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The Ways of Lust Ch. 02

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***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

I sat in my office, a fresh suit on and my cold, half-eaten sandwich from lunch growing stale on my desk in front of me. I fingered the business card the lady in red had given me just hours before. The rose-colored embossed print on cream-colored card stock had no phone number or address, only an email address.

I pulled out my phone and opened a private browser to see where the URL led. I was greeted with a blank white screen with a login box and nothing else. There wasn’t even a link to create an account. Just username and password.

Just then there was a tap on my office door. I looked up to see my boss, Senna. She amazed me every time I saw her.

Senna was a confident, curvaceous Latina who, despite being a sweet and caring supervisor, never had any trouble proving she was in charge. She somehow managed to dress in a way that was both professional and sexually provocative, blending the two to create an aura of certainty and poise.

Today, like many days, she wore no makeup. She didn’t need to. Her wide-rimmed glasses on her round face and framed by her long, curly black hair added to her allure. Gold hooped earrings dangled from her ears.

She wore a tight brown top that showed off her midriff and had a plunging neckline that made it impossible not to peek at her ample cleavage. Over this, she had on a black blazer which she kept open at the front.

Her tight pencil skirt was white and black zebra-striped. It stopped about mid-thigh to show off a strange alien tattoo on the front of her thick leg. The strappy high-heeled wedges she wore only made her voluptuous ass even more irresistible.

I dropped the business card into my shirt pocket and smiled. I was always genuinely happy to see her, and for more than just her looks. She was the kind of boss everyone wishes they had: as long as you produced results, she didn’t care what else you did.

“Hello, Mark,” Senna said with a slight Spanish accent as she leaned against the door frame.

“Hi, Senna,” I replied as I stood. Call me old-fashioned, but I still stand when a woman enters the room. Especially when she’s my boss. “Can I do something for you?”

She shook her head and said nonchalantly as she entered the room, “Nah. Just wanted to chat. See how you’re doing.”

“Oh,” I said, somewhat taken aback. She didn’t often come in just to chat. “I’m doing well. Got the Carlton case about figured out. We should be able to close it out in the next month or so.”

To my surprise, she closed and locked the door behind her. Then she sat on the leather couch opposite my desk and crossed her thick, tanned legs.

“You know, Mark,” she suggested, “We don’t always have to talk about work.”

“Um…right…” I mumbled. Rather than stand awkwardly behind my desk, I made my way to the couch and sat down next to her. I immediately regretted this decision since it was nearly impossible to keep myself from staring down into the deep valley of flesh on her chest. “Was there something in particular you wanted to chat about?” I queried.

Ignoring me, she reached over and snatched the business escort london card from my pocket. “What’s this?”

“It’s…uh…” I stammered.

Senna looked up at me with a cocked eyebrow. “Living lust?”

“Yeah, uh…some stranger have that to me randomly.” That much was true, although very incomplete.

She chuckled. “I didn’t think you had any issues saying yes.”


“Mark,” she said with a sly grin. “If you’re going to have an affair in the office at least be discreet about it.”

My face must have gone white as a sheet because Senna had to cover her mouth with her hand to keep from laughing out loud.

“You can’t be surprised!” she said with a wide grin. “Michelle wasn’t exactly quiet…”

I wouldn’t know because my ears had been smashed between her thighs. I couldn’t hear a thing.

“But,” Senna continued, “There are two points I wanted to bring up with you about it. First, I know I’m relaxed but this is still a place of business. Try to be more careful in the future.”

I nodded. She was being way more easygoing about this than I would have expected.

“And second,” she said, lowering her voice and leaning in slightly closer to me. “Why haven’t you ever made a move on me?”

Now I was utterly stunned. Of course, I had fantasized about enjoying Senna’s dark, soft flesh. Who wouldn’t? But she was my boss and I liked my job. I wasn’t about to mess that up, especially when it could lead to a sexual harassment suit.

“I mean…” I said as I tried to form an answer. “You’re my boss, Senna. I’d never want to do anything that might seem…disrespectful.” As a career-driven woman, Senna had never married, so there was no husband to worry about. And she was vibrant, seductive, absolutely gorgeous.

Then the words of the lady from the bistro (Suzanne, apparently) resurfaced in my mind. Good lust. Lust is not primarily for one’s own pleasure, but someone else’s. Maybe this was my opportunity to lean into that way of thinking, to at least see where it led. This was a risky time and place to do it. My job was on the line. But opportunities like this didn’t come every day.

I went for it. I traced a finger along the alien tattoo on the front of Senna’s thigh.

“But,” I continued, “If there’s something you wanted…I’d be happy to give it to you.”

Senna put her hand on top of mine and held it up as she uncrossed her legs. Then she guided my hand between her legs. She pressed my fingers against the front of her underwear, the heat emanating from her womanhood sending a shock through my nerves. I moved my fingers in circles, gently massaging her through the thin fabric.

“Is this what you mean?” Senna said, almost in a whisper.

“And anything else you want,” I replied.

Senna removed my hand and stood in front of me. First, she removed her glasses and discarded her blazer. Then she pulled her brown top off over her head, her heavy tits bouncing in her thin red bra. Her skirt came off next, revealing a red lace thong. She unstrapped her shoes and, stepping out of them, returned to the couch.

She was on her hands and knees facing me, brown eyes looking dubai escorts up at me with desire, heavy hanging caramel tits squeezed between her arms. I stared in awe at the way her pierced brown nipples peeked from underneath her bra, the crease in her hips as she spread her thick thighs, and the way her lingerie hugged her pussy mound.

