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Tucker’s Studio Ch. 04

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I have a whole series of these stories written. They work pretty well as stand alone stories, all revolving around Tucker Sims and his porn studio, but some things will make more sense if you read them in the order they were posted. I hope you enjoy them. As usual, the people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


The Christian Boy

Tucker’s success adding Ryan to his stable of men had him on the lookout for another college boy. It was risky because all boys that age love to have sex, and all of them think they wanna be a porn star. Finding someone intelligent, sensible and quiet about his work — not to mention smokin’ hot in the body department — was the trick. He’d approached a slew of young men over the years, asking them about modeling, but nine times out of ten he walked away without giving them a firm offer for a test shoot. Ryan was the gold standard. He never bragged about his part-time porn job to his friends and the ladies loved him, both for his youthful charm and his hot body, not necessarily in that order.

Tucker struck pay-dirt one day at the city pool, the same place where he’d met Molly a while back, at his nephew’s swim team practice. Molly was there the day he talked to the new boy. She lingered a bit after practice to see what Tucker was up to.

The young man in question — we’ll call him a boy since he was only eighteen — was one of the lifeguards that showed up for duty when the swim team turned the pool over to the general public for the final hours of the warm afternoon. Tucker had seen him a few times before, and caught him for a chat ten minutes before the boy’s shift started.

“Some of those kid’s got some talent, huh?” Tucker said to him, gesturing to the swim team packing up their things.

“Yeah they do,” the boy said. “They’re better than I was at that age. That kid in the backstroke was really fast.”

“So this might sound weird comin’ outta the blue,” Tucker said, “but I’m in the modeling and photography biz. We do some film work too. You ever do any modeling or acting?”

“No,” the boy chuckled. “What makes you think I did?”

“You got the look the ladies like,” Tucker said. “That’s what it’s all about these days. I’d love to have you come down and do a try out shoot. I’ve got a nice studio over in the warehouse district. A full staff, all on the up-‘n-up.”

He wasn’t lying, as long as you think “on the up-‘n-up” means dirty naked fucking. Tucker reached in his pocket, took out a business card and handed it to the young man. Molly, lingering in the shade, smiled when she saw the hand-off. She wondered to herself if she’d have that sweet lifeguard cock — the one so blatantly lumped under the boy’s speedo — inside her one day. She could feel her pussy moisten as she thought about it.

“So what are we talkin’ about?” the boy asked Tucker. “Like catalogs and stuff?”

“No, usually calendars to start out. You in your bathing suit, just like this. Stuff that appeals to the ladies, you know? If it works out, we start at fifty bucks an hour for photos. We go up from there. It’s good money, and fun work.”

“Yeah, I don’t think I can do that. My mom’s a Pastor. The Church of the Lord Savior, out on Bardston Road. I live with her in a little apartment attached to the main chapel. She gets upset that I have to wear this bathing suit in public,” the boy chuckled. “I told her it’s the uniform for the lifeguards but she wrote a letter to the city. Said she thinks it’s obscene. I don’t think she’d like it if I got my picture taken in it.”

“What about the girl lifeguards?” Tucker asked.

“Oh, she hasn’t seen them yet,” The boy said with a smirk. “They’re one piece, but nice. Real thin, but, I guess this is too,” he said, looking down at himself.

“We can put you in a pair of shorts. We’re gonna need a bare chest though, at least partially. Maybe just an open shirt? We don’t have to get into the details of it here though. If you think you can swing it without makin’ your mom too upset, give me a call. I’m assuming you’re eighteen, right?”

“Yeah. Two months ago.”

“That means you get to make up your own mind from now on, right?” Tucker said. “These photos are gonna end up where your mom probably won’t see ’em anyway. You could always go the ‘what you don’t tell her won’t hurt her’ route, right? Anyway, it’s up to you my friend. What’s your name anyway?”

“Billy. Billy Carpenter.”

“Great talkin’ to ya Billy, I’m Tucker. I hope to hear from ya.”

So that’s how the bait was presented. Setting the hook was a separate challenge. Of course Tucker didn’t look at it that way. He was all about good vibes and folks doing what made them feel good. If Billy was genuinely uncomfortable with the situation he’d send him home no problem. Having a bunch of conservative Christians picketing outside his door wasn’t something Tucker wanted to wake up to. Ever. But he wasn’t a believer, and all their uptight bullshit about recreational sexuality, in the name of what he considered kocaeli escort bayan to be mythology, bugged him. Why shouldn’t he push back a little? Reality vs. myth. He knew which side he was on, and there was nothing more real than an epic fuck. Billy’d find that out one day, even if his mama had already brainwashed the shit out of him.


