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Unexpected Visit

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Autumn had finally set over the land; mother nature’s paint brush had been busy turning the leaves to the vibrant colours of orange, red and yellow and the air had taken on the crisp smoky smell that can only be associated with fall. Leaves and frost crunched under Nate’s feet as he made his way across campus to the mailboxes. His hopes soared at the prospect of finding letters from several of his friends.

His studies were going extremely well; he was getting good grades and was managing to keep up with everything and still have a social life. If you could call it that, he hadn’t gotten any action in a while and was getting pretty antsy.

Nate was contemplating how he could possibly change his situation when he opened his mailbox and there it was. He recognized the return address right away, but even if it hadn’t had one he would know whom it was from. The envelope was a soft grey, the same colour that she used all the time. When he opened it he could smell her, this soft sent of lavender that never failed to make him instantly hard.

It really was all her fault too. She had sent him a pair of white cotton panties that smelt of lavender and her scent, which combined with the fact that he knew she had been wearing them while she got off on the phone with him, had driven him nuts. If only he could convince her to come down here for a weekend. When he opened the folded paper and read it he nearly had a heart attack. It read:

Your wildest dreams come true in less then a week.

What the hell was that supposed to mean? It couldn’t mean that she was coming here? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, he thought. Walking back to his dorm room was a little difficult because he was still hard; thank god his coat was long enough to hide it because he had a campus tour in less then 20 minutes.

He arrived at the centre a little earlier then he expected only to find that the person he was supposed to show around wasn’t there yet. Nate decided to wait out front of the centre for his tour to show up, he let his mind and eyes wander for several minutes before someone caught his eye.

She wasn’t the conventional sense of beautiful, but she was in her own way. What really interested him was the sense of recognition he felt when he looked at her. She was petite, maybe around 5′ 2″, it was hard to tell because she was wearing high healed boots that stopped just below her knees. His eyes lingered on her thighs before roaming up over her short plaid skirt to her tiny waist, then lingered on her breasts before centring on her face.

It was framed by long medium blond hair; soft waves and curls were accented by highlights. Her lips were curved into a slight smile, almost a pout; they were the kind of lips you could nibble on for hours. The cream turtleneck sweater she wore made her skin seem like it was porcelain, her cheeks were rose from the cold.

Nate had no idea he had been staring until she moved towards him; her walk was confident, her hips swayed gently with each step. If she hadn’t been wearing the leather jacket he was sure that he would have been able to see her tits bouncing. When she was almost in front of him and he could see her eyes there was instant recognition. It was her; she was actually here standing in front of him with a knowing smile on her face.

“Hey handsome. Are you my tour guide?” she asked as she edged so close to him that her breasts nearly brushed against him.

Nate could only stare down at her, speechless. She had the most unusual eyes, not quite blue or grey, there were flecks of green and gold in them too. She smelled of lavender. Nate felt the blood rush out of his brain and into his lap. “Angela?” he whispered.

“Smart boy, no wonder you get good grades.” She slipped her hands inside his jacket, rubbing the palms over his chest. “So why don’t we start that tour in your dorm room?”

Nate grabbed her hand and practically dragged her towards his building. They didn’t say a word to each other as they raced back to his room. It was late in the day and the dorm was quiet, most students were out having dinner or a late class. Angela was practically undressing Nate in the hall escorts in london way; her fingers mad quick work of unbuttoning his shirt and were moving down to the snap of his jeans when he finally got the door open.

Nate’s control snapped when her hand slipped into his jeans and rubbed against him through the fabric of his briefs. His mouth rushed against hers; ruthlessly kissing her, forcing her mouth open to taste her. She met his demands; her hands working his jacket off before streaking up under his shirt, her nails scoring skin.

He hissed in both pleasure and pain; he pulled her jacket over her shoulders, letting it slide off her arms to the floor. The turtle neck she wore clung to her curves accentuating her bust line even more, making his mouth water at the thought of burying his face between her breasts. Her breathing hitched when his hands found her beneath the sweater.

He pulled the sweater off to find a white cotton bra with lace on the edges; his hands moulded her through the fabric, making her already hard nibbles tingle before he opened the front clasp to free her.

Her hands fisted in his hair when he lifted one to his mouth; taking the hard nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and lightly biting her until it was crimson. His hand skimmed up over her tiny waist to cup her other breast; his thumb moving restlessly over her exposed nipple before he rolled it between is thumb and forefinger. She deep moan escaped her before her body shuttered from the first orgasm.