She whispered, “Bring it here,” licked her lips, and let her wet tongue hang from her mouth. Like a puppet, I stood and pulled my shoes, pants, and boxers off. Kneeling in front of her on the couch, I looked down to see my erection already leaking with precum. She licked her lips and leaned over.

I don’t know what was sexier…the feeling of her wet lips sliding down the length of my cock, the tickle of her tongue bathing the underside, or the “mmmm”s she moaned as if she had never tasted anything so delicious.

My eyes threatened to roll back into my skull but I held them open. I wanted to watch as her head bobbed up and down, her thick lips making wet slurping sounds, her juicy asscheeks jiggling with every stroke.

I ran my fingers through her thick curly hair as she sucked harder, working my cock into a frenzy until I was about to explode in her mouth. At the last second, I pulled my hips back, barely saving my orgasm. She looked up at me, a confused expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I assured her. “But I don’t want to cum yet. I want to taste you first.”

She cocked an eyebrow at me. “Lay back,” I instructed. She did, her tits bouncing out of her top and legs spreading for me.

Her red lingerie was damp where it hugged her pussy mound. I ran my fingertips down her thighs as I lowered my face between her legs, making her shiver. As I pulled her bottoms to the side her labia, glistening with her wetness, spread to greet me.

She shivered again when I blew hot breath on her womanhood, but she didn’t let me tease her for long. She grabbed the back of my head and, slowly but forcibly, pulled my face to her engorged lips. I ran my tongue between them from bottom to top, enjoying her tanginess.

The tip of my tongue slid up against her clit and as I ran circles around it her thighs squeezed around my head. I sucked her clit in between my lips and flicked my tongue back and forth, making her buck her hips and grind her pussy into my face.

I couldn’t get enough of her. My face became soaked with her juices. As I made sweet love to her pussy, I reached my arms up around her thighs and groped her heavy breasts, rolling her hard nipples between my fingertips.

She was close to cumming, but before I could get her there she pulled my head up by my hair. Her fluids dripped down my chin.

“Let me cum on your cock,” she demanded. She rolled off of the couch and stood, ripping off her bra and underwear. I did the same with my shirt and socks. Then I sat in the middle of the couch, completely naked, my erection standing straight in the air for her.

I could hardly believe my good fortune as she straddled my hips with her juicy thighs as her heavy tits hung in my face. She wasted no time and, guiding my shaft with one hand, she slowly Escort Dubai sank onto me until she sat on my lap, my rigid member soaking in the warmth of her wet hole.

As she sat there I pulled her face to mine and wove my lips into hers. As I squeezed the plump flesh of her ass our tongues danced around each other’s, saliva oozing freely between us. Senna moved her hips slowly, massaging my cock against her pleasure center.

I moved my mouth to her ear and nibbled lightly.

“Senna…” I growled. “Boss…I touch myself to you. I’ve cum to you so many times, laying in my bed in the middle of the night. I imagine what your sweet pussy would taste like grinding against my lips. Any time you’re around I have to hide how hard I am for you.”

“What else do you think about?” she whispered back.

“Your lovely legs. The way your ass jiggles beneath those tight skirts you wear. Your red lips. Your perfect tits…when I see them I rub my cock under the desk. I can’t help it…”

She grabbed my head and brought my mouth to her chest. I wrapped my lips around a dark, pierced nipple and flicked my tongue over it as I sucked her flesh into my mouth. I pulled my hands from her ass and squeezed them, smashing them together and running my tongue through the center as her hips picked up speed.

“Call me a slut…” Senna gasped.

“Ride my cock harder, slut. I want you to cum for me. I want to feel your sloppy wet cunt spray all over my cock…”

“Uhhh…” she moaned in response. “Yesss…”

“You’re my slut now,” I continued. “Whenever I want, wherever I want, I’m going to use your flesh. I’m going to give in to lust. I’m going to get you off, over and over. With my fingers, with my tongue, with my rock-hard cock. I’m going to taste every inch of your body, lick every hole and crevasse. I’m gonna make you cum whenever I’m in the mood. Is that what you want?”

“Yesss, baby…” she hissed. “That’s what I want…” She took one of my hands from her chest and stuck two fingers in her mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head in time with her gyrating hips.

Senna bounced on my lap, closing in on her climax. Her thighs and ass smacked against my skin, sending wet sounds of slapping reverberating through the room.

She dropped herself on my cock one last time, taking me in up to the hilt, and ecstasy overtook her. Her tits jiggled as she moaned and subtle tremors coursed through her body. I drove my hips up, stroking myself with her wet hole until my testicles tightened and semen spilled into my boss.

I laid my head back on the couch as my cock oozed cum, pumping Senna full. She collapsed forward, resting her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist, in no rush to remove my shrinking member from her. Cum and pussy juice oozed out of her and dripped down my thighs, pooling on the leather couch beneath us.

For a while, we simply held each other and breathed. The tender warmth of her soft flesh made me feel almost as good as her passionate fucking had.

“I’m gonna hold you to that promise you made, Mark,” Senna finally whispered. “Consider it a condition of your employment from now on.” Then she giggled. “You’re a better ride than the company car.”

I smiled. I wondered what Suzanne would have to say about all of this. I imagined she would approve.

“Deal,” I agreed. “And I hope it reflects in my next performance review…”

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