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Twas the Night Before Puffymas

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Twas the Night Before Puffymas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Xander had just finished putting the Christmas presents under the tree when he hears a purposeful cough come from behind him.

“Alex, where have you been? I have had to do all this myself” Xander exclaimed.

“I have been busy myself” she replied “come follow me, I have an early present for you.”

Alex leads Xander by the hand up the stairs and into their bedroom. It was dark in there but the light from the hallway was enough to see what Alex had done. The bed sheets were different, black sleek and shiny.

“Are those sheets nylon?” Xander ask quizzically. “Don’t sound all innocent, I have seen your Google history.” Alex replied with a look that said don’t push it.

“Now, you sit here and behave. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you.” Alex told him as she left the room.

Xander couldn’t help himself and began to caress the sheets, they felt so soft, and with the duvet inside it gave the impression of puffiness. “Oh my god”, Xander thought all of a sudden, what had she seen on his phone. His heart began to pound, irrationally thinking he was in trouble. He hadn’t shared his secret fantasies around puffy nylon gear with anyone, not even Alex who he had been with for two years now.

His answer came quickly though with the unmistakable swish sound of a puffer coat’s arms brushing against the main body of the coat.

Alex stepped into the doorway and Xander’s jaw hit the floor. She stood there topless her pert breasts rubbing on the inside of the most amazing coat Xander had ever seen. It stretched right to the floor and had a hood which was up, hiding Alex’s face. The main body of the puffer coat was fire engine red, but bordering the whole coat it was trimmed with about two inches of white. Alex was also wearing a skin tight pair of red latex bottoms with a zip at the crotch which looked to loop round to the back. And on her feet were a pair of shiny black platform boots which finished just below the knee.

“Wow” Xander said “you look, incredible.”

“Good. This is my Mrs Claus look. But we are not finished yet” said Alex “stand up, now. Strip for me”

So whilst Alex stood in the doorway, with her hands behind her back, Xander got up and began to strip.

“Well you are quick to excitement” Alex said upon seeing Xander’s half erection dripping with a little precum. “I wonder how you will react to your present.”

Once naked and stood with his arms to his side Alex pulled one of her arms around to the front. There was some sort of garment in her hand. Bringing the other hand round she gripped a part of the material and dropped the rest, it was a puffy glossuit.

“Now be a good boy. And put it on” Alex said sternly.

The suit was amazing it was the same bright red as her coat with a white trim around the inside of the hood which had pull strings in place for adjustment. The suit was (apart from the hood) completely enclosed. Xander’s feet were enclosed in görükle escort black puffy nylon slipper attachments, and the sleeves of the suit finished with black puffy mittens. Once inside he struggled with the zip. His gloved hands couldn’t grip the mechanism properly.

“Let me help with that” Alex said as she walked towards him.

She took the 3-way zip from just above his butt, between his legs and up to the top, fully sealing Xander in. Alex began to caress Xander, she could feel the thickness and squishyness of the puffy suit. The sound and sensations were driving Xander nuts. Alex’s hand reached down and she could feel how hard Xander was, and smiled.

“Good. Now, you’re my naughty puffy Santa, and I am going to have to teach you a lesson” Alex turned and pointed to the bed “Get on the bed.” She demanded.

Xander climbed onto the bed, the puffiness of the suit made it difficult to move and the nylon of the suit was slipping on the nylon of the bed sheets. Finally he reached the head board and turned over to look at Alex. She made him lie flat so he could only get a good view of the ceiling, but he could feel something attaching to his wrists and ankles. He tried to move them and there was only a small amount of give, Alex had tied him down.

Straining himself to move Xander looked over at Alex who was playing with the zip of her shiny latex trousers.

“You should of told me that you have these fantasies. For these secrets you’re going to have to work hard to get me to forgive you.”

With these words Alex unzipped the crotch of her trousers and began to climb onto the bed.

Alex, on her knees, mounted Xander and slowly made her way up his body. Xander could see the glistening wetness between her legs, his heart pumping with anticipation. Alex lowered her dripping pussy onto his face squeezing the sides of the puffy hood further onto Xander’s head. The sense of enclosure was driving Xander wild, but he knew what he had to do, and started working his tongue inside Alex.

Alex, facing the head board, began to grind on Xander’s face using his nose to stimulate her clit. Her thighs were tightening and tightening on Xander’s head, his tongue working harder and faster, grabbing a few breaths when able. He could tell she was close. Alex then grabbed Xander’s head and pulled it into her as her orgasm took control and she began to cum onto Xander’s face. Xander drank deep Alex’s sweet nectar, he loved the sensation of being used by her.

Alex dismounted making sure her long puffer coat brushed against Xander’s exposed face. She knew he would appreciate the cold softness it provided, after all, he was probably feeling pretty hot right now.

“How did I do?” Xander asked.

“You did well, and for that I am going to reward you” Alex replied whilst she started undoing his restraints.

Once Xander was free he embraced Alex, feeling her bare skin with his mittened hands. He leaned in for a kiss, and Alex pulled her head back.

“A, a, aaa. Not yet you don’t” she said “Now, on your knees.”

Xander did what she bursa merkez escort asked

“Face the end of the bed” she demanded.