When she went limp against the door Nate took his mouth lower, dipping his tongue into the hollow of her belly button, his hands sliding over her thighs under the hem of her skirt. She was wearing thigh high stockings and white cotton panties that made his mouth water at the thought of finding out what was underneath them.

Before he could pull then off her she pulled him up and pushed him to the bed before attacking his jeans. She pulled them off, and then worked him free of his briefs. She purred before her mouth descended onto him, taking him in one swallow.

His head hit the back of her throat just before she started to pull back, her hand following her mouth every inch, stroking him while lubricating him with her mouth. He could feel her tongue moving around him while she suckled him. She kept changing the pressure of suction; sometimes just letting her mouth loosely slide over him or sucking on the tip hard and fast.

He was going to cum if she kept it up. His hands fisted in her hair, tugging on her hair to move onto him but she only grabbed at his thumb and put pressure on a sensitive point until he let go.

“Just lay back and enjoy it… we have lots of time.” She whispered. Instead of going back to his cock she moved lower to his balls. She lay the flat of her tongue against the underneath of them and licked up. He felt her mouth close over one before she sucked on it, her teeth lightly grazing his skin.

Goose flesh sprang up on his skin as her tongue drifted lower still, licking at an extremely sensitive area beneath his balls. She stroked his cock while her other hand drifted over his body and between his thighs. He felt a light pressure against his ass from her tongue; she licked at him until he was wet. Her mouth came back up to his cock, but her fingers lingered on his ass.

His toes curled when he felt her finger start to penetrate him, he felt her knuckle slide in, then she twisted her finger so her palm was facing up. She withdrew and penetrated over and over until he had loosened up enough to take a second finger. He growled when she began to rub against his prostate, gently massaging it. He felt like he was about to cum, but it was different somehow.

In seconds he hit the plateau, moaning as the orgasm ripped over him. He was so dazed he didn’t realize that she had taken her fingers out and was still sucking on him. He vaguely realized he was still rock hard but before he could make anything of it he was hit by another orgasm. His cock pumped cum into her mouth and she sucked on him as she swallowed the salty cream.

Nate lie on the bed completely dazed from the multiple escorts in london orgasm. He vaguely heard the sound of a zipper being undone. If he’d had the energy to look up he would have seen that Angela was taking her boots off. She sauntered to the edge of the bed and propped her foot up on the bed. He watched as she eased the hem of her already short skirt up and hooked her fingers under the top of her stocking. She slowly eased the sheer fabric over her silky leg and when it was off her toes she changed position and did the same with the other one.

She turned her back to him and reached behind to slowly unzip her skirt. He could see pure white where the zipper began to separate. Her skirt slid over her hips to reveal cotton white panties that were edged with eyelet lace. When she slowly turned back to face him he was already beginning to get hard again. Her panties were so school girlish, he mouth watered at the thought of finding out what was beneath it.

He mustered up the energy to sit up and swing his legs over the side of the bed. He reached out and pulled her so that she was standing between them. This time he wouldn’t let her distract him before he got the prize. He started out by tracing his tongue over the edge of her panties; his hands slid over the back of her thighs to grasp the firm globes of her ass. His fingers probed in between her legs to find her panties soaked through with her arousal.

He couldn’t wait any longer; he hooked his thumbs under the waistband and slowly pulled then off her. Her fingers thread through his hair, her nails lightly scraping his scalp as he revealed a bare pussy. He spread her thighs further apart; her pussy was wet and swollen. Nate leaned forward to lick at the clean mound; she tasted as good as she smelled but he couldn’t as much as he wanted.

He traded places with her; laying her back onto the bed, spreading her legs open wide and high. He could see and lick any part of her he wanted. He swept his tongue from the opening of her slit up till he found her swollen clit. He took his time, swirling his tongue around it but not quite touching it. Her breathing was shallow and she kept trying to lift her cunt to his lips.

He never gave into her silent demands. He licked everywhere but where she wanted most, his tongue circled over her outer lips before delving between the inner ones to penetrate her. She whimpered at the deeper contact, her body writhing under him. He finally flicked his tongue over her clit, barely a brush but it had her shuttering against him. He closed his mouth over her clit and sucked and licked. It was barely seconds before she was begging him to make her cum.

“Hmmmmmmmm god damn it Nate! Oohhh make me cum and you can do anything you want to me!” she growled before she thrust her hips against his mouth. Nate was happy to oblige her because he wanted her ass bad. His tongue lapped against her clit, his fingers entered her to fuck her as she began to cum. She screamed and her body bucked against him as the orgasm hit her hard. Nate felt her cum on his fingers, felt her pussy quiver around him.

