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The Way It Was Before

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It was early in the morning and a fleeting window of time had coincidentally opened when they could be intimate.

They were staying at her parents’ house, but her parents were away and their two young children had not yet woken up. Nowadays they slept in separate rooms to manage the nightly wake ups, but she had woken early and entered his room to get some clothes (or that is what she admitted, anyway).

He had been in a dreamy morning glory state for the past half an hour.

“Do you want a quickie?” he whispered, willing her to say yes.

It had been literally weeks since the last time.

Her eyes deflected to the size of his erect cock that was clearly straining inside the fabric of his boxer shorts. A wet patch of pre-cum surrounded his tip.

There was no decision to be made. Without saying a word, she removed her pyjama bottoms and bent forwards over her parents bed.

He tip-toed to the bathroom to get a condom packet. On his return, he slid down his boxers, and knelt down naked behind her. Savouring every second, he pulled her sexy Brazilian knickers half way down her thighs, revealing her beautiful bare bottom.

After massaging and squeezing her buttocks, he stretched them apart and heard the heavenly “click” of her wet pussy lips parting. As he enjoyed the view of her tight asshole and stretched open pussy lips, the smell of her arousal suddenly engulfed him.

Yes, it had been literally weeks.

Most mornings he had to be content with discretely masturbating in the shower, fantasising about this view. But this morning, it was real. And it was so much hotter for the wait.

With a sense of urgency, he stood up and ripped open the condom, quickly rolling it into place. He liked to use the extra thick type to stretch her out more, and to last longer. He positioned the throbbing head of his long thick cock Ulus Escort between her buttocks and holding her hips for leverage, slowly eased all the way inside her pussy.

Her warm slippy tightness was so welcome, and so missed. They both closed their eyes to savour the moment but still remained largely silent to avoid waking the toddlers sleeping in the next rooms.

He made gentle movements inside her as his hands glided under her pyjama top and over the smooth skin of her back. He massaged her shoulders and played with her beautiful thick black wavy hair.

A large mirror positioned at the end of the bed revealed their doggy-style position in the dim morning light. It was a position that her strict traditional parents would certainly not approve of; and definitely not over their bed. But that made it so much more forbidden and naughty.

He rolled up her pyjama top and watched as her large firm breasts dropped down in the reflection. Moving his hands around her sides, he cupped the weight of her ample cleavage and felt her hard nipples grace his palms.

A sense of urgency then took hold; the kids could wake up at any time, and this rare opportunity would be lost. No matter how teasing and delicious, the foreplay would have to be cut short.

Going back to holding her hips, he started thrusting slowly. As his motions intensified a little, she began making short gasps which lead on to deeper groaning noises.

Her head hung down between her forearms and her hair messily covered her face. As his rhythm became firmly established, he also began grunting and groaning.

“God you’re tight this morning, I think you needed this.” he asserted.

Although her religious upbringing meant that she did not freely admit it, she secretly loved his dirty talk. Yes she did indeed need it. These days, she actually preferred Üniversiteli Escort a quick intense session of hard, deep penetration. And she secretly revelled in being called ‘tight’.

Her juices began flowing more heavily, soaking his balls and adding a characteristic slapping sound to their fucking.

Both took periodic glances to the mirror: he watched her bouncing breasts, her peachy ass, and her knickers rolled up half way down her thighs; she watched his muscular arms, the thrusting motion of his toned buttocks and his cock.

After a short while, he pulled out and knelt again behind her to spread her buttocks wide. He liked seeing up close how her pussy responded to its treatment.

She was dripping wet and juices had started running down her thighs toward her knickers. It was so hot. He pulled her Brazilian panties to the floor, and she stepped out of them.

“Spread your legs wider,” he instructed softly.

She felt a rush of excitement. A split second later, she felt the heavenly sensation of his mouth making contact with her pussy from behind.

He was always enthusiastic to eat her out. Some husbands aren’t keen, but he had no inhibitions about this whatsoever. For her 30th birthday present – before they had kids – she remembered that he had eaten her out for 30 minutes continuously, asshole included.

He craved the taste, the texture, and the feeling of being so close to his wife at the core of her femininity.

When he finally stood back up, his face was full of pussy juices and the taste of raw pussy salts flooded his mouth. Eating her always gave him a huge erection, and she was turned on to catch a glimpse of it in the mirror.

As he eased all the way back inside, her eyes shut, her mouth opened and her head buried in a pillow.

The wet and tingly sensations of being Yenimahalle Escort eaten out were amazing for her. But it was always penetration, with its unmatchable sensations of stretch and fullness that ultimately pressed her carnal buttons.

Taking it up a notch, he bent one knee to place one foot on the mattress beside her while leaving the other foot on the floor. She lay flat on her tummy, face down on the bed, while her slightly spread legs went off the end of the mattress towards the floor.

This was a position she really liked when she was super turned on. It really felt like she was being screwed hard and deep, and in a submissive way. Somehow her buttocks were less able to protect her pussy at the end of each full thrust and his pubic bone banged right against her in exactly the right place.

The position also permitted him to thrust faster. As he increased the speed, in addition to the unearthly penetration, her clit also rubbed against the bed sheets. Shockwaves rippled through her body and her moans became distinctly louder.

The sensation soon began break her ingrained inhibitions.

“Fuck, yesss. Ahhh. Don’t stop,” she sobbed submissively into the sheets as the mattress bounced and creaked.

“Do you like it, yeah… do you like taking it?” he asked in a dominating voice.

“I love taking a big dick.” she confirmed before whimpering again.

“And I love having the taste of your tight pussy in my mouth as I fuck it,” he continued.

He was by now dripping with sweat, like a beast possessed. Her prior slutty admission had turned him on and it was not long before he was past the point of no return. She gasped as he reached maximum girth and hardness inside her just at the instant before ejaculation.

Growling out loud, he shot a huge load just as she spasmed and contracted around him.

And it was just in time.

They barely had time to each regain their breath when they heard a call of “Mami, mami” from one of the bedrooms.

Skipping their old post-sex laziness session, pyjama bottoms and boxer shorts were quickly pulled up like nothing had ever happened.

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