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The Virgin Cums Twice

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She’d not done this before.

She was 22 years old and only ever kissed, she’d never even masturbated.

All her life she’d dedicated her life to other domains, mainly studying and now she was about to feel the climax her friends has always told her about.

Vannessa has been talking with a male and female friend earlier that day at work.

“Last night”, Sonia, her best friend started from across the desk. “A guy with a thick one. I was shaking afterwards”.

The mischievous grin ran across her face. “When he pulled out”, she continued. “I gushed over the sheets”.

“Sonia!” Vannessa replied unimpressed. “That’s gross!”

“Come on. Don’t tell me you ain’t felt that way”, Sonia frowned sitting back in her chair.

“Yeah I can make a girl do that”, Mike added from across the table.

“We didn’t ask for your input!” Sonia replied.

“We’ll if you’re going to debrief us about your bedroom antics then I have the right to add a little somethin'”

Vannessa embarrassed about the topic turned to her research papers, while the other two continued to argue.

“It’s been three months since I last had some”, Mike added reminiscing.

“Like I wanted to know that”, Sonia said turning to her work.

“What about you Vannessa?” he asked. “When was the last time you got some?”

“You can’t ask a lady that!” Sonia became defensive of her friend.

“Come on”, he smiled. “Just a simple question”

Sonia shook her head at him then turned to Vannessa.

Her breathing became rapid as she started to scare. She darted her eyes from left to right for some escape, avoiding eye contact.

“We’ll”, she started to reply. “I’ve kind off…well…I’ve never really had sex”

Both Sonia and Mike were silent and shell shocked.

“Really?!” Sonia asked half laughing. “You’re a virgin?”

“Yeah”, she replied embarrassed.

“How?” she asked. “You’re…well…hot!”

Vannessa’s face flushed further, this time instead of fear she felt relief.

“We’ll Maltepe Escort you wank off don’t you?” she asked further.

“No”, she replied scowling. “That’s disgusting”.

“Well”, Sonia sat back again. “We’re going to have to get you screwed”

“By Who?” asked Vannessa. “There alot of idiots out there and I want a…well… a good time”.

She blushed further.

“I’ll do it”, Mike added.

Both girls looked towards him in disbelief of his offer.

“You really are an egotistical swine”, Sonia retorted.

Vannessa bit her lip.

Mike added smiling, “She’s thinking about it”.

Sonia then changed her take, “Go for it Vannessa. I had him last year and he’s not too bad in the bed, even though he’s still an idiot”

“Hay!” he protested. “Though thanks for the compliment”.

Vannessa looked up at them both and replied, voice shaking, “I’ll do it”

Pacing her apartment she was shaking with fear, arms folded, occasionally smoothing her hair behind her ears.

There was a knock at the door. She couldn’t move as she froze in fear looking towards the pine entrance. The room was dimly lit. Her eyes darted to the bed then the door, then the bed again.

There was another knock. Did she really want to do this?

She took one deep breath then slowly made her way to the door, unlocking it.

As she opening it gently she saw Mike in the passageway with a buckett of flowers.

She stood there for a few moments.

“Well”, he asked. “Are you going to let me in?”

“Yeah”, she replied voice shaking. “Yeah”.

She opened the door and guided him into the apartment.

“Nice”, he complemented the place. “These are for you. I want this to be a good night for you”.

He handed her the flowers, as she gently inspected them, then looking up she gazed into his eyes.

His moved closer to her, noses gently caressing for a few seconds then started to gently kiss her.

She reciprocated starting to lose herself in the Anadolu Yakası Escort moment . Her arms dropped as the flowers fell to the floor and for the first time in her life she felt a rush of passion.

She grasped him and pushed him against the wall.

As she instinctively rubbed herself against him she could fell his hard cock under his jeans.

They started to tear each other’s clothes off until they were down to their base underwear when she looked down to his shorts and saw the huge hard bulge.

He gentle caressed her chin and kissed her tenderly.

He then took hold of her hands and slowly guided then beneath his underwear.

She took hold of the hard cock and stroked it gently while he dropped his pants for her to see.

Her breathing got deeper as she took in the full sight.

Gripping his cock gently she pulled back his foreskin as he gave a slight moan.

A rush of satisfaction ran through her upon hearing his pleasure.

Delicately she stroke the end of his sanative cock as the juices started to come out the end and started to drip.

She rubbed the juices between her fingers then putting her hands under her bra caressed her breasts.

He slowly undid her bra to revile her firm breasts and hard nipples.

Guiding her to the bed he lay her down while she was caressing her right nipple with one hand and his cock with another.

He started at her neck, kissing and gently sucking, moving to her beasts he started to caress both and she ran her fingers through her hair.

Down her abdomen he moved kissing her continuously.

She took off her final piece of clothing. Looking down she could see it was soak with vagina juices.

Slowly he kissed her inner thigh moving towards the outer lips of her pussy.

Juices were running from inside her down onto the bed sheets.

He licked up the juices and moved the clit which was now erect out of it hood.

As he started to lick, she started to moan.

Slowly Ümraniye Escort he continued and ever so often small squirts of fluid came out of her.

“Fuck”, she started to gasp under her breath. “Fuck… ohhhh!”

She started to grind her pussy into his willing mouth as his tongue grew faster.

Her moans started to increase as she lay, legs wide open, fiercely grasping her breasts, eyes closed, looking down to him every so often biting her lip.

“I wanna fuck our face all night!” she gasped in passion.

Her breathing grew rapid.

“Fuck!” she cried. “I think…yes…fuck…I’m gunna cum!!”

Her body started to shiver, her pussy was now soaked.

“I’m coming!! I’m coming!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!! Shit! Shit! Shit!”

She came, juices gushing all over his face as she writhed in ecstasy


He gently withdrew as she felt herself and continued to rub her clit, breathing slowing.

She opened her eyes looking towards him. “Fuck me”, she pleaded.

As she continued to pleasure herself he rolled the protection down his hard cock. Holding it in his hand as he looked to her.

“Put it in”, she commanded.

He leant over her in the missionary position and rubbed the end of his cock around the entrance to her tight vagina. The gently, his cock entered her tight pussy, disappearing.

“Fuck!!!” she screamed as she cocked her head back eyes closed tight. “Fuck me!!! Please fuck me!!!”

He continued to delicately thrust in and out of her as she moaned on everyone.

She lay, chest elevated for him to suck her breast.

“I’m coming again”, she moaned after a while. “Make it come! Make it come!!!”

His cock and her pussy started to tingle together.

He could feel her pussy spasms inside.

“I’m coming!!” She wept. “Don’t stop!! Fuck me!! I’m coming!”

Her head went back as her pussy tightened and squeezed his cock.

“FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” she screamed, eyes weeping as he came hard, as he shot his load in her tight pussy.

Slowly he pulled out and held her shaking body gently.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked her gently.

“Yes”, she replied voice shaking. “Thanks”

They then fell asleep holding each other tight.

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