just as hard as he was ramming it deep inside her ass, she gasped throwing her head back breaking their lip locked kiss, and pushed his head in between her tits. He reached up with his hands and squeezed both of her breasts hard with his hand pressing her nipples together so he could suck on both of them at the same time. Licking and biting on her nipples, and plunging his cock deep within her, he feels the sudden vice grip on his penis,

Jazmin begins to scream out in ecstasy, “Yes, baby bite me and fuck me… Yes baby, cum inside my ass hard and deep.”

Without much more encouragement and feeling the hold her ass had on him sliding in and out of her, he finally explodes sending wave after wave of jism into her ass. He grunts loudly with every thrust as more of his seed coats the inside of her ass. He slams deep in her one last time, locking them into a carnal embrace with their arms wrapped around each other.

They hold tight to where they are kissing and holding each other in the hot water, while Steve’s cock makes it slow journey to being soft again. Jazmin finally feels his dick slide effortlessly out of her ass and moans at the emptiness that she feels in her nether regions. She groans out of frustration that yet again she feels empty.

Jazmin leans back and grabs the body scrubber that was left floating on top of the water during their exciting time in the tub, and begins the small task of making her lover clean as well. First working on his chest rubbing around his nipples, and kissing him softly on his lips. She works down his chest to his abdomen, to where she is sitting on his lap.

She looks in his eyes playfully and says, “Well we need to get your dick nice and clean since it was just in my ass. You know I like to go down on you, but ass to mouth is not my thing.”

Steve chuckles at the comment and sits back against the wall of the tub to enjoy the rub down. Moving the scrubber down his abdomen to his groin, Jazmin teases the head lightly with it and massages his balls with her other hand. She lets the scrubber float on the water while she moves her hand up and down on his member, letting her thumb play with the slit along the end of his penis. Squeezing his balls gently with her other hand, massaging them and cleaning them, she reaches a couple fingers back to play with the skin between his balls and anus, a very sensitive part of his anatomy, pressing her fingers lightly into the skin there where his prostate is. Steve looking down into Jazmin’s eyes closes them while enjoying the undivided attention she is giving his manhood. Jazmin leans in and kisses him softly on his neck working her way up to his lips and kissing him softly and lovingly.

When she was done with her playing she picked up the cup on the side of the tub, and poured warm water down on Steve’s chest, rinsing off all the soap.

She leaned back and said, “Want to get out, I want you in my mouth. I want to lick and suck on your balls too.”

“Mmmmmm I like the sound of that.” Without any hesitation he leans over and lets the water out of the tub and stands up with Jazmin to get out. Grabbing a towel for either of them to dry off a bit.

Jazmin goes and finds the 12-inch dildo they had bought the other day at the porn shop and wiggles it back and forth for Steve to see. “I was thinking of using this like I said in the store. I want to see if I can take Escort Kütahya all of it.”

The thought of the enormous cock sliding in and out of her was enticing but something he wanted to see. “Well how about I work that bad boy into you, I want to see how much you can take.”

“Ok.” Jazmin says without hesitation. “Why don’t you lay down on the bed and I can suck you off while you work that thing into me.”

Taking the giant phallus from Jazmin, Steve lays on the bed on his back, awaiting her to climb on top of him.

Jazmin climbs on the bed and straddles Steve’s head so that they are in a 69 position. And she grabs his cock with her hand to get him worked up. She feels his lips on her pussy kissing it softly on the outer lips.

Steve kissing her lips lightly takes the phallus and rubs the head of it along her ass crack down to her pussy opening. He moves his head up to taste how wet she is at the prospect of having a giant intruder and is welcomed by an overflow of juices that had already started up after being washed away in the bath. He takes the Phallus and maneuvers it to her opening while she begins to lick and suck on his cock lovingly, moving her hands down to his balls to squeeze them gently.

Steve presses the great cock into her with some resistance and finally gets the head in while feeling a loud moan escape Jazmin’s lips around his cock. She had just gotten the head of his cock into her mouth while he was pressing the other cock into her pussy.

Getting assaulted at both ends was fantastic to Jazmin she had often gotten the same treatment from Steve while in a 69 with the replica of his cock that they had made. Now it was with something that was much thicker and 4-inches longer than what she was used to. She pressed back against the large intruder while she took more and more of Steve’s cock into her mouth. Trying to get the same length inside her at both ends.

Steve reciprocated by pressing the large cock into her pussy a bit more trying not to be too aggressive with something so large. He manages to press all but 2 inches into her pussy while she is deep throating his 8-inch cock. He starts to lick and suck at her pussy lips looking at the amount of the fake cock he had pushed into her was getting his extremely hot. Knowing that she could take that much into her.

He moans at the feel of her mouth around his cock, movement of her tongue moving around in her mouth licking up the pre-cum that was already leaking out of the tip. He moves the phallus in and out of her dripping wet hole while moving his tongue to her clit that was already protruding from the lips of her slit. As soon as she feels the contact of his tongue on her little clit she moans loud around his cock. Feeling the vibrations from her moans moving around his cock was like having a quick little hummer going on.

As he fucked the massive phallus in and out of Jazmin she became more enthusiastic at sucking his own cock. She had licked and sucked on his balls while moving her hand up and down his shaft never once giving him a chance to stop building up to completion. She worked her magic on his cock moving her lips up and down around it, coaxing his hot semen out of his balls. All the while feeling the massive cock going in and out of her pussy and the tongue of her lover sucking and licking at her clit.

Jazmin started feeling the pulses of his cock that was about to erupt. Each pulse bringing up more and more cum for her to suck down as he began to cum. Steve came with his mouth devouring Jazmin pussy juices and working the new toy in and out of her, He made one good thrust to push his cock deep into her mouth while at the same time slammed the huge fake cock into her dripping wet hole. With that extra slam home Jazmin began to cum as well moaning around Steve cock and feeling the need to scream out at how powerful the orgasm was. She never leaves his cock and just goes about licking up all his cum while her orgasm begins to wane away.

Steve takes the massive phallus out of his loving fiancé and licks it clean, as she dismounts and come up for a kiss. They lay there in a loving embrace for a while feeling the need to take a nap after the multiple times that Jazmin came, and the massive orgasm that racked Steve’s own body. Laying the bed curled up in orgasmic bliss they fall into slumber to rebuild their energy.

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