A week later at the pool Molly was sitting in her favorite spot, way up in the top corner of the bleachers, away from the gossiping mothers. She spotted Tucker when he carried his nephew’s bag in for the practice, and waved him up. It wasn’t like her. Tucker usually left her alone so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, on the off chance someone knew his business. But that day she was curious about things.

“Hi boss,” she said brightly.

“Hi Molly. How’s it goin’?”

“Good, thanks to you. I just moved into my new condo.”

“Nice! I love it when life is good, don’t you?”

“God yes! Who ever thought gettin’ screwed could make life so wonderful. So I saw you talkin’ to lifeguard boy last week.”

“Oh Yeah. Nice kid. I offered him a photo shoot to see if he’d work out. I wish it had because he’s perfect in a lot of ways. Reminds me of Ryan, ya know? But you can’t win ’em all.”

“It didn’t go well?”

“No. He got spooked. That’s all right though. I mean I don’t wanna force anybody. It’s no good if people aren’t comfortable.”

“Did you have a girl work with him?”

“Yeah. Markie.”

“Hmm,” Molly said. “I can see why he mighta got nervous with her.”

“Really? I thought she’d be good with him. She’s sexy.”

“Yeah, but, she can be a little intimidating. Even…well…I’m not gonna mention names, but one of the experienced guys told me she makes him feel weird sometimes.”

“Huh. I guess I didn’t realize that,” Tucker said. “I don’t know if I can get him back for another try, but what do you suggest?”

“Me,” Molly said with a hint of a smile.

“You Molly? What about blowin’ your cover here at the pool? It might get around you know.”

“I don’t think it will because he’ll be part of our family.”

“My my, we are confident, aren’t we?”

“I talked to him a couple weeks ago, before you did,” Molly said with a slightly embarrassed little smile. “It was just a casual chat, but there was somethin’ there. A girl knows.”

“Christ Molly, a couple weeks ago he was seventeen!” Tucker laughed.

“No! He wasn’t, was he?”

“No, I’m just kidding. It was two months ago.”

“Oh my God!” Molly said with wide eyes. “Is he that young? Thirty fuckin’ years younger than me?”

“Yeah, and his mother’s a Pastor at one of those whacked out fundamentalist churches. He lives there with her, right in the goddamned church!”

“Fuck!” Molly said. “Are you sure you wanna go after him? Sounds fucked up to me.”

“I’ve got a good feeling about him. He’s our kinda people. Smart, not a bragger. I’ve been doin’ this long enough I can smell the good ones. Plus I hate those fuckin’ churches.”

“So give me a shot,” Molly said.

“You just wanna suck some lifeguard cock,” Tucker said.

“Well, there’s that,” Molly smirked. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but when I was doing my modeling thing back when I was his age…actually I was seventeen I think, I met a lifeguard at the beach. It was like love at first sight, you know? My best friend fucked him that night. Remember I told you not feeling comfortable in front of the camera fucked up my head? Well there was stuff like that happening too. Having a hot body and zero confidence sucks when you’re a kid.”

“It’s funny you say that. I have a feeling Billy’s in the same boat. I mean he’s got the body of an Adonis, but his mom’s got his head all fucked up about stuff. A lot of it’s body image and sexuality I think.”

“Let me help him. If anybody understands that shit I do. Plus…I mean…it’s lifeguard cock,” Molly laughed. “What can I say, you’ve turned me into a horny slut, and I love it. If you get him back on set and I walk in there in my favorite tit teddy — you know the one — I’ll bet a weeks wages I can get him to cum in his speedo. He might not fuck me on the first go around, but you’ll see a young man come out of his shell, I guarantee it.”

“Wow! Molly Bianchi! I love this confidence I see in you lately. You know you’re my favorite girl?”


“All right Billy, that was great,” Tucker said. “Now, I hate to pull this on you, ’cause I know it made you uncomfortable last time, but I’d love to try a few shots with another model. The last one didn’t work out so good, but everybody’s different so lets try it again with somebody else, okay?”

“Okay,” Billy said, but he wasn’t enthused.

“I’ve encouraged other people at the pool to model for me, and Molly here’s done really well with it,” Tucker said as Molly walked out. “Have you met her?”

Billy couldn’t answer, due to speechless disorder. It was caused by Molly, and her tit teddy. She called it kocaeli sınırsız escort that because it made her tits look amazing. Of course from a male point of view they looked amazing every minute of the day, but in her eyes that particular teddy brought out the best in them. She was right of course, hence Billy’s speechlessness.

