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The Yellow Book Fantasies Ch. 04

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Gif Sexy

“So, um… Chad?”

“Yes, Ashley?”

“I’ve been thinking. You know I have a boyfriend, and you might be the only one that might listen to me. This is kind of a confession.”


Now, let’s pause right here. A myriad of thoughts were running through my head at this point in time.


“Why me? Ashley doesn’t even talk to me much. What could the confession be?”

I got the answer swiftly.

“Chad… She told me you packing a little, huh?”

I cursed to myself.

“I should have known. As close as you two are… I should have known. Shit. I didn’t tell anyone. That includes my best friend. But no… I was sworn to secrecy only to…” I got interrupted.

“Relax. Relax. It’s not that serious. She’s always been one to give strong hints. As for me, I’m more subdued. I mean, look at me.” Ashley said.

For some reason, talking to Ashley became progressively easier. Ashley was the prettier one of the two best friends. She was very smart and diligent. Sometimes more than me. She had the better body out of the two, also. She was tomboyish and like one of the guys, which probably explains why myself along with hoards of other males at that school checked her out.

“Why do you say that? You say that as if you have confidence issues. You are fine as hell. Do you hear me?” I said.

She giggled and said:

“Oh, Chad. Leave it to you to be blunt. I was talking about my boyfriend. He may not look it, but he’s kind of territorial. I have my fair share of male friends.”

“Oh, him? Am I one of them?” I said, really hopeful.

She smiled her imperfect smile.

“Yeah. You’re cool with me.”

“My girl. Anyway, what was that about me packing?” I said, tilting my head.

“Oops. Oh, yeah. Don’t trip about me knowing. She tells me everything. You know what, I’ll tell you my confession,” Ashley said.

I braced myself, and looked straight into her brown eyes. She whispered to me something, that made my penis instantly hard:

“I want to get fucked in the ass.”

I fought hard to get composure.

“Wait. Something ain’t adding up here. Why won’t he…” I said, pondering.

“He’s Taksim escort not a fan of it.”

“He thinks it’s ‘gay?’ Says the dude with the sexy ass girlfriend,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“I knew you’d have something to say about that,” Ashley said, with no hesitation.

“Shit, if he won’t, somebody will,” I shrugged. I was still hard.

A few moments passed. The class was still socializing amongst themselves. She looked back again.

“Chad, you want to see my panties?”

I looked at her, taken aback.

“I see you trying to catch a peek. I’ll let you see once,” She said.

She was wearing tight jeans over her ample hips. She undid her jeans subtly, while sitting in the desk. She lowered her pants slightly so I can see them. They had a happy face emoji on it. I could also see a little bit of butt cheeks as well.

“You see?”

“Cute. Innocent yet cute,” I said simply, barely getting words to describe her underwear that she willingly exposed to me.

“You’re not going to tell, are you?” Ashley said.

“On one condition… just kidding. No, I won’t. I’m just wondering why you told me, really,” I said.

She smiled that cute smile of hers.

“It’s simple, really. I read your stories. You’re the male Zane. This is nothing. Nothing. Now what was that condition? I’m just curious.”

“Don’t worry about it, Ash. Just let me touch that booty once in a while,” I said, semi-jokingly.

She giggled.

“You’re so silly,” she said. She turned back around.

And so, I kept Ashley’s dirty secret. It stayed in my thoughts and dreams for a long time. Before we knew it, high school was over. Ashley and myself graduated with honors. We went to different colleges in the city.

A few years later…

I was an upperclassman in college now. High school was just a distant memory. Good to reminisce on, but it’s the past. Until I saw her again on campus… She was exactly how I remembered her. Her soft skin. Her sexy pink lips that were just the right size to pout. Her swaying wide hips and those ample buttocks of hers. Oh, how I loved those.

“Chad!” She Taksim escort bayan yelled out.

“Ashley, what’s up, girl?” I said, hugging her.

