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Time’s Running Out!

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Kim looked around the train carriage . it was after 9pm and she was travelling back from a conference in Manchester. The train compartment only had a few passengers. Two men. A youngster in his late teens. An older man, mid forties and a woman of similar age to Kim. She stretched her legs out and shifted in her seat. Her phone bleeped. A text message for bill. She picked up her phone and read it.

“Do you have what i told you to bring with you?”

Kim heartbeat picked up a notch; surely he wasn’t serious about this. Why had she teased him about pushing her limits? It was in fun, but as usual he had picked up on a hidden desire and now he was pushing her towards accomplishing it.

“Bill I can’t do this!”

“Kim, not only can you do it, you’re going to do it. You’re going to follow my instructions as I give them and you’re going to tell me whats happening and how it feels. Tonight I’m in control of you orgasm and it will be achieved in the way we have discussed. Do you understand?”

Kim felt the surge of adrenaline at his words. Jezz me and my big mouth. She honestly didn’t think she could go through with it. How could she tell him? How could she get herself of the situation? She typed 3 different texts and deleted them all. Her phone bleeped.

“You have a time limit Kim. 30 minutes. So you’d better follow the instruction as i give them, otherwise you will be punished. Kim you virtually asked me for this. It’s your fantasy and now we’re going to make it halkalı escort come true. I know you have what I asked you to bring. Get it out of your bag and check the batteries”.

Kim felt the knot in her stomach grow to epic proportions. She felt slightly sick and when she reached into her bag her hand was shaking slightly. She retrieved the small gold bullet vibrator; she twisted the cap and felt it buzz energetically in the palm of her hand. She looked up; the noise seemed ten times louder in the nearly empty train carriage. No one had moved or looked up. Only her who could hear it then?

“Bill the batteries are fine”

“Describe the other people in the carriage and their position in relation to you”

Kim gave a detailed description of who her travel companions were and how they were situated around the carriage, where she was herself .

“The older man Kim. He is the only one who can see you? He’s facing your way? Then this show is for him isn’t it? And for me? Move to the aisle seat he will have a better view then. Do you have the black skirt on? The wrap skirt? The one I told you to wear?”

“Yes Bill, I’m wearing what you told me to wear, I’ve moved to the aisle seat, he is the only one who could possibly see me. Bill I’m scared”

“i know your scared Kim. But that rush your feeling is also excitement. The anticipation that you’re going to behave like the horny dirty slut you are. You want this Kim. You want şirinevler escort to feel like this. Take you knickers off now”.

Kim slid her hand under her skirt and wriggled her knickers down over her knees and to her ankles. She watched the man as she did it. He seemed intent on his newspaper. She picked the scrap of lace off and put them in her handbag.

“Knickers off Bill. No one saw”

“I’m not so sure Kim, that no one sure. If a sexy woman had just slipped her panties off just feet away from me I’d notice. I’d wonder what she was up to , what she was going to do. I’d be watching you Kim. I wouldn’t let you know but i would be. Open you skirt just enough to be able to touch you self. Put your fingers between your legs and rub your clit. Tell me if you’re wet”.

She knew he had her. She had passed the point of no return, she would obey him. She moved the material aside, parted her thighs, slipped her fingers into her slit, she was so fucking wet. Her fingertips caressed the bud of her clit, the sensation was immediate. So fucking turned on. She rubbed in small circles, every stroked bringing things closer, it felt dirty an obscene act, slutty behaviour.

She texted Bill and told him all the details.

“Turn the vibrator on Kim, hold it against your clit, don’t move it, just hold it there let it throb against you. Tell me how it feels”

“Bill I’m so turned on, soaked , fucking soaked, my clit ‘s so hard, the vibrator escort istanbul is sending waves all through it , right into my cunt. I need to cum bill and I don’t care who sees me”.

Kim jumped as the phone rang. Bill was calling her. She picked it up.

“Hello my delicious slut. Your such a dirty girl” he chuckled. “Don’t talk just listen and do as i say. Look at the man Bill. You think he reading his newspaper but Kim you know he’s watching you . His eyes are wondering form his newspaper to you Kim. He knows what you doing , he saw you take your knickers off, he saw you part your skirt, saw you rubbing you clit, he can hear the vibrator buzzing on you clit , he’s going to watch you cum Kim. A stranger. A man you have never met is going to watch you cum like the dirty whore you are and his cock will be hard while he watches”

Kim could hardly contain herself. What if bill was right , what if this man did know exactly what she was doing. A quiet in voluntary moan escaped her lips. Bill smiled when he heard it.

“Look at the man Kim, will him to watch you, part you thighs , let him see your cunt, let him see you masturbating like a horny whore.”

Kim raised her eyes to look at the man and was shocked to see he was looking at her. His eyes flicked from her face to her fingers. His own hand moved down to the bulge in his trousers. He was rubbing his cock! “oh god” Kim moaned.

“He’s watching you Kim isn’t he? Her looking at you. Cum for us Kim, let him watch that orgasm rip through you”

It ripped through her like a tornado, it consumed her, she was silent as every shock wave swept over her but her rapid breathing gave her away. She shuddered and cunt juice flooded her fingers.

“Good girl” said bill and hung up

The man just smiled.

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