“Hi Billy,” Molly said. “I’m so glad you’re gonna be working with us.”

“Oh. Yeah, well…”

“So, models, we kinda talk frankly. Is that okay?” Molly asked him.

“Yeah,” Billy said quietly, still flustered by the sight of the sexy woman from the pool in her tit teddy.

“You look really good in that speedo,” Molly said.

“Oh,” Billy said, looking down at himself as he grew. “Thanks, but…”

“No butts. Although the back of you’s really cute too,” Molly said with a sexy smile and a wink.

“Oh,” Billy said. He almost snorted an exhale, like a horny moose.

Tucker stood off to the side, in the shadows beyond the photographic lights, and smiled.

“So what do you want us to do boss?” Molly asked Tucker.

“How about a standing pose. You behind Billy, with your arms around him,” Tucker said.

“That sound okay Billy?” Molly said.

“Yeah,” he said nervously.

Molly moved behind him, pressing tight to his back, wrapping her arms around him. One hand landed just below his chest, the other one lower, just above his speedo. Speedos are low folks, so we’re talkin’ halfway between bellybutton and cock. Yeah, it was sexy. Sexy as hell. Billy had already swelled a bit from before, but now he was positively bulging, which in a speedo means the fabric has separated from the mothership. Houston, the speedo has lifted.

Molly couldn’t tell of course, but she could sense it. Chip, the men’s stylist, was as gay as gay can be and Molly used his eyes as a gauge. If Billy was turned on, Chip would telegraph it. Molly knew Chip pretty well and that was just the way it was.

So Chip, he fought it, but he just couldn’t stop glancing at Billy’s crotch, and Molly, she couldn’t stop pressing her tits against Billy and massaging his belly. The photographer snapped off shots, moving around the couple. Tucker let it go on just enough, and then…

“Okay Billy, remember we’re tryin’ to turn on the ladies here. They’re the ones who buy these calendars. Think you can work with that? With Molly?”

“Yeah,” he said quietly.

“Good. Let’s switch positions,” Tucker said. “Yeah, that’s it, get right up tight against her…put your arms around her the way hers were around you.”

Billy’s arms moved tentatively, and he wasn’t as tight against Molly as she wanted him to be. She moved back and placed his arms. His half-hard cock was against the top of her ass, and she positioned his arms where his mother wouldn’t approve, one right up where the tit teddy cradled the bottom of her big orbs, and one down where hers had been on him — halfway between belly button and crotch, where he could feel the heat of her womanhood. He’d never felt anything like her.

“You okay honey?” Molly asked. “The camera loves this stuff.”

“Yeah,” Billy said quietly.

“Nice you guys,” Tucker said. “That looks good.”

Tucker gave Billy a few moments to settle in, and the photographer time to work the pose.

“Okay Billy, how about a hand down on Molly’s thigh. Leave your left one up where it is. Maybe even slide it up a little if you’re comfortable with that. You okay with that Molly?”

“Sure, that’s fine,” Molly said.

Billy was relieved that Molly thought it was all fine. So, yeah, I guess if she’s good with it, he thought. But it still took Molly’s guidance. She moved his right hand to her thigh, way up high with his fingers two inches from her prize, and she pushed the left one right against the bottom of her tit, holding a little of the weight of it. Billy’s cock grew even more against the small of her back. She had a pretty good idea he was a big boy by the way he looked soft in his speedo, but feeling him harden against her left no doubt in her mind.

“How’s this?” Molly asked Tucker.

“Nice,” he said as the photographer worked.

“Billy, can you hold her tit in your hand?” Tucker asked.

“I, uh…I dunno. Molly?” he asked shyly.

“Sure honey,” she said. She put her hand on his and moved it up even more, cupping her nicely. She moaned just loud enough for Billy to hear, to make it clear she liked it.

“Perfect,” Tucker said. “That looks great.”

“Molly,” Tucker said after the photographer got what he wanted, “let’s get you in a bikini. I think having both of you in swimsuits will look a little more natural. Take a break Billy. Grab a bottle of water or somethin’ if you want.”

“Oh. Okay,” he said sheepishly, not wanting anybody to see the hard-on in his speedo. He held his hands over it as he stepped out of the light.

Molly came back ten minutes later in a little string bikini. Forty-eight years old, but damn, izmit anal yapan escort she would have had a line of boys following her if she wore that thing at the beach.

