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Tina walked in after a long day at work and found a box waiting for her on the table. Tina opened the envelop on top and pulled out the card.

“Use what’s inside to clean yourself up. I want you ready when I get home.”

Opening the box, Tina found her favorite bath soak, an enema kit with the large red bag, a bottle of lube, and a very large metal butt plug. They had been slowly working on stretching Tina’s ass together. When they first met, Tina was an anal virgin and could barely handle one of his tongue. Now she regularly was gaped open, not as wide as she’d have liked, but she was getting there. Just thinking about it was enough for Tina’s pussy to soak through her tiny denim shorts.

Tina went outside on the back porch, sat down on the glider, and lit a cigarette. She didn’t smoke often, but when she was extremely turned on, she liked to feel the smoke working its way down her throat. Tina undid the button on her shorts and reached down with her right hand, slowly rubbing her clit. It was going to be a long night and she wanted to start the party all by herself, even though she knew she shouldn’t be cumming for hours.

On her next exhale, she let go, releasing her bladder, feeling the heat of her piss seeping through her jeans, running down her legs, and dripping down onto the porch. A shudder ran through Tina as she brought the cigarette down to her thigh, pushing the lit tip into her skin. The pain pushed her over and she came.

Immediately, she got a phone call.

“Babygirl, you just came without permission.”

“Yes. Are you watching me?”

“You know I like to watch you on days we play our games. Strip naked for me.”

Tina pulled down her soaking wet shorts and lifted her thin t-shirt over her head.

“Slap your pussy for me right now baby.”

Tina’s hand came down hard. Her throat made some kind of scream that instantly morphed into a moan.

“Do it again.”

Tina’s hand came down even harder. Her eyes rolled back in her head, overwhelmed by everything she was feeling.

“Go inside and turn towards the camera on the kitchen table.”

He had shown Tina the cameras around the house. She knew he only watched when they were playing games. He had shown her how to turn off the cameras if she wanted privacy, but she had left them on today, knowing what was going to happen when he got home.

Tina walked inside and spread her legs wide, showed her pussy so he could see it. It was puffy and throbbing between how turned on Tina was and how hard she had hit herself. She reached down and spread her lips apart, showing him how turned on she was.

“I love that pussy baby. Especially when it’s bright red and swollen for me. Now go relax and use what I left for you in the box. You may cum as much as you want while getting ready, but you better save some for me. I’m turning off the cameras now. I’ll see you soon babygirl.”

Tina blew a kiss to the camera and walked back into the front room. Picking up the box, she walked into the bathroom. There were flowers in a vase on the counter and candles all over the bathroom. Tina opened the window and picked up the matches. She struck one on the box and walked around the room, lighting all the wicks. The glow from the candles matched what she could see of the setting sun through the skylight.

Turning on the tap in the sink, Tina let it run until it got warm, before filling the red enema bag. Tina screwed on the hose and clamped it shut. She hung the bag from the shower rod and started sucking the thin tip, partially to use her spit to lube it up, but mostly because she needed something in her mouth, even if it was this tiny.

Sinking to her knees, with her head on the ground, Tina pushed the tip into her ass. Since her asshole was so used to being abused in the name of pleasure, she barely felt it go in. Tina released the clamp and immediately felt the warm water start to flood her bowels.

Tina loved feeling the pressure building in her guts as she got filled up. Her hands moved down to her tits and she gave them a squeeze around the base, before moving her fingers up to her nipples and squeezing. She fleetingly wished her tits were large enough for her to suck on them herself, but she loved the way her tiny tits looked, and was eternally glad not to have the back problems her friends had.

The enema bag finished emptying out into her bowels. She pulled the nozzle out of her asshole and stood up. She could see her belly bulging out from all the water inside of her. She liked holding it in until she couldn’t take it anymore, feeling the pressure build inside. Tina opened one of the drawers and found a small vibrator. It wasn’t her favorite, but since it was waterproof she kept it in the bathroom to use sometimes while in the tub.