“Roll onto your stomach.” He told her before helping her into that position. He pulled her down so that her legs were over the edge of the bed and kneeled between them. His hands cupped her ass, his thumbs slid between her cheeks to spread her open. The button of her ass exposed had his dick lurching. He kept her spread with one hand; his fingers scooped up her own lube that he brushed over her puckered asshole before his mouth descended on her ass, his fingers rubbing her clit. Within seconds he felt her cum over his fingers.

He brought his slick fingers up to her ass, probed the bud with his middle finger before slowly pushing it inside her. “God you’re so tight.” He commented as his knuckle pushed past her ring. When his finger was all the way inside her he moved it around, probing her soft tissue. She moaned as he started to pull it out to start fucking her. He stroked her ass with his finger for a few minutes until it felt more relaxed. He would have stopped but she told him to put another finger in and keep going. This time when he escort service pulled his fingers out of her ass stayed open before slowly closing again.

Angela rolled over onto her back. “You want to have my ass don’t you?” she asked. She knew that he had never had one before, knew how much he wanted it. She was more then prepared to make it happen for him too, but she wanted to hear him say it. She stood up in front of him, her hips swaying towards his face.

“You know what I want.” He whispered.

“Tell me.” She demanded.

“I want to fuck your ass.” He said. She nodded to him in acknowledgment before moving over to her discarded jacket. He watched her as she dug into the pockets. She pulled out a bottle of lube and some condoms. When she went back to him she leaned down and kissed him, a deep sultry kiss that rattled both of them.

“Put this on.” She whispered before giving him one of the condoms. She lie back down on the bed to watch him. He was hard again and she wanted him inside her before she let him have her ass. She held her hand out in invitation when he was finished protecting himself.

They’re lips locked when he met her on the bed; she spread her legs for him to settle between them, she moaned when she felt him probing against her. She was so wet that he slid into her to the hilt on the first stroke. Her body arched against him while the tight muscles of her pussy squeezed him like a velvet glove.

There bodies moved together; Nate kept his pace slow and steady, Angela’s nails scraped down his back too his hips to urge him on. She bit his bottom lip, and then licked at it before moving on to his neck.

“Hmmm I want your ass now.” He groaned. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, he couldn’t wait any longer. “Get on your knees.” He said as he withdrew from her. She complied, leaning forward to stick her ass in the air.

“Here’s the lube, use some on me and you. Work your fingers into me again with the lube.” She instructed. He eagerly did as she said. He jacked himself with the lube then pressed his wet fingers into her ass, spreading her and relaxing her. “Hmmm now Nate, take what you want!” she moaned, wiggling her ass at him.

She felt the head of his cock press against her hole. “Go slow.” She whispered when she felt him start to push through her tight entrance. She groaned, her hands fisting in the bed spread when his head popped through. Sweat misted her skin as he slowly worked his way into her, pushing for an inch, withdrawing two until he his balls pressed against her wet pussy.

They’re breathing was fast and shallow. Nate leaned forward, his hands came up to cup and squeeze her breasts. “Oh god. Hmmm so tight.”

Angela pushed against him. “Move your hips baby. I need to cum again!” she cooed. Nate was only too happy to help her with that. He pulled out till he could see the ridge before his head peaking out of her ass and slammed back into her hard. She screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure. He started to apologize for hurting her but she just cut him off, “Don’t stop! Fuck Me!” she demanded.

Nate pumped into her again and again; her sphincter was gripping his cock while her soft tissues pulsed around him. She reached down and rubbed her clit; her head was turned to the side so that he could see her eyes glazed from pleasure. He felt the orgasm begin to grow in her, her muscles clutching at him, pulsing and squeezing uncontrollably.

When the orgasm finally hit her she slammed her ass against him, her body bucked so hard that she nearly pushed him out of her. He grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as he could pushing himself to the brink until he came hard in her ass, his tight muscles became wet noodles. In sync they slumped onto the bed; he was still inside her practically laying on her while trying to catch his breath.

After what seemed forever he rolled off her onto his side, pulling her with him. He nuzzled her neck and cupped her breast with his free hand. “Hmmm that was wonderful.” He murmured before he rolled onto his back to get rid of the condom. She rolled with him and snuggled against him when he drew the bedspread up over them. “Just give me a bit and we’ll start over again.” He whispered before he slid into sleep.

But when he awoke it was to an empty bed. She had disappeared on him; the only thing left was a note and her panties. The note read:

Till next time.

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