In that sweet embrace, I smelled her hair which was exactly what I remembered.

“Nothing much.”

“You go here now? Cool. Welcome to Cougarland,” I said, showing off my pet nickname for my alma mater.

“Yep. For pre-law,” She said. All that was in my mind was:

“Damn, she would make a hot lawyer.”

“What are you going here for?” She said.

“I’m an English major. You know I’m a writer,” I said.

“Oh, yeah. Still writing, huh?” She said.


“Chad, just between us, did you write about me?” She tilted her head.

I looked at her. There was no use in lying. We weren’t in high school anymore.

“Yes, in poems.” I said simply.

“At least you told the truth. Remember in high school when I told you my secret?” She said, out of the blue.

“And I wanted to touch the booty? Yeah,” I said, chuckling.

We looked at each other. She whispered to me:

“You can do it now.”

Five minutes later in her car in the parking garage…

“Mmm. Mmm. God, I want you so bad.” I said, in between breathes of kissing her.

She gently laughed as if she knew that already. She took off her t-shirt to reveal her bra. My erection was as hard as it could be. I started kissing her on her neck, smelling her beautiful scent. She gently moaned.

“Don’t stop.” She softly said.

I unhooked her bra to look at her small breasts. I sucked on her perky nipples. My hands drifted on her soft stomach as she breathed sensually in my ear, making my erection harder. They then drifted down her tight jeans. As I fondled her, she reacted, biting her bottom lip in the process. I kissed her more aggressively.

“I’ve been a bad girl. Fuck me.” She softly said to me.

She took off her pants, and bent over. It was the same cute pair from that day. I smacked it.



I smacked it harder.


“Uggghhh, Papiiiii…”

I pulled down her underwear to marvel at her beautiful Escort taksim pussy. At that point, my pants were down. I began to taste her wet juices inside. She moaned as I cupped her cheeks aggressively.

“You like mi culo, papi?”

I answered with another slap. She moaned, then laughed.

“Come get this dick,” I said, almost animal-like.

“Ay, que rico!” She said, grabbing it. “How big is it? She was right.”

I didn’t know whether to be bashful or proud of that statement. Her small, yet pouty glossed lips wrapped around my erect penis.

“7… 7.5 inches… Oh god. Keep going,” I said.

She gripped my balls as her tongue drifted downwards.

“Mmm,” She simply said as a trail of saliva drifted as she sucked my balls. “Big ones too.”

She turned around on all fours. I stuck it in, caressing her right cheek. I penetrated her slowly as she looked back. Her juices felt so good. Everything about her felt so good.

“Ugh! Ugh! Fuck me, papi! Fuck me!”

Every time she called me “papi”, I smacked her ass. Her ass had marks on it now. As I was fucking her, I said…

“Look back at me. Suck your finger. Suck your finger for papi.”


She did, and it was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. I was hungry like I have never been before. I sucked my own fingers and fingered her hole.

“Oh, papi! Oh!”

“Let me get that ass,” I said hungrily.

I looked at her virgin hole. I marvelled at it. I moistened my erection with my saliva. I penetrated her sweet innocent hole with carefulness.

“Ah!” She exclaimed, partially in pain, partially in ecstasy. “Why are you so big, papi?”

“Sorry…” I said in remorse. She silenced me.

“Don’t be. Don’t stop.” She said, biting her bottom lip. I penetrated her hole deeper as it became wider. Her moans became louder. I began to feel it. I fucked her ass with all my might.


“I’m coming. I’m coming… Ohhhhh.”

I looked breathlessly at her beautiful ass. Her hole was now ajar. Her ass cheeks were marked with my juices. Her dirty secret was beautiful. And it was now ours to keep.

A few months later…

I was on Facebook, and I see this status update from “The Sweetheart”:

“My bestie is getting married! I’m so happy I’m crying!”

With a smile on my face I type this:

“Congrats, bonita. Your secret is still safe with me.”

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