Tina was close to losing it, but she wasn’t ready just yet to give in and release everything she was holding inside. She sat down on the toilet, spread her legs wide, and turned the vibe on to its lowest setting. Tina’s bahis şirketleri entire body twitched when she brought it down to her clit. Tina left it there just for a moment before she spread her lips open. Tina moved the vibrator lower down. Right as it grazed her piss hole, she unclenched her ass, feeling two quarts of warm water rush out of her. Tina pushed the vibe into her piss hole, the slim tip just barely going in. Tina was feeling so good she didn’t notice her mouth was hanging open and she was drooling on herself just a little.

Turning off the vibe a couple of minutes later, Tina reached behind herself and flushed the toilet. Tina knew he liked her being extra clean, so she filled the bag up again, pressed the nozzle between her cheeks, and filled herself back up. Tina lay on the floor, her head down on the ground, her ass up in the air. She took a picture of herself and sent it to him.

Tina laid on the floor, feeling the water get deeper into her guts, and started watching porn on her phone. She found a favorite short video of hers, where two thick women were destroying each other’s holes with the largest objects they could find. She reached down and flicked her clit while watching one woman take a fist in her ass and a huge dildo up her cunt. Tina loved how obscene the women looked at the end of the video, both with their legs spread wide, showing off their ruined holes, gaped wide open. They each looked like they could take a baseball in each hole and still have room left over to slide something else in on the side. Tina couldn’t wait until she looked like them all the time.

After releasing everything inside of her, Tina took a quick shower to rinse off, and then began filling the extra-large bathtub with hot water and the bath soak he had left for her. Tina turned on the jets. She liked the bubbles they made and she liked the way the jets felt on different parts of her body. Tina slowly lowered herself into the bath. The water was nearly scalding, and it took a long time for her to inch herself into the water.

After a few minutes of floating, Tina reached up to the side of the tub and grabbed a towel. She dried her hands off, and then opened a box on the edge of the tub. Inside was a joint which Tina languidly lit and placed between her lips. Tina drifted off into nothingness as she floated into the tub. Tina looked down at herself and realized how much progress she made in getting to know her own body and its needs. For a long time she had denied herself what she wanted, and she was endlessly happy she had gotten in touch with her true needs.

Tina had no idea how long she had been floating. She decided to clean herself up and grabbed a razor. She always kept herself smooth, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to make sure. Slowly she dragged the razor over each leg, working her way up to her pussy. She had a trimmed patch above her slit, she loved feeling the fur rub against his nose when he was sucking on her clit, but had decided a few months before that she liked having smooth lips. The razor felt good brushing against her pussy, the sensation turned her on. Tina reached lower and made sure her asshole was clean too.

Getting out of the bath, Tina stood dripping on the mat, just letting the water fall off, while she admired herself in the mirror. Using the body salve made be her favorite local herbalist, Tina rubbed every inch of her body, working her hands into every crack and crease. Tina gentle rubbed some burn ointment into the sore from where she had put out the cigarette earlier.

When she was satisfied that she had done a good job, Tina lubed up the large metal plug and shoved it into her ass. The pain from the sudden entry made her eyelids flutter. Tina turned around, looked at herself in the mirror over her shoulder, and pulled her ass apart. The sight of a plug in her always turned her on.

Knowing that he would be home soon, Tina decided to give him a surprise when he walked in. Tina went to the bedroom, opened the drawer and pulled out a bag filled with wooden clothespins. Tina placed one on her right nipple, gasping from the pain, humming from the pleasure. She did the same to her left nipple, before reaching down and slowly adding four to each pussy lip. It took a few minutes for her to do it, it was such an intense feeling it was nearly too much. Her last one went right on her clit. Tina screamed form the orgasm that ripped through her body and lay babbling to herself in the afterglow.

She must have passed out for a few minutes, for the next thing she knew, he was there beside her, looking down at her with such love that she started to cry from happiness, and pain, and pleasure, and everything else that had been stirred up inside her.

He bent over and leaned into her face, pausing just above her lips, letting her feel his breath. His breathing was faster than normal and she knew that if she reached between his legs she’d find him hard as a rock. It turned him on to use the clothespins, she knew what it would bahis firmaları do to find her doing it to herself.

