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Truth or Dare: Expecting Edition

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Three couples went camping together, including my husband and myself. It was 2 AM and four of the six of us were already asleep; just Neil (quite drunk, a good friend of mine) and I (Kristi, 7 months pregnant) remained awake and sitting at the still-raging campfire. My rough sleeping accommodations mixed with my cumbersome shape prevented my getting to sleep easily, and Neil seemed to be enjoying the quiet, star-filled night in an inebriated reverie. We sat largely quietly, clear sky and crackling fire all the entertainment we required. An idea struck me, though, that might provide Neil and me with some additional fun. “Truth or dare, Neil?” I started the game from across the fire.

He looked at me and smiled widely. “Dare.”

I considered my options for a few moments, then pulled my t-shirt up over my baby bump. “Come over here and touch my belly.” Dutifully adhering to the ironclad rules of this classic game, Neil stood up and walked over to sit in the folding chair next to mine; he reached a hand out and rubbed my belly gently as soon as he was settled. I reclined and enjoyed myself as he caressed the bump for a solid minute. “All right,” I said finally, keeping my shirt hiked up so as not to stop the highly pleasurable massage, “I think it’s my turn now.”

He nodded, hand still on my belly. “Truth or dare, Kristi?”

“Dare,” I replied immediately.

“Okay…” He clearly wasn’t quite prepared. “All right, I got one: flash your tits…for 10 seconds.”

It was sketchy, of course, what with both of our spouses sleeping within a few yards of us. But I knew how to play the game with honor, so I pulled my shirt up the rest of the way, unconfined bare titties dropping down to rest on my round belly with a soft slapping sound. I slowly counted to 10 as he gawked and took in my darkened and widened nipples, hard as diamonds in the cool night air. Time agreed upon having passed, I lowered my shirt back down to my waist. “Show’s over. Truth or dare?”

He exhaled as he moved his eyes back up to mine, then put a hand to his chin in contemplation. “Truth this time, I think.”

It was easy to come up with a question for him, following directly from his enthusiastic belly rub and how eager he was to see my tits. “Do you find me attractive in my pregnant condition?” Besides his dare for me to flash him, I’d caught him staring at my belly repeatedly during this camping trip, and he’d generally been acting more awkwardly around me than usual. I thought he may have a bit of a thing for pregnant girls; now he’d have to confirm or deny my suspicion.

Quietly taking his time, he stared at the fire and avoided my eyes. I’d guess 90 seconds passed before he finally spoke up. “Yep. I do. You look great pregnant: very sexy. I dig the bump, what can I say? Is that super weird? Is it a problem for you?”

I tilted my head to give him my most disapproving bursa escort bayan look. “Putting aside the fact that you’ve asked me a question outside the confines of Truth or Dare, I’ll answer you this one time. No, it’s not a problem. I’ve noticed you noticing me and figured you were a little turned on by my current shape. I’m a little turned on by it, too, so who am I to judge? All right, let’s get back to the game. Ask away…”

“Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I answered straightaway.

“Do the hormones make you horny all the time?” He was ready and waiting with that one, it seemed.

It was pretty personal, but not nearly as personal as baring my breasts. No big deal, really. “They kind of do, yeah. I’d say I’m hornier than average to begin with, and I’ve needed to get off probably twice as often as usual while I’ve been pregnant. It comes and goes, just like the moodiness and exhaustion do. But it comes more often than it goes, for sure. Some women spend their entire pregnancies repulsed by sex, apparently. Pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum for me.” I paused for a few moments, pretty pleased with myself for teasing the man. “Okay, Neil: truth or dare?”

He was looking up at the starry night sky and continued to do so for another minute before making his decision. “I’ll go with truth again.”

“Have you ever jerked off thinking about me, pregnant or not?”

“Yup.” He didn’t hesitate a bit. “I definitely have in the past. I remember a Halloween costume of yours that sent me right to the bathroom to relieve myself, for one. And pregnancy-wise, absolutely. Kind of a lot, truthfully. As recently as this afternoon, after we all swam in the lake. You wore the hell out of that bikini, as I’m sure you damn well know. And I took my sweet time in the shower afterwards…”

I couldn’t help but smile, flattered by the compliment even if it was just masturbation I’d inspired. Most people would probably have been weirded out, and maybe I would’ve been too without the pregnancy hormones. But in my current horny condition, I was more than happy to find out cum had been spilt in contemplation of my body. “Truth or dare, Kristi?” He interrupted my fantasizing about him jerking it in my honor.

“I’ll go for a dare this time. Hit me.” I was curious to see how much further things might escalate between us via this children’s game.

“Show me your pussy. I’ll go easy on you: just 5 seconds for this one.” Maintaining eye contact, he smiled smugly, probably thinking he’d pushed things beyond my limits. He was incorrect. I stood up, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my panties in one fluid motion. To give him the full pussy view, I lifted one leg to rest a foot on my chair and pointed my whole exposed crotch in his direction, lit handsomely by the firelight. I even lifted my belly out of the way to prevent it from partially görükle escort obstructing the sight of me. His eyes went comically wide as he stared at my cunt from mere inches away. I didn’t count to 5, opting instead to tease him with a far longer glimpse. Finally, I lowered my leg and pulled my pants back up, then sat down.