“Nice!” Tucker said when he saw her. “Marsha, see if you can find a nice white towel for her. Somethin’ to drape around her neck. Okay guys, lets pick up where we left off, with Billy behind you Molly. Let’s take advantage of all that skin showing. Billy, put your hands on Molly’s sides, where her waist is smallest. Get right up tight to the back of her and kiss the top of her shoulder. Yeah, that’s it. Nice Billy. Now kiss a little closer to her neck. Hold that. Molly, you look like you’re enjoying that.”

“I am,” Molly purred. She felt Billy grow even more. “That feels nice honey.”

Molly’s hand dropped to Billy’s thigh, subtly encouraging him to stay tight to her.

“Let’s try the towel,” Tucker said. “Molly, take your top off and we’ll drape this over you instead.”

“Untie me honey?” she asked Billy. She used both her hands to hold her hair up off her neck and glanced back at him with a sexy smile.

“The…whole thing?” he asked nervously.

“Yeah. Take it off and hand it to Marsha.”

Billy backed up just enough to do the deed. He was hoping no one would see his huge hard-on, but Marsha got a glimpse of it when she took the bikini top from him. She draped the towel around Molly’s neck, adjusting it carefully so it covered her big tits in a sexy way.

“All right Billy, up nice and close, hands on her sides, kiss her shoulder again. Nice. I like this. Yeah, we’re gettin’ some heat now.”

“Yeah we are,” Molly purred, pulling Billy in tight against her ass with her hand again.

“Do you mind some lip kissing Billy?” Tucker asked.

“No…I guess…is that all right?” he asked.

“It’s all right with me if that’s what you mean,” Molly said, glancing back at him with twinkling eyes.

“Yeah, just like that Molly. Turn your head back to him. Kiss her Billy, and hold it while we get the shots.”

Molly tilted her head seductively and Billy put his lips on hers, close-mouthed, like he’d kiss his mother. Molly was having none of that. She opened her mouth and moaned as she felt Billy’s lips open. Her tongue made a foray through the neutral zone, and Billy joined in, just a little at first, but Molly built the heat as the photographer circled.

“You’re a good kisser,” she whispered when they were through.

So here’s the thing about Billy. He’s never had a girlfriend. He was home-schooled by his mom, so the ‘real world’ of girls had been shielded from him. There’s a girl from church, Emily, who’s in his Bible study class. Billy’s mother thinks of her as his girlfriend, and she keeps a wary eye on the lass. But there’d never been a date, or really any time alone. Never so much as a kiss. They’d been at a mutual friends pool one time, chaperoned by parents of course, Billy in his thick, baggy bathing suit, and Emily in a conservative one piece. He got a look at most of her tits when she bent over, but his mother saw it happen and gave him the nastiest look he’d ever seen.

Billy had a male friend down the street from where he lived. His mother didn’t like the boy, but Billy did, and he got to see some Playboy magazines that belonged to the boy’s father. There was porn on the boy’s phone too. Billy recoiled at first, thinking it was way too bad and he shouldn’t be looking, but he did anyway, and it solved the mystery of what went where, and a few other things he’d heard about but didn’t understand. He masturbated a lot, like most boys his age, thinking about the Playboy girls, and Emily’s tits.

So the kiss with Molly was his first, and it was a good one. Sweet and soft, but oh so wet and sexy. His cock was rock hard against the top of Molly’s beautiful round ass. She loved the feel of it.

“Beautiful. That was great,” Tucker said after the kiss. “Billy, I want you to move your hands up under the towel. Cup Molly’s tits like your hands are her bra. Don’t worry, the towel will cover everything. We’ll do a few shots straight like that, and then, Molly, tip your head back for another kiss.”

Billy wasn’t moving and Molly could feel him tense up. She knew he wouldn’t touch her bare tits on his own, so she moved his hands up, placing his sweaty palms where she wanted them. Billy was astonished by the softness and the warmth, and the sheer size and weight of them. He was looking down over Molly’s shoulder. Her lovely cleavage was on full display between the draping ends of the towel, and he could see his fingertips right there in the middle of it all. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes he wouldn’t have believed it.

“That’s good, keep looking down like that Billy,” Tucker said. “Nice. Okay, now let’s have another nice long kiss.”

Molly let her head fall back even more sensually, mouth open. Billy was a fast learner and the kiss was nice and steamy. Molly kept it going longer than the first one. In the middle of it her hand disappeared behind her, moving across the slippery fabric of the speedo, onto Billy’s hard lump for a slow, gentle squeeze. She didn’t linger there, knowing it was too soon for that. Her body tingled a little when she felt his quiet grunt vibrate in her mouth, and the corners of her lips curled up in a smile.

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