He brushed his lips against hers, teasing her with the promise of a kiss, before pulling back and stroking her face with his right hand.

“Did you have fun without me babygirl?”

“Just warming myself up for you.”

“Thank you for giving yourself to me. Do you need me to kiss it and back it all better?”

Without waiting for an answer, he leaned in and kissed her lips, sucking on her tongue. Tina moaned into his mouth.

He stood up and turned away from her, getting undressed, before climbing on the end of the bed. He licked his way up the inside of her thighs, nibbling his way slowly up. His close up view of her pussy lips with the nine clothespins was something to behold. He took a picture and handed his phone to Tina.

“Do you see how beautiful you are baby?”

“Yes daddy!”

He pulled off the first clothespin from the bottom of her right lip. The skin was angry and compressed. He removed each of the other three pins and ran his tongue up and down the edge of her slight. Tina twitched, causing the clothespins on the left to wiggle back and forth. He removed those too, leaving just the one on her clit. The small welts they left behind drove him insane. He shoved his entire face into her pussy, licking and sucking everything he could get his mouth on. He shoved two fingers into her, reaching right up to her g-spot, rubbing hard against it. Right when he reached up with his other hand to remove the final clothespin from her clit, Tina started squirting straight into his mouth. He swallowed some but made sure not to swallow it all.

He removed his fingers and lifted his head. He removed the two remaining clothespins on her nipples as he moved up her body. He pressed his lips to hers, and pushed her cum into her mouth. Tina hungrily gobbled it all up, licking his lips until they were clean.

“Thank you for sharing with me.”

“Always babygirl. Do you need a minute or do you want me to keep going?”

“One minute please daddy.”

He laid down, stretching out next to her. Tina turned and wrapped herself around his side. He slid his arms around her, pulling her close. He could feel her heartbeat pounding against her chest.

Tina’s breath slowly returned to normal. Her hands reached down and found his cock. Slowly she started jerking him off.

“Daddy? What do you want me to do to make you feel good? You surprised me with that box, and I teased myself all afternoon since you said I could cum, and now I want you to feel as good as I do. What can I do for you?

“Get on your knees. I want to fuck your mouth pussy.”

“Yes sir.”

He got a thrill out of being called sir. He never would have made her say it, but hearing it escape her lips made his cock jolt.

Tina got on her knees and opened her mouth. She knew what was coming. She knew it wasn’t going to be gentle. She hoped she’d have a belly full of cum in a few minutes.

He stood in front of her and she reached up with her hands. He swatted them away, “No hands, just mouth” and proceeded to stick the tip of his dick into her mouth. Tina immediately ran her tongue all over the tip, knowing that this was her only chance to to lube it up before it went down her throat. She did her best to tease him, licking underneath the head, pushing her tongue into his piss hole, and covering it in as much spit as she could.

He reached down, curled each hand into her hair, and pulled her head towards him, shoving his entire cock down her throat. Before she knew it, Tina felt his balls on her chin and she was desperately trying to breathe through her nose. Holding her head steady, he began to fuck her face, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back into her. He loved choking her with his cock. He knew it would make her snotty and her mouth fill with saliva, and he liked his blowjobs to be sloppy. She was on the edge, doing her best not to gag and throw up all over him.

He pulled his cock out, strands of spit and snot connected his cock and her gaping mouth as she took in as much air as she could, her chest heaving.

“You did so good with that baby. I thought you were going to lose it there for a minute.”

Tina smiled. “You know just how far to push me, I was right on that edge of puking. Are you going to cum in my mouth? I want to taste your cum.”

“Is that what you want? Because you aren’t going to taste it, it’s going straight down the back of your throat if I cum.”

“You can cum wherever whenever you like daddy, you know that.”

He slapped her in the face with his cock, smearing spit and pre-cum all over her face. He shoved his cock back into her mouth and straight down her throat. He pounded her face, not caring if she could breathe or not.