I smiled at him, feeling a bit of flirtation in my eyes. Glancing at his crotch, it was glaringly obvious that he had a hard-on. I’m pretty sure he noticed me noticing, and I crossed my fingers that he’d choose “dare” this time. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” he answered quickly.

“Show me your cock.” Promptly and wordlessly, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, reaching into his boxers and pulling his erection out the front slit. The light from the fire gave me a pretty good view. He had a nice dick; clean, circumcised, a bit veiny, and notably above average in both length and girth. I was glad I’d asked to see it, but it did provoke a few urges I had to tamp down. We were getting pretty intimate in our game, but I didn’t think I wanted it to go so far as his cock finding its way into my somewhat desperate mouth.

After a minute or two he put it back in his pants. “So, that was my cock. Now, back to it: truth or dare?”

“Ummmm…truth, I guess.” I was still a bit thrown off by my protracted look at such a quality cock.

“Does your husband find you sexy while you’re pregnant?” He knew my husband’s name, of course, but opted not to invoke it within such a personal question. A wise choice, probably: it kept things a bit less awkward than they could’ve been.

I put off answering for a few moments, crossing and recrossing my legs in obvious discomfort. “That’s a little…Oh, what the hell, I showed you my pussy for Christ’s sake. No, my husband does not find my poor pregnant ass sexy. Most of my horniness has to be funneled through my own hands, honestly. He says he doesn’t want to hurt the baby during sex, the typical kind of bullshit. I’m pretty sure he just thinks I’m fat and gross, though. He barely looks at me, never mind touching me. It’s been a tough 7 months, to be completely open with you.”

“I’m sorry about that,” Neil put the game on pause briefly. “He’s an idiot: you’re beautiful and sexy as hell. His loss, for real.”

I smiled in genuine appreciation. “Thank you, Neil. It’s really nice to hear that. Anyway: truth or dare?”

He gave me a warm, reassuring smile. “Truth this time, I think.”

“If you could do anything to me, what would you do?”

“I’d cum on your pregnant belly.” It was spoken more quietly than previous answers, but with no hesitation whatsoever. “I mean, I’d love to fuck you to get to the point of cumming, don’t get me wrong. But that’s really what I’ve always fantasized about when checking out a nice round belly, and yours is so smooth and gorgeous. bursa escort bayan It’s just begging for a load, if you ask me.”

I laughed and shook my head at him. “You’re just a fucking pervert, now aren’t you? I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’m not saying it isn’t hot, but what a thing to say!” Even in the flickering orange-yellow light of the fire I could tell that his face had gone beet red. “Oh, don’t be embarrassed! I asked, you answered, it’s totally fine. Let’s just keep going: ask me the question.”

He sighed and slapped his knees, trying to shake himself out of his embarrassment. “Truth or dare?” he finally asked.

“Dare. And feel free to go nuts with it.” I wanted to make up for embarrassing him, get him to make me do something humbling myself.

He contemplated his options for a minute or two, staring into the fire. “How about you finger yourself? Keep your pants on, just put your hand down there…and get at least one finger wet.” I unfastened my pants and slipped one hand in as I held my belly out of the way with the other. To satisfy the dare I really just had to rub a finger on my (already pretty damned wet) pussy, but I decided to do him one better. I fully rubbed one out, moistening two fingers with vaginal fluid and proceeding to work my clit enthusiastically. I moaned, I twitched, I curled my back and my toes. I came hard, and loudly enough that I feared for a moment that I might wake up our camping compadres. Having finished, I removed my hand from my pants and held up my index and middle fingers to gleam wetly in the firelight. Mission more than accomplished, judging by Neil’s fully-dropped jaw. “Wow,” he finally got out. “Above and beyond. Well done.”

I stood and bowed as far as my huge midsection would allow. We both laughed. “How about a dare, Neil? It’ll be fun…”

He nodded thoughtfully. “You didn’t follow the precise protocol of the game, but I’ll let it slide this one time. What shall I do?”

“Jerk off into the fire.”

He looked at me with eyebrows fully raised. “I’ll burn my dick off! I can’t do that, Kristi. I can jerk off…somewhere else, maybe?”

I knew what he was hinting at right away, and we’d come far enough in our game that it didn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore. I lifted my shirt back up to bare my belly, pointing at the bump with both index fingers. “Go ahead, buddy.” Positioned just above me and never taking his eyes off the bare belly target, he stroked himself rapidly and shot ropes of cum onto me in under 2 minutes. I was goddamn dripping wet.

“May I…rub it in?” he asked in a whisper. I nodded, way horny and not seeing the need to draw an arbitrary line at this point in our tryst. He rubbed the load in thoroughly, my bump shining opalescently in the flickering light of the fire. Once he was done I lowered my shirt and it stuck firmly to my sticky mess of a belly. I’d have to clean up a bit down at the lake before my husband got in a feel (or a whiff…) anywhere near my torso.

“Okay,” I began after we’d sat in silence for 4 or 5 minutes. “One more truth, and it’s a question for both of us: can we keep a secret?”

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