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Trailer Trash Ch. 01

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It was my eighteenth birthday and I have been planning for the last two years how I was going to get out of this God forsaken hell hole my father had me living in. After my mom passed away two years ago my dad just went down the tubes. He sold our house, bought a trailer and moved us into a trailer park. I hated it there. The only people that lived there were nasty drunks and drug addicts. My father became one of them. I could not go anywhere without all of those nasty drunk men making cat calls and telling me how much they want to be the ones to pop my cherry.

I knew I was a pretty girl at 5’2″ 105 lbs. I wore a 36DD and all of the men used to say they could not believe how such a small frame could hold anything as big as they were. My mother was Italian so I had naturally olive skin, and my dad was this blond good looking surfer until my mother passed and he let himself go. So I had the blond hair, blue eyes, and naturally tan skin. A lot of boys in school wanted to date me but I was too embarrassed to bring them to where I lived.

My best friend was the guy who lived in the RV next to us. His name was Mikki. He was in his forties with salt and pepper hair, baby blue eyes, and his body was so ripped. I used to tease him about how a guy his age could look so hot. He was the only guy in that trailer park that didn’t hit on me or make obscene gestures towards me. I could talk to him about anything and always did. He knew my inner most secrets and didn’t judge me because of them.

I went over to talk to him that morning. He was sitting in his swimming trunks and asked me if I wanted to take a swim with him. I noticed his cock was hanging out of his pants and I immediately blushed. He asked me if that was the first time I ever saw a man’s penis. I couldn’t answer at first and he realized it was. He told me that I was a woman now and he could teach me some things so I would not be so uncomfortable when I met the one that I wanted to give myself to. He was my friend and I felt safe with him. I told him I would like to see what it looked like. He took me into his RV and removed his trunks. I just stared at it. It was at least 8 inches long his balls just hanging Anadolu Yakası Escort behind it. I asked if I could touch it. He told me to go ahead. I just made a quick touch at first it twitched a little. It felt so soft and smooth. I touched it again starting at the shaft and running my hand down to the mushroom head. It started to become erect. He apologized and told me it was making him so hot. He asked if I wanted him to put his trunks back on. I was so curious by this time. I told him I wanted to play with it some more. I asked what it was men liked. He said they like any kind of stimulation down there. He told me to wrap my hand around it and move it up and down. I got down on my knees in front of him and did what he said.

He explained to me this is what was called a hand job. It was also how men masturbated. I told him I heard the other men in the trailer park talk to each other about how they “jack off” watching me swim or run. He told me that is what they mean when they say it. His cock was so hard in my hand. I couldn’t even get my hand around it any longer. He asked me if I ever masturbated. I told him I couldn’t because our trailer was too small and I was too embarrassed my father would catch me. I knew it felt good when I touched down there though. He then asked me to take off my shorts and he would show me. I took off my shorts and sat on the couch. He started to softly touch the other area of my most private area. He just ran his hand along the hair line it sent chills down my spine. He then started sliding his fingers along the line of my lips and my privates started to open for him exposing my untouched vagina. He started rubbing one finger at the entrance to my vagina and it took my breath away for a moment. He explained he was trying to get some of my juices on his finger to show me what it felt like when he rubbed it on my clit which is what caused the woman’s orgasm. Once he got enough juices he started sliding his finger up and down the area right above the vagina. It felt so good I just laid back and arched my back. I felt things in my body that I never experienced before. I was tingling all over and my body jerked every Kadıköy Escort time he hit a certain spot on my clit.

While he fondled my most sensitive area he pulled me back up to the sitting position and his extremely hard cock was right there in my face. He asked me to kiss it just a little for him. He was so hard it hurt and he really needed some release. I kissed the head of it and it was so hot. A little juice got on my lips and I thought it was urine, he told me it was just precum and that is why it was hurting him so much he needed some release. He told me to lick it a little. I licked it along the shaft then started to circle the head. He told me that felt so good. He grabbed the back of my head and started to push his cock into my mouth. I started to get a little scared. He told me it was okay. He just needed to release the load he had built up. He promised he wouldn’t hurt me to just wrap my mouth around it like I had my hand. I opened my mouth and let him enter. He let me just get accustomed to the head at first just slowly moving it in and out of my mouth. He continued to fondle my clit and vaginal opening and I could feel how wet I was.

He then slowly started putting more of his cock deeper into my mouth. His cock was twitching and jumping in my mouth. My head was swirling from what he was doing to my most private areas. I was lost in that sensation until he started stabbing the back of my throat with his huge rod. I tried to pull away and he just kept pushing my head farther onto him. I felt his cock sliding down my throat. I could taste something salty with every stroke then he stated breathing hard and really ramming his cock deep into my throat I could hardly breath and then he let out a huge gush of juice into my mouth. He just held his cock there for a moment. When it went back to being soft he removed it from my mouth. I tried to spit out the liquid and he told me to swallow it. That made every man really hot when a woman swallows. I did as he said. I didn’t like the taste but he knew what he was talking about.

He told me I was wonderful at that and I was going to make men do anything I want them to do one day. Then Ataşehir Escort he laid me back on the couch and kneeled down in front of my pussy. He asked me to open it for him so he could show me what it felt like to have an orgasm. He slid his tongue into my vagina. He moved his tongue around giving me the most wonderful sensations I ever felt.

He then started licking my clit he took a finger and just put it at the entrance to my vagina. He told me he didn’t want to pop my cherry so he couldn’t stick it in any further. He continued to suck and lick my clit while running his finger just barley into my vagina. He then took his finger and started running it around the rim of my asshole. I tightened up and told him I didn’t want him touching there. He told me to relax he could show me what it felt like to have something inside me without taking my virginity. He told me he wouldn’t hurt me. It would feel so good if I just sit back and relax. He just rubbed around the whole while he worked my clit with his mouth. I got back into it and started groaning and my body started to hump his tongue. He then let his finger enter my ass a little. I stopped it hurt a little but it also felt good. He told me to relax and enjoy it.

He just left his finger a little bit in and kept slurping up all of my cunt juice. He then pushed his finger in a little farther and my breath caught. He wiggled the finger around a little trying to open the whole so it wouldn’t hurt anymore. He continued to suck on my clit and lick my vagina. He then reached up and started to play with my breasts with the other hand. My nipples were so hard; my pussy was so wet I started to forget about the pain of the finger in my ass. He pushed the finger a little deeper and started to slide it in and out. By this time it was all feeling so good I started to feel every muscle in my body start to twitch. I started shaking so bad I couldn’t control myself and my mind was just swimming in ecstasy. I was screaming for him to take me right then and there. But he just kept eating my pussy and fingering my ass until I just collapsed.

He asked how that felt and I said like heaven. He congratulated me on my first orgasm. That was the best thing I ever felt in my life. He told me any time I wanted to bring myself to that point I could use his bedroom that way my dad would never catch me. I was so taken with my new found pleasure I couldn’t even move. I just laid there and went to sleep.

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