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The Willing Victim Pt. 01

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Brian was 30, stuck in a job he didn’t much care for, but also didn’t make him unhappy. He’d never had a lot of confidence, in himself or around women, and he didn’t look forward to meeting lots of people or even being close to the centre of attention. For this reason he was more nervous than excited for his brother’s upcoming wedding, where he would be a groomsman. What he didn’t know and never would have guessed was that three different women at this wedding very much wanted to fuck him.


Darla got coffee from the machine knowing several guys were watching her, as if they thought she was going to start dancing or something. She was used to it, she enjoyed men lusting after her, it just made it easier for attract the top shelf men she preferred. Darla was 26, 5″6′, had great curves and a face that everyone could tell demanded a lot from her men. She was a mature looking 26 year old, she had always looked older than she was, it was great when she was 16 and got into nightclubs easily. Now it helped scare off the boys who probably couldn’t handle her.

She got to the door of the break room and was immediately stopped by one of these supposed “top shelf men”. Ryan, 28, 6″1′, attractive, built and very, very confident. There were a few of those around though so he wasn’t getting in her pants yet.

“I hoped I’d see you here”, he stated.

“In my workplace? You really got lucky” He found this line funny, he was expecting to get lucky with Darla around. “I’ve got some plans for you this weekend, I know you’ll be interested”, he bragged.

“I’m busy this weekend”, she replied. “It can’t be a better date than this” he assumed. “A wedding actually, my friends from school”. He was slightly put down by this, weddings were great for guys like him and he wasn’t invited, he knew she’d find other appealing Cebeci Escort men there without trying. At this moment Ryan didn’t notice a co-worker go past him, but Darla turned to watch.

“Are you going with anyone?” he asked, maybe to be a plus one, but Darla was distracted, he couldn’t tell why. The only person in view was that quiet guy Brian who’d just walked by, he didn’t even consider she was looking at him. “You see something more interesting than me?” he asked, genuinely befuddled. “Hmmm?” she turned back to Ryan but she wasn’t actually interested in hearing anything from him, “sorry, I have to go” she said as Ryan was still forming his follow up sentence.

Darla walked towards the open office area, she didn’t work there but no one could mind having her around. She watched Brian at his desk, he didn’t look comically nervous or sweaty the way women like her would imagine after writing off the nervous, mumbling type. He simply looked unassuming, in his own head. But she knew there was more to him, she felt very hot and her breathing got heavier as she remembered the time she spied on him fucking a girl into ecstasy.

It was several months earlier, many of the office were away at this hotel for two nights for the Christmas getaway. Darla had a hot thing going with a co-worker who wouldn’t be there for long, perfect for a single woman at a time like this. Thomas was easily her type, buff, confident and experienced. She even liked seeing his usually hidden chest and arm tattoos when she was riding him. But as it turned out he would just be a place holder this weekend.

One of the first things she noticed was cute, perky brunette that worked there. She imagined the guys who had been after her so many times would be making bets on who could Kolej Escort lay her, but to her surprise she only seemed interested in Brian who she could stop touching and laughing with as they talked by the stairs. “Naïve young girl” she thought, “Oh well, maybe he’ll get lucky.”

It was later when she was planning on meeting Thomas in her room that she asked the manager about their more exclusive bottles of wine, she didn’t tell him that she wanted to poor the wine all over their bodies and lick it off. He told her they had paid enough and she was beautiful enough that she could go to the cellar next to the staff bedrooms and pick whatever wine she wanted. She of course wasn’t planning on sharing it with the manager as he wanted.

She found the cellar easily and the wine selection wasn’t big enough for this task to take long, but it was on the way out she got a surprise. She heard the girl from earlier giggling from a room, talking to something excitedly, speech broken probably by kissing. She wondered which of her co-workers had seduced her so quickly. But she couldn’t just wonder, she felt the need to know, at least now seeing that they had left the door open just enough.

To her amazement the girl hadn’t been seduced by a betting player, she had stuck to her first attraction, Brian. Darla looked through the opening in the door, she wasn’t looking at shy nervous Brian, she was looking at a focused man kissing a pretty girl with passion and skill. He took off her work shirt revealing her braless slim body, while the girl undid the buttons on his shirt Brian pulled down the panties from under her skirt, and gave her pert ass a firm spank. Darla was impressed, impressed and very turned on.

The girl got on her knees and got out his cock as quickly Yenimahalle Escort as she could, Darla was seeing a guy she never thought about naked, hard and getting an enthusiastic blowjob. His body was surprisingly firm, not like her usually gym loving men, but it didn’t matter, his cock was one of the most perfect she had ever seen. It wasn’t even about the size, but it’s shape, it’s incredibly stiff erection, and watching how he naturally enjoyed the sensation, unlike some of the too loud or too cool for school men she’d known too many of. When he moved her onto the bed she saw him from behind, he had the kind of bubble butt she had only seen on her favourite movie stars, and she knew she would keep watching it thrust as he pounded this girl.

She watched his performance through the door, he was an animal. He had the magic touch of being sensitive and tender, but also aggressive and dominating. She could feel his sexuality from this distance, she could tell how much the girl was enjoying it. She knew a lot about the female orgasm, and it was clear to her that this young woman was cumming, hard, and she wasn’t used to it, making it that much more impressive.

“I keep cumming, I keep cumming”, the girl moaned. “I know”, thought Darla to herself. As they came to the end of their hot session he stood up and the girl took his cock into her mouth again, she caressed it firmly as he came into her mouth. His reaction was of a man who didn’t hold back on orgasms, and Darla was extremely turned on by his passion, and by the cum dripping out the girls mouth as she smiled and tried not waste any of it.

At this point Darla had to move, after recovering from the feelings she had never got from watching anyone before. By the time she got back to her room she saw her partner for the weekend whom she had almost completely forgotten about. He was standing proudly naked waiting for her, she was more disappointed than turned on by him now, but she had to fuck someone after that.

As Darla watched Brian in the office picturing that amazing show ideas ran through her head of what she would do to him at the wedding, but more what he would do to her.

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