“Why what’s next?” Xander asked.

He could hear Alex fumbling around with one of the bed side draws.

“Never you mind. Now, enough talk” saying this Alex pulled down the puffy hood and reached over Xanders head and placed a bright red ball gag into his mouth.

“That’s better, isn’t it” she said as she tightened the buckle at the back of his head and replaced the hood.

Alex then attached the restraints the his ankles, and added new restraints binding his thighs to his calf. The look of the puffy material being compressed and the feeling of being restrained was turning Xander on again, his member pushing against the soft inner material. Alex got off the bed zipped her trousers back up and left the room. Xander sat there patiently, feeling his saliva dripping out and off of the ball of the gag, the apprehension for what was coming next was intense. He could feel the precum wetting the inside of the suit, he really wanted to fuck Alex, just bend her over the side of the bed and pump until he could shoot his load all over the back of that beautiful coat.

Whilst day dreaming he hadn’t realised that Alex had return and was just stepping in front of his eye line at the foot of the bed. She turned to face him and then he knew what was next. There between her legs hung a big black cock. She looked so powerful with this strapon, she looked like she had had a huge confidence boost.

“I see that you like what you see” she said looking at his bulge “I wanted you to see this before I fit the final restraints.”

Alex leaned over to Xander, her cock swaying with her movements, and took hold of the pull strings and tugged. The hoods opening tightened around Xander’s face reducing his view considerably.

“Bend over and put your face into the duvet” she said “Good. Now outreach your arms”

As he did this she attached the cuffs to his wrists and made sure they were nice and tight, Xander was going nowhere.

“Right Santa. As you have pleased me so well I thought I would give you a treat,I saw you had been looking at some pegging forums, so this should be just what you wanted. Now stick that ass into the air.”

Xander pushed his butt up and Alex took one of the zips and started to undo it, just enough to reveal his ass.

“Good, right, now I am going to fuck your sexy little boy-pussy.” As she said this she applied lube to his ass hole and to the shaft of her strap on.

She began slowly, easing her cock in. She could hear delicate moans coming from Xander’s gagged mouth. This pleased her and she began to work the cock more into his ass. Rolling her hips, thrusting the cock deeper and faster into his pussy. His moans were getting louder and more frequent, this was exciting Alex. She could feel herself getting wet again, and began caressing her tits through the coat. She thought to herself how this puffer fetish was pretty good, she was enjoying these new sensations.

Xander bursa sınırsız escort unable to move was loving this new avenue, he had never been fucked in the ass before, and it was amazing. His cock was so hard it almost hurt, the sheer amount of precum was now drenching the inside of the puffer suit, but the feeling of the wet nylon sticking to his penis only drove him more wild. If she kept this up he was going to explode.

After twenty minutes of working his ass, Alex could tell he was getting close, and that will not do. She slowed down and pulled out of him resting back on her knees. She took a moment to admire the glistening of the lube on her cock for a moment before getting up again and undoing the wrist cuffs.

“How was that? Hope I didn’t stop too soon.” She said as she loosened the ties to the hood revealing his face. He looked so cute when he was desperate to cum.

Once he was completely free Alex pushed him lightly to get him lying on his back again. She took a moment to admire him, all wrapped up in this puffy cocoon, with his saliva soaked ball gag shining in the low light. Alex then adjusted the 3-way zip, finally allowing Xander’s cock to be free. It was still firm and rigid, lustrous with all the precum. Alex unzipped herself again and lower her pussy onto him.

She felt so warm and wet on the skin of his shaft, it felt incredible. She was so tight, she had always been good at retaining this, Xander thought he would burst instantly, but Alex had other plans. She adjusted herself and began working on him, moving up an down, but at just the right angles so that she got maximum pleasure whilst he was kept more at bay. After a while she started to work faster, Xander could sense she was about to blow, she grabbed hold of the neck of the puffer suit and pulled him up whilst still bouncing on him and forced his mouth onto her nipple. He began to lick and flick her nipple applying pressure as he knew this drove her wild. Within moments she was cumming. Her moans were loud and almost bordered on a scream. She adjusted herself and stated pumping away at Xander’s cock, now he couldn’t hold back. The orgasm was huge, bigger than he had had in a long time, he could feel wave after wave go through him as he cummed inside her pussy.

For the second time Alex dismounted Xander, and left to go to the bathroom. Xander sat up and started playing with the zips, trying to undo them, to get ready for bed. Alex returned.

“No, naughty Santa!” she exclaimed “it’s not time for that yet.”

With this Alex pushed Xander’s mittened hands aside and zipped him back up. Alex had removed the latex trousers and platforms and was now just wearing a pair of red satin panties, but kept the coat on. She manoeuvred herself behind him put one hand on his shoulder and pulled him down back onto the bed as the little spoon. He then heard the zips of his suit again and felt cold air on his bare ass. He then felt something wet a slippy get pressed into his butt.

“I am just going to leave this plug in your boy-pussy, so you can be nice and ready for when I fuck you again in the morning” with that she zipped Xander back up and he heard a click as she locked him into the suit. She reached over him and placed the strapon on his bedside table, so he would continue thinking about it well into the night.

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