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Trip to a Sea

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It is very early but we need to be on the train station at 4:50 to catch the earliest train to the sea side.

Her father work on railway so we used his free ticket for that journey. We chose the last coupe to have peace for ourselves. We had a key to lock the coupe so nobody could get in. Even before train start to move the ticket control guy came… He knew your father and we told him that we will lock us in to take a sleep. He said o.k. We closed door behind, put down the curtains and fall to a kiss.

I felt her breasts without a bra under thin T shirt she had on. Changing sits to a sleeping position was done in a moment. We laid down and start to kiss when she suddenly stand up… Train was moving and it was hard to keep balance. She came over my face and showing me her black G string underwear under short jeans skirt. She lower her body so my head find between her legs… Skirt slipped up to become more like a belt then a skirt. Her pussy smelled like a most beautiful flower… I licked it over the underwear that was already completely wet but she raised her body fast… I asked “you want to play?” and stand up to her… We kissed and walk on the bed-sits holding the balance… I pushed gently against the wall and ask her to put her hands to the baggage holder above her head. We kissed all the time while I take my belt out of my pants and tide her arms to the baggage holder with it.

I step away and ask her “What you will do now?” She Göztepe Escort just smiled and move her body like she would try to release from the belt. I went back and start to kiss her. I lift her t shirt and put it over her head behind on her neck… She was… topples… tided up… her breasts moved with a every shake of the train.

My kisses went lower covering every piece of the skin. I get down to skirt and put arm under… Her underwear was completely wet… She was so turned on that every my touch made her release a sound of joy. Slowly, slowly I start to pull her underwear down… her tide ass hold them so I really need to pull them down…

There she was… innocent…young… practically naked… I kept her skirt up and licked her beautiful hairless pussy while my hand travel to her butt to play with her ass. My face was wet from her juice… and my licking almost make her finish in a matter of minutes… I stopped and took her skirt down and moved away from her.

She looked at me and lifted her left leg to a sit holder… Amazing view. I saw the light shining on her wet pussy… I undress myself faster than ever and my big dick was ready to fuck her till we both could not do any more… She was ready so was I. I enter slow, with no problem filling every free space of her pussy…

Excellent feeling combined with high adrenalin caused by the fact somebody could saw us while train was passing, took us Göztepe Escort Bayan to the wave of continues joy. I stopped pushing her pussy and turned her around… belt no longer hold her there but she liked the feeling of being in a slave position…

She offered me her nice ass to lick and I did… I licked her ass, her pussy from behind, her back and up to neck. Her head moved back when I enter to her flower again… We speed up, faster, and faster… we were both close but neither of us was ready to finish so I moved away allowing us both to cool down.

She could sit but she just turned around and kept standing there, legs opened… slowly moving her body and head…

I get back to her and asked her to hold on tide to that baggage holders… I lift both her legs so she was hanging on her hands while I was enter deep as I could. I fucked her like this… slow with full length of my tool… Amazing… always ask myself where the hell she put that in??

Slow fucking kept us high but not too high to finish too fast…

I fall on my knees and put her legs on my shoulder… Her pussy was literally in my nose, mouth… licking her like this…deep, strong mixed with gentle like barley touching her was just something no words can describe. All time my finger kept playing with her ass… I love her ass… tide even more than her pussy…

And that ass was wet from the pussy and ready to accept my Escort Göztepe fingers… my dick…

I stand up, kiss her and lift her legs again… We were a little tired specially she as she hold her hand up more than hour already… so we both know we will go to the finish now… she was hanging on her hands (luckily she was light weight) accepting dick again and again… When we almost finished I took it out and aimed it to her nice ass… I just hold her and let her to be in control of entering it in… and she did… a few moves and we could not be hold any more in that position it was just to much to sustain… she left her hands and I fall to my back… and she… she fall on me… fall on my dick to her ass… I thought she will stop but she did not. She start to move her body with my dick deep in her ass…

I played with her pussy to make easier for her… her moves become faster and faster. Amazing feeling of dick in her as was something that we not so far ago did for first time… it was relatively new to us but in recent time we did it almost every time… we both liked and that time was no exception.

She fucked me while I was playing with her clitoris, her breast, her body… We finished together like we would be one being… I felt

her ass was straggling with my pulsing dick that was filling it.

We almost got to the end of the trip when we finally dress up, set sits back to sitting position and unlock the doors… I said in smile “Your father would never gave us the key if he would know what we would do”

She returned me with a smile “it is not over yet… you think you will be able to repeat that more time?”

I kissed her and we both knew that those holidays we will not see too much of water.

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