Tina reached up and wiped some of the spit off her cheeks. She knew she wasn’t allowed to use her hands on his cock, but he hadn’t said anything about using them kaçak bahis siteleri on his ass. She shoved three fingers straight up his asshole, thrusting them in and out, timing them against his thrusts down her throat so she could reach as far as possible inside him.

He grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock as far as he could down her throat before unleashing what felt like a river of cum straight into her belly. Pulling out, he sent the last jet of cum across her face. She looked so beautiful on her knees, gasping for breath, marked with his cum.

When she had regained her breath, she said,

“You came so hard daddy, I thought your asshole was going to break my fingers.”

He slapped her twice across the face and she grinned before licking her fingers clean. He wiped the cum off her face and fed it to her. She stood up, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a deep kiss, making sure he tasted his own cum like he had made her taste her own.

Holding hands, they walked in to the kitchen, where he poured them each a glass of water. Tina lit another joint and shared it with him while they stood there together, looking at each other, both with happy, goofy grins on their faces. Neither of them were sure what they had done to deserve the other, but both were very happy they had found each other.

“Are you ready for more babygirl?”

“I’m always ready for you. And even when I’m not, you can do what you want to me.”

“I know baby, but I also would never do anything to you that you didn’t want. You know your consent turns me on more than anything else.”

Tina got on her tip toes and kissed him deep. “I love you too.”

He reached for a bottle of olive oil and bent her over the counter. He slid to his knees, his face level with her ass. He spread her apart and slowly worked the plug out of her. He handed the plug to her and she immediately put it in her mouth. The taste of her ass drove her wild.

Tina’s asshole was open from the large plug. The plug itself was almost five inches at the widest point, and it had left at least a two-inch gape. He couldn’t resist and immediately started eating her ass. She pushed back, smothering him with her ass cheeks. He ran his tongue all over the outside of her ass, licking every inch he could reach, before shoving his tongue inside of her. His tongue might not have gone in far, but it drove Tina mad with lust. He stopped when he couldn’t breathe anymore, right when he legs began to tremble.

He took the bottle of olive oil and covered his entire hand with it, all the way up to his elbow. He brought his fingers together, making them as narrow as possible, and started to push his way into her. He moved back and forth, getting a little deeper each time, moving a little faster each time. Tina reached back and grabbed her ass, spreading herself open as much as possible. She needed to feel him inside her.

He slowed down as he got to the thick part of his knuckles. He poured some extra olive oil down her ass crack, letting it drip down on to his fist. Very slowly he moved past the widest point, stopping when he felt her ring around his wrist. He waited to give her time to adjust.

Tina had felt full earlier when giving herself an enema, but this was a completely different feeling. The solidness of his fist in her guts drove her over the edge and she squirted while speaking in tongues. She was deep in her head, where all the pleasure and all the pain mixed together, where she was free to give into to all of her bodily desires.

Slowly he rotated himself around without pulling out of her. He placed his back against the cabinets, threading his free hand around the back of Tina’s leg to give her some support. This maneuver left her pussy right in his face. He pushed his fist deeper into her ass and it shoved her pussy right into his tongue. Tina’s ass was stretched out so much, and her man was punching her guts while licking her pussy, and she lost control. Her legs started trembling and she let go. Tina covered him in her cum be he never slowed his fist down. After she finished cumming, she lost control again and let her bladder go, pissing all over her man. She loved when he was covered in her piss and her cum. She wanted every other woman to know he was her’s. She imagined that even after cleaning up, he would still be marked by what she had covered him in. He drank everything that he could, swallowing as much as he could of her piss, her cum, and her squirt, whatever she gave him, letting the extra run down his neck and chest, pooling on the floor below him.

By this time, his cock was screaming for attention again. He couldn’t believe that this amazing woman would let him do this to her. He loved fisting both of her holes, but there was something extra special and obscene about seeing his fist disappear in her ass. And being covered in her cum was the best feeling.

He slowly removed his arm from her asshole. Tina immediately collapsed on his lap. They held each other for a moment before he pushed her face down on to the floor. He immediately entered her pussy, and began pounding her from behind. He held her face down, pushing it into the puddle of piss and cum that she had left all over the floor.

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